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The Silver Pigs [PDF / EPUB] The Silver Pigs When Marcus Didius Falco a Roman informer who has a nose for trouble that's sharper than most encounters Sosia Camillina in the Forum he senses immediately all is not right with the pretty girl She co When Marcus Didius Falco a Roman informer who has a nose for trouble that's sharper than most encounters Sosia Camillina in the Forum he senses immediately all is not right with the pretty girl She confesses to him that she is fleeing for her life and Falco makes the rash decision to rescue her—a decision he will come to regret For Sosia bears a heavy burden as heavy as a pile of stolen Imperial ingots in fact Matters just get complicated when Falco meets Helena Justina a Senator's daughter who is connected to the The Silver MOBI :ß very same traitors he has sworn to expose Soon Falco finds himself swept from the perilous back alleys of Ancient Rome to the silver mines of distant Britain—and up against a cabal of traitors with blood on their hands and no compunction whatsoever to do away with a snooping plebe like FalcoThe Silver Pigs is Lindsey Davis' classic novel which introduced readers around the world to Marcus Didius Falco a private informer with a knack for trouble a tendency for bad luck and a freuently inconvenient drive for justice.

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    Way back in early 2015 I read Lindsey Davis' The Ides of April I liked it and since it featured the daughter of Marcus Didius Falco I thought I would eventually get around to the original character The Silver Pigs is the first of many Falco novels that Davis wrote over a period of than 20 years I rarely think that an entertaining mystery merits five stars but this one does For many of us who would rather read historical mysteries than current true crime the attraction is what an author can do to transport us to a different time and place and to make us understand andor feel what it was like to breath and walk around in that remote land Davis is a master at doing so with Imperial RomeWe climbed up then strolled side by side In early April just before dinner we were virtually alone It was all there Nothing like it in the world Six story apartment blocks thrust upwards from narrow streets confronting palaces and private homes with brotherly disregard for social niceties Mushroom beige light flaked the roofs of the temples or shimmered in fountain sprays Even in April the air felt warm after the British wetness and cold As we walked along peacefully Helena and I counted off the Seven Hills together While we came west along the Esuiline ridge we had an evening wind in our faces It bore tantalizing traces of rich meat dumplings gurgling in dark gravies in five hundred dubious cookshops oysters simmering with coriander in white wine sauce pork braising with fennel peppercorns and pine nuts in the busy kitchen of some private mansion immediately below Up to our high spot rose a distant murmur of the permanent hubbub below touts and orators crashing loads donkeys and doorbells the crunch of a marching Guards detachment the swarming cries of humanity densely packed than anywhere in the Empire or the know world beyondIt isn't just this Davis offers There is mystery murder social commentary history both in Rome and in England comedy of manners and family suabbles politics and insights into ruling Flavian dynasty during its early stages But than all this Davis weaves a story that takes the informer that era's term for a private investigator Falco from a callow opportunist to a mature man And how that is accomplished you will have to read for yourself Before I leave you here is another selection EnjoyIt was a lively day warm and bright with a lift in the airAll the temples had been thrown open and the baths were closed; incense smoking on a thousand altars grappled with the whiff of half a million people perspiring in their holiday clothes without a chance to bathe all day Apart from one or two dedicated housebreakers slipping through deserted streets with discreet sacks of swag everyone who was not in the procession was watching it There were so many gawpers packed along the processional route that the marchers and floats could hardly crawl along My brother in law Mico the plasterer had for once been put to use They sent him out at first light to erect a scaffold just for us in front of some unwary citizen's private house There was not really room for a scaffold but when the aedile's troops saw the entire Didius family installed on a day's hampers all eating suelchy melons and wearing country hats with their noses already stuck well down their gourds of wine and their throats full of ready abuse the troopers accepted a slice of melon each then shambled off without trying to tear the scaffold down

