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Rice Boy [PDF / EPUB] Rice Boy Rice Boy began as a surreal vignette set in a bar on an unknown world and evolved into a fantasy epic in webcomic formatWhat started out as an exercise in weird comicking is now available in its entir Rice Boy began as a surreal vignette set in a bar on an unknown world and evolved into a fantasy epic in webcomic formatWhat started out as an exercise in weird comicking is now available in its entirety in book form along with maps and a history of the world of Overside.

About the Author: Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm is an artist who is currently living in New York City.

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    a book reviewer a lot of reuests come across your desk There are so many talented people out there doing wonderful work – too many for one person to explore fully There’s no doubt that some incredible opportunities have slipped by meBut sometimes you take a chance on the unknown and are rewarded with something stunning“Rice Boy” by writerillustrator Evan Dahm was one such gamble for me I knew nothing of Dahm’s work – “Rice Boy” started life as a webcomic over a decade ago and I had never heard of it Dahm self published a collection back in the day but only now is the series receiving the full treatment from a traditional publisherIt’s difficult to describe “Rice Boy” a surreal experience both narratively and visually simple on the surface yet possessed of a deceptive complexity that lends the tale a remarkable depth It is imaginative and inventive – whimsical one moment malevolent the next – and immersive in an unexpected unconventional wayThe titular hero is a simple fellow living in the land of Overside Rice Boy lives an unexciting life but is soon swept up into grand paradigm shifting intrigue An immortal machine man known as TOE short for “The One Electronic” has big plans for Rice Boy; there’s an ancient prophecy whose heroic subject has been sought by TOE and his cohorts for thousands of years Despite all appearances to the contrary TOE believes Rice Boy to be the one to bring the revelatory conclusion to that prophecyAnd so Rice Boy is pulled from his mundane everyday existence and thrust into a world of weirdness and danger – a world he is largely unprepared for He finds allies and makes enemies along the way as he travels the bizarre landscape of Overside in an effort to fulfill a destiny that he doesn’t fully understand Bleach beasts and frog cults and gods that might not be gods at all; epic battles and tiny victories and surreal silliness – “Rice Boy” has all of it and It’s not a particularly thorough synopsis – there’s plenty story to tell – but one would almost do the work a disservice by telegraphing too much to the potential reader It’s not about spoilers per se – it’s the weird juxtaposition of the story’s simplicity and complexity often in the same moment It’s the sort of tale that resists a straightforward retellingThat’s a good thing by the way A VERY good thingIn “Rice Boy” Evan Dahm has created a skewed surreal take on the standard hero’s journey we often see in high fantasy and other genre fiction He takes the standard trope of an unprepared protagonist thrown headlong into a world they don’t really comprehend and pumps it full of absurdity and ambiguity The result is a story that is both compelling and emotionally engagingThe visual storytelling is exuisite; Dahm has a uniue and vivid aesthetic that lends itself beautifully to the type of tale being told At first glance there seems to be little rhyme or reason to the relative boldness or subtlety of the choices being made but it isn’t long before the reader settles into the artistic ebb and flow borne along gently and sometimes not so gently with the tidal forces of Dahm’s mesmerizing artworkDahm has said that in many cases he was inventing the story as he went along introducing new characters and situations as the narrative reuired That seat of the pants method of story construction shouldn’t necessarily work but in this case it absolutely does In fact that shagginess serves to enhance the overall experience giving the proceedings a sense of spontaneity that might not otherwise be present through a rigidly defined creative process“Rice Boy” isn’t the sort of thing I would ordinarily actively seek out It’s a work that could have easily slipped past me I feel very lucky that it did not – it’s a weird wonderful reading experience a uniue artistic expression that was worth every moment I spent with it Evan Dahm is possessed of phenomenal gifts – gifts brought to bear on every page of the bizarre and beautiful “Rice Boy”

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    Rice Boy is what happens when Star Wars The Hobbit and Dr Suess have a babyIt's a wonderful and weird adventure saga It's strange and unlike anything I've really read before and yet incredibly familiar Rice Boy is a strange protagonist he has no arms no legs looks like a grain of rice and says Oh times than I can count but he's lovely How Dahm draws him with such emotion I'm never sure I'll knowThe comic itself is incredibly well polished I love the colour palettes and how well harmonised they are There are some beautiful full page panels that are just so beautiful to look at I loved how simple Dahm's drawings were and yet they had so much detail This feels like a book I could read again and againIf you like Saga if you like Star Wars if you like unlikely heroes doing wonderful things this might be the book for you I know I'll read it again soon

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    After years of reading and study I have a deal with myself I no longer read books that directly or indirectly tell me or anyone else that I'm or they're a second class citizen Time's upIn picking this book up I was intrigued by the promise of weird and surreal creatures in context of an adventure uest Creatures there were indeed but there's nothing weird or surreal about patriarchal adventure fantasy That's the unjust and mundane norm past and present and reflects reality without comment and so I had to put this book down at page 286 to go in search of a book that doesn't treat people or creatures who happen to be women as a side dish when it bothers to mention them at all

