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    The fifteenth entry in Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series consists of three novellas featuring the precinct's detectives In the first a wealthy young woman is found murdered in a room in a run down boarding house Why in the world was she living there when she had loads of money and a very upscale home at her disposal? There's precious little evidence to go on and Detective Steve Carella is reduced to going through her cancelled checks grasping at straws in an effort to find her killerIn the second story a rabbi is viciously stabbed to death on Passover The precinct’s Jewish detective Meyer Meyer interrupts his own observation of the holiday to help Carella investigate the killing The trail leads to a rabid anti Semite but can the detectives make a case?In the third story Detective Cotton Hawes is off for a weekend skiing vacation with a tall limber showgirl He’s reserved two rooms but things are definitely looking up when she asks to stay in his Then some inconsiderate jerk commits a murder

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    The Empty Hours consists of three 87th Precinct novelettes007 The Empty Hours095 J171 StormThe book is 255 pages

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    First of all the cover of the edition I read describes this thing as an “87th precinct novel” It isn’t a novel It’s a collection of stories I like stories but if I begin reading something with the idea that it’s a novel I don’t like discovering that it isn’t when I get to page 90 I get it that novels sell better than short story collections but please don’t mislead me about what I’m readingSecond of all this collection isn’t very good The titular story is remarkably predictable and completely lacking in any kind of suspense The second story about the murder of a rabbi is a little better but McBain goes way out of his way to explain details of Judaism that even a meshugenah goy like myself understands The third story is different from most of the 87th Precinct series and it’s the best of the three in this collection Instead of taking place in McBain’s fictional stand in for New York it takes place at a remote snowed in ski resort and instead of the whole team Detective Hawes has to solve it by himself while arguing with idiot local cops By the way it’s pretty dumb of McBain to set his regular 87th precinct stories in a fictional city based on New York People love New York and they love reading stories set there This fictional version feels off and unnecessary and is clearly a mistake

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    Three novellas involving the cast of the 87th Didn't know how I'd feel about short stories instead of the usual length but I was very pleasantly surprised All three stories were concise and intriguing and character driven McBain doesn't get nearly enough credit for his character development and commentary A story involving the murder of a rabbi was surprisingly touching

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    The Empty Hours by Ed McBain is really a collection of three short stories Each story is self contained features one or of the detectives of the 87th precinct and all are entertaining and well pacedOf the three I found the second story to be the most compelling It’s the second day of Passover and a rabbi has been murdered just outside his synagogue The letter “J” is scrawled on the wall suggesting that this was a hate crime perpetrated by an anti semite Despite it being Det Steve Carella that caught the case Det Meyer Meyer is brought in to help given his familiarity with the observances and customs of Jewish congregations The mystery is a good one and it was fun to see Meyer in action and coming to terms with his own Judaism in an authentic fashion The other two stories are both well done and different from one another Despite their “mundane“ plot lines each held my interest This is a great way to fill in a day or two with a reliable author who wrote the best police procedural murder mystery stories of his time Always a pleasure to round out a year of books with our friends from the 87th Precinct I might just sueeze in one

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    Unlike all the previous books in this series this one is collection of three short novellas The first is a standard murder investigation with a twist at the end The middle one is a story about the murder of a Jewish rabbi in what looks like an anti semetic hate crime The final story is what happens when Cotton Hawes goes away for a weekend skiing with his lady friendPretty good and an easy read as each story is only about 80 pages

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    An interesting set of three novellas set in or around the detectives of the 87th precinct As the books in this series go this was a solid addition to the overall story arc

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    The Empty Hours consists of three stories featuring the usual cast from the 87th Precinct As the development of plot and character are important within the series a part of me was concerned that the shorter works might not grab me in the usual way I can say with total conviction that I needn't have worried Each morsel is a substantial meal than a snack In many ways this is because the characters are so well formed from their other outings that they don't need to be expanded so the cases become central to the enjoyment Having said that if this was your first encounter with either Carella or Myer or Hawes I think you'd still feel totally satisfied by this collection The Empty Hours tells of a wealthy loner who turns up dead in her apartment The case leads the detectives to a boating accident and a safe deposit box and there's plenty of gratification to be found if you like to work things out just before the detectives because of McBain's excellent navigation J involves the murder of a Rabbi spattered in paint and left to die below the graffiti of the letter in the title It takes the detectives into the word of anti Semites and racist thugs and has Meyer thinking about his own JewishnessStorm sees our loveable giant Cotton Hawes the man who had a Mallen streak long before Catherine Cookson got there taking a beautiful dancer up the mountains for the weekend and winding up becoming involved in a murder when a young instructor is stabbed with a ski pole This one's a particularly atmospheric piece and the conflict between the big city detective and the local sheriff is a treat I loved each of these They're long enough to give a lot of satisfaction and short enough to get through them at a pace Having finished them I'm hoping that I'll come across of a similar length in due course The first story is strong the second better still and the best is saved till lastTerrific stuff and a great reminder that small really can be very beautiful indeed

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    This book which is considered the 15th in the 87th precinct series actually consists of three novellas each of which has a personality all its own In the first novella The Empty Hours a rich young woman is found dead in a slum The second concerns the murder of a Rabbi and shows the Antisemitism which was so much a part of our culture at that time and which of course still exists today The third entry my favorite takes place at a rundown ski resort where detective Hawes and his female companion hope to spend an enjoyable weekend only to have it disrupted by a murder I hate when that happens What is remarkable about this series is that there is tremendous variety in the books but the author is true to the characters he creates It's easy to see why these were so popular and why they stand the test of time

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    The three shorter 87th Precinct stories featuring a ski resort a synagogue and a dead rich girl They each contain and interesting idea that works as the entire story skipping the subplots of the previous 87th novels Carella wants to know why a rich girl is living in ramshackle boarding house Meyer wants to know who killed the rabbi Cotton Hawes is on a skiing vacation with his girlfriend when a ski instructor is murdered

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The Empty Hours (87th Precinct #15) [PDF / EPUB] The Empty Hours (87th Precinct #15) Three chillers from the files of the 87th Precinct A young wealthy woman is found strangled to death in a slum apartment leaving behind only her name some cancelled checks and an unknown killer in The Three chillers from the files of the th Precinct A young wealthy woman is found strangled to death in a slum apartment leaving behind only her name some cancelled checks and an unknown killer in The Empty Hours A big ugly J is painted on the synagogue wall by a killer who had brutally stabbed the rabbi on Passover A bright red pool of blood spread into the snow as The Empty eBook ✓ Cotton Hawes watched his uiet ski weekend turn into a hunt for a ski slope slayer in Storm.