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Driver #8 [PDF / EPUB] Driver #8 Powered by a high octane mix of bravado and humility, Dale Jr shares the victory and joy, tragedy and heartbreak in his first Winston Cup season Here are the crowds, the endless travel, and the behind Powered by a high octane mix of bravado and humility, Dale Jr shares the victory and joy, tragedy and heartbreak in his first Winston Cup season Here are the crowds, the endless travel, and the behind the scenes action while Dale Jr tries to carve out his own identity and win the respect of his peers He shows you how races are won or lost, the bonds between a driver and his team and the weight of racing against a man who is not only your father but also your boss, your toughest competitor, and a NASCAR legend From the crush of the media to split second, life and death decisions behind the wheel, Driver is one helluva ride.

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    Of course I liked it It s about Dale Jr BY Dale Jr It coveres only his first year in Winston Cup racing and only briefly mentions the death of his father in the Daytona 500 the next year He s not an author but I thought the book was interesting and a fun read It s kinda fun to see behind the scenes.

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    The book was good for what it is I was reading it as research for a novel I m writing to get an inside view on racing The racing portions were interesting, as were Earnhardt s reflections on the races The main problem with the novel was that Earnhardt is not a writer His writing style is choppy and stream of consciousness style It s not interesting and doesn t keep the reader engaged His immaturity shines through during his descriptions of his social interactions I ended up scanning most of these to get back to the racing portions.I ll put a language warning on this book as well.

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    First, let me say, it has been years since I ve read this book, so I have forgotten some of the details From what I remember, this book was awesome I am a big fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr I always have been Reading the book, and seeing things from his point of view was awesome It was nice to get an inside look at the world of Nascar, and Dale Jr s life I highly recommend.

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    I wanted to read Dale Jr s first book before I read his latest when it is released this month It is crazy to think about how much has changed in the sport and in his life in just 17 years It was an enlightening read and an inside look into his rookie season.

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    First off before anyone decides not to read this because the cover has a NASCAR driver on it, needs to forget about that and read it I believe you can take something away from this after you read it that will make a small impact on your life It teaches about not only Dale Earnhardt.JR s up s and down s throughout his career but also the everyday struggles through life Many people can relate to this book after Dale speaks about losing his dad in 2001 at Daytona Speedway in a wreck It is an amazing book that will bring you to tears when you look at the struggles many of us have to face in our life I would recommend this book to everyone that likes a good biography every now and then Last year they did film a movie about dale and his father Dale Earnhardt.SR played by Barry Pepper and Junior portrayed by Chad McCumbee My favorite line within the book is said by Dale Sr You ask me about tragic accidents If I am on my tractor at my farm and it rolls over on me and kills me, that s a tragic accident If I die in a race car, that s life I died doing what I love Not long after they filmed that they produced another movie called Dale about the life of Dale Earnhardt Sr If they were to make another movie I would choose Barry Pepper and Chad McCumbee to play the starring roles My favorite character in this book was Dale jr, because I can relate to his struggles he has gone through For example, his parents divorced when he was a young kid This was a very captivating book with all the different struggles he faced throughout his career The most captivating part of the book was either when Jr won the Daytona 500 or when he was going through the different team changes after his stepmom ran him out of the company that his father built up for him up until the day he died This was not really a book where you were able to predict the ending but in the end it didn t really need it.

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    I bought this at a library books sale and figured it s only a dime I ll try it and I m glad I did If you are NASCAR fan, this book is for you It is a race by race account of Jr first year in Nascar and how he viewed each situation To remember these things happening, the deaths of Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin, and see his take on it at the time was interesting Also, this book was about the year before Big E was killed and listening to his plans for the future is heartbreaking knowing what happens the next year.

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    I thought the story was really amazing The story teaches you to never give up on your dreams and to stay focused on the task at hand My favorite part of the story is when Jr wins the Winston I like this part of the book because it shows what hard work and determination can do If I were the one writing the book now I would include all the races and get rid of all the things to do with the media What really surprised me was that Jr won the next race at Daytona the same track his dad was killed on One lingering question I had was why is good year tire compound so unreliable

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    How can it get exciting than a year in the life of NASCAR s most popular driver You really do get an idea what it must be like to be him everything from having fans to dealing with sponsors to relating to his family.

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    For those interested in NASCAR, this is actually a pretty interesting read Gives you a little insight into the world that is NASCAR I, personally, am a Jr fan, so the book was all that interesting to me.

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    tells abot the life of his style

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