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The Sheikh Takes a Bride [PDF / EPUB] The Sheikh Takes a Bride Marry me with his arrogance Sheikh Kaj al bin Russard got men to follow his orders With his dark good looks he got women to fall his feet Now Kaj needed everyone of those talents to lure Princess Cath Marry me with his arrogance Takes a PDF ↠ Sheikh Kaj al bin Russard got men The Sheikh Kindle - to follow his orders With his dark good looks he got women to Sheikh Takes a PDF/EPUB Ã fall his feet Now Kaj needed everyone of those talents to lure Princess Catherine of Altaria to the altarOne of the last remaining virgin royals Catherine could fulfill the terms of Kaj’s father will But it would take than a fiery sheikh to melt the renowned “Ice Princess” who vowed never to fall in love With his barely leashed power and potent masculinity Kaj was a formidable foe but Catherine was ready for battleThen she made her fatal mistake she let him kiss her.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Sheikh Takes a Bride
  • Caroline Cross
  • English
  • 06 November 2016
  • 9780373764242

About the Author: Caroline Cross

Jean M Heaton alias Caroline Takes a PDF ↠ Cross lives and write just outside of The Sheikh Kindle - Seattle with her husband and daughters one very large hairy dog and one Sheikh Takes a PDF/EPUB Ã picky little Siamese catShe says I will never forget the first time I read a Silhouette Desire An avid reader of everything except category romance I was surprised to find myself swept up in the magic of two strong people falling irrevocably in love.

9 thoughts on “The Sheikh Takes a Bride

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    This is the first book I read by Caroline Cross and I think it is going to be my last one I didn't like the romance of these two I don't know It was so forced that's what I felt This sheikh was not a seductor at all I could categorize him as ones of the boring sheikh I have ever read he was no sexy no alfa male S and Catherine was cold and pompousThere wasn't any angst the mistery about the death of Catherine's father wasn't resolved the end was rushed and the epilogue was short two paragraphs I think this two Hh are going to work hard for their marriage because I didn't believe in that HEA I didn't feel they were in love uuXX

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    This is the third book in the series and I liked it but not as much as I liked the first two books Maybe not as good and romantci as the first two installment but this book has it's charm This was such a great addition to the series I can't wait to read the next

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    Sheikh Raj needs to find a wife to meet the conditions of his fathers will Being the product of a dysfunctional marriage on the part of his parents he was determined not to make the same mistake in his life He has chosen Catherine a Princess in her country as his future wifenow he needs to get her to agree and place a bet with his cousin that he can accomplish that in 30 days or less This was a nice romantic story in typical Harleuin fashion

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    35 stars I really liked hero was super urbane very English sounds like fun was British

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    Lovely story but still missing a end to the murderplot Hmmmm maybe in the next book but I loved it when it was now Ow well great sheik story

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    The series is getting much interesting Looking forward to the next book

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    Catherine is known as the ice princess She has vowed that she would never marry but things changeShe poses as a challenge for the Sheikh who has his eyes set on making her his bride uick interesting story with HEA ending

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    Average one time read

  9. says:

    it was ok wid nthg i guess i read so many harleuins dat this one did not impress me at all

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