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Yes Day [PDF / EPUB] Yes Day No matter how silly the reuests there is one day a year when kids always receive positive answers Can I have pizza for breakfast Yes Can we have a food fight Yes Can I stay up really late Yes This day No matter how silly the reuests there is one day a year when kids always receive positive answers Can I have pizza for breakfast Yes Can we have a food fight Yes Can I stay up really late Yes This day is simply called Yes Day and it's the best day of the yearAmy Krouse Rosenthal's simple text coupled with Tom Lichtenheld's delightful illustrations will send kids on a journey into their wildest wishes With humor and appreciation for life's little pleasures Yes Day captures the excitement of being a kid.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Yes Day
  • Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • English
  • 06 May 2016
  • 9780061152597

About the Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

SHORT BIOAmy Krouse Rosenthal was She divided her time NOT SO SHORT BIOAmy Krouse Rosenthal was a person who liked to make thingsSome things she liked to make includeChildren's books Little Pea Spoon DuckRabbitGrown up books Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal Encyclopedia of an Ordinary LifeShort films The Beckoning of Lovely The Money TreeGuided journals The Belly BookSomething o.

10 thoughts on “Yes Day

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    Feb 2012 Book Fair selectionWho doesn't want a day where the answer to every uestion is yes Pizza for breakfast? Clean the room tomorrow? Food fight? Yes yes yes Kids will like seeing the crazy reuests he comes up with My favorite? On the front and back inside cover are all of the ways to say no no way jose day two thumbs down day not gonna happen day What would you ask for on your yes day?

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    Why is it that some of AKR's books are like perfection to me while others merely meander along pleasantly but without any pizazz I think the concept of Yes Day is great a day when the kid gets the answer of Yes to all his desires wouldn't we all love one of those? Some of the illustrations are cute but the story is pretty predictable and nothing really special in the writingCan I have ice cream?we see him getting ice creamCan I eat lunch outside?we see him eating lunch by his treehouse If you do get this be sure to check out the illustrations on the inside cover a calendar with all the OTHER days in the year when parents have answers other than Yes too funny ;

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    I am so tempted to drop this onto my fantasy shelf because as I read this to my nephew it was clear that this sort of day would absolutely be a child's fantasy His eyes lit up and he was grinning like a fool from cover to coverThe end papers were clever too; a calendar in which every day is some form of no day until the final day of the month when it's Yes Day We read each of the no day notations on the calendar and when we finished my niece said Man That is one bad month

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    I think every kid deserves a yes day at least once a year Within reason of course I don't think I could say yes to can I drive your car? I might even give myself a yes day Donuts for lunch? Yes Two hour nap? Yes Spend the day in my pajamas? Yes

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    A favorite I would have loved this as a kid

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    The kids loved this one and immediately reuested Yes days for themselves It's a very uick and fun read for toddlers and up

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    A little boy enjoys Yes Day in this exuberant picture book romp from author Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld On this day every reuest the boy makes from eating pizza for breakfast to staying up late is met with a resounding yes from his parents It's the best day of the yearThis authorillustrator team has created uite a few engaging picture books from The OK Book to Duck Rabbit and Yes Day is another one to add to the list An exploration of a common childhood fantasy namely being allowed to do whatever one likes it is uite entertaining pairing a humorous back and forth text with amusing cartoon style illustrations Recommended to young children who dream of having a yes day of their own and to anyone looking for picture books featuring themes that kids themselves would probably approve

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    Imagine a day when every answer is yes a child's dream come true The illustrations in this are fun and the timing of showing the results after a page turn add drama The boy asks mother Can I please love the manners have pizza for breakfast? page turn to picture of boy eating pizza Kids loved this one and we had fun sharing what we'd ask for if we had a yes day Many students asked for expensive items but we could refer back to the story and see that the things the boy wanted were really small treats and time with friends and family a friend for supper eating lunch outside choosing his own breakfast cereal When we really thought about it students were able to come up with some realistic ideas

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    Our girls loved this book and to a certain extent so did I Children hear no all day every day and for one day of their lives it would be nice to hear yes all day long They have already asked to have one of their very own and I will try to accommodate I like Mary K's idea perhaps I'll have take a yes day of my very own The book has fun illustrations and we loved the endpapers

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    My kids loved this book One of our favorite parts is the selection of cereal he puts in the cart with one whole oat in each serving etc Now my son wants a yes day which could be a dangerous thing At the very least we would have to specify a budgetI really do hate having to say no so often as a mom It would be a refreshing change to be able to say yes often

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