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Boyfriend Bargain (Hawthorne University, #1) [PDF / EPUB] Boyfriend Bargain (Hawthorne University, #1) Wanted one hot guy with rock hard abs and a big stick Broke and desperate, Sugar Ryan has no use for arrogant, bad boy athletes until she s forced to bargain with the cockiest of them all.If only he Wanted one hot guy with rock hard abs and a big stick Broke and desperate, Sugar Ryan has no use for arrogant, bad boy athletesuntil she s forced to bargain with the cockiest of them allIf only he knew she was alive Her mission Get on this hockey player s radar any way possible Zack Morgan is the king of the ice and the bedroom but nothing prepares him for the mystery girl who shows up everywhere he does frat parties, his favorite bar, and finally his front door with an offer he can t refuse The only rule in her boyfriend bargain no falling in loveBut after one um, two smoking hot hookups, he s done with pretending and vows to make their fake relationship real Too bad she can t trust a player with a reputation for breaking hearts Will this hockey star score his forever girl or will their Boyfriend Bargain end in heartbreak A standalone hockey romance.

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    A sports romance that has an emotional past, present, and future filled with love, lust and so much understanding moments between the characters that Ilsa has so beautifully created Everyone who knows me, knows that I am addicted to sports romances and my knees turn weak whenever I see that Ilsa has a new book coming out, because they always have to be somehow related to the sub genre of sports romances You can never go wrong with reading her novels, and this book was no exception I will be honest, when I first read the synopsis I was a tiny bit hesitant about it But knowing the kind of writing Ilsa writes, I just knew and had a feeling that I would not be disappointed The chemistry of all the characters she writes and enhances from is just so magical on its own way, and there is so much passion through it as well when the reader gets to enjoy it I am a fan of characters that have a past in which they have to try and conquer or try to move on from, and in this case you Zack Morgan has a past that he is trying to defeat and try to leave behind after meeting Sugar Ryan It being said, it s no surprise that these stories that Ilsa writes are one hundred percent insta love romances that always keep me intact and in love with her writing And when we meet Zack and Sugar for the first time, you just fall in love with the charisma and yet, strong attitude that she has That is what keeps Z motivated to conquering her heart They start at first acting it out, being in a fake relationship But after being physical with each other, their true physical attraction is not to be denied Ilsa knows how to kill the endgame of characters being true to each other When they are just simply meant to be, not even the universe can separate them and that is the case for Zack and Sugar I cup her face and kiss her like she s really mine, like she s coming home with me like she s dying for me to touch her just as much as I m dying for her For Sugar, at first their relationship was beneficial for the aspect of her getting into her dream law school As for Zack, this fake relationship is beneficial for him because he does not want any hockey chasers to be following him But little do they know that in reality they are just meant to be, and for Sugar being with someone after her last boyfriend who cheated on her, her heart is delicate and Zack must treat it with a tender care For her Zack is this strong alpha male that has all the power in the world, and in some way I find that endearing to read because having an alpha male is what makes me drool There s an earthy dominant warrior quality to him, one that calls to the softness in me He s confident and has purpose, and shit, he wants me I know it in the way he can t take his eyes off me Overall, this was a true sports romance that that focused on the character s life the most and not the sport, which I am all down for so I don t mind that And meeting knew characters is always good because you may also be introduced to a possible new series Maybe Ilsa has a new series connecting to this novel coming up her sleeves, and if so I am totally down for it Thank you to Ilsa and Social Butterfly PR for letting me read this novel in advance, looking forward to Ilsa s future books ARC kindly provided by the publicist, in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

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    MY REVIEW AND OTHERS can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS BOYFRIEND BARGAIN Is a full length sports romance novel by Isla Madden MillsIn this we meet Zack Morgan aka Z and quirky Sugar Ryan These two are polar opposites..One is in the limelight the other prefers nights watching Game of Thrones whilst eating her way through doritos and ding dongs He s the King of Ice and I m just no one Zack Morgan is taking the hockey world by storm, the hot shot around campus, he s NHL s number one draft pick who are even willing to wait a year for him to finish up his senior year at Hawthorn University, one of the most prestigious and expensive colleges in the Midwest Twenty one year old Sugar Ryan is a shy southern belle studying pre law and born on the wrong side of the tracks and has clawed her way to where she is by sheer determination Girls like me who were raised in a trailer park on the wrong side of town with a strong tenacity to claw our way out and the will to stick it to her father who walked away from her and her mother when she was eleven years old, she s strived to show him and his other family that she can do it without him in her life ever since But now life has decided to throw her another curve ball and she s backed up against a wall and desperate, she d applied to Vanderbilt Law School but was waitlisted BUT she has a plan up her sleeve to change all that Enter Zach he s going to be the one to help her get into her school of choice, he just doesn t know it yet She has to somehow convince him to become her fake boyfriend A wee bit of stalking later, she corners him down at a Kappa house party and sets her plan in motion The boyfriend bargain is set in glue but those plans come with a set of rules No sex,, a few kisses here and there, and a strictly one month rule, no use of the name babe, and absolutely above all else no falling in love This should be easy right But sometimes rules are made to be broken And Zack plans on doing just that She ticks all my boxes She s introverted and awkward and funny everything I didn t know I liked God I loved this If you love HOT ice hockey JOCKS then look no further than this book This hit me in all the feels Once I started this I didn t put it down, seconds, minutes, hours, ceased to exist.It flowed perfectly, I connected with the characters fully, I fell in love head over heels I devoured this in record time Teaser used is off the authors facebook page

