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Memories Before and After The Sound of Music [PDF / EPUB] Memories Before and After The Sound of Music In this compelling autobiography Agathe von Trapp shares the true story behind the film legend The Sound of Music As the oldest van Trapp daughter Agathe's impeccable recall of her child hood brings f In this and After PDF ✓ compelling autobiography Agathe von Trapp shares the true story behind the film legend The Sound of Music As the oldest van Trapp daughter Agathe's impeccable recall of her child hood brings fresh life to the events that forged enduring bonds within her devoted family Her memories of her idyllic Austrian home transport readers back to the time before the von Trapps came to America and reveal a close knit group of siblings who adored their gentle Memories Before ePUB Ñ father and mourned the tragic loss of their mother Agathe tells about the arrival of her second Before and After The Sound PDF \ mother Maria into the family and gives updates on all of her brothers and sisters Agathe's own sketches and special photos illustrate this charming account Whether or not you are familiar with The Sound of Music this amazing memoir is sure to capture your imagination and inspire you to read Agathe's enchanting story again.

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  • Memories Before and After The Sound of Music
  • Agathe von Trapp
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  • 05 January 2015
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    25 starsComing up against the end of the year with only 2 letters left for my A to Z Author Challenge I decided to read this memoir by Agathe Von Trapp to fulfill the “V” entry on the list As a long time fan of the The Sound of Music I had initially approached this book with some amount of excitement – after all the title of the book draws a distinct connection to one of my favorite movies of all time Now that I finished reading the book I must say that I am uite disappointed as this book turned out to be nothing like what I expected and not in a good way First the writing was very drab and overly simplistic to the point of being boring Of course I did cut some slack due to the fact that this was a memoir written by someone who didn’t write for a living but still I felt that this was where a good editor could’ve come in and cleaned things up a bit so that the book would’ve been readable To be honest I’m not too sure if this would appropriately fall into the memoir category because there is actually very little about Agathe herself or about her siblings Instead the book felt like a rambling account of the history of the Von Trapp family from the grandparents to the parents and then eventually to the children There was a lot of time spent on describing things that the family didsawheard including elaborate descriptions of the various places where the family lived as the children were growing up as well as when they were on tour plus a lot of stories about things that occurred before Agathe herself even existed For example there were entire chapters dedicated to her father Captain Von Trapp her beloved birth mother also named Agathe her maternal grandmother Gromi the family had lived in her home for a few years early on ordinary events such as birthday and holiday celebrations her father’s sailing experiences while serving in the navy the various nannies and governesses they had and what had been taught to them etc etc It felt like a lot of mundane detail regurgitated in a simplistic monotone kind of way – I will admit that I found myself nodding off a few times while reading so about a third of the way through the book I started skimming rather than actually reading word for word as I had been doing previously The writing aside I think my biggest problem with this book was the fact that it seemed to be written for the sole purpose of “setting the record straight” – basically to relay the message that the creatorsproducers behind the stage and movie versions of The Sound of Music got it “all wrong” in terms of their portrayal of the Von Trapp family Throughout the book it felt like every couple pages to be honest we as the readers were constantly reminded that this detail was wrong or that detail didn’t match or they didn’t actually do this thing or that thing – basically it seemed that the author’s point was to reiterate that like 99% of what was in the moviemusical was false As if that weren’t enough there was also an entire chapter dedicated essentially to “criticizing” the moviemusical where the author makes her resentment toward the inaccurate portrayal of the family and the fact that her family never benefited financially from the musical or the movie due to a contract that had been signed when the rights were sold that prevented them from receiving royalties initially uite known I’m not against the author venting her grievances about the family being taken advantage of in terms of the unfair contract piece but I felt like the book went a bit overboard in its negative tone toward the musicalmovie To be honest as a fan of The Sound of Music I felt a bit insulted after reading this book – no not by the author’s negativity bitterness toward a movie I adored as everyone is subject to their opinions plus the author certainly has the right to feel anger and resentment about not being portrayed accurately – where I feel insulted is that the author went to such pains to point out how “different” the portrayal was from real life I’m sorry but I think most movie going audiences nowadays are smart enough to know that producers almost always take certain amounts of creative liberty when adapting a real life story to the big screen – it’s pretty much a given with all movies that any portrayals whether of real life events people or stories from books won’t be 100% accurate Also there’s no doubt that those of us who are already fans of the moviemusical have that extra layer of familiarity where we already knew the portrayal in there was only “loosely based” or “inspired by” if that fits better the story of the Von Trapp family so in a sense we weren’t really expecting to see a “100% accurate portrayal” In trying too hard to state the obvious this book ended up turning me off uite a bit to it Also in reading this book there were 2 things that surprised me mostly because I didn’t expect them The first was the heavy religious undertone in the book which I guess shouldn’t really be surprising given the background of the family and the time period but I was honestly a bit put off by the constant references to “being guided by God’s hand” or “God was watching over the family” or everything that happened being attributed to “God’s intervention and will” Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I’m not religious or anything like that it’s just that 1 I don’t like being preached at especially in books and 2 I prefer to know ahead of time if the book is going to be heavily slanted towards a particular religious perspective so I can decide whether I want to read or not The other thing that surprised me was what came across as the author’s ambivalent attitude toward her stepmother Maria When talking about her birth mother in the first half of the book the author seemed a lot enthusiastic and I could sense the fondness and admiration she had for her mother but after her mother died and Maria joined the family the author’s tone came across detached and “matter of fact” almost as though she was talking about an outsider rather than a member of her family I haven’t read Maria Von Trapp’s biographies but I do know a bit of background about Maria from other things I’ve read so I do know she was difficult person with a larger than life personality that set her apart drastically from the author’s mother I’m not necessarily trying to judge their relationship but I just thought it was interesting that the author painted such a peachy sweet saccharine portrait of the entire family honestly it seemed that everyone in the family was flawless and perfect even the extended family consisting of all the aunts and uncles but when it came to Maria the tone was obviously different not necessarily negative per se but detached and less emotiveWhile I was obviously disappointed with this book it wasn’t an entirely bad experience as some parts truly were interesting – such as the last chapter for example where the author gave a brief update on each of her siblings and what happened to them after the Trapp Family Singers disbanded Also a few tidbits here and there that were interesting “fun facts” about the family though I honestly didn’t feel that the information warranted an entire book to be written

