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    4 45 STARS REVIEW TO BE POSTED ASAPBooks in Dark Legacy series should be read in orderBook 1 Broken WingsBook 2 Broken TrustBook 3 Broken Legacy

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    WARNING I systematically detail everything I disliked about the book Don't read if you're a diehard fan of this thing Read if you want to know why you should save yourself the money and time I know the authors' dedication at the front of this book was specifically to tropes but damn This book was so cliched that I've read essentially the same story 58373 times before Tropes are tropes for a reason we like to read them and I don't exclude myself from that 'we' but you need to bring something new to the table with them to avoid mediocrity and obscurityNothing new was brought to the table in Broken WingsI only got 20% of the way through but here's a list of all the plot holes clichés and general irritants I found within that 20%❌ Genuinely incredible levels of slut shaming Not a single girl was allowed to walk past the heroine Riley without Riley making insanely bitchy comments The thing is I could overlook that if it weren't for the HYPOCRISY Riley wears jumpers so small that people can see her bra but feels free to judge other girls on the visibility of their underwear❌ The only other girl exempt from the slut shaming is the reuisite best friend Riley makes immediately Eddy is a stock figure there to give Riley 'insider info' and the two form a blood strong connection instantly for no apparent reason Eddy is of course also related to the four boys who 'own the school' and has her own crush on one of them❌ Speaking of the school I'm supposed to believe that HIGH HEELS ARE A COMPULSORY PART OF THE UNIFORM Bitch please I know Americans seem to find school uniforms a weird concept but there is absolutely no way a secondary school could get away with forcing its students to wear heels BECAUSE THE MALE STUDENTS WANT IT ❌ This leads us to another pet peeve of mine boys who run the school Now admittedly this could be a real thing in American schools But in Britain even members of the royal family are essentially treated as normal anecdotal evidence I know but a friend of mine went to school with one of our princesses The princess in uestion was not treated as a goddess by the other students and certainly not by the staff I will always always be sceptical about claims that a group of teenaged boys have unlimited power over everybody❌ Speaking of these teenaged boys the hero Beck is constantly described as 'perfect' and 'flawless' Twilight much? He can be called handsome without being perfect and it would give the story a much needed touch of realism You could say that you aren't reading the story for the realism and fair enough the plot isn't supposed to be realistic But you can't expect readers to suspend their disbelief for EVERYTHING Also these boys are obviously manwhores ❌ Last point on the school thing I'm also supposed to accept that the female students HAVE to wear short skirts mandated by the uniform code because the male students want it Yeah no ❌ The authors engineer a meeting between Riley and Beck by having her walk into his chest in a school corridor It is OF COURSE described as being like 'walking into a brick wall' That simile is so old it probably crops up in cave paintings Also what's with all these heroines walking into the chests of people who happen to be the hero? Is there a sudden epidemic of blindness in the YANA world? It's incredibly amateurish on the authors' part to have them meet like that as Wattpad ish as having them coincidentally paired up for a class project Which for all I know happens too ❌ So Riley who by the way says she grew up dirt poor and bought her clothes from Goodwill regularly drives million pound cars like Bugattis and Aston Martins She knows everything about luxury cars she knows what the Forbes rich list is she behaves like a normal teenager with a normal amount of general knowledge and obvious access to the internet but I'm supposed to believe she doesn't know what Louboutins are? Despite stating she loves heels? Give me a breakReading this book was like reading Cruel or The Boys of Brayshaw High It was at least way better written technically than the latter but a bit hackneyed than the former I'm not even going to bother comparing it to Paper Princess Elite Kings Club or Fallen Crest because those put their own spin on the tropes and I actually ended up liking them Or at least being able to remember them and I don't regret reading them This book was just so bland it was boring Honestly I expected from Tate James and Jaymin Eve who are both good authors in their own right Blog Bookstagram

