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    An honest tale of the destructive effect of alcohol Olivier Ameisen is a remarkable individual He is a gifted musician and a successful cardiologist He has one almost fatal flaw He was born with a genetic predisposition to constant anxiety and alcohol dependency Using alcohol to curb his anxiety he uickly spirals into alcohol dependency and suffers all the conseuences of an addict Financial ruin health problems including withdrawal seizures and almost loses his license to practice as a doctorBut Olivier dosen't give up Despite living with continuous alcohol cravings beyond his control he spends his lucid moments trying to find something to help him emerge from this alcoholic hellHe discovers Baclofen a drug used to help muscle relaxation in neuromuscular disorders In the absences of a physician willing to prescribe this drug for him he performs his own experiment on himselfThe result is nothing short of miraculousThis book has had a profound effect on how I think about addictions particularly alcohol addictionIt's author is a brave and courageous man to write his story honestly warts and all It is very readable not at all over burdened with scientific detail It contains no pathos no regrets no self flagellation The story is presented in a matter of fact way The author exhibits 100% acceptance of his condition This in turn is helpful for the reader to think of addictions in terms of biological diseases and accept that the person suffering from such a condition deserves not less than 100% acceptance from their carers

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    I was skeptical when I first heard of this book If this man had actually found a cure for his alcoholism why wasn't it all over the news?Answer Because Big Pharma doesn't want to fund studies showing how baclofen a generic drug normally prescribed for multiple sclerosis is effective in reducing anxiety cravings and the obsession for alcohol and other drugsThis was a well organized book complete with relevant articles abstracts and a nice bibliography This subject interested me so much even though I am not an addict and actually do not know any addicts that I went to PubMed and looked up some current articles concerning baclofen and addiction I was pleased to see that progress is being made albeit slowlyThis book was written for the layperson so don't be scared that it's full of medical jargon If you have any connection to addicts or are just interested in biology chemistry psychology addiction or how our society treats addicts you must read this bookIt truly lives up to the amazing rating I give it

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    I approached this book with some skepticism By the end I felt guilty to have been stuck making the same mistake as the highly credentialed doctors who refused to consider the merits of Ameisen's research because they'd grown so fixated on traditional treatments 12 Step programs are a god send for many but considering their alarming relapse rates doctors and readers remain open minded to new alternatives Like the author rightly points out we've come to believe that addiction is a disease but have been treating it the same way for nearly 70 years For what other illness would that be acceptable? Where else would we tolerate prevailing sentiment that blames the victims?The premise of the book is that after years of struggling with an addiction that lead to the voluntary closure of his medical practice Dr Ameisen begins to look for off label solutions to his sickness Believing that AA and rehab were not complete cures attending 2 meetings a day for 7 years to only temporary success he hears of a obscure drug called baclofen that has made some progress curing alcoholism in rats He begins to self prescribe the drug at very high doses following the scientific method and recording the results when he can High does of baclofen led to an almost immediate end of all craving and achieved 9 months of sobriety An open minded editor of a medical journal agreed to publish his findings and this potential cure has been slowly making it's way through the medical community Unfortunately doctors are prey to the same entrenched dilemmas that all businesses are and they have been reluctant to experiment further with his ideas despite the promising signs Ameisen thankfully has remained sober sinceWhat is perhaps most striking besides the scientific implications is that in addition to being a renowned pianist and doctor Ameisen is a strikingly talented writer He makes complicated medical topics easily digestible and he speaks of his addiction openly rather than shamefully A common assumption might be that a work of this nature would be full of rationalizations or cognitive dissonance That is not the case it is clear and forthcoming Nor is it dull or too anecdotalThough this book was not the subject of much fanfare at release it's significance will certainly grow in time If ongoing studies corroborate Ameisen's results this will stand as a ground breaking work and a turning point in the treatment of addiction

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    3 stars for the presentation 5 stars for the idea and the guts to tell the story

