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An Indecent Proposition [PDF / EPUB] An Indecent Proposition It's the talk of the town In a less than sober moment London's two most notorious rakes—the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothay—place a very public wager on which of them is the superior lo It's the talk of the town In a less than sober moment London's two most notorious rakes—the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothay—place a very public wager on which of them is the superior lover But what woman of beauty intelligence and discernment would consent to bed both men—and declare which is skilled in satisfying her deepest desiresLady Caroline Wynn is the last woman anyone would expect to step forward An Indecent PDF \ A respectable young widow with an icy reputation she has kept herself firmly off the marriage market She may not desire another husband but her brief marriage has left her with some scandalous uestions about the act of loveIf the earl and the duke agree to keep her identity a secret she'll decide who has the most finesse between the sheets But to everyone's surprise what begins as an indelicate proposition turns into a most astonishing lesson in everlasting love.

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    This book was so romantic Emma Wildes was able to mix up a dreamy romance while the relationships remained totally realistic not to mention there are some very funny parts of the story tooLady Caroline Wynn suffered in her arranged marriage Her dead husband had put her down so forcefully and often that she started to believe she was incapable of feeling passion just like he accused her When infamous playboys Nicholas Manning the Duke of Rothay and Derek Drake the Earl of Manderville make a ridiculous bet over who is the better lover Caroline sees it as a way to find out if her husband was right after all It's easy to see where this story will lead as soon as Caroline and Nicholas meet for the first time The story becomes not about a game or a bet but a slow tender journey to love between two people scarred by their past relationships Caroline was emotionally abused by her husband and Nicholas was made cynical by his first love who crushed his heart I loved how there was a secondary romance and all four of the characters became friends through each other Derek is a light contrast to Nicholas' serious intensity He provides a lot of comic relief in his egging on of Nicholas Derek's love for Annabel is just as strong as what Nicholas and Caroline feel for each other and he's much eager to let her know how he feels But he has a huge mistake from the past that he must make up for before she will give him a chanceI was very surprised considering the premise of the wager but this was one of the most sweetly romantic books I've read for awhile I will definitely be reading Emma Wilde's next historical romancereviewed for

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    An Indecent Proposition provides an intriguing if somewhat improbable plot that lives up to its promise Nicholas and Derek are infamous rakes in Regency London At the end of the a long evening of drinking they enter into a bet on who is the best lover and record it in the betting book at Whites Caroline is a widow from a bad marriage famous for her ice like demeanor She wants to change her life and to find out if she is really as cold in bed as her abusive late husband believed her to be She contacts the two rakes anonymously and volunteers to be the judge of the bet Both of them are intrigued especially when they find out her identity Nicholas’ interest in particular seems to go beyond the sport of the bet Readers should know that Caroline never has sex with Derek See below He book ends on a very sweet and happy noteThis is a fun dual romance and a complete fantasy Nicholas heals Caroline's wounds with what the SmartBitches call his Magic Wand of Love But I liked it even if it is very improbableSPOILER ALERTSome people are concerned that Caroline has sex with two men She only has sex with Nicholas starting with a deliciously long slow seduction of Caroline at a secluded country estate where they spend a week together Dereck has realized he is in love and is miserable because he learned this too late after the woman he loves was repulsed by his rakish behavior That is why he got drunk and made the bet in the first place He wants out of the bet and Caroline tells him she wasn't going to go through with it anyway Not after she realized she has fallen in love with Nicholas So they collude together to make Nicholas realize he must marry her and make Derek's love realize the same in regard to him

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    35 stars Two attractive young nobleman embark on a drunken public wager about which is the better lover and are very surprised when a notoriously untouchable viscount’s widow steps forward volunteering to serve as the anonymous judge Caroline has had a very bad history with marital relations and hopes to discover there’s to it than she’s experienced Surprise she does indeedI started this story knowing virtually nothing about it and was kept glued to my ereader while it unfolded Which hunky guy would turn out to be the hero? Was Caroline really going to get it on with both of them? I'm really not sure any of this is intended to be a mystery but just in case further commentary in the spoiler view spoiler Even after it became clear that the plot was going to proceed on conventional lines I was a captive audience eager to find out how Caroline’s first lover Nicholas was going to react to the fact that she was now supposed to sleep with his friendNicholas muttered 'I sent the note to meet me because I wanted to tell you to be careful with her That's all''Careful?''Yes careful Gentle Don't rush things''Are you truly instructing me on how to bed her?' His incredulity was tempered by sympathetic amusement'I'm just saying For the second time Nicholas trailed off his fingers tightening on his glass hide spoiler

