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Spare Key [PDF / EPUB] Spare Key This was the way it always started First he would see them and the air would thicken Then the image of them bound Then came the screaming and the Red Room would appear with the glittering new meathook This was the way it always started First he would see them and the air would thicken Then the image of them bound Then came the screaming and the Red Room would appear with the glittering new meathook waiting just for them And there in the Red Room he could play for as long as he wanted This volume also contains the short stories 'The Filmmakers' 'Writer's Block'.

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    REVIEW RATING NC 17 18 IN BRITAIN for scenes of extreme violence constant sexual references and an insulting and high handed tone of voice The debate about female euality here in the west has got tired and stale everybody knows all the arguments and it bogs down into long winded stuff about the need for child care provision and glass ceilings and gender pay gaps and having it all discussions you can have it all no you can’t you can if you re introduce the concept of domestic servants – ah yes then you can – but see how the domestic servants are all low paid women aw heck The economic arguments are still all there – how many publicly uoted companies have women CEOs? – Well if you really wanna know 12 of the Fortune 500 companies That figure rockets up to 25 out of the Fortune 1000 companiesSo that’s on one level A whole category of argument and that goes on and on and onBut there’s a whole other levelThere’s an amazing throbbing gushing onrushing river of misogyny which flows on unabated throughout this planet of nine billions humans A uick riffle through any recent newspaper will get you trafficking of females female genital mutilation stoning of women etc But I never watch the news it’s boring Let’s watch a movie instead Crack open a tube of liuid gold and settle back I’ve been shopping on the internet and I found some movies which look pretty interesting So in no particular order I got IRREVERSIBLE 2002 – let me read out what this review says It was also noted for its excruciatingly long almost unbearable nine minute real time beating and anal rape seuence shot with a static camera of Alex Monica Bellucci in a deserted Parisian underpass tunnel lit by a reddish glow by a strangerWhat’s that? You don’t wanna see that one? Oh okay What about ICHI THE KILLER 2001 er it says “A wild parade of murder mutilation and sexual violence The BBFC were unamused demanding 3 minutes and 15 seconds of cuts before granting it an 18 in 2002 the most cuts to an 18 rated movie since 1994 The Board took umbrage with what they called erotically explicit violence which could have a harmful effect on certain viewers They stated that the violence against women seemed to have no function other than the pleasure of the onlookerHmmm no good? Okay what about The Human Centipede 2009 here’s the review In his horrific midnight movie two American girls Lindsay Ashley C Williams and Jenny Ashlynn Yennie traveling in Europe on a road trip experienced a flat tire at night in the rain and came into contact with demented retired Nazi Germany surgeon Dr Heiter Dieter Laser at his luxurious modern villa After drugging the drinks of the two girls and tying them up on hospital beds in his basement operating roomNo? Man alive you’re hard to please Okay well here’s another French movie you usually like thoseInside 2007 the review says À l'intérieur is written and co directed by Alexandre Bustillo offers only a few minutes of introduction before launching into a melee of intense violence and gore It tells the story of a pregnant woman whose husband has recently died in a car accident On Christmas Eve a she prepares to go the hospital to give birth a strange woman appears at her home and attempts to take her unborn child Throughout the night the stranger violently terrorizes the pregnant mother No ? Then I suppose Tumbling Doll of Flesh 1998 by Tamakichi Anaru is gonna be right out Shame this one sounds really good Listen a Japanese shocker about three thugs who sexually abusetorture and dismember a young woman whilst filming their horrible actions Typically twisted Japanese porno sickie that offers plenty of sadistic sexual violence and grisly goreThere is no plot to speak ofjust plenty of hard core sex scenes and lots of bloodThe special effects are uite impressive the dismemberment of Japanese porn actress is shown in unflinching detailOkay I could go on But what do you make of this uote from a movie fan site? I had some pretty high hopes for Philosophy of a Knife Andrey Iskanov 2008 Like really really high When I chose it for review I was assured it was “fucking brutal” Of course How could it not be? The DVD case cover alone depicts the image of a naked disemboweled curiously nipple less woman bound and gagged with nothing but barbed wire as the shadow of a scalpel wielding surgeon looms ominously The back of the case proclaims the film as “truly one of the most violent brutal and harrowing