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    I think it's clear from the CoverRabbit Pirates and a Ship called Biscotti XD XD XDIt's Really good if you want to Attract kids to read english Short Fun and lots of funny pictures ^^Ohhh and I liked the mini dictionary at the end of the book

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    i learend that you should never take a peg leg

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    this is a really mysteries book because it is about a legend of a pirates wooden peg leg

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    I think it was ok because it wasn't so interesting and it's about talking animals

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    In this story the rabbit’s friend accidentally broke the table’s leg and it decide to buy a new leg for the table But actually the leg is a blue pirate’s leg and he carry the rabbit and it’s friend to his ship in the sky ocean And under the ocean there’s a lot of dangerous fish Succdently an other red pirate lead his ship to against the blue pirate’s ship And they have a fight Finally the rabbit and the blue pirate win and the red pirate except The blue pirate is very angry that the rabbit’s friend let the red pirate go so the blue pirate want to punch the rabbit’s friend And then the rabbit let a magic fish out and eat the blue pirate

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    In Erik Craddock's book Pirate Palooza Stone rabbit and his friend Dog Andy summoned the pirate captain Barnacle Bob that already dead So they forced to work on Bob's ship After beat an enemy ship rabbit and Andy got a chance to escape they came back to earth use a whistle beat captain Bob The plot of this story is too common the author could be creative

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    good read

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    25 as I am not the intended audience but it was too crazy and too all over the place for meI felt like the comics themselves were fine but the story was lacking

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    Read it in less than a day

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    Pirate Palooza is another fun Stone Rabbit book He is on another wild ride as his best friend Andy and he take on a bunch of ghostly pirates Just when you think they are about to be saved by Admiral Demski and the royal fleet Stone Rabbit who is mistaken to be one of the pirates accidentally causes one of the good guys to dissipate This only causes problems for Stone Rabbit Can he never get a break?The artwork in Pirate Palooza is wonderful and I found easier to follow than BC Mambo The storyline moves along at break neck speed and is extremely entertaining The coloring is uite wonderful and the vivid coloring jumps right off the pageEarly Chapter readers especially young boys will really get a kick out of this book and series Stone Rabbit is a highly likable character and readers will be cheering for him as he fights off the nasty pirates Overall Pirate Palooza is another great graphic novel that is full of intrigue and adventure Kids will pick up a book like this and read it over and over taking in not only the words but all of the action until they have memorized the entire book This is the perfect kind of book to give to an early chapter reader that is struggling with wanting to readI bet something exciting happens to Stone Rabbit in his next book Deep Space Disco Sounds like it is time to dance Let's boogieI rated this book an 8½ out of 10

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Stone Rabbit #2 Pirate Palooza [PDF / EPUB] Stone Rabbit #2 Pirate Palooza When his coffee table's leg breaks Stone Rabbit replaces it with the cursed peg leg of a long dead pirate and inadvertently unleashes the ghostly fury of Captain Barnacle Bob Suddenly our hero finds h When his coffee table's leg breaks #2 Pirate Kindle Ó Stone Rabbit replaces it with the cursed peg leg of a long dead pirate and inadvertently unleashes the ghostly fury of Captain Barnacle Bob Suddenly our hero finds himself clashing cutlasses with salty specters and fleeing from scary sea beasts Will Stone Rabbit escape with both of his long ears intact Stone Rabbit PDF or Or will he end up as a suid's snack Pirate Palooza is the second book in a full color series of riotous riproaring graphic novels that chronicles the zany of adventures of a uicktempered and uick witted young rabbit Erik Craddock grew up during the 's and 's on a steady diet of comics video games and pop Rabbit #2 Pirate eBook ´ culture It was during histime as a student at New York City's School of Visual Arts that Stone Rabbit was born He lives in Babylon New York.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Stone Rabbit #2 Pirate Palooza
  • Erik Craddock
  • English
  • 18 September 2014
  • 9780375856600