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    People who say that The Sound of Music was treacly would risk diabetic coma by reading this book Agathe von Trapp is very anxious to let us all know that The Sound of Music wasn't the real story of the family and to set the record straight Unfortunately by doing so she makes the true story so staid and sweet that you can understand why as her stepmother Maria said in her own book You must allow Hollywood a little HollywoodingMaria's own The Story of the Trapp Family Singers certainly bends the truth here and there She was a difficult woman with a troubled past and in other places there has been discussion of how the same force that kept the family together caused the children much grief as they struggled to break away as adults But even in that book her forceful personality and the Captain's being less than a martinet are both apparent And later in her biography Maria she did elaborate on all of that But here Agathe whitewashes over everything in pretty pretty colors Her father was saintly beyond belief and her mother was perfect Maria was different than their mother but the kids settled in and there was never a major problem save that she wanted them to do fun things when they had homework to do They were fine fine fine with not receiving salaries and independence happy in what Maria called a sort of Christian communism Yeah rightEven disappointing is that we learn little about the other Trapp children as individuals nothing to color their personalities There are lavish details of the family background of the details of their daily lives of privilege but nothing to make them become as real as their stand ins do during The Sound of Music Maria's books bring the family to life and have a warmth missing hereThe only interesting things here are the new to me information that the family were technically Italian citizens at the time they fled Europe and the fleeing was uite leisurely some of the family came back to Austria then left again and the updates on what the family did after their touring days endedIf you want a clearer picture of the family I'd go for Maria von Trapp's books She had her faults and she certainly was a force to be reckoned with but she brings the family alive with her writing Agathe may remember it all but there's no life in the retelling A disappointing book