movies ever made” It sounded like it was right down my alley IMDB user reviews said – nay promised – I would walk away feeling violated from the sheer level of gory blasphemyI like gore I love gore And torture And the vicious inappropriate use of vintage medical implements This film seemed to have it all Philosophy appeared to have all the makings of a truly brutal film watching experience Sounds like he was really disappointed that the film didn’t live up to the hype This other fanboy sounds happier Folks trust me Andrey Iskanov does torture mutilation rape and dismemberment like nobody in the genre It’s truly a work of absolute beauty and psychotic inspiration; not unlike a Picasso painted in blood and fecesWe turn our sickened eyes away from such stuff – actually we probably don’t ever get to hear about them in the first place who’s going to announce in the office that they saw Tumbling Doll of Flesh last night you wanna borrow it? Nobody I think this stuff must be bought and watched in secret So let us consign the movies where modern directors like to make movies like Irreversible and call them transgressive or essential or some such euphemism to a special circle of hell and retire to the library and the bookshop Ahh that’s betterI see on my shelf the famous novel 2666 by Roberto Bolano I’d like to read it I’m fascinated everyone says it’s great stuff but what’s this goodreads review saying? In the fourth part of 2666 “The Part About the Crimes” Bolaño chronicles these deaths of females in horrific and exacting detail Spanning nearly three hundred pages this may be some of the most haunting harrowing writing in modern literature as Bolaño’s descriptions of murder rape and mutilation are all the unsparing in their effect per the clinical detached tone he employs “No one pays attention to these killings but the secret of the world is hidden in them” a character asserts Incomprehensible in their brutality it seems even Bolaño was at a loss to make sense of the still ongoing “feminicidios” Later in part four “the inspector told him he shouldn’t try to find a logical explanation for the crimes It’s fucked up that’s the only explanation” I’m thinking – do I need this? I’ve already had the American Psycho experience I don’t need an update Hnh 2666 and American Psycho are the Irreversible and Funny Games and Dogville of books The violence against women is tricked out as art Hey don’t come after me with that nail gun it might even BE art Look at my forehead – does it say Art Professor? No it don’tBut underneath those books those high profile big name books far below swirling and burbling around is stuff like The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum The Seven Days of Peter Crumb by Jonny Glynn and the slim volume of which this vomitous diatribe is ostensibly a review Spare KeyIn which a cute guy in his 20s has been in the psycho ward for slaughtering ten women but is then released because his doctor is experimenting on a new drug Keep taking the tablets Ben But guess what he doesn’t That’s a surpriseLike that would ever happen in ten trillion years I mean psychotics have indeed been released and killed again that always makes the paper but they weren’t inside for killing ten women Those guys are not released Ever But R Frederick Hamilton our first time author doesn’t care about that because he wants to get to the gore So Ben’s revenge fantasies against his mother begin to surface take over Why his mother? Well it’s the usual sad story His mother liked to do all this nasty sex and violence to him when he was just a little lad I’ll spare you the details But anyway our serial killer was the real victim here wasn’t he It was a bad woman what done it The brutalised son is fated to revenge himself repeatedly against his mother through his female victims And Ben’s detailed daydreams of the happy slice dice meathook and Bateman stylee soft part meets power tool sessions – that’s the stuff our author really wants to write about You get pages of that You get your money’s worthWhy did I read this? Because folks are inclined to say that you shouldn’t judge something until you’ve experienced it yourself I guess Although I have no intention of checking out Tumbling Doll of Flesh any time soonWell perhaps this river of misogynistic shit which floweth and floodeth everywhere one looks is the price we all pay for freedom of expression Don’t wanna go back to the fifties do we? No sir Moreover finding myself tut tutting at the moral depravity and swirling filth of these books and movies makes me sound like all the people I don’t want to be What do we want?CENSORSHIP OF MISOGYNYWhen do we want it?ER WE’LL GET BACK TO YOU ON THATThis is my dilemma One of them anyway Nick Lowe once asked in song What’s so funny about peace love and understanding?and now I ask What’s so funny about suggesting that men stop writing novels where a man chops up and sexually tortures a bunch of women? and What’s so funny about suggesting that men stop making movies where a man chops up and sexually tortures a bunch of women? In fact there’s nothing at all funny about that