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    The Silver Pigs is fun to read And if you're looking to read to relax there's no better praiseAs I mentioned in my comment the voice and tone reminded me of Glen Cook's Garrett PI series sans the fantasy element Even strongly I'm reminded of a Roman Rockford Files which may be brilliantly illuminative to those of a certain age or who have a taste for '70s detective shows For the rest you can wiki it and then hunt down copies of the episodes which stream on NetflixBut I'm digressingMarcus Didius Falco is an ex legionary current informer ie private investigator in the Rome of Vespasian AD 69 79 If you're looking for fast paced engaging and smartly written bedsideairplane reading then I can recommend this seriesFortunately my library has all but 3 of the 20 books Davis has written so far Though of course they wouldn't have #2 but my luck continues good as my alternate library has a copy which I've duly ordered

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    'Now don't be worried' I reassured her 'Tell me how old are you?'She was sixteen O Jupiter'Married?''Do I look like a person who is married?'She looked like a person who soon should be Nope Not for me

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    Wow I really liked this It's very accessible; you can enjoy it even if you don't know a thing about the history of Ancient Rome The author supplies historical details smoothly without lecturing the readerThe mystery itself wasn't especially gripping but the story was fast paced with truly likeable characters and great dialogue I started snickering at the dramatis personae and continued to be amused all the way through the bookThere are freuent oddly placed paragraph breaks which make the writing seem a little choppy at first but after a while I started to enjoy the narrative style I've already ordered the next book in this series

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    'Silver Pigs' begins at a run and it really doesn't let up Marcus Didius Falco a 70 AD Roman private informer whose usual jobs involve following young philandering wives for rich old husbands finds himself in the middle of a mystery of murder and mayhem involving important senators of high rank and even the Emperor Vespasian himselfThirty year old Falco has a large family and a mother but they all are grieving for Falco's brother Didius Festus who was a heroic soldier in the Roman army and who was recently killed while serving in Palestine So when a lovely young girl Sosia Camillina niece of Senator Decimus Camillus Verus and daughter of the senator's younger brother Publius Camillus Meto almost knocks Falco down on the steps of the Forum he welcomes the distraction Two big men were chasing the sixteen year old so Falco gallantly helps her escape out a back door The two new friends get to know each other in Falco's sixth floor walkup flat over Lenia's laundry which is also Falco's office Sosia tells him she was kidnapped out of her uncle's house for reasons unknown but she had managed to wriggle free from their grasp After talking things over with Falco's best friend and fellow ex soldier Petronius Longus now a Patrol Captain of the Aventine Watch police Sosia stays at Falco's place for the night He plans to bring her relatives to her in the morning as they decide it is to dangerous for her to go out in publicAfter visiting the Senator in his palatial house and verifying Sosia's relationship and her story and happily getting a contract from the Senator to work for him Falco leaves the Senator's house intending to return to his small flat and the girl However unexpectedly Falco is suddenly attacked by several large suspicious aediles young politicians working for praetors who in turn are selected by senators They want to know where the girl is What is their involvement and who sent them? Did Decimus Camillus change his mind? No In the office of the aediles Sosia's father Publius Camillus introduces himself So much the worse for a beating Falco and his new companions all return to Falco's flat Oh no Sosia Camillina is gone Falco wonders if he going to come out of this with his skin intact'Silver Pigs' the first novel in this series is lighthearted in tone with lots of humor and jokes But there is also plenty of PG 13 action and drama It moves very fast but I thought maybe too fast and the writing is choppy However there is a lot of genuine ancient Roman detail and Falco runs into serious dangers while going undercover in British silver mines and meeting many actual historical figures in Roman history He is a tough guy but his mother keeps him in hand He meets a twenty three year old aristocrat daughter in this story who obviously is someone who is going to matter to Falco going forward All in all I think it will be a fun and entertaining series

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    Enjoyed the reread I always find new plot points or historical references that I've missed This time it was Vitellius and mushy peas