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author She s everything.She s Mine.She s a symbol of me getting life right.My Love, my hope Always.If you love sports romances about sinfully sexy and cocky as hell hockey players as much as I do, then BOYFRIEND BARGAIN by Ilsa Madden Mills is right up your alley Zack Morgan is the captain of his university s hockey team and all around big man on campus He s got a lengthy list of coeds looking to warm his bed but no one has been able to steal his heart He s plagued by some serious guilt over a tragic accident from a few years back and it s bleeding into his everyday life and affecting his game.Sugar Ryan, didn t grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth like the rest of the kids who go to her university She s had to work her butt off to pay for her tuition and has her sights on attending Vanderbilt Law School after graduation Sugar is on the wait list and thinks that with a little help from the biggest player on the hockey team, that she might be able to finagle an acceptance letter The only obstacle is that she and Zack don t run in the same social circles, but she s determined to get his help.They meet at a frat party and soon enough sparks are flying These two have crazy chemistry You feel it from the moment they find themselves within a few feet of each other Sugar asks Zack to be her fake boyfriend for a while just so that she can impress Vanderbilt s Dean of Admissions, but she s not fooling anyone but herself Zack and Sugar are 100% into each other and you feel it from the very beginning.Zack is the epitome of a book boyfriend readers fall head over heels in love with He s funny, alpha, gorgeous, and just a bit broken When he falls in love with a woman, there s nothing he wouldn t do to win her heart I think he just might be my favorite of all of Ilsa Madden Mill s Heroes Sugar is a strong Heroine with an endearing sweetness to her as well She is a challenge for Zack, who is used to women falling at his feet I loved these characters and found their story to be truly addictive.Here are my overall ratings Heroes 5Heroine 4.5Plot 5Angst 5Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 BOYFRIEND BARGAIN is currently available and not to be missed Worldwide

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    NOW a TOP 8 Bestseller 1 in New Adult and College Age Romance A steamy standalone college hockey romance Boyfriend Bargain is FREE IN KU Hot College Hockey Player Fake Relationship STEAMY EmotionalBuy Links US UK CA Boyfriend Bargain NOW FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED 3 Add to your TBR credit to elizabethsprettylittlereads on IG Thank you xoxo

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    5 Stars ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR Sugar Ryan is a 21 yr old southern girl from Alabama who is attending collage at one of the most prestigious, expensive schools in the midwest Hawthorne University is located in the small town of Sparrow Lake, in Minnesota Sugar has worked hard for everything she has, and is in her senior year of pre law when she realizes she needs some help to make her dreams come true She doesn t date bad boy athletes, but she s desperate, and feels her school s hockey star is the key to getting everything she wants The only problem is he doesn t know she exists, so her mission is to get herself on his radar and make a bargain with him She s an introvert, so she just has to work up the nerve to introduce herself to him, and make her move Zack Morgan is known as the king of the ice as the number one pick in the NHL He s captain of the Hawthorne University hockey team, and has a reputation for being a player and a heartbreaker Lately he s been too in his head, and in a dark place where he s caught up in the past Everyone depended on him to be the best, and he was tired of all the pressure and attention He just wanted to be left alone Then he meets a beautiful mystery woman that he finds intriguing and irresistible She s everywhere he turns lately, and she seems to be watching him When they finally meet she has a unique proposition for him One that will allow him to focus on school and winning the National Championship.Zack agrees to an arrangement with Sugar with set rules The main rule in the boyfriend bargain is no falling in love They will keep things simple, and keep emotions out of it That s easier said than done when a connection forms between them They are drawn to one another, and their chemistry is explosive One touch and Z can t resist her Soon she s consuming him completely There s just something about her, and he s never felt this way before A couple steamy encounters, and all their plans of pretending are shot Their fake relationship starts to feel real, and everything quickly gets complicated Will they stick to the deal, or decide to take a chance on love He is so intense and beautiful He s hot as hell and it slams into you when you look at him, like a great wind in a hurricane There s nothing pretend about how much I want him Each time we kiss, it s as if it s the first time, and I m baffled by the intense desire that rises up inside me I don t even know this wild creature I ve become I don t know anything but this feeling, this sensation, this man Boyfriend Bargain by Ilsa Madden Mills is a sexy standalone hockey romance full of delicious banter and intense heat It is an emotional, fabulous story I couldn t put down Ilsa has become one of my go to authors and one of my favorites I love to read This story was no different It completely captivated me and was an easy 5 stars for me These characters were beautiful and this story was addictive I adored Z, and would also love a book for Eric 333 NOW AVAILABLE

