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A Certain Mr. Takahashi [PDF / EPUB] A Certain Mr. Takahashi Winner of the 1985 Seal Books First Novel Award and of the Books in Canada First Novel Award To Mrs Hopper Yoshi Takahashi may be just another name from her daughters’ past but for Jean and her sist Winner of the Seal books First Novel Award and of the A Certain MOBI :ß books in Canada First Novel Award To Mrs Hopper Yoshi Takahashi may be just another name from her daughters’ past but for Jean and her sister Colette he stands for much Years ago Mr Takahashi moved into their Toronto neighbourhood and sent the adolescent lives of Jean and Colette into a tailspin They weren’t content merely to befriend the Japanese pianist in their infatuation they sought to mirror his life as closely as possible The enchantment lingers into adult life in ways both sisters are reluctant to recognize This weekend they have been invited to an extravagant family celebration in Victoria BC As the party gains momentum so does the tension between the sisters As before the larger than life Mr Takahashi casts his spell originally published in A Certain Mr Takahashi won the coveted Seal First Novel Award and the books in CanadaWH Smith First Novel Award.

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    This was an impulse buy for my KOBOI'd like to give it 2 and a half starsit was a bit than OK but not as good as other books I have given 3 stars toJean and Colette are teenagers when the enigmatic Mr Takahashi moves in across the road Both girls develop a crush on him and manoeuvre themselves into running into him 'accidentally on purpose and eventually are invited inside his house and ultimately have their first sexual experience with him He is a famous concert pianistthe girls father is a cellist and Jean also plays the cello Eventually the girls grow up and move away from home but their sibling rivalry over Mr Takahashi remains for several years The climax of the book occurs when the parents give a large party to celebrate their new house in the waterfront in Victoria and secrets become known There is a potentially hilarious scened involving sex in a portable Johnbut I was too put off by the description of the disinfectant The action moves backwards and forwards in time the characters are well drawn it is a good light read

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    I'd had this book for years before finally deciding to read it The most accurate description I can give in a word strange I still don't understand what messagepoint the author was trying to get across It was also difficult to follow because the author repeatedly changed time and place and characters sometimes from one sentence to another but often from paragraph to paragraph It almost ualifies as a dystopian novel Did I likeenjoy the book? I'm not certain how to respond except to say I wanted to keep reading to find out if any of uestions were resolved and if so how and were they satisfactorily resolved NO to both uestions

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    Pretty good Very ambiguous ending Interesting and multi faceted protagonist

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