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Nuts [PDF / EPUB] Nuts In this thematically and narratively linked series of one page stories originally published in the National Lampoon’s “Funny Pages” section throughout the 1970s the master of the macabre eschewe In this thematically and narratively linked series of one page stories originally published in the National Lampoon’s “Funny Pages” section throughout the s the master of the macabre eschewed his usual ghouls vampiresand end of the world scenarios for a wry pointed look at growing up normal in the real yet endlessly weird worldWatch as our stoic hunting cap wearing protagonist known only as “The Kid” copes with illness disappointmentstrange old relatives the disappointment of Christmas life threatening escapades death school the awfulness of campand much — all delineated in Wilson’s roly poly sensual delicately hatched line“Nuts” was partly collected in a now long out of print volume back in This new hardcover edition reprints every single “Nuts” story from the Lampoon rescuing over two dozen pages from oblivion and reinstitutes the color in the “Christmas” and “Halloween” episodes and for that matter the D in the D episode “I wish to God I’d never seen all this space”If you don’t remember what it was like being a child this book will bring it all back for good or for ill.

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    While these strips are not particularly funny it's uite clear that Wilson has never forgotten his childhood It's all here the horrors of school first funerals summer camp nightmares special Christmas presents annoying relatives closet monsters and even the sticky floors in movie theaters How could I have forgotten that? I had a good chuckle remembering the time at one matinee when my friend Linda stepped right out of her shoes and we had to pry them off the floor Good times Good sticky times

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    Really brought back lots of memories about being a kid and trying to figure out how the world really worked Gahan Wilson is cutting and insightful in his observations

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    The all time greatest comic strip about what it is to be a child ever Insightful hilarious poignant and dripping truth from every panel Nuts is was and ever will be in my pantheon of most life altering reads It showed me that comics could be than just gag driven Beautifully drawn and essential to any library of cartoon books

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    Remember Nothing you did was right except that when it was right you were never sure why it was right This may be a comic strip layout and classic Gahan Wilson comic drawing but this is not a comic strip Originally published in the National Lampoon Nuts is a cross between a graphic novel and is so named on the cover and a shared biography of what many of us from the pre hi tech generation experienced as very young children Much of this collection is not funny or is not exactly funny It does not have to be Being a kid is mostly about the fact that you do not fit in You are aware that something is not right even if you are not always sure why or what you are supposed to do about it Recommendation A must for Gahan Wilson fans just be aware this is not his usual funny dances with monsters For the rest this is one of the most honest views of the kid's world you can get without taking a class on early childhood developmentThe title Nuts is inspired because it intentionally evoked the then reigning cartoon about children Charles Shultz’s Peanuts But the word is or was the word kids of that age were most likely to use to express the continuing frustration being that age The rest of the title panel is a short introduction to the particular frustration insight win or fail that will be the theme of each installmentGahan Wilson’s Nuts gets it that much of childhood is overcrowded ill fitting confusing and frustrating Victories tend to be small and personal Insights are as likely to come from failures as from introspection There may be monsters out to get you only they are likely to be adults then anything with too many legs A break through moment is when you can convince yourself that that noise in the ill lite basement can only be mice I mean those are just mice?? Right? harmless scratchy mice agreed? right ? Just mice

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    This is great stuff you might call it Wilson's take on Peanuts the life of the kid through Wilson's macabre lens It was originally published as a one page or half page actually strip with a handful of longer seuences over several years in National Lampoon and it's generally hilarious stuff It deals with what kids are really like what they think want hope and fear often with stress on the fear Some of the funniest strips indeed deal with childhood traumas of various kinds; one of my favourites shows us the kid visiting his sick uncle in the hospital and getting progessively horrified as his uncle hacks and coughs Not for all tastes the panels are cluttered and dense the content often mildly disturbing the humour cynical or wry or even vicious without much in the way of warmth or sentiment but it's brilliantly funny Highly recommended

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    I love this collection of comics Gahan Wilson is able to recall childhood moments beautifully without sentimentality Like the time you saved and saved and finally bought that submarine model insert anything else here you just had to have Then you got it home and tried to jam those itty little parts together and realized there was no way it was going to live up to your expectations That final panel with the kid sitting glumly with his crummy little model globbed together and that magnificent submarine moving away out of his imagination and his life So long Wolf U Boat

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    These cartoons originally appeared in National Lampoon A very perceptive take on what it is like to be a kid I read it every once in a while and it helps me remember what it was like to be a kid myself

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    being a kid from a kid's perspective is rarely captured by adults wilson gets it what is jagging off? will it really make you go blind? why are grownups so worried about stuff? fantastic

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    These aren’t the funny sort of cartoons but so the poignant and the grotesue – often both Sadly I don’t particularly enjoy that sort of cartooning nor was this uite the satire of Peanuts I was expecting I suppose this long running strip from National Lampoon’s “funny pages” is of an esoteric and philosophical satire and response than a parody

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    As grotesuely but realistically magnified by the mind of the child Wilson portrays the fear and obsessions of childhood along with a few serene moments of happiness An unnamed boy grapples with adjusting to the often incomprehensible world around him It’s filled with adult expectations school summer camp friends relatives comic books scary movies and places imaginary monsters and real deathI about laughed myself sick reading numerous strips My prime example is the strip on page 37 The reader is invited to “Remember how the people who ran you kept putting you in places you didn’t want to be such as Cub Scout meetings and birthday parties of people you hated and summer camps?”—I can’t speak to Cub Scout meetings or birthday parties but Wilson captures the essence of summer camp in six panels—A day at Camp Lone Tall Pine Tree the Klang Klang of the wake up bell and shout “Breakfast time No lazy boys 530 Everybody up And then breakfast itself “What is this horrible red stuff I’m drinking? I bet it costs about two cents a gallon” as the boy next to you chokes and spits his out Then the hike up Dead Pine Tor as the sweating boy thinks to himself “What the hell are we doing this for?” Now his fellow camper is pleading “Honest Mr Knudson—I twisted my ankle It really does hurt” He’s comforted by Mr Knudson’s motivational reply “Don’t be a Sissy there” The penultimate panel is swimming in the lake One boy examines a strange dark something dredged from the depth in the distance someone is calling for help because he can’t swim and the protagonist is hauling himself up onto the raft while choking on “that green slime” he swallowed The final panel is the campers copying the obligatory letter home telling the folks “I’m having a good time here at Camp Lone Tall Pine Tree Mr Knudson said I was doing well Love” My sides hurt after read this even after repeat readings but extracts from the word balloons only without Wilson’s distinctly creepy art fail to convey the full experience

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