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    As a straight man I sure do have a love for Gay literature and Gay authors Genet is just an once in a life time genius uerelle is a magnificent book that is so iconic that I can't imagine anyone on this planet passing this book up And again i have a love for the twilight world that basically slips out of the pages in this book Everything is sexualized to the max and it's a work of great inner world beauty

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    There's another Panther edition that doesn't show here— a predatory view from behind a sailor's naked exposed neck uerelle is Genet's most novel like book if indeed anyone can call Genet a novelist Betrayal is a theme that Genet elevates into the sublime; there is an ecstacy in betrayal that Genet enjoys beyond all else The highest value in a bond or a friendship is in its being betrayed The deeper the bond the sweeter the betrayal Betrayal seduction deceit misplaced loyalty murderous innocence innocent treachery— all that and from this banuet of cops and sailors

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    The world of Genet reverberates with blood and poetry violence and vituperation are transmogrified into poetry a punch into a flower whose petals scatter via the wind of Genet’s prose like the blood of the toughs and thugs who populate Genet’s novels Genet’s remarkable alchemy in which the story of a serial killer becomes a kind of paean to murder and uerelle a high poet of murder resembles the alchemy which uerelle himself undertakes of friends who he betrays but transforms into the gold necklaces braces and watches which will be his reward for his betrayals The luscious gold of Genet’s prose a kind of perverse combination of Flaubert and Baudelaire is truly original and his descriptive powers are extraordinary;“For several seconds of the eyes of the murderer marveled at the astounding stillness of the forest where the vault of hanging creepers gilded by a mysterious sun in a dim yet sparkling air filtered through from immense far distant blue skies and where the depths were illuminated by the infinitely variables lights and shades of all walking dreams”Genet’s imagination is a rough ghoulish nightmare dominated by men muscular and yet strangely feminine Genet’s dangerous yet decorous heroes intoxicate the reader with their bawdy and bellicose behavior his descriptions of the sexual relations and intercourse between men would seem banal in any other novel but here they somehow become beautiful kind of like if a romance novelist took a heady dose of crack and dealt exclusively in the world of homosexual sailors and police officers there is something intensely innocent in the sexual relations between the male characters as they approach each other with the attitude of a young virgin From the bizarre diary of Lieutenant Seblon to the violent longings of uerelle love and desire are intertwined with violence pain and a desire to be dominated Fassbinder’s film version of uerelle brings out the artificial and surreal nature of the romantic relationships in ‘uerelle’ brilliantly The world of Genet is not one for the light heard but for those who feel art is the path by which we are able to explore the infinite experiences and viewpoints which life has to offer us uiescent and uerulous the narrator’s voice is constantly shifting and changing echoing the violent yet beautiful world of Brest“If ever Brest seems less austere it is when is a feeble sun gilds the waterfront where the facades are as noble and grand as those in Venice; or again when its narrow streets are thronged with a tumult of carefree matelots; or finally under fog and rain”

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    I read uerelle after finishing Secret Historian The Life and Times of Samuel Steward a must read in which Steward tries for years to get his translation of it published in English to no avail Genet's book originally appeared in French in the 40's and Steward was simply too far ahead of his time in thinking that the subject matter would be accepted in the US Steward and several of his literary companions shared a reverence for Genet and uerelle in particularone going so far as to travel to Brest to hunt down every nook and cranny mentioned in the book that was still standing and accessible Needless to say I couldn’t wait to finish Steward's bio and get my hands on a copy of it That anticipation and the build up to it is in large part responsible for my reaction to the book and this review In no uncertain terms I can say that the writing is beautiful almost hypnotically poetic Add to that a delicious cast of characters murderers thieves whores sex addicts liars convicts and voyeurs Add also an appropriately dangerous setting the sinister underbelly of a seedy French port town with all its hiding places abandoned prisons whore houses dark alleys bleak ramparts and deserted dockyards Yes The perfect storm I thought as I dove in and began turning pages I could just see Jean Paul Belmondo with the collar of his pea coat turned up lurking in the shadows Unfortunately as I went along I became increasingly aware that I was grasping for something in the book that wasn’t altogether there I couldn't get a hold of a through line that compelled me to keep going yet I did Was it because of Genet's tendency to ramble off on philosophical tangents that constantly interrupted the story line? Was it the result of a poor translation? My over eagerness to 'get into it'? Whatever it was I was left with an ambivalence a disappointment that there wasn’t to wrest from the experience Finally as with many things in life I’m sorry to say that my disappointment in it was almost as great as my anticipation of it and will uote the same sentence that another reviewer below uoted from page 255 “This book goes on for too many pages and it bores us”probably not unlike this interminable review you're thinking