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    'BROKEN WINGS' is the first full length new adult book in Jaymin Eve's Tate James 'Dark Legacy' series MY REVIEW AND OTHERS can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS A rags to riches kind of story This book right here exploded on facebook it had been jumping up on my newsfeed all over the show Then it came with a stamp of recommendation and one look at the reviews and I was sold This centered around Riley a strong resilient character who literally within a blink of an eye just shy of turning eighteen loses her family leaving her alone in the world other than a best friend Dante whom she adored she had no family who she could call her ownBUT as a baby Riley was given up for adoption which she knew about from a very early ageNOW though her birth mother has since come forward since the death of her parents and she's laying claim to herAll is not as it seems here And this is where things get interesting Catherine Deboise is up to something and you're her pawn We intend to see you wiped from the board before she can make her move Now the guysHoly shitThe guys These four entitled guys are like no other characters I have ever come across they are like claude Van Dam I shit you not They are fighting machines that have learned from a very young age how to take care of themselves even if that means killing Yep you read it here Bec aka Sebastian Jasper Evan and Dylan Sebastian Roman Beckett Self confessed king of Ducis Academy Gorgeous or not I'd still rather punch him in the face than kiss him Dylan from the start might have looked the scariest but he was the most caring He was the one that held the others together Bec was their leader their fury their fear But Dylan was their heart Loyal and lethal A brotherhood I one clicked this one in the hopes that it was going to be centered around the rich elite bullying snobs but god this book was so much than that It COMPLETELY took me by surprise These guys weren't that bad at all though the ending did have me uestioning everything about themYes it does end in one bugga of a cliffy with the second book dangling way out of reach I was hooked as soon as I started this completely uniue which is hard when it comes to this genre because it's been done so many times before BUT not by these two these two went above and beyond with bringing us something fresh something different something that got it's hooks into me early on in the book and didn't let go This book had layers upon layers nothing was as it seemed This ticked all my boxes the angst the crazy hot guys tough heroine the sexy times the terror filled times So think 'The fast and the furious' with the illegal street racing because yes this book even threw that into the mix and I loved it Teaser used is off the authors facebook page      

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    45This really hit the spot for me last night I thought I knew what this book was going to be like but I was wrong There were a few original spins thrown in that were a bit far fetched but they made the story a hell of a lot interesting I can't wait for book 2 😍

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    Another so called “strong” heroine who thinks she’s do tough but in fact is so led by her “betraying body” around the annoying male lead She also suddenly starts referring to the annoying H and his friends as “her boys” and acting all smug because she’s now one of them Another 17 year old girl written who is always horny around the guy and she was always “wet” Not going to read the next one she was too hormonally led and weak