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    Read this for class for a report about interventions for alcohol dependence This book was helpful in understanding stigma against those with diseases of addiction Even when interacting with medical professionals patients can expect to be judged and blamed for their disease and treated differently than patients with other diseases Suggesting that chemical dependency patients have a spiritual or moral deficit that once overcome will cure their addiction is not only naive but also counterproductive in battling addiction The book helps show the true power of craving to break willpower and spiritual and moral conviction Physiological craving is the symptom of a disease; evidence based treatments must be demanded Whether baclofen is the answer I don't know It is still not in wide use for the treatment of chemical dependency The book near the end started to sound like a commercial for baclofen I hope that the research on it that has finally been funded provides some conclusive results If it does prove to be an effective treatment for many the author has done a great service in sharing his story and advocating for research Even if it doesn't the book is still very eye opening for those who wish to understand treatment for addiction from a patient's perspective

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    Essential and compelling reading for anyone addicted to anything they don't want to be addicted to be it cigarettes alcohol overeating etc The author's solution for people struggling to eliminate a craving that is wreaking havoc with their lives and relationships is high dose baclofen a safe relatively inexpensive older medication that is ignored by the big pharmaceutical companies because they can't make a lot of money off of it The scientific papers lending support to his thesis are all reprinted in the appendix So this is a very useful book as the use of high dose baclofen is currently off label for addictions and one would have to convince one's doctor if one would want to have a prescription for it this book would help with that

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    Got this for a buck plus tax at my local Dollar Store and gave it to a certain someone That someone my source read it and said it was one of the best nonfiction books he's ever read for many reasons including the writing the intelligence the understanding and insights into addiction and drinking the medical community and the US drug industry etc Say no say no FYI In case you're interested I may read this too and add to this review later I'm making this my one and only review by proxy Not everyone is on GR hard to believe I know

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    If there was a zero star rating I would have used it

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    I was fascinated by the neurochemistryother life sciences in the book intermingled with the storyline of what happened

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    Great novel on Ameisen's struggle with alcoholism and how he became his own case study in finding a new way to treatment Alcohol Use Disorder Love the multiple case studies presented and the detail of baclofen regimen used

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The End of My Addiction [PDF / EPUB] The End of My Addiction After years of battling uncontrollable addiction I have achieved the supposedly impossible complete freedom from craving Dr Olivier Ameisen was a brilliant cardiologist on the staff at one of America After years of My PDF/EPUB Á of battling uncontrollable addiction I have achieved the supposedly impossible complete freedom from craving Dr Olivier Ameisen was a brilliant cardiologist on the staff at one of America’s top teaching hospitals The End Epub / and running his own successful practice when he developed a profound addiction to alcohol He broke bones with no memory of falling; he nearly lost his kidneys; he almost died from massive seizures End of My PDF/EPUB À during acute withdrawal He gave up his flourishing practice and fearing for his life immersed himself in Alcoholics Anonymous rehab therapy and a variety of medications Nothing worked So he did the only thing he could he took his treatment into his own hands Searching for a cure for his deadly disease he happened upon baclofen a muscle relaxant that had been used safely for years as a treatment for various types of muscle spasticity but had recently shown promising results in studies with laboratory animals addicted to a wide variety of substances Dr Ameisen prescribed himself the drug and experimented with increasingly higher dosages until he finally reached a level high enough to leave him free of any craving for alcohol That was than five years ago  Alcoholism claims three hundred lives per day in the United States alone; one in four US deaths is attributable to alcohol tobacco or illegal drugs Baclofen as prescribed under a doctor’s care could possibly free many addicts from tragic and debilitating illness But as long as the medical and research establishments continue to ignore a cure for one of the most deadly diseases in the world we won’t be able to understand baclofen’s full addiction treatment potential The End of My Addiction is both a memoir of Dr Ameisen’s own struggle and a groundbreaking call to action—an urgent plea for research that can rescue millions from the scourge of addiction and spare their loved ones the collateral damage of the disease.

  • Hardcover
  • 332 pages
  • The End of My Addiction
  • Olivier Ameisen
  • English
  • 26 May 2014
  • 9780374140977

About the Author: Olivier Ameisen

French American of My PDF/EPUB Á cardiologistOlivier Ameisen MD has proposed and tested an entirely new model for the treatment of addiction — not reduction of craving but complete rapid effortless suppression of craving and other The End Epub / symptoms and conseuences of addiction using high dose baclofen therapyBorn and raised in Paris in Olivier moved to New York to join the prestigious cardiology team at New Y.