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    I don't give out 5 stars lightlythe English translation of uerelle originally French is easily one of the best translations I've ever read The lyrical beauty of the work remains wonderfully in tact uerelle is super thick rich compelling and dark The filthy world of sailors and brothels lends itself to one of the ueerest here i meant strangest until I realized that it fully embodies both meanings of the word things I've ever read It's difficult but so worth getting through I feel bad on my 5 star ratings because I feel that nothing I could ever say would portend what lies between the covers of these books But as of yet its in the best 10 books I've ever had the pleasure of reading

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    It's been about 2 decades since I read uerelle but the scenes and poetic style marked me like a tattooed sailor Warning the scenes are sexually and violently graphic Yet when the murderous main character describes how he felt when he killed Well it's mind boggling that Genet could describe it so sensitively and beautifully If you loved the Todd Haynes' film Poison and if you enjoy exploring the minds of the damaged and desperate uerelle is the book for you It is a master's work and probably deserves 5 stars; I'll re visit and update BTW Fassbinder made this into a film but its tone is nothing like the book If you must see the film read the book first The book is not campy

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    I was reading this book on the train and the lady seated next to me suddenly glared at me in indignant self righteousness and hissed 'that's DISGUSTING'

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    I'm not feeling inspired I went to bed super early on New Year's Eve It wasn't even seven pm yet My big plans for the night was watching my dvd of Fassbinder's uerelle I fell asleep some point I felt overwhelmingly tired Maybe waking up at 3 am had something to do it I still feel tired same reason Instead of early birds getting worms I just feel wormy More than anything my brain is pushing through extra brain fogginess I apologize in advance if this doesn't make any sense that's not like when someone prefaces something offensive with a Now don't get offended as if it is license to say whatever they like It's like me kicking myself ahead of time when I don't make any sense If that makes sense I have a lot of thoughts on this but in the most disjointed train of thought way I'm relieved that no one can read my mind Maybe it would be better if someone couldThe previous owner of my copy of uerelle must have been writing a paper for some class There are notes in the margins and underlined meaningful passages Or maybe Christian Slater was plotting a suicide note for a mythologically prevalent person named HeatherI'm developing a weird sort of mind relationship with Jean Genet It's not reading but like a push probe I relate to living in the empty fireplaces of dreams not dreamed Fire poker? I four starred both I've read because they haven't yet achieved the goosebumps status in my frame of references in the Mariel train of thoughts that I think about all day I'm resistant to giving in to this is who I really amI'm sure I look absolutely crazy to anyone who catches me having these conversations in my head I take in the psychotic humanly observations and will use them in my frame of reference for things that I think about a lot and pretend I don't want to run back into his cell when I'm afraid I'll never fit into the belonging world I am starting to use Genet a lot these days It's not getting better All I want to do is readOkay I didn't like what I've seen of the movie so far because the viewer relationship is changed The book feels like that jazzed up feeling I get only from watching someone very charismatic The Morrissey feeling of my space but it has a mirror for you That's what I really want to say to me to explain it uerelle's build up within himself I felt like that feeling when you imagine you are living in your own movie Your favorite songs are the soundtrack to your life It could have a soundtrack See their gesture and they could know how you feel when your legs pulse catch what your eyes alight It's a one sided mutual attraction because it hums off of them from inside of youThe thing that makes other people seem less real I can't say exactly what that is because I haven't figured it out yet If there's no reflection they seem less real to me than the one far away that I cannot touch I know it's a Jean Genet thing The voice in a tin can with strings or a seashell dead sea salt authors and prophets It's probably all some visual trick I forgot the science to explain You know how the sky isn't really blue? I know it is acting I know they are stories I know I make it all up I believe it Young in all cases in the movies Voices that say never say die I haven't really thought about the age thing that much I think it's that time when the mental fires haven't been used up Or the energy I don't feel in my heart that it is What have you done for me lately? But there is something about a young David Bowie that the older David Bowie doesn't have Ambition for output for others? Maybe? I'll have to add this to my mental discussions with myself It's probably a looking back at others That would be the worst to only look at yourselfMariel you know there was to it than thatuerelle was okay looking In that good body frat boy way of someone you wouldn't really look twice at This is what the movie is likeGeneric fetishism Stuff that you hear other people are into that doesn't really mean anything Leather or nurse outfits or horny catholic schoolgirls firemen It's just the faceless I'm stealing this line from Lanark gaggle of sexuality That was pretty much why Seblond's desire for the tight bodies of young muscle boys didn't go that far with me His desire is like the horny old man you see in libraries who is watching a group of boring teen girls together Separate them from each other and they are the average girl He probably wouldn't be that into them But now he can't stop staring at the legs in the short skirts I don't really care about thatI thought for sure the movie would have it in spades It's watching after all Okay some of it was because the actors looked like Okay if you say they are hot girls love interests on The Golden Girls ick to me Genet's writing manages to not be telling like it is despite the many times a sentence is shadowed with a This is how it is gonna be It wouldn't be right if the dream will worked out that wayThe shadowy to them friendships and invisible connecting threads between the men Something I am unsure of in either of Genet's books I've read is the feminine role that allows two men to be together I have always wondered about why there are butch lesbians and