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    45 Butterfly stars It's smart to always remember Butterfly money corrupts everything OMG This story was soooo good I loved it and i can not wait for the rest of the booksThe truth is that i had no idea about this book until i stepped upon it on instagram and i thought so Why not??? It sounds like something that i would read and thank God that i got impulsive and dove in it It was AWESOME Even though unrealistic in some parts But still AWESOMEIf you have read Boys of Brayshaw High then you're gonna enjoyed this book too It was the five of us against the world Riley Jameson just lost her parents and her life is turning immediately upside down when her biological parents are claiming her And from that moment a shit storm is coming on her way in the form of a bitch mother a powerful organization and four cocky rich gorgeous assholes that didn't leave her in peaceAnd the worst of them all is their leader Sebastian Beckett It was all about perspective I really couldn't give a fuck what a bunch of rich kids thought about me What did I have to lose now?Fucking hell why are the hot ones always psychopaths? Well Riley is founding herself in difficult and scary positions all the time from the moment that she stepped in this area The boys are having their eyes upon her all the time and they are determined to break herBut Riley is a tough kid and she is giving hell back and after a while she is becoming a part of them even if she didn't want to had anything to do with themOr did she??? We're going to enjoy breaking you princess All that pretty skin Those bright blue eyes When we're done with you there won't be a piece of you untouched No don't get confused It's not a reverse harem story this oneYep Riley will get attached to all of them Dylan Evan Jasper But her heart is being claimed by the worst of them all BeckRiley is drown to him since day one He is getting under her skin all the time but the things that are standing between them are too many Money and power are the worst of them all and an Elite that had planned their fate for far too long ago I needed that lesson To learn to protect myself because if there was one thing I knew about the heirs of Delta they now had the power to really hurt me I couldn't let that happen I had such little left in my life if I lost one thingI wasn't sure I'd survive So what will happen in here after all???Will Riley fit in with the rest of the crew??? And for how long before shits will hit the fan???Will Beck make her a priority or Delta will be always his priority???And what the hell is really happening in there???Too many secrets lies and betrayals are lying in the air and i need some freakin' answers ASAPWhat will happen after that awfully ending in here?? Our world it's filled with secretsAnd we all have to play the game I loved Riley soooo muchShe was a girl with personality and a badass attitude She loved racing It was a part of her and she was actually a butterfly Free in her spirit And she couldn't be cagedI know that she is destined to greatness and i know that she will find her way after allAnd her love and caring for the guys was so beautiful Of course her relationship with Sebastian was different and very intense But there is actually a hope for these two??? Fuck you Sebastian Beckett I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole No pretty exterior is worth the rotten interior Call me crazy but I have standardsYou really think so Butterfly? You want to tell me you don't feel this magnetic pull between us? That sexual tension that just keeps fucking building every time we're near? That's all in my head is it? I just lost my mind whenever he was close by and no matter how much of an asshole he was how much he scared a part of me a larger part was addicted to the rush in my blood when he was near I loved Sebastian as wellHe was tempered cocky wild gorgeous and soooo skilled I think that Sebastian has a very heavy load upon his shoulders and that's the reason that he can't be as open as he wants with RileyI also believe that he has real feelings for her but Delta will always standing in their way Unless they will do something for that What are you doing?I don't fucking know You're just everywhere In my fucking head I can't I need to stop This is not a world that works withHe waved a hand between usThen stay away from me BeckThat's the thing I've triedI barely heard those worlds and then he spun on his hell and was back in his carI keep pushing you away hoping you'd hate me That you'd stay away because being near me is a death sentence But you're a part of this whether we like it or not So maybe instead of pushing you away I should hold you tighter As for the rest of the guys??? God i loved them allDylan was always sooo serious and deadly But he had a heart of goldJasper was sooo funny and silly He was the most approachable of them allAs for Evan??? I disliked him for the spare comment but he had proven himselfThe truth is that i would love to read their stories too I'm sure that they could be really interesting Beck was their leader their fury their fear But Dylan was their heart Loyal Lethal And lonelyYou think Beck could hurt me?There are many different ways to hurt someone And some are harder to recover fromWe have everything in the world that money can buy But this He gestured to the four of us This is what money can't touch This is the only important thing we have Also in here i liked very much Dante and EddyI think that Dante is a little bit shaddy but still I liked him very much and i'm waited to find about his role in all of that because im sure that there are to himOf course i hated Riley's biological mother and i don't trust her a bitAlso the guys's fathers sucked I also need some fuckin' answers about Oscar's death I'm positive that Riley's appearance in Delta wasn't sooo accidentally after allWell I need the next book as you can realize Especially aftert that damn cliffy No one was my friend here I'd given my trust to the heirs and they had betrayed me I'd given my heart to Beck and he had smashed it into a million fucking pieces

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    MY FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL BULLY ROMANCE BOOK IG MiftahulmslovesreadingUGH I usually Hate bully romance books because 3 reasons its really predictable all bully books are the same guy is the famous kid whom all girls wants to fuck except the heroine and thats why he runs after her they have sex and suddenly falls in love the end either the heroine is wayyy to weak or wayyy to aggressive or wayyyy to annoying And its not like that these three things arent in this book there arethere is a annoying heroine yet badass and strong there is a guy whom all the girls wants to fuck yet he is mysterious and has a vibe that can make everyone fall in love with him then there is his friends who are wow The four entitled guys are like no other I have read about they are a group fighting against the world They have learned from a very young age how to survive and take care of themselves they know not to trust anyone from their world and they can kill anyone who comes in their way But now after one of them dies a girl takes his place and shows the boys their places When I first started reading this I thought I wont like this book since I end up hating like every book I read But i was never so wrong This book was so much than some rich dudes bullying a new girl it had the depth the bond between the characters Ugh i loved the friendship between Jasper and Reily but I loved the chemistry between Reily and Beck They are just perfect together Beck droolThe cliffhanger got me shook ugh I was never so desperate to read the second bookhell I started even dreaming about this one This book kept me hooked till the third book of the series and I am not at all disappointed it had a mixture of suspense thrill and romance which I am a sucker for its a must read book