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    I have always been a fan of The Sound of Musicthe stage musical the Julie Andrews film the soundtrack I even watched the Carrie Underwood production on TV certain that it would be embarrassingly bad it was good Yes I know that all productions were 'inspired' by the story of the Trapp Family SingersFor those few of you who are perhaps unaware that productions tend to take license to greatly embellish the truth of the stories they are portraying allow me to to recommend this memoir by Agathe con Trapp She will definitely set you straight Especially if you are fond of sitting in the overstuffed living room of an 80 something spinster who tells simple snippets of her family's history as they occur to her Papá always tried to find something special that would interest us One day he brought home a dog It was not just any dog but a big black Newfoundland of gentle temperament strong enough to pull a little cart In Austria the little cart was called Leiterwagen ladder wagon because all four sides were made of sections like little ladders Papá showed us how to hitch the dog to our Leiterwagen so that one of us could sit in it usually Martina being the baby and the lightest one Our dog was named Gombo  A neighbor came to Papá one day and told him that our big black dog had been seen chasing deer in the woods I don’t think Papá believed him But there were reports and one of them was that Gombo had killed a deer in the woods The people who lived in the vicinity insisted that the dog had to be destroyed because he was dangerous That was the end of Gombo Should you find the style of this book not to your liking I recommend that you view The Biography Channel's production which is available in 3 15 minute segments on YouTube I enjoyed that so much than this simple little book of reminiscences

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    All the other books about the von Trapp family that I've read were written by Maria the mother not the daughter and it was very interesting to read about the family from Agatha's point of view You get to learn about the life of the family before the now famous wayward novice appeared on the scene I really liked learning about life for the young Agatha is Austria during and after World War I I recommend it to fellow fans of the von Trapps Several reviews that I read disliked this book because of Agatha's obvious partiality to her real mother and felt that she portrayed her own mother as flawless standard to compare her faulty stepmother to but I feel this is an unfair criticism First of all Agatha was uite young when her real mother died and at the time that she was growing up children would not have been privy to the flaws of their parents the way modern children are In fact she doesn't seem to know much about the first Mrs von Trapp other than that she was a gentle kind mother She was a teenager when Maria came so it is natural that she should have criticisms And really what child isn't going to prefer their own parent?

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    I usually don't read reviews before or while I'm reading a book but I wanted find out of what this book was about because I was really looking forward to reading it I own and have read many books on the von Trapps' lives and the musical Sound of Music and I am always interested in reading This particular book being written by one of the daughters was very interesting to me Some complaints about the book were that the author didn't write well I feel you can overlook much in the interest of learning about history and in this case it is invaluable because she tells of her ancestry and also about how life was prior to WWII Another complaint was that she was partial to her mother and didn't seem to care for her stepmother; I feel that is only natural given her age when her mother passed Her mother was also a very beautiful kind loving mother While this is not the best written book I found it fascinating and I learned a wealth of information about the lives of the true and amazing family

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    35 an interesting story but don’t read if you don’t want to know the truth behind the movie

