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Invaders of Earth [PDF / EPUB] Invaders of Earth Introduction • 1952 • essay by Groff Conklin Prologue The Distant Past • 1952 • essay by uncredited This Star Shall Be Free • 1949 • novelette by Murray Leinster Part One The Immediate Pas Introduction • • essay by Groff Conklin Prologue The Distant Past • • essay by uncredited This Star Shall Be Free • • novelette by Murray Leinster Part One The Immediate Past It Could Have Happened Already • • essay by uncredited Castaway • • shortstory by Robert Moore Williams Impulse • • shortstory by Eric Frank Russell Top Secret • • shortstory by Donald A Wollheim as by David Invaders of eBook ´ Grinnell A Date to Remember • • shortstory by William F Temple Child of Void • • shortstory by Margaret St Clair Tiny and the Monster • • novelette by Theodore Sturgeon The Discord Makers • • shortstory by Mack Reynolds Not Only Dead Men • • shortstory by A E van Vogt Part Two The Immediate Future It May Happen Yet • • essay by uncredited Invasion from Mars • • shortfiction by Howard Koch Minister Without Portfolio • • shortstory by Mildred Clingerman The Waveries • • shortstory by Fredric Brown Crisis • • shortstory by Edward Grendon Angel's Egg • • novelette by Edgar Pangborn Will You Walk a Little Faster • • shortstory by William Tenn Pictures Don't Lie • • shortstory by Katherine MacLean Epilogue The Distant Future • • essay by uncredited The Greatest Tertian • • shortstory by Anthony Boucher.

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    One of the books that introduced me to SF in the 1960's Classic stories from the 40's and 50's Great stuff

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    I will be updating this review as I finish the stories within this science fiction anthology You could call this a review in progress This Star Shall Be Free by Murray Leinster is a story of Tork a cro magnon cave man Imagine that a spacecraft from some foreign civilization lets call it Antares arrived on earth Imagine that the aliens don't really care about the humans since all they want is the water and imagine that they perform some kind of experiment on the humans what would happen? This Star Shall Be Free is a clever little story that will make you smile the third best in the anthology 3 stars Castaway by Robert Moore Williams is the story of Parker a soldier who is sent to a remote island to watch for subs submarines and take care of the lighthouse The man before him called Johnson fell and broke his arm but is that really what happened or did something stranger happen? This story was written during the second world war and it shows 2 stars Impulse by Eric Frank Russell is the bizarre meeting between Dr Blain and a corpse? For some reason this weird story reminded me of Men in Black a fun read 25 stars An Eel by the Tail by Allen K Lang is perhaps the weirdest story so far It is about a physics teacher trying to motivate his students when something weird happens And by weird I mean that an erotic dancer appears out of nowhere in the middle of class 15 stars Storm Warning by Donald Wollheim is the story about a storm and a meteor Yeah its pretty slow and not all that exciting but then again perhaps I missed something 1 star Child of Void by Magaret St Clair is the story about a small family that lives in the Hidden Valley far away from civilization The entire family may have succumbed to depression and madness being all alone out there on the outskirts of the civilized world and if not then something strange is happening in the world This story presents some very different invaders of earth definitely worth reading 25 stars Not Only Dead Men by A E Van Vogt is the story about a whaler finding something strange on the alaskan shores The uestion is who is the real enemy? A good and entertaining story 2 stars Enemies in Space by Karl Grunert is the story about a man who gets a message from outer space the uestion is who sent the message and what does it mean? 1 star Invasion from Mars by Howard Koch is not so much a story as a radio broadcast from the night that something strange fell from the sky I did not like the form to begin with but 4 pages into the story it had won me over Entertaining 3 stars The Waveries by Fredric Brown is a story about how earth was invaded by strange radio waves Its a little messy and not all that interesting 15 stars Angel's Egg by Edgar Pangborn is finally a beautiful and insightful tale This one involves a very special traveler through space one that resembles an angel The story is told by Dr Bannerman the finder of the Angel's Egg Very easy to read and definitely the best story in this anthology 4 stars The Man in the Moon by Henry Norton is a mess of a story I can't really tell you what it is about except that it tells of a really strange creature that doesn't so much invade earth as leave it I can't recommend it 0 stars Pictures Don't Lie by Katherine MacLean is a story about first contact A man named Nathen has been picking up noise from space and trying to understand it now it is time to meet the aliens The noise is actually pictures and then I probably shouldn't tell you any since this is A STORY WITH A TWIST I love stories with a twist and this has a great and fun one The second best in the anthology 4 stars The Greatest Tertian by Anthony Boucher is a weird story about language and earth Probably clever but I didn't really get it 15 starsAll in all not worth much except a few stories Don't waste your time on the rest

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    Not as good as I might have expected Some very old stories which isn't a bad thing But many were pretty pedestrian No real adventure or excitement despite the title

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