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10 thoughts on “To Hate and To Hold

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    This book started out pretty strong and then got pretty boring pretty fast All the repetition got annoying from the repetition of how much they hate each other to the repetition of how much the bonding was making them do to the agonizing over the love they felt to the sex scenes that played out exactly the same way every time reach for the nightstand for lube and condom prep maybe spill some lube insert scream a bit splurt onto chest andor belly be happy shower And if they weren't having sex they were falling asleep or waking up I was falling asleep a lot too so I don't blame them I have a pet peeve about vampires in name only and these vamps were as sterile and weak as anything I've seen I'm not even sure why they were called vampires Take away their fangs and the occasional sip of tame blood and they aren't vampiric at all I mean why on earth did they wear condoms? Are they not un dead? What disease are they fearful of?Every plot device was used for convenience only and seemingly with no real thought Need to have a reason to hate kill some parents their inexplicable deaths will come in handy later too Need a reason to force them together out of the blue bonding Need a reason for them to have sex bonding made them do it Need a scene that looks sexy and evil random blood lust or maybe crazed jealousy Don't have enough material to fill out the month long wait period necessary to the plot have the POV character unconscious for a week and then have two weeks disappear because the characters aren't talking to each other And if something didn't makes sense it was just ignored On a good note it had a very nice cover

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    My first gay vampire story and it won't be the lastI've discovered Dakota Rebel and i think that she wrote an amazing story i really liked the lovehate relationship between Jamie and EthanBoth are extremely male stubborn arrogant but fragile at the same timeIt is written at the first personJamiebut i could glimpse some of Ethan's feelingsThe sex was hot and beautiful but not shallowI did not want it to endgrrr

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    Vampires Jamie and Ethan have never gotten along For over 15 years they've fought and tried to outdo each other and that hasn't changed even now that they're adults When Ethan comes back to town after being away for a while things get heated between them uicklyThis time however the fight ends with Jamie and Ethan bonded as mates by a magic spell Now they are forced to stay close very close for at least a month before their bond can be severed Without a choice these two hotheaded men finally spend some uality time together and the results are explosiveThis was a fun story told in Jamie's POV The book flows along pretty well and I liked both main characters although at times I was ready to smack them Stubborn uick to take offense and throw a punch and totally closed mouthed about their feelings they are still a couple of likable guysJamie and Ethan's relationship is of course the central theme of the book but aside from that there is also the mystery of who killed Jamie's parents Add in a former friendlover of Ethan's who is than he appears at first Jamie's sister and Gran as well as Ethan's parents and the story has an interesting and nicely written cast of charactersThe guys truly have a lovehate relationship and are uite physical whether they're fighting each other or having sex At times it was humorous but after a while it did get a bit tiring to read about Jamie's constant punching or kicking instead of taking time to listen and react in a adult fashion Despite Jamie's constant fight first listen later I liked him and I enjoyed reading about the ups and downs of his relationship with EthanOverall this was a fun sexy story featuring a couple of guys who just happened to be Vampires That part was not overly emphasized rather it was just who they were I liked the flow of this 140 page book and was uite happy to have read it

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    Ok I had to put the 'disability' tag on this story just for those two stubborn idiots They love each other or are at least attracted to each other so much that they do what any guy would do beat the crap out of each other on a regular basis I got Jamie's issues with his parents and all and once I decided not to think about all the stuff that didn't make sense and just go with it I thought it was fun and cute But I did have to have a talk with myself to ignore all logical thoughtsI enjoyed this one but have to say the fact that they are vampires is sort of strange it could easily have been 'normal' mortals without changing the story much at all They bleed get black eyesdon't seem to have any special powers that I could tellview spoiler ok to start with Jeremy comes out with a book about hunters killing vamps and the ueen and king know its a tell all so to speak so they send their only child to Chicago with this guy? The king there acts all wierd and nobody cares Jeremy then says I am going to kill ou and nothing is done about him? No he walzes into town and has the prince shaking in his boots And then Ethan thinks his mother would put him in his house after that? And he doesn't call and ask WTF? Then they find out who killed Jamie's parents but that's it only huh i thought he was their friend ? And then Jeremy the twink is able to kill the king without an problem but then has a change of heart and says he doesn't want to be a hunter and all is well And nobody voices the uestion early on who would put a curse on the prince? And last but not least if they talked just half as much as they punch and kick they could have worked it all out years ago hide spoiler

