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Tortuga in Trouble [PDF / EPUB] Tortuga in Trouble Yum Tortuga is bringing a delicious supper to his abuela of ensalada, tamales, and flan No wonder his amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra are following him But they aren t the only ones after the torto Yum Tortuga is bringing a delicious supper to his abuela of ensalada, tamales, and flan No wonder his amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra are Tortuga in PDF/EPUB ² following him But they aren t the only ones after the tortoise Coyote has his own dinner plans for Tortuga and his grandmother Can the three amigos warn them in time, in this variation of Little Red Riding Hood A companion to Manana, Iguana Fiesta Fiasco and Count on Culebra.

    EPUB is an ebook file format Can the three amigos warn them in time, in this variation of Little Red Riding Hood A companion to Manana, Iguana Fiesta Fiasco and Count on Culebra."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Tortuga in Trouble
  • Ann Whitford Paul
  • English
  • 21 October 2018
  • 9780823421800

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    In this witty adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood story set in the American Southwest, Tortuga arrives at his grandmother s house to bring her supper only to find that something is off about his grandmother but he just can t figure out what This book also includes some Spanish words woven into the text and provides context clues to help readers decipher the meaning of the words.Find Tortuga in Trouble at the Westminster Public Library For other books in this series check here

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    This is the fourth book by Paul about the four friends Iguana, Conejo, Culebra and Tortuga Tortuga is bringing a lunch of ensalada, tamales and flan to his grandmother in this combination of Little Red Riding Hood and The Bremen Town Musicians Along his way, Tortuga encounters his friends, who have designs on his basket of food, but even worse he encounters Coyote who has plans to eat both the basket of food as well as Tortuga and his grandmother Luckily, Tortuga s friends have followed the food and him and scare Coyote away by making a combination of loud sounds that convinces Coyote that monsters are surrounding the house.Ethan Long s illustrations, done in gouache and colored pencil, are brightly colored in a palette evocative of the Southwest desert setting of the tale His characters large eyes and expressive faces add to the story s humor The compositions are nicely varied with double page spreads, full single pages, and close ups of the characters used alternately.This is a great way to introduce some basic Spanish vocabulary to grade school children The familiar story, copious repetition, and the illustrations all provide hints to decode the meaning of Spanish words like ojos , amigos, and adios The story is also funny in its own right and works well as a read aloud, particularly if the reader can come up with individual voices for each of the characters I think this might even work well as a reader s theater for a small cast with a little adaptation.Used for Tons of Fun Fiesta program May 2009.

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    Not a very talented retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood I didn t see anything new or interesting in this book that would justify raping the story A mix of Spanish and English words is another awful touch Contrary to the prevailing opinion, it doesn t help a child to learn another language in a fun and easy way Have you ever met a kid speaking several languages as one, mixing grammar and words from two or three languages in one sentence I have Believe me, that s not what you would like to hear from your own kid.

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    Not too long Introduces and uses Spanish words as well as their English counterparts Very simple words to pronounce, and can help with diversity, culture, and inclusion of all cultures in the classroom.

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    Creative retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and I love children s read aloud books that allow the reader to do accents.

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    A pretty fabulous take on Little Red Riding Hood, with Spanish words What could be better

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    Actually 3 stars It s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with some Spanish words, and a slightly different ending that celebrates friendship.

