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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Sticks
  • Joan Bauer
  • English
  • 19 October 2015
  • 9780142404287

About the Author: Joan Bauer

I was born at eleven AM a most reasonable time my mother often said and when the nurse put me in my mother's arms for the first time I had both a nasty case of the hiccups and no discernible forehead it's since grown in I've always believed in comic entrancesAs I grew up in River Forest Illinois in the 's I seem to remember an early fascination with things that were funny I thought that people who could make other people laugh were terribly fortunate While my friends made their career plans declaring they would become doctors nurses and lawyers inwardly I knew that I wanted to be involved somehow in comedy This however was a difficult concept to get across in first grade But I had a mother with a great comic sense she was a high school English teacher and a grandmother who had been a funny professional storyteller so I figured the right genes were in there somewhere although I didn't always laugh at what my friends laughed at and they rarely giggled at my jokes That and the fact that I was overweight and very tall all made me feel uite different when I was growing up a bit like a musk ox at a tea partyMy grandmother who I called Nana had the biggest influence on me creatively She taught me the importance of stories and laughter She never said Now I'm going to tell you a funny story she'd just tell a story and the humor would naturally flow from it because of who she was and how she and her characters saw the world She showed me the difference between derisive laughter that hurts others and laughter that comes from the heart She showed me too that stories help us understand ourselves at a deep level She was a keen observer of peopleI kept a diary as a child was always penning stories and poems I played the flute heartily taught myself the guitar and wrote folk songs For years I wanted to be a comedienne then a comedy writer I was a voracious reader too and can still remember the dark wood and the green leather chairs of the River Forest Public Library can hear my shoes tapping on the stairs going down to the children's room can feel my fingers sliding across rows and rows of books looking through the card catalogs that seemed to house everything that anyone would ever need to know about in the entire world My parents divorced when I was eight years old and I was devastated at the loss of my father I pull from that memory regularly as a writer Every book I have written so far has dealt with complex father issues My dad was an alcoholic and the pain of that was a shadow that followed me for years but I've learned things from that experience that have made me resilient I attempted to address those issues in Rules of the Road and I took them even further in the companion book Best Foot Forward The theme that I try to carry into all of my writing is this adversity if we let it will make us strongerIn my twenties I worked in sales and advertising for the Chicago Tribune McGraw Hill WLS Radio and Parade Magazine I met my husband Evan a computer engineer while I was on vacation Our courtship was simple He asked me to dance; I said no We got married five months later in August But I was not happy in advertising sales and I had a few ulcers to prove it With Evan's loving support I decided to try my hand at professional writing I wish I could say that everything started falling into place but it was a slow slow build writing newspaper and magazine articles for not much money My daughter Jean was born in July of ' She had the soul of a writer even as a baby I can remember sitting at my typewriter I didn't have a computer back then writing away with Jean on a blanket on the floor next to me If my writing was bad that day I'd tear that page out of the typewriter and hand it to her Bad paper I'd say and Jean would r.

10 thoughts on “Sticks

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    I just really really really love Joan Bauer She's got a lot of heart Her characters are so real Here's the passage I loved best in this book The mom is trying to explain why they persist in living in a little dive of a town that's what the kid thinks in New Jersey I can't make you care for a place that I love I wish I could I don't if I can even explain to you what this town means to me I've lived so many places I didn't care about that finding one that was special was a gift There isn't much in town that's pretty the way we think beauty should be There isn't much here that distinguishes us from other places We stay because the values that I hold dear in this world loyalty hard work love determination are here And there's no better way I know to teach my children what I believe in and care about than to have us live in a place where they see these things happening around us every day When something hard happened all these people poured out comfort to me They didn't give me pat promisesThey didn't tell me that everything was going to be all right They stood with me they cried with me until it was all right No one here is a fancy dresserand the colors you love so much aren't in grand display but if you can focus your eyes to look inside the hearts of these people you will see a rainbow of colors That's what I see That's why I stay Sums up so beautifully why we stay where we are too

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    My good friend Kelly Danforth recommended this one to me when I told her I was taking a billiards class in college I'm really glad she did It was a nice easy read meant for people a little younger but that didn't lower it's value a bit It was a great read that dealt with really some pretty heavy issues Forgiveness finding courage in adversity grief at a loss connections made in small towns and the love and togetherness of family And of course poolThe writing was great Written in the voice of 10 year old Mickey Vernon Sticks gives a very authentic feel Joan Bauer is a great author if only reading one of her books gives me license to say I got a real attachment to Mickey early on in the short book I could really identify with him even though I totally stink at pool And honestly I think reading this book helped me with my game I didn't know how to use the diamond system on the pool table until I read the book A great read Short easy fun touching and uplifting are all words I would use to describe SticksThe only problem is I couldn't find a copy in a bookstore anywhere I searched bookstores in one city 2 towns and 2 different states and couldn't find one Thank goodness for comKelly thanks for the suggestion I'll get this copy to you as soon as I see you again

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    Ten year old Mickey has a talent and passion for pool same as his late father Mickey's nemesis is Buck Pender a 13 year old bully of the pool hall whom Mickey is determined to defeat in the youth nine ball championship at his grandmother's pool hall Unfoturnately Mickey allows Buck to get to him thus messing with his game What ends up helping Mickey's game and passion is the return of family friend Joseph Alvarez who learned to play pool from Mickey's father Mickey's mother is afraid Joseph will just let Mickey down as he had let the family down after her husband's death But to Mickey who was a baby when his father died Joseph represents a connection to his father and the one sport they both love Mickey's best friend Arlen also provides his math expertise to help Mickey with his gameIt's a vivid story about a likable kid who's passionate about his hobby The working class setting is that of a tight knit family and neighborhood where there is always someone there to pick you up when you're down A great boy book too

