That Bird Has My Wings The Autobiography of an Innocent

That Bird Has My Wings The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row [PDF / EPUB] That Bird Has My Wings The Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row That Bird Has My Wings is the astounding memoir of death row inmate Jarvis Masters and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the talent of a fine writer Offering scenes from his life tha Has My eBook ✓ That Bird Has My Wings is the astounding memoir of death row inmate Jarvis Masters and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the talent of a fine writer Offering scenes from That Bird PDF \ his life that are at times poignant revelatory frightening soul stirring painful funny and uplifting.

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    This memoir is well written and reads much like a fictional story At an early age the author experiences the travesties of the family services system and the youth correctional system which lands him in San uentin prison by the age of 19 after a series of thefts violence and armed robberiesRemoved from the care of their drug addicted mother and step father at the age of 4 Jarvis Jay Masters and his three siblings were placed in separate foster care homes The first one he was placed in was very loving and caring and taught him a great deal about family values There he was encouraged to be kind thoughtful and provided reason to modify his learned behavior which would otherwise lead him astray However once removed from this elderly couples care at still a very young age Jarvis’ attitude and behavior really slid downhillBoth the family services system and the juvenile correctional system encouraged Jarvis in a different direction About eighty percent of the book is the back story to the death row period as it provides his explanation for how he arrived thereIt is clear from the story that although Jarvis had opportunity to turn his life around and for a while he successfully did that the bullying mistreatment and violence he had suffered and was taught at the hands of the systems manifested itself in choices he made and the direction his life took He admits to having taken the “easier” road of following the violence and bullying rather than turning away when given the choice The systems traumatically impacted Jarvis as a young boy and failed him despite his efforts to escape their hold His eventual turn around occurs when Jarvis studies adopts and implements a Buddhist lifestyle early into his prison sentence It provided him the tools and will to survive without the violence For that he should be commended He remains incarcerated on death row for the death of prison guard he did not commitA well written but tragic life lesson

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    So many times while reading this book I had to stop and let my heart heal Innocent is not the right word to describe Jarvis Jay Masters He is a casualty of a family and a care system so broken it would be no wonder if he murdered someone Assault theft yes He is guilty But he played no part in the crime that put him on death row and that's where the pain of his imprisonment becomes almost too much to bear That he was getting his life in order finding his core through Buddhism makes his wrongful conviction all the heinous Follow his life in a tattered family his love for his druggie mother his hope and ultimate betrayal in the foster care system and understand the many beautiful children who end up surviving as best they can Masters drew an impenetrable barrier around himself but there were chinks in his armor And those chinks gave him the spiritual strength to write this memoir

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    Absolutely amazing A must read for all One of the best books I've read this year and one of the best autobiographies I've ever read

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    I could not put this book down It is the memoir of a death row inmate who becomes a Buddhist meditating in his cell every day But we don't hear those stories until about 80% of the book has passed Most of it is about his childhood as a foster kid struggling to survive We see how he slowly hardens his heart as difficult circumstances come his way No doubt he and all children who face such things deserved much better than he got And yet he did have love compassion and wise folks in his life Though not enough of them He deserved a much better childhood I am so glad I read this book Am supporting the anti death penalty cause as NH has a real shot at eliminating it If so it will become the 19th state to do so The death penalty is simply barbaric

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    WOWAlthough I'm an avid reader I rarely write reviews This is one of the rare books I had to put down a few times before picking it up again hours or a day later to either calm my heart beat andor nerves or ruminate on his life story Beautifully written and heartbreakingly honest book The inner peace and strength of this man especially after being placed on death row is beyond inspiring Set this gentleman free NOW

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    Strongly encourage all to read this book Genuine and at times heart breaking a true look into the American school to prison pipeline aided by our broken foster care system Jarvis is a beautiful writer and speaks about his life on death row with poignant bittersweet reflection

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    This is a fascinating story of a man who never really had a chance at growing up to live in freedom Not to excuse his crimes but it helps one understand how generations of children are raised in an atmosphere of hopelessness an environment that dares them to survive How they have to do so naturally leads to a life that risks life and freedom For Jarvis Jay Masters it was a series of experiences an abusive father who disappeared early in life an abused mother who was addicted to heroin a group of siblings who had to help raise each other alone until they were placed in foster care Foster care became even worse moving from family to family from one household that gave Jarvis a taste of actual love to one where he and other foster children were abused and kept only for the money they brought in to the cruel caretakers He soon felt safer inside walls a boys' home a military academy for boys where he was abused constantly as well and eventually prisonHe tells his story with heart and great detail Once inside San uentin as an adult the story hastens through details of his conviction for a crime most believe he didn't commit conspiracy to kill a guard his conversion to Buddhism and his experiences inside one of America's most notorious prisons This is the only disappointment in an otherwise riveting book I'd have loved to learn about how he manages to sustain his practice inside a federal penitentiary what death row is like for him and how he is seeking to have his death sentence revoked He touches on these in the final 50 pages or so but after a riveting ride through the fine details of his life in the first 200 pages it felt as if the rest of the book was edited down or he just felt the story he needed to tell was what led him to this point in his life rather than these current chapters in his adulthoodI'm grateful for his story As one who volunteers with incarcerated youth teaching meditation it helps me understand just how traumatic the path is that leads many young people into detention centers Masters helps me better understand how one's value of their own life and the lives of others deteriorates over time slowly eroding through harrowing experiences of violence and cruelty and how for many crime is the only way they can see to survive to escape or in many cases the only behavior they've been raised to understand When you're raised in darkness it's hard for a child to understand the promise of light Through it all Jarvis Jay Masters hung on to the tattered pieces of his humanity and found a way to reconcile the road he journeyed that led to San uentin with how he could find the most hopeful approach to emotional and spiritual freedom even in solitary confinement This is a very good book told with no punches pulled I'd have loved for about Jarvis' life as an adult an inmate and a Buddhist but perhaps it's compelling to know about the years that brought him where he is today

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    I forget books almost as fast as I read them but I THINK I'll remember this one forever or at least details from it Masters and his sibs abandoned by their drug addicted mother eating food left out for them by a kindly neighbor; Masters cleaning a series of stinking jail cells until they shine; Masters strapped and scared standing guard behind the door while his older brother sells drugs This guy has been through it and he's able to tell his horrifying story in a restrained calm voice that never veers into self pity or melodrama Back cover copy always throws around the words moving and powerful but this one really is

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    I've always thought of becoming a CASA volunteer this book kicked my butt into motion It's the story of Jarvis Masters who like many kids in the foster system has so many tragic and disturbing experiences and so few people who come into their lives for to help them shine It's well written uick to read and will move the reader to thinking wishing or feeling for the children who deserve so much better than what life hands them The link to CASA is below in case anyone else is interestedhttpwwwcasaforchildrenorgsitec

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