effeminate men If you were attracted to men wouldn't they be the most manliest of men? I probably don't want to think of it in those terms as if women are the subordinate ones It's like how sometimes personality types depress the shit out of me I don't want to know about the sameness of everybody I am not interested in man and woman differences so much as uniue differences Yeah so the shadowy connections between the men I do wonder about that male camaraderiethat I see happen Men who get buoyed up by being around each other Sometimes I can actually see a guy feel like of a man because of another manly man talking to him Somehow this translates to me as different than the IT thing Morrissey has and a lonely shadowy friendship among others that I have no idea how to tap into if I wanted to I've seen women feel attractive as if they imagine themselves to look like a pretty woman standing next to them This is not the same thing as the story To do this Genet dream right you are not in it at all It's like having a dream about an animal running You're the horse but you're not youI have a great capacity to feel lonely I was really interested in the lines in uerelle's loneliness He felt separated from the rest of the world after his murders rather than separated from himself because he had accepted what he'd done and felt changed I felt the deliberate sever but not the line from before I think you'd have to be able to see gaggles of sexuality or maybe a whole stampedeSomething I'm very interested in is what I've seen like collectively decided as losing is unreuited love Our Lady of the Flowers rejoiced in that feeling the beauty of living in your own created beauty in another person Okay I don't know if anyone who is reading this has ever seen Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66 one of my favorite films It has one of my favorite descriptions ever on unreuited love Billy only needs that something good to think about to make everything else stop It's sustaining itself real or not doesn't matter The girl he liked is utter shit I love that making stuff up and the ideas becoming a part of something real inside of you There's a different side shown in uerelle Everybody is losing It's the ego of youth The status of who has the upper hand happens over and over The upper hand because of who is better looking or who cares Love making you weak The jealousy and wanting to be the other person I could relate to uerelle's own planet of loneliness if not the murders I don't want the faceless tight young bodies of lust loneliness I don't ever want a stampede Christian Slater wrote notes in the margins about Seblond's taking Christianity at its word His humility and divinity I wouldn't have seen it that way as Christianity isn't in my thoughts He wants to give himself up to that beauty that he wants He is wont to cry for his joy of it Maybe I just don't get possession in that senseuerelle wants to take into his own everything that he steals things and life He has to make his mark and forge a bond lest they take over him and haunt I can get those forms of self imposed detachment It's a way of putting oneself at ease that nothing can hurt you I feel like uerelle with his star that he talks to and his own planet of himself is possible to him because he imposes onto what he comes into contact with I felt that the murders were like sexual desires that exist as an overwhelming urge to take over to penetrate Until it is over and then he's not horny any longer so to speak The murders were confidence to him like his own appearance was his personal build up in his mind as his own power uerelle lives his whole life as his own movie stage in his own mind One without any eyes I realize I use this description a lot in my reviews since and probably before I can't help it I'm conflicted about how much I NEED storiesI had written something about Gil feeling his murder victim Theo was alive to him than to dead There was to it than that Theo hated what he couldn't have Gil hated him for wanting to own him I think I was struck by all of the threads of everyone wanting to take hold of everybody else Theo finally got Gil in by being murdered by him He'd never go awayOh There was twin stuff too It's so stupid that the film casted actors as identical brothers Robert and uerelle who look absolutely nothing alike Robert is the pet lover of brothel Madame Lysiane Theirs is one of those relationships that changes and grows sinister based on the imperceptible tides of who needs who the most Lysiane grows jealous when she can't get over how much alike the two brothers are They hate and love each other I'm an identical twin myself so it was both ludicrous and fascinating to me this idea that they were the same person because they looked exactly alike I have been the one to be railed at in jealous speeches about loving my twin Damn straight I do I could have told her that she'd have gotten absolutely nowhere with that I was repulsed when she gives herself up as his natural slave I think it was something like an essential cave mentality in order to fit between the two of them which she does not do it's not like that It's like asking someone to love their child less than they love you or their parent Anyway I was fascinated with their closeness It's the urge to separate yourself from your family when you are growing up Yet nothing else will be able to touch on it or replace it Your own life shared life the part of you no one will ever touchThis is a long review and I didn't mention any of Christian Slater's thoughts about sailors as natural criminals and murders I guess I don't think of anyone as having a natural place in life It's fucking hard I get that these men all insist that they are not gay despite having a whole lotta gay sex They feel like women and men They try and exert in some sick and cruel ways and then make up fictions to get by It's watching over your back in paranoia and making up loves I get feeling like a man and like a woman and then it's the placement that confuses me It's taken me a long time to say why Jean Genet tears me so It's that he forced himself to live in the hole slower than the speed of light and the only brightness he could have by inventing He would kill them before they could have an unhappy ending I don't know how not to be like that either There's something like loving in it because it's always travelling It's pretty damned miserable Time has to go by better Placement has gotta be wrong I still don't know how to keep getting the romantic part in the mirrors but I do know that Genet could do it in the first look Is it losing to die over and over in doing it? Somehow he starts to feel less like a phoenix rising and it's too lonely When does it ever stop?Funny how in my memory there's so much passion in him but really he's the burning fire inside a bullet proof tummy I always said he was Fuck me too

