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Hard Boiled [PDF / EPUB] Hard Boiled Intricate kinetic and thoroughly outrageous Rolling StoneWinner of comics' prestigious Eisner Award Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator a loving husband and devoted father Nixon is a berse Intricate kinetic and thoroughly outrageous Rolling StoneWinner of comics' prestigious Eisner Award Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator a loving husband and devoted father Nixon is a berserk homicidal tax collector racking up mind boggling body counts in a diseased urban slaughterhouse Unit Four is the ultimate robot killing machine and the last hope of the future's enslaved mechanical servants And somehow they're all the same psychotic entity Frank Miller and Geof Darrow have created a visual masterpiece.

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    A crazy bloodbath dystopian horror story really just a slim short story most sane people would not want to read Originally published in 1990 re released by Dark Horse for your viewing pleasure But it has some amazing and at the same time horrific be warned intricate art work by Geoff Darrow which Chad correctly identifies with the maddening Where's Waldo? series That detailed But with lots blood Kind of reminds me of the Garth Ennis and Alan Moore and others Crossed series which is like these guys saying oh you think your little hopeful story is dystopian? You call THAT post apocalyptic? Oh it's going to be worse than you can even imagine; here look at thisI read this because I just re viewed Blade Runner and re read Philip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? which involves a human Rick Deckard retiring androids This story by Miller bears some resemblance to Dick's story with let's say less philosophical reflection and ala Crossed carnage and depravity for depravity's sake A futuristic Lord of the Flies with adults and robots In Gard Boiled a kind of reference to hard boiled investigators and hopeless noir stories Carl Seltz is an an insurance investigator and Nixon is a psychopathic tax collector killing robots for no obvious reason to tell you the truth Just so Darrow can draw it and Dave Stewart can use all that red color Could he draw a kitten story as well? It's hard to imagine he could draw a kitten without slaughtering it really Still the main reason to look at this is to examine the artwork and then only if you have a strong stomach The artwork is as Goodreads reviewer Eisnein says 5 stars if you can separate the content from the form somehow I can't exactly but I'll split the difference and call it 35

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    The story makes very little sense some kind of Blade Runner type thing But the art is the reason to check this book out Geof Darrow draws the most intricate pages in comics You can stare at them for hours like some kind of demented violent Where's Waldo?

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    Authorities deny rumors that killer robots have left as many as five hundred dead in Hollywood TV news reporter If he's finally lost it there'll be hell to pay a 'child' in front of the TV setYeah there's hell to pay for some of the readers Taking a cue from Ridley Scott's cinematic Blade Runner using an smog choked Los Angeles in the not too distant future with a fair percentage of the overpopulation dressed like they're outcasts from a punk rock group Hard Boiled presents a colorful but disturbing 'androids disguised as humans' sci fi action graphic novel The best part is the extended second act an exceedingly violent chase and fight seuence through the crowded city streets involving our 'hero' I'm still not sure what his actual name was but he's appropriately attired in a trench coat and wielding some big pistolas and a grandmotherly type kidnapper wearing an orange tracksuit and sneakers It's a particularly well illustrated segment the details in some of the one and two page spreads are outstanding but it doesn't save the rest of the muddled story

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    You realize the sumptuousness of violence how this is even a possibility with the help of Frank Miller And the theme how outside but ruthless forces make and break a man a person is stellar futuristic oh so right This is a Hollywood movie right? A series on Netflix huh? Somewhere?

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    Blade Runner Heironymus Bosch Where's Waldo pretty much euals Hard Boiled This book may ostensibly have a plot and Frank Miller may ostensibly have written the many onomatopoetic monosyllables induced by stab wounds and tractor trailer collisions but the only reason to flip through these pages is to marvel at Geoff Darrow's unspeakably intricate and profane linework Every single panel contains at least thousands if not tens of thousands of tiny little objects most of them wrappers needles porn armaments and bits of recently combusted mechanical devices If there are people and there are often hundreds of them they are inevitably eating having sex getting high or committing heinous acts of violence usually in combination It's revolting It's baroue It's awesome Darrow wouldn't just draw say a glass of water He'd draw some circuit encrusted styrofoam chalice with multiple buttons labeled sugar caffeine cocaine and orgasmDarrow is probably best known for creating much of the conceptual artwork behind the Matrix movies and you can definitely see how his sense of grime and detail fed into the look of those films Interestingly he also delights in capturing high speed action in media res particularly multiple car crashes in which all the drivers are simultaneously smashing through their windshields and the contents of trucks usually candy andor livestock are suspended in midair Made me think of bullet time

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    The art feels a little like Where's Waldo but for adults definitely for adults

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    This stuff is crazyPlot is convoluted disturbing and not easy to graspBut the artwork is extreme Each frame consists of thousands of objects with each object very minutely portrayed Its like peeking inside one's head Subconscious head Because consciously one cannot grasp that muchVehicles colliding and you see every particle under the hood forming dentsCity streets So many people indulging in different activities Legal and illegal And you can catch the expression of than a 100 peopleYou have to see this to believe itPerfect 5 for the artwork Did not like anything else

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    One of the most insane graphic novels I've ever read The fast paced story seems nonexistent at first glance but it develops as the chaos escalates Literally it's chaos Throughout the whole book 'Carl' is battling a robot causing a tremendous amount of anarchy and destruction as he rampages through the city looking for ways to stop his current target and also later on find out what's truth and what's lie It's a strange straightforward book for sure with lots of graphic ultraviolence and bizarre sexual imageryWhich leads to the best part about this book Geof Darrow's insane intricate artwork The two page spreads are especially unbelievable with hundreds of people literally sueezed into a wide shot of a city street or a big hallway Every piece of clothing has its share of wrinkles; every wall has cracks tires have realistic treads cars and buildings are all uniuely detailed to the point of obsession You can even see the straps on a guy's sandals in the background among a crowd of people in a panel or spread that would roughly translate to about two or three city blocks Each and every panel is over crowded; the whole book is practically a manic adult sci fi version of Where's Waldo but not in an indecipherable way and it compliments the chaotic action scenes that tear through the book's pagesThe action scenes are absolutely outrageous in ways that would put even the most intense and over the top John Woo directed battle seuence to pants soiling shame With Darrow's artwork and Miller's creative writing it all fits together into three short issues of complete and utter cyberpunk insanityAnother of the book's strengths is that it's always moving While it's choked with extreme imagery of almost every kind surprisingly there isn't a single curse word throughout the entire book in every panel the story never stops moving full throttle It's zooming for the brick wall and nothing can ever stop it not even the brick wall

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    I received this from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Just a couple of words to describe this one weird and weird Normally I like Frank Miller but this is just way beyond his normal The one thing that I did like was the incredible amount of detail in the artwork

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    The most grotesue and disturbing cyberpunk world you'll ever visit the artwork is so good and detailed it manages to tell the story on its own the only reason I don't give this book the perfect score is because some of these pages feel out of place and the story felt a bit incomplete otherwise this would have been a masterpiece

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