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    This light story is uite amusing Jamie the narrator and Ethan have been enemies and couldn't seem to stop fighting Until one stormy night after being struck by lightning their are cursed to be bonded So they couldn't exactly leave each other it will give them pain if they do and better yet they need to have SEX to ease the discomfort Let's start the smut pThere are sex in almost every chapter I skim most of it But the characters are actually uite likable It's so clear to readers that Ethan actually loves Jamie but Jamie is being too stubborn to see that It's an easy uickie that's for sure

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    27 StarsMainly that rating is for the sex scenes because they were hot and I kind of liked the reasoning for the forced bonding But the constant fighting literal fighting like punching each other was ridiculously abusive which made me uncomfortable; and I don't care how much you hate being attracted to someone that kind of thing is NOT okay Given they acted like spoiled children most of the time and couldn't see why they acted the way they did does not excuse their actions eitherPlus OMG I'm so over miscommunication lack of discussion in budding relationships

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    VampiresyumHate sexyumenemies to loversyumFluffy sugary goodnesummmm okay I guess I can handle thatFun story I liked the whole forced to be close partWish there was a little depth with Jamie's parents deaths Maybe a little about how there are kings and how that all works But I still enjoyed the story without these things uick and fun

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    Review posted on World of Diversity FictionAhhh A vampire story I love them I’ve missed them and this one was fun to readJamie and Ethan could be so damn frustrating I just wanted to smack thema lot How did they not see the love between them did no one ever tell them when all you want to do is lash out at the person you think you hate it usually means you have feelings for them JeezI thought To Hate and To Hold was great a light easy read that had me from start to finish It made me laugh and cry and brought out the violent side of me every time these two didn’t TALK GAH There’s nothing complicated about the story it has a tiny little mystery that didn’t seem important except to Jamie and Ethan author Dakota Rebel didn’t focus on that it’s just there the focus of this story is love between two guys who think neither loves the other I think the absolutely perfect thing happens to them they are cursed during one of their many fights they are struck by lightning or they think that’s what’s happened to them this is when the curse begins a bonding curse They want to have an un bonding ceremony but that can’t be done until they have been together for one month and one day or they may not survive it Jamie and Ethan are forced to stay together and whenever they try to separate they are in extreme pain so staying together and always touching is a must There’s plenty of sex and a lot of love even if they won’t tell each other but what got me with this story was all the sweet tender moments they shared I didn’t want this story to end I wasn’t ready to give up the good feeling it left me with but all good things must come to an end and when that end is an HEA I just have to be happy for them and for me

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    This was a much sweeter book that I thought it was going to be Sure they hated eachother so much that they couldn't keep their hands off eachotherliterally The sex while pretty good could have been so much hotter had there been details and foreplay The chemistry was definately there just not the steamy deetssigh Overall a good read and super entertaining

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    Two Vampires as a CoupleYUM So Why Not 5 Stars The Book ♠The Writing1st POV This is Jamie's Voicejust ok♠The Plot overall flowinterestingbut has dry WTF spots♠Smexy scenesJust okand why does a vampires need a condom?♠The MC My Fav the NEED to touchThat was nicely done and that made this book just ok 25 Stars

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To Hate and To Hold[PDF / EPUB] To Hate and To Hold Can Jamie and Ethan overcome their hatred for each other before the vampire marriage they are cursed into kills them both Jamie McHale has always hated vampire prince Ethan Connor and Ethan loathes hi Can Jamie and and To PDF È Ethan overcome their hatred for each other before the vampire marriage they are cursed into kills them both Jamie McHale has always hated vampire prince Ethan Connor and Ethan loathes him right back One dark and stormy night the two men tangle in a violent altercation that leaves them somehow bound To Hate eBook È together in vampire marriage It becomes very clear that the magic of the marriage bond will get what it wants for them regardless of the men's feelings toward the situation The curse wants them together and as they spend time with each other they start to wonder if this really was a curse at all.

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Dakota Rebel is and To PDF È a bestselling author and a very slow distance runner who dreams of racing Badwater She lives in a perpetual state of exhaustion with her happy husband and two incredibly spoiled children.