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Playing With Matches [PDF / EPUB] Playing With Matches Part Sex the City part Bridget Jones’s Diary Playing with Matches will make you laugh cry and thank the dating goddess that at least it didn’t happen to youPlaying with Matches is the answer to ev Part Sex the City part Bridget Jones’s Diary Playing With Matches will make you laugh cry and thank the dating goddess that at least it Playing With ePUB Ñ didn’t happen to youPlaying With Matches is the answer to every single woman’s wail of “Why does this happen to me”Honey it happens to everyone Women from all over the world have contributed to Playing With Matches answering the call for tragic dating tales in all their nasty and delicious detail And as a survivor of countless terrible evenings Cameron is an expert She’s dated an overweight manic eater who picked fights and an anaesthesiologist twenty years her senior who really did put her to sleep Each new bad date made her swear off men forever Until of course another hopeful possibility presented himselfBad dates happen Every night another woman returns home reeling from a missed match But each evening spent with Mr Wrong teaches us something about our own love limits Can I cuddle with a man who blows his nose in a cloth napkin Do I like to spank my lover Do I have something in common with the director of a funeral home Does a pierced nipple bother me How about a pierced scrotum We need to embrace our misadventures share the pain and find the humour Playing With Matches will remind us all that no matter how awful a date was there is always someone else with a worse story Four of us — the single women at the baby shower — are hunched in a corner drinking bloody Marys and ignoring a chorus of cooing over a Winnie the Pooh breastfeeding pillow “All night long he talked to me through the bloody cat” Julie complains “‘Does Mummy like to snuggle Isn’t Mummy funny’” I snort my drink all over her winter white skirt She brushes it off without thinking and continues “I bought leather knee high boots for this guy ”Everyone knows the recipe for an ideal date one nice guy plus great hair day a cup of good lighting remove five pounds a sprinkle of new perfume and a liberal splash of Stoli vodka That someone actually manages to cook up a date like this is rarePlaying With Matches is for women who let’s face it have much experience with recipes of disaster than recipes for romance We know that there are bad dates out there than good ones Intellectually we also know that these misadventures build character As Mom says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right—from Playing With Matches.

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    I picked up this book thinking I should get rid of it but I also thought I should read at least some of it I read all of it Good light reading; suitable for a bathroom or waiting room May be entertaining to females May take it to the cottage

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    À vrai dire ce n'est pas le genre de livre ue je lis d'habitude mais je me suis laissé surprendre 😅Ce livre contient des pépites avec des détails crus croustillants sur les rendez vous galants contés par la gente feminine Il y en a ui sont bien ratés d'autres ui sont parfaits jusu'au moment fatidiue et ui en deviennent gênants Dur dur de croire ue tout cela est arrivé En tout cas je me suis tapé des fous riresNe le lisez pas si vous êtes de la vieille école et si vous vous laissez prendre au jeu ne laissez pas votre tech lead le lire à haute voix dans le bus 😂😭

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    Ho scovato uesto libro nel cesto degli scambi della biblioteca e si è dimostrato esattamente uello che prometteva di essere una lettura divertente e leggera Si è rivelato anche stranamente confortantepersino i peggiori appuntamenti che mi siano mai capitati in confronto alle esperienze descritte in uesto libro sembrano sogni a occhi aperti

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    Hilarious These stories made me appreciate the comfort of marriage

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    So soJe ne l'ai pas terminéUn livre pour les jeunes ui couche d'un bord à l'autre

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    “Il libro nero dei primi appuntamenti” è un romanzo che si legge in pochi giorni divertente e comico Riesce a far sorridere il lettore per l’assurdità di certe situazioni ancor più se si è consapevoli che sono fatti accaduti realmente Ho apprezzato molto l’idea della giornalista scrittrice di raccogliere gli episodi più disastrosi e strani in fatto di appuntamenti lanciando un appello via Internet a cui hanno risposto moltissime donne Certo non tutti gli appuntamenti sono finiti male in alcuni casi le incomprensioni o l’imbarazzo della situazione non hanno ostacolato le persone coinvolte perciò alcune storie terminano con un lieto fine Inoltre l’autrice stessa racconta episodi che ha vissuto personalmente e i suoi peggiori primi appuntamenti

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    I usually don't read books like this but I picked it up and couldn't put it down Even if you are only mildly interested in the topic you might be surprised with how engaging it isThis was a signed copyI released this to someone at the Oakville Burlington Bookcrossing Meetup in 2005

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    Hated the book but we had a fun book club meeting talking about our worst dates

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    Dating exposed Very funny in parts

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