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    Title Tortuga in TroubleAuthor Ann Whitford Paul Genre Folktale, MexicanTheme s Fairy Tale, Turtles, GrandmotherOpening Line One day when the sun rose, Tortuga said, Iguana, please lift this canasta onto my back Brief Book Summary This Mexican take on a classic fairy tale, was surprisingly great Instead of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, we have Tortuga and Coyote The Three Amigos come to save the day just in time before Tortuga and Grandmother get eaten The illustrations are amazingly vivid and really enhance the story This is a appropriate version of the fairy tale because no one gets eaten or killed The only issue with this book is the use of a lot of Spanish words This could be confusing to children who do not have any prior experience with the language Professional Review 1 Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz Children s Literature Paul moves a traditional Red Riding Hood tale to the Southwest, sprinkling it with Spanish words and humor Tortuga, a turtle, asks his friends Conejo, a rabbit, Culebra, a snake, and Iguana to help him lift onto his back the basket he is taking to his grandmother His hungry friends decide to follow him On his way, Tortuga meets Coyote, who likes what he sees in the basket and then races off to an appointment When Tortuga reaches his grandmother s house, Coyote has already disguised himself as grandmother there and shoves Tortuga into the closet where he has put her, then prepares the food from the basket Luckily Tortuga s friends come to the rescue so they can share the supper Long creates a minimal desert in yellows and oranges with a couple of cactus plants His characters are also simply conceived with gouache and colored pencil They are almost cartoons in their comic exaggeration, with very large eyes enhancing the emotional content of the slapstick humor There is a glossary of the Spanish words Professional Review 2 Hope Morrison The Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books, March 2009 Vol 62, No 7 Iguana, Conejo, Culebra, and Tortuga see Fiesta Fiasco, BCCB 7 07, etc are back for another romp through the southwestern desert Here, the story of Little Red Riding Hood is retold in a slightly fractured version When Tortuga the tortoise asks Iguana the iguana, Conejo the rabbit, and Culebra the snake to help him load up for a journey, the friends discover that he is bringing ensalada, tamales, and flan to his grandmother and decide to follow him in hopes of snatching a snack After Tortuga meets the conniving Coyote en route, the latter darts ahead and disguises himself as Tortuga s abuela Following the customary exchange about ears, eyes, and teeth or, in this case, orejas, ojos, and dientes , Coyote locks Tortuga in a closet along with his real abuela Tortuga s friends of course save the day, and they re rewarded with Tortuga s tasty cargo Paul s latest recalls the playful energy and fairy tale structure of earlier outings by this quartet the perky language, punctuated with plenty of Spanish vocabulary a glossary is included , flows easily, and the familiar storyline offers plenty of appeal to young listeners There s also plenty of humor in the banter among the three friends, who hungrily follow Tortuga but must keep sadly saying adios to the food as he continues on his way Long s sunny gouache and colored pencil illustrations ring with vibrancy and warmth orange, red, and green dominate, with bulging yellow eyes on each of the characters expressive faces splashes of patterning Tortuga s tortoise shell, the weave of the basket add further visual interest This effervescent tale with its big bold pictures is sure to see lots of story time action Response to Professional Reviews I agree with both of these reviews in terms of the illustrations They really help move the story along and make you feel as if you are in the Southwest I also think this book is very playful and great for young children Evaluation of Literary Elements This book uses big, easy to read words It has just enough text on each page to keep the reader intrigued but not overwhelmed The illustrations are what makes this book so amazing It is perfect to have in the preschool or kindergarten setting The use of Spanish words can be confusing, but there is a glossary in the front of the book so students can look up what each word means Consideration of Instructional Application I would use this book in a kindergarten setting One of the activities I would have them do would be to act this out I think putting on a play would be a great way to engage all of the students in the reading I would also do an activity where I would have the students draw what they would put in a basket to bring to grandma s house and have them mail those to their relatives I think it would be nice to include family members into their education this way.

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    Another book by this author and illustrator that introduces Spanish vocabulary It echoes Little Red Riding Hood in that turtle is going to visit abuela and coyote takes the place of the big bad wolf Luckily, iguana, rabbit, and snake are following along behind because they would love a taste of the picnic turtle is bringing to his grandmother Their wish comes true after they save turtle and his grandmother from the coyote They do it by scaring coyote and that reminded me of Bremen Town Musicians.

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    Tortuga in Trouble is a new take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale Tortuga takes a canasta filled with ensalada, tamales, and flan to his abuela when a coyote looks the two of them in a closet to eat Luckily, Tortuga s amigos Iguana, Conejo, and Culebra save the day Before I read the book, I was concerned that there was no Spanish English dictionary in the back of the Spanish words used in the book How would cultural outsiders with no knowledge of Spanish like a young child understand these words Then I read the book and noticed that there were sufficient context clues and pictures to help the reader learn the English meaning of the Spanish words The illustrations are beautiful and the sentences are short and sweet This would be a great book to read aloud to or along with your child I would recommend this book for children ages 4 7.

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