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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon [PDF / EPUB] The Wild Rose of Kilgannon She came to the Highlands an innocent bride but one man's love and two nations' enmity would make her a womanIn her unforgettable novel Kilgannon Kathleen Givens brought to vivid life the tempestuous Rose of MOBI ó She came to the Highlands an innocent bride but one man's love and two nations' enmity would make her a womanIn her unforgettable The Wild PDF/EPUB or novel Kilgannon Kathleen Givens brought to vivid life the tempestuous romance of Mary Lowell an English aristocrat and the Scottish chieftain Alex MacGannon who Wild Rose of PDF ✓ claimed her as his bride Swept into a world of ancient customs fierce passions and political treachery she never expected her life to take root in the Highlands that she'd becomeThe Wild Rose of KilgannonNow Mary and Alex's love story continues As the fires of war engulf Castle Kilgannon beautiful Mary stands fast protecting her family and home But when news comes of the capture of her beloved Alex Mary vows to rescue her brave husband who offered his life to save his men As a defiant Alex is tried in London as a traitor Mary unleashes her own campaign on London society determined to win justice on the most dangerous battlefield of all Even as Alex remains imprisoned in the Tower she seeks his passionate embrace forbidden and unforgettable risking everything to free the rugged freedom fighter who has claimed her body and soul Don't miss the first novel in the breathtaking MacGannon Family Saga Kilgannon available from Dell.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • The Wild Rose of Kilgannon
  • Kathleen Givens
  • English
  • 11 February 2016
  • 9780440235682

About the Author: Kathleen Givens

Rose of MOBI ó Kathleen Givens was born in New York City but spent her early years living in the Northeast and Georgia before landing in Southern The Wild PDF/EPUB or California at the age of ten As a result she is fluent in Valley Girl Steel Magnolia and Manhattanite From an early age Kathleen Wild Rose of PDF ✓ was entranced by the history legends and sagas of the people who mixed together to form Scotland Ireland England and later the Uni.

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    The conclusion of the story begun in Kilgannon Alex is tried for treason in England and Mary does everything she can to save him Good ending to the story I was glad they finally had a child I enjoyed these books they were very well written The time period and setting came to life in the pages I also enjoyed Alex and Mary's romance

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    The Wild Rose of Kilgannon is the continuation of Mary and Alexander MacGannon's story Alexander against his wife's wishes and his own judgement joins the Jacobites and fights against King George's army in the First Jacobite Rebellion When king James flees Scotland and the Rising fails the Scottish leaders bear the brunt of King George's disfavour Alexander gives himself up to the British army in exchange for his clan's safety Will Mary be able to rescue him before it's too late?Given that Alex is imprisoned and the story is told from Mary's perspective you would expect that she would be filled with terror and distressed by her own helplessness and maybe she was but I never felt that in the story unfortunately There were several scenes where she thought about how it was the last time she would see her husband but there was very little emotional impact and because of the repetition I started to get bored In the end I think this would have been stronger had it been cut down to several important scenes and included at the end of Kilgannon

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    This second book the seuel to Kilgannon was much better than the first I have decided to view the first book as setting the scene and providing the background for the second book In actuality the two books should have been combined into one; however most people will not read books that are 600 pages long I on the other hand do not mind at all if the story is riveting enough to hold my attentionWhile there still was not much history as far as battles the story line was much developed and not as trite as the first book Most of the book dealt with the aftermath of the failed '15 Jacobite uprising However the ending made it seem as though there should be another book a continuation of Mary and Alex's saga

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    Seuel is much better than the first of this seriesI was not happy with the first novel Kilgannon and I was only reading this seuel to satisfy my curiosity about the rest of the story The writing style improves with this second book and the story along with it I'm glad I persevered and read this There are still elements that I found implausible at times and I didn't really like the main character Mary but this second installment was a definite improvement on the first and I'm happy to recommend it for anyone wanting a highland tale filled with history

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this series and was sad when it ended A third one is totally doable and I hope Kathleen will consider it

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    Swept along for the ride and lived it with themI've just finished this book and the one before it in two days with a toddler under foot I simply could not put it down Firstly let me say it was worth the investment both in time and money If Kathleen Givens decides to write a third book in this story I will be buying it without hesitation And while it's not entirely a cliff hanger ending she leaves you with enough uestions to allow for a third follow on novel so I'm hopefulHer style of writing is detailed and full of emotion The characters are strong and their passions high Motives are clear and relatable even the uncomfortable ones at times Villains and hero's are well developed and believable The historical setting is thoroughly researched and blended seamlessly with the physical environment and the landscape I felt like I could smell the wild Kilgannon roses and feel the sting of salt air on my face A lot happens in this book as its story starts half way through the saga I felt the start of the first book was a bit slow but appreciated it by the end of this one A few times I felt slightly annoyed by yet another thing going wrong because Kathleen writes so well I was feeling everything the characters felt and it was a bit hard to catch a breath at times However this goes closer to reality than many historical novels manage and the payoff is worth it No simpering females or arrogant hero's here but rather gritty humanity in all its dubious gloryIf you've got some time and some tissues you'll be taken back in time to a world that's so far from our own yet not so different after all Best book two books I've read in a while

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    I would like to give it 35 stars because it was very good Character development was well done and the story moved at a good pace The story was very enjoyable and if I hadn't read some of the reviews that should have been marked with spoilers but weren't I think the would have had intensity and of the intended cliff hanger effect I had picked this book because it was on a list of best highlander romanced along with The Pride of Lions by Canham It just missed for me Many of the scenes were highly emotional but I expected Mary to finally rise to the occasion but never did even though it mentions her trying to control her temper again and again she never let loose and let some of the characters have it I understand the time period and how women were but I still think she should have at least put them in their place instead of bursting into tears at every turn of events Alex was a great character but I was slightly bothered by his insecurities with Mary's devotion All that said it was a good book but not one I am going to recommend with the same enthusiasm I would for Canham's or Gabaldon's Definitely not on that level I would love to find another one of those

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    Another good story by Kathleen Givens This is a continuation of the book Kilgannon in which Mary and Alex meet and marry Drawn into a fight he would rather not be in Alex goes off to fight the British invasion of Scotland and saves his men by being captured Mary goes to London to save him from execution and finds that one of the judges is a reprobate lyar and sexual pervert he tries to bargain with Mary imprisones her to re capture Alex who has been freed bu his men and the suspense begins I loved this book and highly recommend it

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    I have heard the Voyager series by Diana Gabladon is better than the Kilgannon series I guess since I haven't read the Voyager series I wasn't making comparisons throughout and I enjoyed it I thought it was a decent seuel to Kilgannonit picks up where the other leaves off I think it could have just been one long book but I understand why a publisher would want to make two books instead The characters in this book are greatI really like the supporting characters especially Matthew

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    I really like the main characters Mary and Alex and so I could forgive the fact that in this book a lot happened while at the same time nothing happened We had the same parting scene over and over We had various men making propositions of the married Mary We had to pick up and move the family multiple times under dangerous circumstances And then while the story came to an end we were clear that the troubles were not over But there is not a third book and sadly the author passed away so that will have to be the end of the Kilgannon saga

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