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    Well for the first two stories I could only say that they were not my cup of teaThe third one had started promising but failed just in the middle

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    I'll be waiting this anthology these are three authors I like very muchThree like three authors and like threesome In this anthology we read three possible way to lead a threesomeTia's Leash by Lisa Andel MFM Tia is an half breed werewolf For three uarter human she can't change in a wolf and she lives among the pack only because the new alpha Mason has not killed her when she was a puppy But now there is a problem she goes into season one a month and not only twothree time in a year like the other she weres and even if this is a joy for the men of the pack the women want her dead So the alpha decides to confine her in a cottage outside the pack territory Tia for the first time in her life has the chance to meet other people than the packs members And in particular two men among the all men she makes sex to holds her attention Risk an handsome vampire and Briggs an alluring were panther But the pack is not happy to share Tia In the end we have a threesome yes but this story is all about Tia men here are only supporting characters It's funny and irriverent and only in the end you will have your savvy words sex without feeling is only a gym exercise But if you want and you find someone willing why not try?Two for One by TA Chase MMM Jack is new in the city He is shy and plain and doesn't think he has the right chance to draw a nice guy so why is he at Pretty Young Thing a gay club? Then Brady approach him and after a mind shattering kiss drags him in a dark corner where he introduces Jack to Simon his partner And without much words Simon and Brady involve Jack in a hot sex session But why two handsome men like Simon and Brady want Jack? They seem pretty committed and have a wonderful life a fifteen year relationship But they need balance Simon is a classic alpha male strong and stubborn Brady is easy and open but also stubborn and inflammable They need someone in their life that bring a cold breeze a gentle voice and a tender hand They need JackAwakening by Bonnie Dee MFF Melissa has a big crush on Michael a colleague she has never had the courage to speak with And one night returning home she finds Michael in bed with Rachel her roommate She thinks her world is crashing down but then Rachel is up with a shocking proposal why don't they all three share a wicked weekend knowing better each other in and out of bed? and not only Michael with Melissa and Rachel with Michael but also Rachel with Melissa because Rachel is not against the idea to have sex with Melissa she is very willing to try But Melissa is not so sure she doesn't like to share But as the weekend goes on Melissa is ever enthralled by Rachel maybe than Michael himself In this romance I have the feeling that the women have stolen the scene to the only poor manAn interesting anthology with three different point of view of a threesome Lisa Andel thinks that the real committment is among two and the third can be a friend with benefits TA Chase thinks to a threesome like a way to complete a uite perfect relationship Bonnie Dee thinks it is a way to unleash your secret fantasies All of them together and you have a beautiful anthologyhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom11

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    I loved the last story in this book by Bonnie Dee called Awakening It's about two girlfriends who share an apartment who are in love with the same guyRachel is outgoing and always has dates and Melissa is uiet and shy Melissa has a crush on this guy at work but can't get the nerve up to talk to him outside of business talk Rachel has been going on and on about this guy that she really likes as in it could be serious When Rachel brings this guy Michael home it's the guy from work that Melissa has had the hots for What basically happens is that they all get together for a weekend of hot sex and find out that they all really want to stay togetherThis story is really well written and the characters all have their issues but work it out including fears of the odd man out problem I also really enjoyed that while neither Melissa nor Rachel are bisexual they are close enough as friends that it was not such a huge leap for them to get sexual together It was nice and easy And Micheal is a sweetheart of a guy who clearly enjoys them both but not in a oh man I got two chicks sort of way He really has feelings for bothIt was all very realistically written and I must say the sex was hawtAbout the rest of the book I just could not get through the first story ergo it's a DNF I might try and come back to this book and maybe try and read the second story but at this moment it's a DNFBut I give Bonnie Dee's story Awakening 4 stars

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    Picked up for the TA Chase story Tried reading the first but was uickly turned off Skipped to the Chase story wasn't bad wasn't great May attempt to read the other story some time in the future

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    I only read TA Chase's Two for One and i really liked itSo my rating only count for this one

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    The 4 star rating is mostly due to Bonnie Dee's book of the anthology WOW

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    Unfortunately one of the books in this collection ruined it for me The others were good but I couldn't get past how much I really didnt like one of them

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    A very sexy anthology I enjoyed TA Chase's mmm story the most and I will definitely be looking for from that author immediately

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Three [PDF / EPUB] Three Tradition assures us lovers come in pairs and couples are the definitive relationship But what if searching for our other half reveals we're meant to love than one Explore the possibilities of a trio Tradition assures us lovers come in pairs and couples are the definitive relationship But what if searching for our other half reveals we're meant to love than one Explore the possibilities of a trio of lovers with Lisa Andel TA Chase and Bonnie Dee Is it possible to sustain a relationship with Three Can a Threesome be the ultimate expression of loveContent MFM MMM MFFStories included areTia's Leash by Lisa AndelTwo for One by TA ChaseAwakening by Bonnie Dee.