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    20 to 25 stars Contains Frank Miller's first work on Daredevil artwork only as he did not take over the writing until later Okay but not on the level of the later work when Miller took over the writing duties

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    Really this volume is the prelude to Frank Miller's run on Daredevil It's primarily authored by Roger McKenzie who worked across the industry from about 1976 1982 before disappearing as uickly as he appeared Frank Miller simply does the art and gets a co author credit for the last three issues the last of which is written by David Micheline instead of McKenzieWith the exception of the fairly awful Micheline issue #167 this volume is much better than you'd expect a late '70s mainstream comic to be There's a two parter with Bullseye that focuses on his hatred and fear of Daredevil #160 161 and a story with the Hulk #163 that moves far beyond being a simply fistfight to Matt's relief Best of all though is the continuing subplot with Ben Urich where he finally reveals his knowledge of Matt's identity in issue #164 Though the story is a bit rough by modern standards it's still a great plot direction and a moving look at Ben's character Beyond that these comics have a strong and extensive supporting cast who gets lots of attention So this isn't the greatness that would follow as Miller entirely took over the comic but it's still a goodness that makes it really readable in the modern day and thus a nice setup to Miller's run proper

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    For the comic art fan and Frank Miller fans this volume of Daredevil stories is a must have This is early Miller art with brilliant splashes of Gil Kane and Steve Ditko Perhaps even a few hints of Will Eisner Miller's art is fluid and dark aided in no small part by the inking of Klaus Janson It gives the city the gritty texture it deserves especially in light of his writing in the following volume The writing in this volume is by Roger McKenzie a capable writer but not one who has made a splash in the industry Miller does have one or two co plotting credits in this volume but if you want story to be on the same level as the art better to start with volume 2

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    Daredevil is the Man Without Fear shaped by childhood circumstances to be a nighttime prowler and avengercrime fighter His father's sad demise spurred him to seek justice but he doesn't stop there He disciplines his body to further his mission of protecting the innocent and seeing criminals captured although he never goes over the line to murderI am in the minority but I liked the movie with Ben Affleck I think they conveyed the essence of the comics fairly wellDaredevil is actually pretty noirish The concepts the setting and the characters Daredevil has an interesting Rogue's Gallery a mix of types While some of the villainsfoes that Daredevil faces are over the top and comic booky a fair amount are amoral criminal types that you might see in the real life of any city's underworld You can see why he is so determined to wipe out crime in his city as it's evident how far reaching and destructive its effects are which Matt Murdock learned intimately As a lawyer he sees the failings of the justice system to protect people so he is not afraid to get physical to see justice doneDaredevil's ability is really cool When he was doused with radioactive waste it blinded him but enhanced all his other senses His sense of hearing and smell is super acute but he can also see things with sonar similar to a bat While Daredevil does have superpowers he also uses extensive martial arts and physical conditioning to hone his skills along with his billy club which is pretty darn awesome This dude can kick serious buttThis is an older graphic novel collection and the coloring and artwork is a bit dated looking but otherwise compelling and well written despite the dated feel of the illustrations Many will be familiar with Frank Miller if not from the comic book world than from the movie adaptations based on his work His noir touch is very evident in the stories inked by him with Daredevil's formidable and well earned reputation as a denizen of the night who vigilantly protects his city Matt Murdock is a mall mannered lawyer by day stricken with blindness as a child His personality seems fractured but he merely hides his purpose from those in his life who would no doubt be hurt by his double life It's not one of those situations where you wonder why people don't know who he is Clark Kent I'm looking at you His secret identity is rock solidI didn't expect to like this as much as I did I guess I forgot how much I liked what I read of this series I have read a couple of comic books with Daredevil years ago back when I first fell in love with comic books with a stack of them in my garage I never got around to I'm glad that my library had the collections that show his origins as a crimefighter He's a compelling character that resonates with me Not a carbon copy of Batman but there are some similarities between them Goodness knows how much I like Batman I think I like Daredevil for similar reasons and he's also a redhead so that's another level of likeSo yes I am grateful to the movie version for bringing this character to my attention I am looking forward to Affleck as Batman too for the record I got Volume 2 which has my girl Elektra so I'm jazzed I recommend this graphic novel