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    This is the highly entertaining and enjoyable first novel in the series Marcus Didius Falco is a first century detective in Rome or as they are known there and then an informer This story starts in a hot day at the Rome Forum where Falco sights and then takes in hand a fleeing young woman from the senator class Sosia Camillina is sixteen radiantly innocent and someone has tried to kidnap her from the very sanctum of her home Sosia has no idea why and discovering that is the long often obfuscated trail that takes Falco and the reader throughout the beautifully researched and vividly recreated Rome 70 71 AD It takes us traveling across the Roman empire through the provinces of Europe and then to Britain where again meticulous scholarship and interest in the period come through in the exciting tale of Falco uncovering the plot of the stolen silver pigs This is not the first of Lindsey Davis' books I read and while it is easy and plenty of fun to read them out of order I have to say I really am glad to finally red the first it sets the scene so well Also I loved reading the start of Falco and Helena's journey together I think reading the first has made me even interested in the seriesAlso I really enjoyed the Author's introduction I am a history buff and I read so much that the shifts in reading fashions over the years fascinate me When Davis first wrote this book at the end of the 1980's few publishers were willing to take a chance on something as 'far out there' as 'historical fiction' let alone 'historical detective fiction' It was thought too much of a risk How wild is that? It is practically mainstream these days though I do think many of the available offerings lack the lovely writing and intent scholarship of the Lindsey Davis booksPart of the authors introduction involves historical scholarship He makes the point that when a book is written the best of archaeological knowledge can go into it only to have the theories change over the years So it is with this one the method of creating silver and lead ingots which led to them being called 'pigs' is now being uestioned It might well be that the processes described in this book are incorrect but for me as a reader not a 1st century archaeologist that in no way detracts from the novelWhile I think than anyone who likes history Roman history specifically will enjoy this novel the actual detective mystery is enough fun and the characters and society so vividly described and embellished that I have no hesitation in saying that it will appeal to a much broader range of people than those who like historical fiction alone And now I want to go back and re read all of the rest of the series such a shame that I have loaned so many of them out

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    “When the girl came rushing up the steps I decided she was wearing far too many clothes”Sam Spade? Phillip Marlowe? Mike Hammer? Nope none other than Marcus Didius Falco the private investigator who is the creation of English author Lindsey Davis And “The Silver Pigs” is the first of 20 books she has written about the adventures of Falco set in 70 AD during the the beginning of the reign of Roman Emperor VespacianI always marvel at how well British authors can work with the Roman Empire as a setting as there are uite a few books and series set in Ancient Rome as I am also a huge fan of the Medicus series by Ruth Downie – I admit I have not read the works of Steven Saylor from the US but hope to begin shortly Here Davis has begun a series about the first gumshoe as Marcus Didius Falco has left the military and has gone into this line of work as well as working as an informant when the need arises The plot in this book takes us from Rome to Britain and the Silver mines located there We have the attempted kidnapping of a 16 year old girl who becomes Falco’s client along with murder and intrigue at the highest levels of Rome as well as a conspiracy to defraud the Roman government of uite a large amount of silver ingots thus the title of the book the Silver Pigs as pigs is another word for ingot It is uite a fun and fascinating book one that moves along at a very fast pace and provides us with a good plot a good mystery a good hero Falco and a beguiling heroine The dialogue is realistic and the history is spot in accurate If the remaining 19 books are anything like this one then it will be a wonderful series for one and all to read especially for those who enjoy history and detective novelsHighly enjoyed this book and give it a big thumbs up recommendation Solid effort for a first book in a series even though I could figure out some of the conspiracy and the conspirators before Falco – but that is OK since he is the first private investigator and I have read many of these books than he has worked on cases Have fun with this book and series

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    I like the MC in this series He is like your uncle who lives next door He is normal trying to do the best he canand he can be suckered into things I liked that I got to see detail about him I've read a few of these novels in this series and they all share some commonalities The author writes with a contemporary flaireven though this is Ancient Rome historical fiction That usually isn't something I like but she makes it work in her books I also like the way she constructs her plots The mystery is methodical and it peels away piece by piece So 3 stars

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    Oh where do I start? A private eye series set in ancient Rome This is the first one I won't add all the books individually there are I think 18 by now but it's set in Rome in 70AD the hero is Marcus Didius Falco a Roman 'informer' and his friends and his over the top family and his lady Helena Justina the senator's daughter way out of his league but that doesn't stop them lol and HER family They are my favourite ancient Roman couple Evah There is adventure all over the Empire treachery theft politics murder even children you name it you'll find it here I love love love this series Probably rates three stars for writing plus an extra for meticulous research inserted so painlessly that you're barely aware of it

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