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    What a wild ride I really enjoyed the creativity behind the creatures

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    Rice Boy was another book that I found featured on the bests graphic novels of 2018 lists I went into it relatively blind only knowing that it was an epic fantasy sort of story and recommended by the inimitable Carla Speed McNeil and Jeff Smith With those two recommending it it was pretty much impossible to ignore From the get go it became incredibly obvious why both had read enjoyed and offered blurbs on Rice Boy Rice Boy owed Bone and Finder both very much and nothing Let me explain Rice Boy is an epic fantasy in a vast indescribable world It follows the classic hero's journey but in settings so wildly varied that even while it caters to such tropes it is scarcely boring Instead the book is pleasing almost comforting at times The art is simplistic in a way that is stylistic rather than mildly infuriating like Sabrina was to me The colors oh man the colors are a delight The basic premise is that The One Electronic T O E has been searching 3000 years for the Fulfiller The Fulfiller will fulfill a prophecy poorly understood but well enough known that the mere hint that the Fulfiller is not the frog king Spatch's son is enough to spark rumors of war Rice Boy is who T O E believes the Fulfiller may be But he's been wrong for 3000 years and Rice Boy certainly doesn't feel like the Fulfiller It all goes from thereRead it enjoy it and recommend it to your friends It's a darn good way to spend an evening or two reading

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    If you live as long as I have you will see that there is to this world than we see at first For centuries I thought I was working for that perfect solid god we are told of as children But there is some deception there There is some mystery between all of these perfect solid things and that is my god My god is what I don't know TOEI did not love this but I liked it really uite a lot And really the only reason I didn't love it is that it didn't go the distance that it had the strength for But for a thing that was as much a an unplanned exploration by the author it went a nice ways It gave me a lovely heartache when Rice Boy discovered his origin and when TOE The One Electronic found his fate It was a journey worth taking and if you do not ask it than it offers you may find that you love it much than I did I will certainly be giving Dahm's later efforts a try

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    What a fun book Even though this was written before Vattu I came to know Dahm through the latter a current ongoing webcomic that is outstanding But I wanted to see what the previous story was like and Rice Boy is strikingly different from the recent narrative It begins in a playful experimental manner but then uickly develops into a directed uest narrative I read the online version for an upcoming episode of The Comics Alternative's webcomics series but I'd love to get my hands on a physical copy of this I'll see Dahm at SPX later this month so I can get a copy there This is the kind of work whose art even though may have already read it would be doubly nice to have in physical form

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    The first work by one of my favorite webcomic authors Rice Boy is a gorgeous and surreal tale which follows the titular character as he reluctantly finds himself shaping the course of history Not much can be said as the meat of the story is the weird and beautiful vistas and characters throughout the land of Overside but I do wholeheartedly recommend this book or you can read the whole thing on the author's website

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    45 stars2018 Reread Addendum NotesRice Boy and Gerund's friendship is so sweet And both of them are just very naively cute yet are pragmatic in their lines and show very honest emotions The artwork is still as amazingly surreal and colorful as I remember it SIR HUFF T O E's screen clips are still awesome especially now that I know of the cartoons so many Swing You Sinners clips The worldbuilding is still very extensive and there are many unanswered whys and hows about Overside v Underside but I paid much closer attention to the story this time and got much out of it It still lends itself to note taking thoughOriginal 2016 ReviewIt must be a sign of a good webcomic when I've previously clicked through to the site a few times attempted to read the comic then given up This has happened with many other comics that have ended up becoming all time favorites Last night I finally decided to commit to reading the entire thing As I usually binge read new comics it didn't take me long to work through the entire sagaFirst off THE ARTWORK IS GORGEOUS The pop art surrealism is just PERFECT The COLOR SCHEME my goodness is in most parts ah maz ingI immediately fell in love with the style and it helped me to fall in love with the characters My favorite of which was T O E because he's just SO AWESOME The stoic badassery and the black and white snippets of old TV and movies and cartoons that are shown on his screen and he easily got onto my list of all time favorite comic characters The rest of the characters were all incredibly uniue as well both in character and creation The settings are very Seussian and Wackyland inspired two worlds that inspired me from a young age so I guess you could say it dredged up some nostalgiaThis all being said the storyline itself wasn't the absolute greatest It was trope y prophecy to be fulfilled epic journey through strange lands surprise about who actually fulfills the prophecy But the characters and artwork carried me past any iffy points in the plot which is always good Even if the plot is predictable if the characters are amazing you've still done an excellent job as a writer or writerartist in this caseOne of the best webcomics I've read and certainly one of the top five in terms of artwork I'll definitely virtually flip through it again if just to drool over the gorgeous artGo read it all online here You won't be disappointed

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    This was really good Short but beautiful and a nice time There were a couple of things I would have liked answers to but it was very good and I enjoyed it a lot

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