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    Joan Bauer is racing to the top of my list of favorite writersespecially of the books that I call sad happy ones when I talk to my library patrons Sticks leans less on the sad and on the happy but with a lot of determination and hard work along the way In this title 13 year old Mickey Vernon is focused on one thing and one thing only winning the big pool tournament hosted by his family's pool hall But there are potholes on that path to victory a experienced and mean rival his mother's rules the reappearance of a pool expert and family friend who fell into disfavor right about the time Mickey's father diedReaders will cheer and wonder about the ending all the way up to that last terrific chapter and then will probably want to find another Joan Bauer book This particular one does not contain any mature themes and is appropriate for any age that can read a 185 page book on a 5th grade reading levelespecially if they like pool

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    More like 25 starsCute book and a clever use of mathematics throughout too My main complaint is it was boring at the beginning I mean very boring to the point I almost DNFI like a male protagonist and the pool world is certainly something I haven't read much about I did wonder at the wisdom of a child spending hours upon end in a pool hall such locales seem to have a certain reputation And I wondered how Mickey would ever be allowed to compete in a competition at a family owned business isn't that usually forbidden in the rules? One final irritation for me was that Poppy is female Seem an awfully masculine name for a Grandma

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    This book is really well written I also liked it because this is how helped me to learn the game pool So if any of you want to learn then just read this book This is about a boy and his dead fathers friend and the boys friend So the boy wanted to learn pool and he asked his fathers friend and it was really hard to convince him but he said yes But the boy just wanted to learn for fun Then he got so good that he got to the championships But your just going to have to read it to see who wins in the championships

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    35 tbh this book was better than I thought it'd be but some of the parts got on my nerves and there were some loose end Although I admire Mickey for playing his heart out even though he thought his hand would break Also there were a couple heartfelt moments but not many

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    Sticks is about a boy named Mickey and his family owns a pool hall They also live above the pool hall in a little apartment Mickey's dad was a great pool player but then he died Mickey wants to follow in his dad's foot steps and be one of the best junior pool players in the world and he is only 10 years old In order for this Mickey practices everyday after school Also one of his friends Arlen helps him with strategies and what shots to take and how to do it Mickey is really good at math and angles and he uses it in his advantage while he is playing pool He is also probably the best pool player there for his age but only one guy stands in his way and his name is Buck a 13 year old bully that thinks he is so much better then Mickey To get around Buck and beat him he asks help from one of his dads old friends Joe Joe is also one of the best pool players just like Mickeys dad After a few weeks of practicing with Joe Mickey is ready for the pool championship and guess who is in it too Buck it is a game that neither of them will forget Will the practice pay off for Mickey?I recommend this book for anyone especially if you like playing pool But the book makes sense to everyone even if you don't play pool The book has believeable characters that go through some conflicts that I felt you can feel as you are reading the book This book is exciting in all parts it doesn't get boring in any part of the book The conclusion to me is the best part it isn't predictable but it makes sense to what has happensMickey do you ever feel pressured to follow in your dads foot steps?I feel the pressure sometime but I try to let it go and focus on the gameMickey do you think that you learned than just pool from Joe?Yes he taught me some really good life lesson like being able to take a lossMickey does Buck bothered you any?He hasn't bothered me since

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    Mickey the main character is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a world class pool player After his father passed it’s Mickey and his family that are living in their family pool hall Everyday after school Mickey would be practicing for the 9 ball tournament with his math matician friend Arlen there to help him every step of the way When a long time family friend appears out of the blue He wants to help Mickey because of his past relationship between himself and Mickey’s father At first Mickey’s mother doesn’t approve of Mickey getting help from Joe Alverez the past time friend The opponent of the town is a 13 year old bully named Buck He is the best in the tournament and the only guy standing in Mickey’s victory path Another thing in Mickey’s path is he got a broken arm when he gets in a fight with Buck But still nothing stops the motivated MickeyJoan Bauer shows the courage that Mickey has to overcome bullies Mickey and Arlen remind me of myself and good friend Carlos We have over came stuff like this before too Carlos and I come to obstacles about everyday but we fight through them like Mickey and Arlen Like I said before Mickey’s house is pool hall located at the center of the town and basically Billiards is the main attraction As Joan Bauer explains the intensity of the back and forth championship pool match I can see two kids giving it their all to claim the title After reading the story of how a kid can overcome his challenges and become something he wants to it inspires me to do the same It’s funny exciting and cool all at the same time

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    Sticks is about a boy named Mickey who's family owns a pool hall His family lives in an apartment above His goal is to become the nine ball champion of the world First he has to beat his enemy Buck in the Junior Nine Ball Championship He and his friend Arlen devise a strategy using math to conuer the table but Mickey's nerves and temper always seem to get in his way Especially when he plays against Buck Then an old family friend Joe Alvarez rolls into town and agrees to be Mickey's coach This was a light easy read I believe this is the shortest of Joan Bauer's books It has some uirky characters that all have something in their lives that they do well For Mickey it is pool for Arlen it is math Francine likes magic tricks and Camille loves designing and sewing Even the adults in this book seem to have something that defines them Poppy Mickey's grandma runs the pool hall Joseph Alvarez lives to be out on the open road as a truck driver Mickey's mom loves the community and is in charge of the neighborhood watch The message I took from this book is to not be afraid to go after your ambitions even if it means overcoming your obstacles I recommend this book to anyone

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