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Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium [PDF / EPUB] Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium In the war torn future of the 41st Millennium Commissar Ciaphas Cain hero of the Imperium is respected by his peers and an inspiration to his men – at least that’s what the propaganda would have y In the Hero of PDF/EPUB Â war torn future of the st Millennium Commissar Ciaphas Cain Hero of the Imperium is respected by his peers and Ciaphas Cain PDF \ an inspiration to his men – at least that’s what the propaganda would have you believe The reality is very different for Ciaphas Cain Hero of eBook ¸ is simply looking for an easy life and a way to stay out of peril However fate has a habit of throwing him into the deadliest situations and luck mixed with self preservation always manages to pull him through and onto the loftiest of pedestals To survive Commissar Cain must dodge bluff and trick his way out of trouble even if it increases his status beyond his controlFeaturing futuristic military action thrills and humour Hero of the Imperium collects the novels For the Emperor Caves of Ice and The Traitor’s Hand plus three exclusive short stories.

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    This is a Warhammer 40K tie in novel presenting the life and works of Comissar Ciaphas Cain the most heroic man in the human Empire It contains 3 novels For The Emperor Caves of Ice and The Traitor's Hand and the short stories The Beguiling Fight or Flight and Echoes of the TombThe plot they follow is basically the same every time Caine and his regiment the 597th Valhallan are sent to some Emperorforsaken planet to fight against the scum of the universe and it generally develops into action loaded military campaigns and some politics and things tend to go extremely ploin shaped I don't know what a ploin is or what shape it is but ploins and suinches are the funniest sounding vegetables I've ever encountered in fiction But the main reason to read these books is not the terribly original plot but that they're really entertaining Caine and his extremely malodorous aide Jurgen are basically Blackadder and Baldrick transposed into the far future although Jurgen is actually very efficient in his work if not the brightest bulb in the chandelier The books are narrated by Caine as first person narrator and deliciously sarcasticIn addition to that there is an editor who is revealed as Amberley Vail an Inuisitor who shares Caine's sense for sarcasm as well asother things and who peppers the text with her footnotes At regular intervals she adds excerpts from other sources to complement Caine's rather self centered narration These are generally written in a prose so purple that it verges on ultra violet and Amberley repeatedly apologises for inflicting this on her readersCaine keeps insisting that his reputation as Hero of the Imperium is wholly undeserved and that what he really wants is peace and uiet and a nice glass of amasec Although he does things which appear nice on the outside like treating his soldiers with respect and sympathy and in turn earning their respect and almost friendship he insists that he does this for the sole reason that they'll like him enough to defend him in combat Also he goes on the first shuttle to embark because that way he'll get the nicest uartersSomehow this image gets him stuck into the worst crisis situations against the worst monsters and through some cosmic irony and Jurgen's melta he always manages to vanuish them which adds to his image and gets him sent off to the next tricky placeIt is uestionable though how much of this hard shell is genuine as often he goes uite a bit beyond what would count as sheer egoism and he has a really good working relationship with both the simple troopers and the officers of the regimentSo in general I really enjoyed this collection it was a nice entertaining and funny readOne little thing though it kinda presupposes that you have a bit of background knowledge about Warhammer 40K which I don't really haveI just painted a hippie jeans dealer Genestealer suad for somebody at BWRPS once So I sometimes couldn't really follow everything going on or imagine what stuff looks likebut it is definetely possible to enjoy these books without having any 40K experienceAll in all 810 although I don't think I'll get the other books from the series

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    If epic science fiction stories aren't your thing don't be thrown off by the total The tag line of the 40K Universe setting may be In the grim future of the 40th millennium there is only war but in the 41st millenium Commissar Ciaphas Cain is nothing so much as Flashman rebornThe collection consists of three novels and three short stories starring Cain and all take the form of the man's memoirs arranged and annotated by the mysterious yet charming Inuisitor he freuently worked beside In them the self proclaimed coward trips is thrust or is promoted into one dangerous situation after another only to survive through a combination of luck the loyalty of his taciturn aide a powerful ability to bullshit and some skill with the weapons of the dayOverall I'd rate the book rather highly finding it to be an easy and enjoyable read with multiple stopping points for those intimidated by its sheer size

