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The Bolambo Affair [PDF / EPUB] The Bolambo Affair To get a man really out of your system there's nothing like having an affair with someone else Nick Brandis advised Vanessa when she told him of her broken engagement and she got the idea that Nick hi To get a man really out of your system there's nothing like having an affair with someone else Nick Brandis advised Vanessa when she told him The Bolambo ePUB Ñ of her broken engagement and she got the idea that Nick himself was offering to help her forget Nick had no doubt had innumerable successes with women she considered and couldn't imagine his line failing with someone as inexperienced as Vanessa LaneInnocent she might be but one thing Vanessa was sure of it would be wise to keep clear of this tall creature with the teak brown hair and calculating grey eyes So long as she avoided being alone with him that undeniable magnetism wouldn't be hard to resist But how long could she avoid him in a place so remote as Bolambo.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Bolambo Affair
  • Rosalind Brett
  • English
  • 01 March 2016
  • 9780263512861

5 thoughts on “The Bolambo Affair

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    The crook who stole from hero got off Scot freeThe frienemy who ruthlessly used the heroine gets her husband backThe hero who taunted the heroine to have an affair with him and dangled several OWs to torture her gets to have his girlWhat does the heroine get? To continue being everyone's doormat I guess

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    This is a weird uasi hate read for me The H is an absolute arrogant jerk and he makes the h miserable as he tries to play mind game after mind game However what keeps this from being a one star read for me is how spectacularly some of his gambits fail view spoiler He flirts with the cloying lovesick OW and has her move in with him along with her brother to try to get the h jealous; the h tells him off for leading the poor girl on He arranges for her to find out that he is hiring someone else a good looking woman for her job expecting her to storm in and uit in a rage whereupon he'd do some sort of love declaration; instead she hops into a car with a friend and leaves town without telling him hide spoiler

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    The heroine Vanessa goes to Africa on the invitation of some family friends She has just lost her father and is dumped by her fiancé so she needs a change of scene When she arrives her 'uncle' looks ill and the daughter Merle her friend is separated fr her new husband and hates living there The hero Nick also works on the plantation Her friend Merle seems to be attracted to him Nick acts like a bit of a rogue so this rubs Vanessa up the wrong way Every time Vanessa and Nick meet sparks fly She is offended when he suggests she has an affair with him to forget her ex Merle can't stand the climate so she leaves There is the mystery of her missing husband no one knows where to contact him Her uncle looks and ill Vanessa is now running the house and Nick has given her a job as wellSPOILERSThe uncle also leaves the plantation so now Vanessa is alone again The estranged husband shows up and he and Nick talk Seems the uncle has been padding accounts The husband found out about it and left when his wife defended her fatherVanessa and Nick find their HEA in the end but I didn't like how they all agreed to allow the uncle to get away with his actions simply since he was sick

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    I thought the hero Nick was a cad He decided upon meeting Vanessa that she needed at rip roaring affair to get over her broken engagement When she declined to comply with his expert advice he set about deceiving her as to his character and his actions He portrays himself as the type of guy who loves um and leaves um He even involves a pretty ditzy young woman who is the sister of a friend He compliments OW and shows her flattering attention the result of course was that she fell for him She stays on at his invitation for a week after her brother leaves The poor thing was a husband hunter but it was unfair of him to give her the impression that she had a chance He was not remorseful when confronted by Vanessa about his behavior He seemed to think that OW was shallow and would get over it soon enough and he admits using the other woman to provoke a reaction from Vanessa I just didn't find anything admirable in his character

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    Another of my mum's books I first read I think about 11 years old in 1976 It was okay for its time I liked the cover art for this book It was probably too old for me at the time as I found the hero too harsh for my sensibilities at the time Now I understand gender politics much betterNot a favourite but I was able to appreciate it and the story better the second time around

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