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    How I Came To Read This Book My parents got it for me in the states I believe there was some article in the paper because she had just passed away so they read it and knowing I'm a huge fan of The Sound Of Music got it for me The Plot This is the autobiography of the eldest Von Trapp daughter although not the eldest child a departure from the play film Agathe who would in theory be 'Liesl' in the fictionalized version of the Von Trapp family's lives It details Agathe's family history her childhood experiences during the two world wars singing career and reaction to the adaptation of her lifeThe Good The Bad Let me say the title of this book is uite misleading In fact it's hypocritical The 'After' memories of The Sound of Music take up a paltry two or three chapters In fact the title of one chapter is 'Oh The Sound Of Music' where she basically rips apart the film play and how inaccurate it was at depicting their life There's definitely resentment in two particular areas there her father was posited as cold and distant and that Maria was the person that brought music and joy into their lives If anything I felt Agathe was uite ambivalent to Maria in the book She does resolve that over time she came to understand the strong emotional connection people have with the fiction version of her life and she wouldn't want to take that away from anyone she just finds it hard to feel as 'good' about it as others do Part of it is obviously sour grapes she notes that her mom sold their 'story rights' for a paltry 10000 when the family was most in need of it and thus they never profited from the huge royalties that go with the movie and play today But what BUGS me is that she wrote this book tied it to the fictional story and then completely dismissed it and was uite negative toward it throughout the whole book It'd be one thing if the title was about A Life Apart From The Sound Of Music but instead no they've deliberately packaged it as if the film play had a huge impact on her life and it didn't in fact she reviled and avoided the association Okay rage done The other beef I had here was that aside from biting the hand she was being fed from this book is stylistically just not all that interesting In failing to recognize the reader's expectation that the book should build to parallel and build ON the little we know of the Von Trapp's it instead is written in very simple prose in a very rambling sort of way very much an old woman's memoirs about what it is she can grasp not what it is that would matter to the reader There were still some interesting bits particularly in the description of being in Austria in WW2 but there was no real style or commitment to telling a meaningful story and again in not acknowledging that the only reason why people have picked up this book is one you aren't proud of SO I found myself skimming a lot The whole thing just felt like a lot of surface whitewashing there wasn't much of a connection to Agathe let alone her siblings I wanted to like this book and the insight between the discrepancies was interesting but the combination of the simplistic style and false packaging just made this a ho hum reading experience I should also point out that there was a lot of religious talk in here I didn't expect it's not out of place coming from someone that grew up in that time period or is writing a book at her age but it was still jarring to read paragraphs about God was obviously looking out for us and God knew best over and over again The Bottom Line More flat than sharp Anything Memorable? I did enjoy her passing mention that she worked with Charmian Carr Liesl because I read her book a year or two ago where she talked about what it was like to meet Agathe It would have been horribly sad if she didn't acknowledge that at least 60 Book Challenge? Book #6 in 2012

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    I've read Maria Trapp's autobiography and adore it so I already knew that the film was pretty much entirely a fabrication and Maria was not exactly a nice person I still liked her flaws and all but she is definitely not even remotely like the film's Maria So when this randomly popped up in an unrelated search for a patron I put a hold on itAgathe isn't the smoothest writer it felt very oral narrative Her drawings were seriously charming though It was interesting to read her perspective after 20 years of rereading her stepmother's I liked seeing what her mother was like and the Captain pre Maria or as she's known here Gustl and I also enjoyed seeing pre war Austria especially among the rather grounded aristocracy For so many details however there wasn't much depth It's a super fast read and some of my favorite Maria stories were ignored or recounted differently like when they got engaged that was funny in Maria's book Agathe definitely wanted people to know two things 1 her father was nothing at all like the Captain of the movie he was warm and loving and musical and 2 her father and first mother introduced them all to music uite early Maria had nothing to do with that except pushing them to band together for much needed money These two things come up a lot All in all short and okay read She seems to have resolved a lot of her negative feelings towards Maria and the movie which you know good for her

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    The eldest Von Trapp daughter recounts the true story behind the classic film in a tender charming and vividly remembered memoir Though we don't get to know any of the family members in great depth including Agathe herself readers do find a family portrait of life in a very different era and a story that is decidedly uniue and full of sometimes harrowing adventure We even find a touch of modern diversity revealed at the end in the description of Agathe's life with her friend and companion of many decades Mary Lou Kane A must read for fans of The Sound of Music

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    The truthiness of The Sound of Music never really occurred to me in any direct way; even when I was told it was based on a true story I took that with a large grain of salt So when I came across Memories Before and After the Sound of Music in my library's collection I was intrigued I wanted to make myself familiar with the truth behind the story It was a movie I enjoyed and I'm always interested in seeing how storytellers straddle the line between art and fact What had been stretched twisted omitted? How did the writers repack the story of the family von Trapp into a consumable movieplay? There are things I'm glad I know the fact that Maria von Trapp was paid a pitanance for the rights to the family's story for example but there were many captured in this book that really did nothing for me Or worse than nothing they exposed the von Trapp's casual privilege and off putting to me inability to exist outside of their own family I can try to understand the frustration of a being forever linked to a multi million dollar movie that did not truly benefit your family in any way and b dealing with the artistic license that twisted your reality into a national byline but ultimately I was unmoved I'll keep The Sound of Music in all its fictional ridiculous glory

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