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    A collection of the first three books in a series of novels depicting the adventures of the bold and swashbuckling political officer of humanities grimdark future At least that is what most of the public believes Ciaphas Cain is in fact a coward often than not out to save his own neck despite being freuently deployed to the frontlines of humanities eternal war His heroic reputation is born from a series of coincidences and careful manipulations that stem as a result from him trying to stay alive against all odds and yet somehow ending up saving the day time and again thus further cementing his undeserved reputation A fun yet grim depiction of a vast unforgiving sci fi universe that I can recommend to any fan of Warhammer Blackadder or high flying swashbuckler novels in science fiction

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    I've never read military sci fi before and those who are serious minded will claim I still haven't The Ciaphas Cain books take place in the Warhammer 40K universe which for anyone at all familiar with the gaming system will be aware of the fact that it is a very grim place to visit So it's doubly amazing that Sandy Mitchell's tales are such fun to readBefore we get much further allow me to tell you a bit about the book itself It's actually a compendium Within its 700 pages you will find three short stories and three novels It's arranged so you start with a short story and follow it up with a novel Repeat that pattern three times As an added bonus the short stories serve as an introductory to the big nasty Ciaphas faces in the novels They're roughly chronological and they're presented as excerpts from his autobiography with added notes by an inuisitor of his acuaintance For added depth a few sections from other historical works are sprinkled throughout to give a broader view of the ongoing conflict detailed in the storiesOne of the things I liked about the series was that little to no knowledge of Warhammer 40K is necessary A number of vehicles and weapons are discussed throughout the stories but they're presented in context so it's very easy to get a good idea of what a Chimera or a lasgun are like The nasty monsters are presented in vivid detail so regardless of whether the story focuses on Necrons Genestealers or Orks it's easy to visualize what it is Ciaphas and his soldiers are struggling againstIn addition to Ciaphas Cain a number of other interesting characters appear throughout each story One in particular Jurgen Cain's primary flunky is highly entertaining He doesn't actually have much in the way of personality however that is indeed part of his character The way the other characters react to him is what really brings him to life He's as stalwart a sidekick as any could ever ask for and as the story progress it becomes apparent that he is than just a collection of bad odors and skin diseasesCain himself is an interesting individual He claims throughout the stories to possess little to no courage or interest in keeping those around him alive unless in doing so his odds of survival will increase however many of his actions indicate he's complex than this His dealings with other soldiers show a shrewd person with innate leadership skills His manipulation of people which he claims is purely self serving is one of the entertaining aspects of the booksThe only problem I had with the collection was that Cain uses certain phrases fairly freuently This wouldn't be too apparent if one were to read a single novel and then read a second a few weeks or months later However with a compendium I found myself reading three shorts and three novels back to back In that situation the reuse of phrases got a bit annoying However not annoying enough to keep me from putting the second compendium on my wish list

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    Yet another foray into military science fiction this time from the slightly tongue in cheek side of the Black Library The eponymous Comissar yes think those cheery Stalinist types although our hero's own sense of self preservation steers him wrote resolutely away from any such excesses fumbles his way through three novels and an eual number of short backstory filing short stories Aided and abetted by his ever loyal rarely thinking and terminally malodorous aide Jurgen with occasional aid from the Imperial Inuisition it's a light hearted sci fi homage to George McDonald Fraser's Flashman series well written with enough of a sense of irony regarding its setting to be entertaining although I do have my doubts as to the ongoing longevity of the series

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    Pretty much “Flashman in Spaaace” I have no interest in WH40K generally but Cain is an inveterate liar a cheat utterly selfish and self serving and in a setting as sincerely fascist and edgelord as this it’s a lot of fun to read about someone like him conniving to surviveIt’s pulpy clever fun with good prose and recommend it as a pleasant diversion or peccadillo during the Inside Times

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    Had been curious about Ciaphas Cain now I will have to look into him

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    Amazing I love Ciaphas Cain I already have the next omnibus ready to go

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    Commissar Ciphas Cain is one of the most stoic characters in 40k The only other one i can think about is Kharn the Betrayer i mean this guy called the acolytes of khorne pansies keep in mind Khorne is one of the most bloodthirsty and mallice of the four chaos gods this guy who is an unagumented human can dual weild bolt pistols which are very big guns