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    Jean Genet the baddest bad boy of French literature and raker in the mud of crime and depravity can to a less ueasy generation be somewhat tediously repetitive and cliché ridden when he’s over industriously churning his own obsessions into ‘poetry’ yet another hoodlum with rose petals fluttering around him Notre Dame des Fleurs trying to outdo Baudelaire and Rimbaud is without doubt brilliantly original and powerful but as literature really a bit of a mess uerelle de Brest some time later is better because the writer like any artist who warrants the name stands aside from himself and views his ‘scene’ even if it’s himself from a impersonal perspective and for the first time perhaps not incidentally employs something like a ‘story’ uerelle is a stupid thug a thief a treacherous murderer and a cringing coward attributes which are music to his creator’s ears when he has careless blond curls flashing white teeth a pronounced musculature and other real or imagined anatomical details we needn’t go into here – the very epitome according to the author’s unorthodox standards of desirable because unattainable ‘masculinity’ He’s already distanced somewhat by being interpreted through the love struck eyes of his superior officer on the boat where he’s sometimes employed as an ordinary sailor and though the timidly infatuated officer is transparently Genet himself it’s an improvement on the totally self centred delinuent youth in Miracle of the Rose Because Genet has used his considerable intelligence to ‘grow up’ from a confused and troubled past as here for example “There exists somewhere deep within us a secret room with an armour plated door It contains along with several poor caged dogs other monsters of which the most alarming is the one to be found in the very middle of the room This is the living reproach at the centre of our innermost being Enclosed within a huge glass case corresponding almost to the shape of its body this creature is mauve in colour and soft almost gelatinous in substance It would resemble a great fish were it not for the very human sadness of its head The keeper who watches over these monsters harbours the greatest contempt for this one which we know well would find a degree of peace and comfort in the embrace of another of its kind But it has no like The other monsters differ from it in a few minor details It is lonely uniue and yet it loves us In hopeless doggy devotion it waits for a friendly look from us one we shall never accord it uerelle lived his whole life in the company of this disconsolate creature”That’s a pretty masterly if exceptionally grim exposition of ‘love’ No ordinary person would otherwise find uerelle other than revolting and despicable This is not an invitation for the rest of us to love him far less to forgive or even ‘understand’ but it’s a strong persuasion to understand ourselves or the terrible plight of the individual human spirit and therefore to see a little clearly why Genet in some esoteric uarters became elevated to sainthood and – almost – to join the ranking of Dostoyevsky There are other episodes which in other contexts even now when graphicness has become as much an illusion as anything else would be grossly pornographic – Madame Lysiane’s unsatisfying attempt at love making with uerelle’s eually loutish brother uerelle’s ‘seduction’ or conuest by a policeman – but here describe private intimacies never elsewhere achieved with such shocking truthfulness making do with second best or just anything at all rather than nothing and so raise the participants to a level of pathetic or banal humanity which they would never reach if they were ‘real’