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱The Timeline Ruined It For Me⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ Look I could've really truly liked this book a lot It has a good female character that wasn't too stubborn that I felt like I had to slap her it had a great commanding dominant alpha male and awesome friends of said alpha male So what went wrong? The fucking timeline It fucked with everything Either I missed something between the lines or it was supposed to be this way but I felt like the timeline was between a week to two weeks maybe half a week add to that But Riley was thinking and talking about the boys liked she's known them months Acting like they are now her almost everything Like she knows them better than someone who's been around them since they were kids just because she spent some days with them It just didn't fit right with me It didn't feel right Had the timeline been solid and Riley plus us readers had gotten a chance to really know the boys over time and not just a couple of days slash few small weeks Maybe I missed something or not but the timeline made me feel like I was on the outside looking in Maybe the timeline was longer than just those short daysweeks but I sure as hell didn't see nor feel it if that's the case That being said the book itself had huge potential I liked it I liked Beck; he was hot as fuck But yeah her feeling so close to the guys in such a short time didn't work for me I needed build up Overall I liked it I liked the potential and if you know me you know I LOVE a bad boy man alpha maleCharacters → Riley ‘Riles’ ‘Butterfly’ ‘Spare’ Jameson 17 orphan as her parents died in a car accident→ Sebastian ‘Beck’ Roman Becket 20 the leader of the billionaire boys club A Delta’s successor the inheritors of a fortune Militant Delta Finances that out masses the rest of the world’s combined They control so much than you can even imagine and they have enemies Delta controls sixty five percent of the money in the world→ Dante Riley's best friend A gang member→ Mrs Catherine ‘Debitch’ Deboise Riley's birth mother Deboise was a huge worldwide bank originating in Europe Catherine is the daughter of one of Huntley’s CEOs Delta's biggest enemy→ Stewart ‘Stew’ the head of staff here at Deboise Estate→ Edith ‘Eddy’ Langham of Langham Finance→ Jasper Eugene Langham Eddy's brother A Delta’s successor→ Evan Lincoln Rothwell his family owns half of Europe and they fund most of the big businesses in the world A Delta’s successor→ Dylan Grant his family is also involved in finance and banking A Delta’s successor→ Oscar Deboise almost 21 was Riley's brother He was killed a month ago Oscar was the planned successor for the Deboise fortune A Delta’s successor→ Brittley ‘Britt’ she’s Beck's group's pass around girl when they have nothing better to do She’s been trying to claim one of the guys for years but they just use her like the w she is→ Richard Deboise Riley's birth father→ Jimmy runs car races→ Mr Beckett Beck’s fatheruick basic factsGenre Upper YANA Dark Contemporary RomanceSeries Series Book OneLove triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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    This entire book is very over the top but I can’t help myself I will read book two soon

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    HOLY BOOK HANGOVER Broken wings was amazing A bully romance with four hot Elite guys and a kick ass heroineLies deceit broken trust passion and a shit tonne of secrets The writing was amazing and I loved how action packed and fast paced the book was It had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the lies and the secrets but I couldn’t and it blew my mind Sebastian Roman motherfucking Beckett was just everything Cold calculating ruthless sweet and gentle all rolled in to one He is the king and I want to be his ueen Riley’s character was amazing A kick ass take no shit middle finger to anyone who uestions her girl Her inner dialogue was hysterical and had me LOL constantly That ending I am not ok and I kind of need book 2 NOW Enter the dark world of the Heirs of Delta and their ueen you won’t regret it

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Broken Wings [PDF / EPUB] Broken Wings They rule my new town my school and with money than God there’s very little out of their reachFour gorgeous perfect scary boys There used to be five but one of them died leaving a fifth position tha They rule my new town my school and with money than God there’s very little out of their reachFour gorgeous perfect scary boys There used to be five but one of them died leaving a fifth position that I now fill I didn't ask for this I didn't want to be part of this billionaire boys club But no one cares about what I wantSebastian Beckett is the worst of them Their leader He draws me in and strips me of every defense I have He calls me Butterfly but it's not a pet name it's a threat Beck wants nothing than to break my wings pin me to a board and watch me writheHe wants to see me broken Body heart and soulAnd what these elite want they getOnly they've never met Riley JamesonLet the battle beginThis dark romance features four sexy dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 354 pages
  • Broken Wings
  • Jaymin Eve
  • English
  • 06 April 2016

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Jaymin Eve is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of paranormal romance urban fantasy and sci fi novels filled with epic love stories great adventures and plenty of laughs She lives in Australia with her husband two beautiful daughters and a couple of crazy pets To date she has sold close to two million ebooks and still can't believe that she gets to create fantasy w.