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Save the Date [PDF / EPUB] Save the Date Caroline Abbott knows her way around bridezillas Working at a stationery store means helping engaged couples pick out the perfect save the datecards and invitations for their dream weddings—a dream Caroline Abbott knows her way around bridezillas Working at a stationery store means helping engaged couples pick out the perfect Save the Datecards and invitations for their dream weddings—a dream job Save the PDF/EPUB or Until the bridezilla of the day belongs to her first kiss Alexander Wilder He’s all grown up now running his family’s luxury hotel chain and even hotter than she remembers from that scorcher of a smooch So when Caroline catches his fiancée half naked with another man she has to tell him And Alex has to break it off And of course the ex bridezilla goes completely bonkers Good thing Caroline has plenty of experience—and friends to help save her She also has the sudden interest of Alex who has a proposal of his own for her Is it just a rebound for him or does he also feel the same spark that drew them together all those years ago.

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    Save The Date is the perfect summer read that is easy and just sweeps you off your feetIt has the perfect balance of whirlwind romance drama and swoon worthy characters that makes it the perfect romcomI feel like if this were made into a movieI'd sit with my friends watching the perfect chickflickARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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    I am between 4 and 5 stars for this book I round it up to 5 stars This is my first book with miss Murphy And i am so looking forward for her next book in this series The story itself is similar to other romamce book Relationship of convinience What i really love about this book is how the author brings moral story about money and social status She packs it in a very sweet complete with likeable characters The characters chemistry is really touching without too much sex scenes I especially love Caroline and her tight circle of friends They do not have much but theu got each other back I wish i have the same circle of friends Wonderful read 5 stars

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    Caroline works at a stationary store selling wedding invitations and save the date announcement stationary to happy couples One day she runs into a bridezilla who happens to be engaged to the first boy she ever kissed Awkward When bridezilla orders her a week later to bring her printed invitations to her house Caroline witnesses something she shouldn’t and the awkward increases by a factor of ten This was my second book in this series by Monica Murphy and I’m really enjoying the fun writing and characters Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader

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    Release Date June 25 2019 Genre Contemporary Romance Actual Rating 5 starsSave the Date is the perfect summer read Readers who enjoy travel fake relationships second chance romances and books that revolve around weddings are not going to want to miss Monica's latest novel I savored this novel like a fine macaroon I read it in one sitting as well It's a lighthearted read with an excellent cast of characters and an engaging story line Monica Murphy can write a diverse number of books romances young adult thrillers and YA romances which is why I am always coming back for Save the Date falls in the romance category maybe even chick lit and has everything it needs a cute relationship brother's best friend from middle school and second chances character growth Alex finally realized what LOVE is about and a little bit of sexy times not too much just enough to see that the two were compatible It's an all around wonderful book Caroline and Alex were very sweet together It was uickly apparent that their feelings for one another never fully went away even though they haven't seen each other since they were kids Their first meeting at the coffee shop proves this and the spark between them FLEW off the pages Gosh I smiled so much There may have been a few things standing in their way at that time namely his fiance Tiffany gasp but the hurdles were overcome even if a little drama played out Don't worry This is NOT a love triangle and there is NO cheating view spoilerunless you count the fact that TIFFANY was having a fling behind Alex's back hence why they broke up hide spoiler

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    Such a uick fun read This had like every possible romance trope I could have ever wanted missed connection childhood friendscrushes each other's first kiss fake dating shared bed liek all of it was here and I loved every second of it SOOOO much fun

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    This book was a joke and I'm still screaming This book does not deserve such an adorable cover Save the Date is about a woman named Caroline who works at a stationary shop One day a woman named Tiffany comes in for cards and her fiancé happens to be Alex Caroline's first kiss from childhood While delivering cards Caroline stumbles across Tiffany cheating on Alex so she tells Alex and they break up Alex has a proposal for Caroline though and things get complicatedThis book was HILARIOUS First off the drama and events were absolute batshit and I still can't believe this is a serious book Like halfway through Alex's father has this crazy idea that Alex needs a fake fiancée and his thought process was literally what if you hired someone to be your fake fiancé haha jk unless? and the madlad actually does it There is this whole plotline of Tiffany stalking Caroline and screaming at her too and it was so weirdThese characters really suck Caroline becomes obsessed with Alex after he flirted with her at a coffee shop before remembering who she was?? and then showed up to pick out wedding cards She has so much inner monologue about omggg he's so hot and my dream man I love him ughghhghghghgh hOT MAN but then she's like well Tiffany is a straight up bITCH so it's okay Gross lady you met her once Even Alex starts dropping comments about Tiffany being a bitch and annoying and how much he wanted to screw Caroline before they break up and that's not okayOtherwise Alex really doesn't have a personality He suddenly got a POV and I didn't think that was necessary at all besides to annoy me because I will forever hate useless male POVs in romance novels Him and Caroline had ZERO chemistry the entire time Plus it took them forever to get together and I'm not reading this book just to read about people shopping if you catch my drift But then their sex one sex scene and everything else was we had sex and watched tv and had sex again was hilariously bizarre like rubbing on his knee to get off you okay Caroline??The romance was just yikes from me Caroline and Alex shared a kiss when they were in middle school and then never talked again Caroline forgot about him completely but then after re meeting him and seeing how hot and rich he is she's suddenly sticking to the idea that he's the one that got away and how he was always nice to her when they were kids And that's the founding of their relationship? Sure janSO much of this book was trashy drama while also traveling to Paris and talking endlessly about clothes and designer brands I do not and will never care about Chanel bags for fucks sake But the book did go by very uickly and I'm trash enough to read the next one