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    So I'm a bit late on updating my book status let us say that I read a lot faster than I update so I'll be reviewing this book from memoryThe adventures of wily Commissar Cain his malodorous aide Jurgen and the Valhallan 597th have proved great favourites among Black Library fans This omnibus edition is an attractive introduction to a very popular seriesThis book have three novels1 # For The Emperor uote from LexicanumAssigned to the fractious Valhallan 296th301st regiment Commissar Ciaphas Cain has barely enough time to mold them into a semblance of a fighting unit before it is deployed to Gravalax which is threatening to secede to the Tau Empire Once on the ground the situation proves to be much complicated than it appears and Cain makes the surprise acuaintance of the Inuisitor sent to sort out the messHere we are introduced properly to Caiphas Cain The great hero of the Imperium And his company of brave heroes that try to kill each other half across the book of the Valhallan 597th the ice lovers Not only we get to know the story of a mix unit yes yes females and males working side by side to save the glorious Imperium of evil but also we get to know some of the characters that will escort us to the rest of the books why Amberly whyyyy??? And you get to see Tau and sub races Now how often you get that chance? The book have a nice pace to it the actions scenes are well accomplished I always get bored with bad elaborated actions scenes and now and then you get a pretty good laugh out of the book2 # Caves of IceWhere do Valhallans feel like home? In an icy planet of course Let me uote the Lexicanum againThe 597th is deployed to the Ice World of Simia Orichalcae to defend a vital promethium refinery from Ork marauders Like all good Valhallans the 597th are looking forward to confronting their ancestral enemies but Cain is looking for any excuse to avoid the front lines Deciding to lead an investigation into the disappearance of several miners in the underground ice caves he stumbles on something a thousand times worse than any number of OrksOrks are cool Tha red one runs fasta it is always a good laugh But then again what they stubble across another type of Xenos things get ugly And guess who stumbled on them? You got it Caiphas But by the time I was in this book I was already getting the negative points of Sandy Mitchell interfere with the fun of the situations please keep reading for the negativepositive aspects in a general idea Still the turn over of the story kept me reading3 # The Traitor's HandLexicanumAfter completing a relatively uneventful campaign on the world of Kastafore against the Orks astropathic reports of Chaos raiders calling themselves the Ravagers come in from the Imperial Navy saying that the raiders are heading for the Adumbria system Cain and the Valhallan 597th alongside several other regiments including the Tallarn 229th whose attached regimental commissar turns out to be an old acuaintance of Cain’s named Tomas Beije set out to defend the unremarkable backwater As they make planetfall and set up the defenses of the world against the incoming chaos raiders heretical Slaaneshi cultists reveal themselves and an insidious plot to bring forth an unspeakable evil slowly unfolds as Cain and the Imperial forces fight for their very soulsNow none omnibus of a Imperial hero is complete if there aren't demons It's like trying to eat a cake without sugar It may be very good but something went missing Specially if you get old school friends in the middle and get your way kicking their butts again In this novel we get to see that Ciaphas is not always very loved by everyone Which means he can't trick all the galaxy And yet although Ciaphas is an annoying bastard he is also a worthy fighter and Beije is a boot licking boring guy The fact that we have two commissars in the story makes one realize how different Ciaphas really is from other commissars except for Gaunt GO TANITH Once all the story underneath the writing kept me alive through the bookIn a overallOnce I've navigated in the seas of darkness Warhammer 40K novels are in the best of times a deep sense of dark grey and in the worse of times all full pitch black Caiphas Cain brings us another kind of Commissar I've read before Gaunt's Ghostsas you guessed if you reached here and I do have to say he is a coward I mean the ones that think that they are something and in truth they are the precise opposite The funny part is Caiphas himself tells you thatOver and over and over andThat is one of main negative aspect of these novels the repetition of Caiphas flaws and Veil over repetition of how bad that girl writes statements across the entire books jealousy is an ugly thing That and the first person view with so many details Come on No one have memories with 150 years old that clearly So if you ignore the narrative memorie mistake and the over repetition of how coward I am and how I don't give a damn about others you have a nice perspective from another type of Imperial Guard CommissarOn the bright side Ciaphas Cain novels take you around with a lot of Xenos and rebellions For my first true deep contact with Necrons it was lovely Besides Cain does have a tendency to be exactly where he wasn't supposed to So the book have a lot of variety of situations which makes it interesting Another great thing about this omnibus is the original short stories that come before the book In a way they spoil a bit of what is going to happen In another way the very positive way they give you insight of what was I loved their presence hereI am not so eager to read about Cain just because Sandy Mitchell does that error over repetition As I can understand that from book to book alas this is supposed to be separated books no one told me to read them all in one go in the same book it becomes boringMaybe in the future I will miss the dissaventures of Caiphas and go back Still if that detail of narrative doesn't bother you at all read up It is a very nice serie of novels And you get to laugh now and then

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