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    Credited as a young up and comer R Frederick Hamilton's novella along with two short stories will appeal to fans of the extreme thing although the endings of two tales here are apparent from the outsetIn the title story Ben a psycho on experimental medication is prematurely released by his doctor He finds a flat the stories take place in Australia and uickly begins to get his old urges back as he spies on his cute neighbor Rachel across the way Before long he discovers a key that just happens to unlock her flat and when he finds a most personal box under her bed he knows there's no stopping a relapse of his psycho sexual habits; but Rachel has been on to his creepy stares and has devious plans of her ownThe less said about the second story THE FILMMAKERS the better; If you're interested in graphic detail about what happens when a group of young boys begin to make their own rapesnuff films with girls as young as six years old perhaps you belong in the same institution Ben from the title story was released from It's simply an unpleasant story from every conceivable angleHamilton wraps things up with WRITER'S BLOCK a decent ode to Stephen King's MISERY; this time a slightly off balance mother keeps her son locked in a room and forces him to write a masterpiece It's short and to the point and helps to get the bad taste left by THE FILMMAKERS out of your mouthDespite subject matter that I find tasteless SPARE KEY is a decent first effort from a writer's standpoint but I'd like to see the author employ his skills without constant references to masturbation and young children being partially raped and killed; there's a difference between Horror and Exploitation and also a way to walk that line without become too exploitative Here's hoping the author finds it

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    Violent Violent and of course ViolentOh i forgotVIOLENTFive stars for Robert Hamilton

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    There's something wonderful about reading an author for the first time and being blown away It rarely happens but when I finish a book by a writer I've never read before and make a mental note to read everything he or she has ever published I feel like I've discovered a treasure I have to share with everyone Ladies and gentleman you know those not familiar with him please meet R Frederick HamiltonYou can read Gabino's full review at Horror DNA by clicking here

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    Ben just got out of the loony bin and moved into a hideous lime green apartment The lime green perhaps an attempt to subdue the encroaching red He needed his pills especially with the pretty neighbor next door Rachel Rachel has had her share of wack job neighbors and naturally is apprehensive about this one as well and for good reasonThe story takes you into the depths of psychosis obsession deranged fantasy and finally reliefbut not the kind you would expect Spare Key spares no detail on the depravities taking place The book also includes two shorter stories The Filmmakers and Writer's Block both fun reads almost like icky aftershocks from the main storyIt's gooey warped and will leave you feeling sticky

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    The novel Spare Key itself is a slow boiling and greatly characterized tale Last House On The Left with a psychosis It might take a while for the violence to start but the author never bored me as he plunged into the brain of a very disturbed man After that we are treated to a couple of sadistic and nasty scenes of extreme horror This novel gets a 4 out of 5 from meThe Filmmakers isn't all that interesting Sure it is depraved but the writing didn't come of as smoothly as it did in Spare Key 25The last very short read in this book is 'Writer's Block' Surrealistic and pretty strange but again not as interesting as Spare Key I've still not decided yet if I give it a 2 or 3 out of 5Read this book for Spare Key That novel is thoroughly worth it

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    I enjoyed this book through and through The first story the Title story was fantastic I couldn't put it down Every gory detail was awesome and it was perfectly paced Rachel is my absolute favorite protagonist ever The second story despite the graphic gore of it all I did enjoy it though not in the same magnitude as Spare Key though The Film Makers was good and touched on something uite dark and overall gruesome but at the same time was enjoyableWriter's block was a nice way to end the volume wasn't a gorefest and just a nice bit of salve for the rest of the book Kind of like a calm way to end the book after the intense imagery and themes of the previous two stories Overall I do recommend this book but only for the strong of stomach

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    Got this book several years ago when it was free and I had just gotten my first kindle so I was clicking on free books like crazy Thank goodness it was free cause this book was blech dismal repetitive and just plain stupid Dnf'd at 35%

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    Predictable but loved the build up to the endAlso liked the second story especially when you know the places they visitThird storyWTF

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    Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted

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