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Blood Follows [PDF / EPUB] Blood Follows All is not well in Lamentable Moll A sinister diabolical killer stalks the port city's narrow barrow humped streets and panic grips the citizens like a fever Emancipor Reese is no exception and indeed All is not well in Lamentable Moll A sinister diabolical killer stalks the port city's narrow barrow humped streets and panic grips the citizens like a fever Emancipor Reese is no exception and indeed with his legendary ill luck it's worse for him than for most Not only was his previous employer the unknown killer's latest victim but Emancipor is out of work And with his dearest wife terminally comfortable with the manner of life to which she asserts she has become accustomed or at least to which she aspires for her and their two whelps all other terrors grow limp and pale for poor Emancipor But perhaps his luck has finally changed for two strangers have come to Lamentable Moll and they have nailed to the centre post in Fishmonger's Round a note reuesting the services of a manservant This is surely a remarkable opportunity for the hapless Emancipor Reese no matter that the note reeks with death warded magic; no matter that the barrow ghosts themselves howl with fear every night; and certainly no matter that Lamentable Moll itself is about to erupt in a frenzy of terror inspired anarchySkyhorse Publishing under our Night Shade and Talos imprints is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction space opera time travel hard SF alien invasion near future dystopia fantasy grimdark sword and sorcery contemporary urban fantasy steampunk alternative history and horror zombies vampires and the occult and supernatural and much While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller a national bestseller or a Hugo or Nebula award winner we are committed to publishing uality books from a diverse group of authors.

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    A decent short story set in the world of Malazan following two necromancers and their time in the city of Moll A mix of fantasy mystery and horror that I read within a day It was complex enough with decentish characters my favourite was the manservant Reece I didn't really care that much for the ending in all honesty but I'll probably carry on with The Lees of Laughter's End as I did enjoy the 2 main characters exploits in Memories of Ice

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    A cool investigation story with intriguing and mysterious characters and macabre elements in the spirit of the Penny Dreadful tv show

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    Finally got this in preparation to read Malazan series in ultimate reading order I planed for early 2018

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    This novella was like a regular Malazan story in miniature It followed the familiar structure of introducing a number of characters each with their own motivations and interests and then weaving all their stories into an exciting converging climax As this was a Malazan novella readers of the main series benefit from already recognizing the setting the magic the pantheon of Gods and the non human races Blood Follows told the tale of how Emancipor Reese can to be in the employ of the nefarious necromancers Bauchelain and Korbal Broach With a serial killer on the loose the citizens of the city of Lamentable Moll are edging towards panic For the unfortunate Emancipor Reese the murder of his employer leaves him without a job A situation his demanding and socially ambitions wife will simply not tolerate When Reese spots a job going as a manservant for two mysterious foreigners he seizes on it and counts the will need to travel as a welcome bonus Despite its small size Erikson still manages to introduce a host of new characters The story itself was interesting and just beginning to get really engaging as the tale came to an end Like the regular Malazan books this had plenty of dark humor and witty dialogue All in all a decent read that was not uite as good as the regular Malazan series Likely a symptom of the limited size of the novellaRating 35 stars

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    Blood Follows by Steven Erikson is set in the same world as the Malazan Book of the Fallen but is not part of that seriesThe characters are Korbal Broach wh is is a eunuch a killer and a necromancer He has the habit of using the dead to do his biddingBauchelain is also wizard and a practicing necromancer who is friends with KorbalIn this story bells are ringing in Lamentable Moll to signal the death of a very important person Several killings have occurred for the past several days and the victims are eviscerated with organs gone missingIf one enjoys Mr Erickson's work this will be right up your bailiwick as the characters are enjoyable and the plot interestingThis hardcover copy is number 28 of 300 signed and numbered copies signed by Steven Erikson and by Stephen R Donaldson who wrote the introduction

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    Right so i decided to be ambitious and try to do the ultimate malazan reading order ish might not follow through all the way but what the heckso this was a very intriguing novella and really uite good Bauchelain and Korbal Broach are definitely characters i can't wait to meet in the malazan series proper

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    This was a nice little Malazan snack as opposed to the usual Westeros sized dinner we usually get from Erikson It’s only about a hundred pages and is a little different for Erikson in that it’s kind of a murder mystery and even dare I say a kind of Malazan police procedural as well as being a kind of origin story for how Emancipor Reese started working for mega creeps Bauchelain Korbal Broach The basic plot is that a nightly series of gruesome murders are being committed in the awesomely named as usual city of Lamentable Moll Anyone who’s had the pleasure of reading Memories of Ice will have no trouble whatsoever figuring out who’s committing these crimes and why but that doesn’t really hurt the fun of the novella The real fun and tension is in seeing whether or not our intrepid detective protagonist Sergeant Guld will uncover the killer without getting turned into some fucked up fantasy Unit 731 experiment A little bit of trademark Erikson humor helps things along nicely

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    More Reviews The BiblioSanctumComing on the heels of my first foray into the Malazan empire Gardens of the Moon is Blood Follows a short novella revolving around events outside the main story Blood Follows takes place in the town of Lamentable Moll in a region called Theft Emancipor Reese has lost yet another job as yet another of his employers dies an ill fated death Mancy’s as he’s called by his friends and wife latest employer becomes the 11th victim to a serial killer stalking the streets of Moll Having no recourse but to find another job as uickly as possibly–lest he face the wrath of his wife–Mancy answers a warded notice for a manservant to two eccentric necromancers the scholarly Bauchelain and the large uiet eunuch Korbal BroachI read this as a gateway story while I gear up to read Deadhouse Gates which is the second book in this Malazan series Bauchelain Korbal Broach and Mancy are only background characters in the main novels as I understand so reading about their misadventures before the rest of the novels doesn’t really break anything in the story This novella proves to be much like Erikson’s main offering but on a smaller scale Despite the short length the book introduces uite a few cast of characters However given the short nature of this story they’re not explored with the same depth In fact you pretty much have to make up your own mental image of most of the characters in this novel aside from the three men mentioned There are some characters who beg for a deeper exploration while some just fall totally flat That may or may not be a problem depending on your approach to short storiesThe plot while basic is entertaining enough The description for this book makes it sound much dramatic than it actually is such as saying there was chaos among the people when that’s hardly noted at all in the story There were ghastly things going on in the story but nothing ever really felt urgent I didn’t feel the sense of tension in this story that it was trying to convey In fact the murders almost feel secondary to what’s going with the characters in the story and one of the big reveals in this story just seemed pushed out there without even a real hint that this is what was going on Mainly the interest in the story comes from readers meeting the necromancers and their new manservant and the witticism found throughout this story The joking nature gives this a sort of dark humor feel which is wildly different from the mostly serious endeavor that is Gardens of the Moon and for that I found this story enjoyable

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    Actual Rating 35

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    I wish I followed the ultimate reading order and read this before MOI Bauchelain Korbal Broach and Emancipator were all characters who seemed to just be there I didn't love them; I didn't hate them After reading Blood Follows I think I would have enjoyed their adventures in MOI so now I hope to see of this group in the main series

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