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    If I would like to describe this book with one word it would be cuteThis is the perfect summer beach or vacation read Caroline and Alex were childhoods sort of friends and each other first kiss After 8th grade they lose touch only to meet years later when Alex comes with his fiance to pick save the date cards for his upcoming wedding to shop where Caroline works This is very light and bubbly read I loved the characters plot and pace of the story It was very entertaining I loved all the Paris parts too Even though the story feels familiar and the plot line is predictable but so what It is a certain comfort in knowing that you will be getting a solid chick lit read with happy end and everything in between Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    SAVE THE DATE is here And I'm so excited for y'all to read it It was so much fun writing Caroline's story and there is to come in this series I promise Caroline's friends deserve love too

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    I enjoyed the first half of the book couldn't get enough of itbut the second half simply felt flat to me I couldn't get behind Alex and Caroline she went from barely remembering him to thinking hes the one who got away Personally my issue was Caroline she just seemed so boring as a person there was no charm or fun to her character

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    Caroline Abbott works at a high end stationary store that sells a lot of wedding related stuff like save the date cards wedding invitations and thank you cards She's used to dealing with bridezillas so her newest customer Tiffany doesn't throw her much but the identity of Tiffany's fiance does It turns out that Tiffany is getting married to Alex Wilder Caroline's first crush The last time they saw each other was when she was 12 and he was 14 He gave her her first kiss and then disappeared It's a shock to see Alex again especially like this When she was a kid Caroline never realized that Alex came from a wealthy family It's a bit strange that he's getting married so uickly only a month or so after meeting Tiffany and he doesn't even seem to like her much But Caroline tries to be professional do her job and not ogle Alex who is definitely no longer the gawky boy he used to be Then she accidentally discovers that Tiffany is cheating on Alex and things become even complicated This was one of my Book Bonanza purchases I tend to be drawn to illustrated covers and this looked cute and fun I went into this expecting a zany romantic comedy in which Caroline and Alex would awkwardly try to reconnect while dodging Tiffany's probably over the top attempts at getting revenge against Caroline andor Alex Instead the writing style made me uestion what genre I was dealing with Caroline's first person present tense POV felt chick lit than romantic comedy to me and Caroline and Alex's early flirtation prior to Caroline discovering that Alex was one of her newest customers had me wondering whether it was actually going to be Alex who cheated first rather than Tiffany While Caroline and Alex didn't kiss or even spend much time together until after Alex learned about Tiffany's cheating and ended their engagement it still felt uncomfortably like Tiffany was set up for failure She was horrible and annoying and even so I felt a bit sorry for her From the sounds of things after the initial shine of their relationship wore off Alex basically stopped paying much attention to Tiffany spent most of his time at work and procrastinated on getting her an engagement ring Yeah Tiffany was a gold digger who rushed him into a wedding but he let himself be rushed It was like he just couldn't be bothered to break up with her and was going to marry her because it was easier than telling her no Which honestly didn't make him an appealing romantic hero The parts of the book from his POV came across as wooden and boring and my impression of him only worsened after he and Caroline decided to succumb to their attraction to each other I think readers were supposed to see them as a better solid couple than Alex and Tiffany but instead I saw Caroline as Alex's Tiffany 20 Just like with Tiffany their relationship started off with lots of bouts of fantastic sex fantastic for them I considered the first person present tense sex scenes to be gross and stilted When things got tough just before the end of the book though and Alex had to make a decision between trusting and supporting Caroline or doubting her he chose the latter It emphasized that these two characters still didn't really know or trust each other and the happy ending after Alex did a bit of groveling felt hollow Also this was a very small part of the book but I still wanted to bring it up I didn't like the way the author used Alex's younger brother James Alex had two siblings his sister Meredith and his younger brother James James was autistic It was mentioned that he worked as an accountant in the family business and seemed to be pretty good at it At one point Alex thought about how James had told him that he felt like their parents were babying him he still lived with their parents and it sounded like they were very protective Alex privately agreed with Jamesbut also expected that James would one day move in with either Meredith or him so I didn't really see how he was any different from their parents not even entertaining the idea that James might want independence It also bugged me that while Meredith got a small speaking role in the book James didn't For someone who was supposedly so important to Alex he had almost no presence Caroline had a group of friends who all gave off future heroine in this series vibes However none of them particularly drew me in and after the issues I had with Save the Date I have no intention of trying another one of this author's booksOriginal review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions

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