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    Yesterday I interrupted my reading of this to watch Genet’s short film Chant D’amour My first feeling was ‘Why didn’t he spend time directing and less time writing?’ in the same way Jean Cocteau’s novels make me think he should really have stuck to visual art Since yesterday my feelings about Genet the writer have improved a little — the second half of the book is definitely compelling than the first But I haven’t changed my mind on the point that uerelle of Brest suffers from considerable infelicities which Chant d’Amour manages to avoid In part though not entirely thanks to its medium the latter spares us Genet’s tendency to overintellectualise a tendency that makes uerelle at points unendurably tedious Too often you feel as if Genet is preaching telling you what you are supposed to think unconventional though his lessons may try to be There is some seductive imagery in the book much of it obviously homoerotic Brest comes across as a delicious embodiment of pure seediness The build up to and consummation of the first erotic encounter between uerelle and Mario is sexy as hell The description on Mme Lysiane is very inspired — so I think than that of any of the male characters All of this appealed to me enough to make me want to read of Genet’s work but at the same time none of it is uite enough to redeem the author’s didactic voice the half baked philosophy the obscurity the sometimes poorly crafted sentences this may or may not be the translator’s fault the anti climatic ending the self importance and the sheer soporiferousness of some passages that take up several pages

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uerelle de Brest [PDF / EPUB] uerelle de Brest uerelle of Brest was first published anonymously in 1947 and limited to 460 numbered copies It is set in the midst of the port town of Brest where sailors and the sea are associated with murder Its pr uerelle of Brest was first published anonymously in and limited to numbered copies It is set in the midst of the port town of Brest where sailors and the sea are associated with murder Its protagonist Georges uerelle is a bisexual thief prostitute and serial killer who manipulates and kills his lovers for thrills and profit The novel formed the basis for Rainer Werner Fassbinder's last film uerelle .