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    I never would have picked this up if reviews had not mentioned that Wildes likes to write about two romances in a single story I am not interested in ménage stories so I picked it up in the hopes that it would develop with two romances I was not disappointedThe main romance is between Lady Wynn and the Duke of Rothay Lady Wynn had an emotionally and physically abusive husband and has been known throughout the ton for an icy facade she adopts to protect herself after her husband died The Duke of Rothay Nicholas is a handsome man with a reputation for being able to seduce any woman which he has honed due to a woman's betrayal when he was younger Both of these characters try to put the past behind them and find comfort together This romance had elements of sexual awakening slow trust building and very sweet romantic momentsThe secondary romance was between the Earl of Manderville and his uncle's ward Annabel The Earl Derek is known as a lady's man but he has secretly been in love with Annabel for a long time and a foolish decision on his part has seemingly shattered any opportunity that he has with her Annabel had been in love with Derek but catching him with another woman shortly after he had kissed her turned her love to disgust and she tried to put her feelings behind her and became engaged to another man This romance lacked the depth of the other and I found myself skimming to get back to the other romance These characters were not well developed and I thought their love for each other was not as deep and they behaved selfishly However they did have a few memorable scenes particularly when they crossed over into lady Wynn's and the duke's storyOverall I really like Wildes' writing style It is breezy nicely detailed and romantic I will definitely be reading by herOne note for future readers There are a few instances of use of the f word I am not a fan of this but in this story it was used for deliberate crudity to inspire a reaction in another character and it made sense It was used very infreuently so it was not an issue

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    This was a pleasant straightforward dual romance written in a no frills manner A wallpaper historical but so are the majority of them out there are now a days As revealed in the backblurb I loved the set up Let me make it clear that Caroline does NOT sleep with both men Hence its a dual romance I am such a jaded reader that I thought there was no way I wouldn't see Caroline NOT sleeping with both as chickening out but I actually enjoyed the way the story unfolded My main beef with the book was that there was a lot of telling and not showing Don't tell me how intelligent the conversation is Show me That doesnt mean that I need a dissertation on Voltaire but a little incorporation to show that the author and characters know what they are talking about would go a long wayThis is Emma Wildes first foray into Mass Market and it's a smooth transition I have read some of her ebooks under her various aliases and this was polished than anything she has shown so farGrade B

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    3 12 stars London’s two most notorious rakes have placed a very public wager on which of them is the greatest lover But what woman of beauty intelligence and discernment would consent to judge such a contest? Lady Carolyn Wynn is the last woman anyone would expect to step forward But if the men keep her identity a secret she’ll decide who has the most finesse between the sheetsThis description from the back of the book is what made me decide to read this book I wondered how a Historical Romance was going to pull this off the heroine sleeping with two men and judging which one was the better lover It sounded very intriguing and different and I just had to read itThe first half of the book was a disappointment to me I like to get to know the characters and feel the longing and want and tension between the hero and heroine before they jump into bed together especially in a Historical Romance But they wasted no time in getting into bed and I just wasn't into it But about half way in to the book it got better A lot better The book ended up being like two stories under one cover It actually had 2 Heroines and 2 Heroes The first two were the Duke of Rothay and Lady Caroline Wynn and the second two were the Earl of Manderville and Lady Annabelle her last name escapes me at this time I loved the story between the Earl and Annabelle I wish they had their own book I would have loved to go deeper into their lives and relationshipI don't want to give anything else away about the book so if you are as intrigued as I was and you don't mind hopping right into bed with your characters from the beginning then go ahead and read the book It will be worth your time and maybe you too will be shouting at the end YES there's going to be a duel oops I said I wouldn't give anything else away Sorry I just get so excited over a duel don't you?

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    This story of rakes and love and an icy widow should be charming but pedestrian but something about how it is written the way the characters are so well described and how the book didn't dwell on the physical perfections of all the protagonists which always drives me nuts although they are of course perfect really appealed to me and I found myself enjoying it and as I read it It is a wonderful love story

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    I finally finished this and now regret that I put it down so many times before starting it LOL I loved it the description of the book is just a tad deceiving but will definitely grab the person looking for a uniue plot I loved all the characters I don't want to give too much away but I think it is well worth the read

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    This was a very intriguing plot Very unconventional for the time period but DELICIOUS Never a dull moment Couldn't imagine how it all would work out The best part was it had two heroes and two heroines to double the pleasure Loved the ending Highly Recommend Sensuality rating HOT

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    Emma Wildes doesn't write a bad book If you're looking for a historical romance with an unusual storyline and explicit sexcapades usually involving a rake or two this is the author you want

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