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    The DAREDEVIL stories that embarked Frank Miller on his career fell throughout the Jim Shooter reign at Marvel during which two events occurred with titles catalog wide the status uo stayed the same or titles drastically changed Daredevil was fortunate to have both occur The initial stories are scripted by Marvel mainstay Roger McKenzie a decent Bullpenner probably best known for his Captain America as President idea who was solid and advanced the stories in a very formulaic way Miller doesn’t begin his term as writer until #168 which features the debut of Elektra Miller already had the beginnings of his art style that would later be showcased in the likes of SIN CITY and 300 well in hand with the start of his DD tenure the use of negative space and the film noir stylized shadows that truly made Daredevil a nighttime vigilante As a writer he knew how to plot He started using tiny frames to focus on the action and making the page grander and cinematic a style he greatly used in his DARK KNIGHT RETURNS story His scripting however was extremely clunky and cliché not differing too much from McKenzie’s previous work Luckily the concluding story arc of the collection featuring the return of the Kingpin set the tone for years of stories to follow The only true clunker in the collection is the David Michelinie one off that was filler between McKenzie and Miller’s runs These are fun stories told in the mighty Marvel manner of the early 80s and truly a must for any DD collector

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    So I enjoyed this than I thought I would I wasn't sure how I'd feel about earlier Daredevil stories since I'm so used to seeing Matt inkedcolored in newer styles To be honest though this was pretty amazing Frank Miller's talent for penciling is evident from the first issue contained in this volume He brings this gritty noir style to the story that I really ended up liking I think my favorite part is the way that he drew Natasha or Black Widow as you might know her She has this distinctly curvy body and I loved that she wasn't this stick figure of a character Too often now that's the style and so I was completely enad with her womanly physiue Plus well Natasha is a bad ass Story wise this was pretty solid too The dialogue absolutely screams Early 80's comic but it's pretty easy to sink into It was cool to be able to see where Daredevil's roots came from and by the time that Elektra came on the scene I was sold This is pretty amazing I haven't read a lot of older comics so I'm greatly enjoying this journey

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    This volume is the introduction of Frank Miller to Marvel and to the world It covers the first nine issues of Daredevil that Frank penciled with inking by Klaus Janson The stories are pretty much pedestrian one mini series involving Bullseye and the rest are one shots that include Doc Ock the Hulk and the Gladiator But what you came to see is Frank Miller's artwork Frank's first issues remind me of Steranko's first issues of SHIELD the artwork is rough and a little stiff but the layouts are very creative and innovative It's fascinating to see Frank grow as an artist This volume is highly entertaining and worth a look

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    Early Marvel work by the vastly influential Frank Miller Whoever teamed him up with Klaus Janson as an inker was a genius Their work complements each other beautifully and may have helped pave the way for Miller's later transition to his black and white noir style graphics The stories are fine but this volume is really all about watching Miller's artistic growth Looking forward to volume two

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    Frank Miller's run on Daredevil is so highly acclaimed that it has become difficult to criticize Before he took on both writing and art chores Roger McKenzie handled the writing McKenzie is often overlooked but is also instrumental in moving the tone of the book from the swashbuckling hero tale that was the character's genesis to the gritty crime noir character the Daredevil has mostly been ever since

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    The title here is really misleading as this is NOT where Miller's true run begins However this is where he began doing art on the series so it's collected for posterity It's really not part of the saga as a whole though You can completely skip it and probably should It's pretty hokey generic stuff common to the period Volume 2 is where Miller really shook things up

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Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 1 [PDF / EPUB] Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 1 All the elements that made Miller's tenure on Daredevil a comic noir classic are here gritty street level action moody atmosphere and widescreen adventure told with a cinematic eyeThe stories in this All the elements that made Frank Miller PDF/EPUB ä Miller's tenure on Daredevil a comic noir Daredevil Visionaries eBook â classic are here gritty street level action moody atmosphere and widescreen adventure told Visionaries Frank Miller PDF/EPUB å with a cinematic eyeThe stories in this volume feature unforgettable characters like the Kingpin the mammoth king of the New York Underworld; Bullseye the deranged but deadly assassin; Elektra the woman Daredevil loves but is forced to oppose; and of course Daredevil himself blind as justice he is an attorney by day and an urban vigilante by night Also introduced in this collection is the mysterious ninja brotherhood The Hand the group that will ultimately cause Elektra's untimely demiseThe stories included in the volume dedicated to Frank Miller's classic work show the continued development of an artistic legend as his skills continued to grow in stature and depth.

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