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    We re in a bubble, the two of us, and everyone around us seems irrelevant or at least that s my perception.I can t Ilsa Madden Mills has once again KILLED me with her writing Boyfriend Bargain is the PERFECT new adult college sports romance Ilsa writes Z and Sugar in a way that makes them truly feel like the only two people in the world Are they perfect characters No But their flaws feel relatable and not tedious as sometimes can happen in new adult Their romance starts off with sparks and fire, but it isn t only that The banter I can t with the banter It s two people who are so tense and wary of each other, but their heat is witty and hot There s this connection between them that they can t resist and it truly is so intense I swear the naughty bits in this book were so damn hot They weren t over the top or crazy, but they were so good I could feel the passion between these two characters pouring from the pages It was intense how much I could feel their need for each other.Sugar is relatable in so many ways, and a heroine you want to be friends with I was equal parts rooting for her and screaming my advice at her Like just let yourself love girl You deserve all the good things Z is the big man on campus who could care less about being the big man on campus He s outwardly that guy, but inside he s deep Honestly deep seems like a weak description, but it s also the perfect one.So this is essentially a fake relationship read, and we know how those go They don t stay fake for long Sugar is reluctant though, because of a cheating ex, and Z has secrets of his own The point being is that these two don t plan on things evolving past fake, but they do They get there slowly and passionately Each of these characters have so much personal depth that s explored and growth that happens throughout the story The banter is amazing The naughty bits are INTENSELY HOT The love story and the individual character plots are entertaining, and the cast of side characters insured that there was never a dull moment.It s an up and down ride, but the character s love and story is so worth the bumps Highly recommend.https p Bw4dW WgeYF fan edit on IG AVAILABLE NOW ARC

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    4.5 Stars I loved this book I truly did Z was such a sweetheart and definitely earned a spot with my top favourite heroes The only reason I docked a half a star was Sugar our heroine I kind of felt like it was always Zack chasing herI would have loved to see her do a grand gesture for him Other than that I really adored their romance Their sexual chemistry was combustible and majorly off the charts Holy hell, when these two did the deed, fireworks exploded I m not usually the biggest fan when it comes to sports romances, but I felt this story had just the right amount of hockey vs romance there wasn t any time where I needed to skim through hockey jargon I highly recommend this read, and it is going down as one of my book favourites of the year trust me, there isn t many right now

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    Boyfriend Bargain was an amazing read I have loved all the books I ve read by Ilsa Madden Mills This book was yet another book that I loved by the author Boyfriend Bargain is a new adult sports romance that is hot, emotional, addictive, funny and unique.Sugar and Zack are great characters Sugar is smart, feisty and caring She knows what she wants to be later and she will make that happen She studies and works hard for it Zack works hard to be the best in hockey and he hopes to go pro He is famous at college because of his hockey Sugar doesn t care about Zack s reputation, which isn t something Zack is used to Zack is interested in Sugar, but she tries to keep her distant She doesn t want to get hurt again.I adored Sugar and Zack, individually and as a couple Both of them didn t always have the easiest life That made it even better and beautiful how Sugar and Zack found each other and love with each other The road to their happily ever after wasn t always easy There are secrets Sugar is also a girl who likes to run away from Zack.The secondary characters were also great They made the book complete I loved the friendships between all of them Their friends made me smile multiple times I hope that there will be books for some of the secondary characters I m curious about some of their pasts and futures My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book.

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    Trying to catch up on reviews Vacation set me back So short and sweet on the next couple I devoured this read This author always has a way to get me to fall in love and she definitely didn t disappoint with this one I love sports, I love sexy men, and I love books that capture my attention This is a read, if you a sports romance lover, you can not miss Pick it up today

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    Ahhhh this book oh my gosh ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewI ve read a few books by this author and every single time they get better Ilsa Madden Mills is one of those authors who s books are different from the others and ones that ll call your attention straight away The Boyfriend Bargain was so much than I expected A fake relationship, a whole lot of laughs and sexiness mixed with emotions Sadness and anger make up parts of this book and when they do, they gut you It s upsetting and horrible and simply heartbreaking to read about Zack and Sugar s story is a ride you ll definitely want to be on She s closed off from love after everything she s experienced and seen happening She keeps her heart locked up and away from any future hurt He s the kind of guy who can get any woman he wants and his eyes just happen to land upon her but he has secrets, secrets that could rip everything from underneath him Watching these two from the beginning has been a real pleasure, watching them interact and be together is fun and beautiful and I enjoyed this book, I really did but there s one part that just annoyed the hell out of meand that part was how much of a pushover she was for him especially after everything that went down she just let him do whatever he wanted because he was there near her and I hate that, it s sad to see her drop all her feelings because she s strong a woman and she does this all because this guy comes back and decides to throw himself on her again and then still not explain a damn thing to her So with the exception of that little bit everything about this book was perfect I mean, you know one is doing their thing properly when you get ticked off by a fictional character, I love feeling these emotions Also, I would absolutely love a book from Eric, this guy seems like he s so much fun Ilsa did incredible with this book This woman puts her all into every book she gives us and it s clear to see The Boyfriend Bargain is fun, sweet and captivating It s sad and heartbreaking and it will leave you wanting so much from them.

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