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American Royals [PDF / EPUB] American Royals What if America had a royal family When America won the Revolutionary War its people offered General George Washington a crown Two and a half centuries later the House of Washington still sits on the What if America had a royal family When America won the Revolutionary War its people offered General George Washington a crown Two and a half centuries later the House of Washington still sits on the throneAs Princess Beatrice gets closer to becoming America's first ueen regnant the duty she has embraced her entire life suddenly feels stiflingNobody cares about the spare except when she's breaking the rules so Princess Samantha doesn't care much about anything either except the one boy who is distinctly off limits to herAnd then there's Samantha's twin Prince Jefferson If he'd been born a generation earlier he would have stood first in line for the throne but the new laws of succession make him third Most of America adores their devastatingly handsome prince but two very different girls are vying to capture his heart.

  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • American Royals
  • Katharine McGee
  • English
  • 06 October 2015
  • 9781984830173

About the Author: Katharine McGee

Katharine McGee is the New York Times bestselling author of American Royals and The Thousandth Floor trilogy She studied English and French literature at Princeton University and has an MBA from Stanford She lives in her hometown of Houston TX with her husband.

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    TWO DISAPPOINTED ANGRY TIME CONSUMER MOOD KILLER WORSE THEN YOUNG AND RESTLESS EPISODES STARSWhen NetGalley rejected me to send this book I gave the same reaction every time when I get rejections I threw myself on the floor punched the rug and gave my ugliest cries Even my neighbors were scared that a wild animal escaped from the zoo and jumped in from our window When I said I was the wild animal they only shrugged I think I should move sooner And after reading this book flashbacks of my rejection moments appeared on my mind and I started to hit my head against the wall several times Why did I waste my precious tears? Why did I terrorize my neighbors who are still thinking I’m a crocodile Those tears were real you mean people Anyways I’m so pissed off my wasted precious drama ueen moments I should save those acts for later rejection from a producer Let’s turn back to roasting the book I was expecting a witty historical romance not the worst version of day time soap operas and telenovelas I felt like somebody locked me in a room and forced me watch the worst 1000 episodes of Kardashians because the book’s characters have so many similarities with them Samantha could be great Chloe Nina could be marvelous Courtney and Beatrice could be an amazing Kim because their life stories their dramas and their conflicts are so unreasonable illogical and obnoxious just like reality show stars I think I donated my several I points and now I turned into a regular Hollywood blonde who is suffering from too many plastic surgeries wiping her dripping saliva hiding her mimic less face under a big sunglasses collecting the calories of diet cokes she has been drinking daily Only I liked the villain Daphne who should slap all these characters and get control of the story She deserves her own book Her detailed schemes and her highly organized vendetta plans took my interest Atta girl So this big was painful thenListening to Miley Cyrus songs Poor girl What an extreme waste of local cordsWatching Fox newsCooking anything in the kitchen Correction This is the most painful thing for my husband see my efforts to burn foods Indecisive people standing in front of me to order ice cream and trying at least 10 different tastes ignoring the growing line reminds you regular DMV line total nightmare isn’t it?People talking in the movies and giving spoilersReunion of Beverly Hills 900210 castingThe sum of all these things I listed might be eual to my suffering from this book If you have high pain tolerance be my guest and start to read this one But my suggestion to you pick up a better book and don’t waste your time for nothingbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Omg I'm living for the drama I NEED BOOK TWO RIGHT NOW

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    EDIT Oct 8 2019 This is not the most liked review for this book any but a Good Samaritan took the time out of their day to send me this message and inform me of my account settingsI read my review again after they sent this message and it literally says 'has commented or messaged me' rendering their message completely pointless because my point still stands as anyone is allowed to message me even if we're not friends But hey they're the first ever person to send me a message about this review so let's all give them a round of applause for not being a pussyI love how they passive aggressively called me 'angry' and 'unpleasant' but did not include any rebuttals about the actual points I made in my review Why do privileged people always go on the defensive when someone brings up uncomfortable but important topics and frame other people as 'angry' or 'over emotional'? It was never my intention for this review to be one of the most liked ones Goodreads simply has this phenomena where a negative review about a book that has mostly positive reviews is treated as a novelty but I like to think people liked this review because they either agree with me or at least understand the point I was trying to makeAs I said in my reply to them Why does not reviewing books I haven’t read apply to me if I don’t like the premise but don't apply to people who LIKE the premise and are excited to read it? They haven’t read the book either so why is no one calling THEM out and telling them it’s “”good practice”” not to review books they haven’t read? I didn't give this a rating because I didn't want this book's average rating to be affected by my review because I AM aware that I haven't read it Also what the fuck is the point of a synopsis andor premise if not to help me form an opinion before I read a book? I was criticizing the premise of this book; I never talked about the writing style or the characters or the actual plot Get a grip holy fucking shitYou know what they say only hit dogs will hollerEDIT This is now the most liked review for this book on Goodreads and I don’t really know how I feelThere’s still a part of me that has doubts when it comes to reviewing or in this case complaining about books I’ve never read But this review has been up for 3 and a half months now and so far nobody who has read it or was involved in the production of this book has commented or messaged me to let me know I’m wrong So this book is probably gonna be as shitty insensitive and history erasing as I think it’s going to be 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️——— Am I the only one who thinks there's something deeply fucked up about a monarchy in a country that was colonized and stolen from its native people?One of the reasons why European countries some Asian countries and some African countries still have monarchs is because those countries were never successfully colonized They gave George Washington a fucking crown? The point of the Revolutionary War was so that there was no monarchy How are you going to have a King and ueen of America in the 21st century while knowing that land was stolen from Native Americans? What the actual fuck?'And their country was born of rebellion' YOUR COUNTRY WAS BORN OF GENOCIDE AND SLAVERY Just because Alternate History is a genre doesn't give you a pass to write what seems to be racist revisionist bullshitAnyways people on this cursed website AND publishers who buy shitty ass books with racist premises all share one single brain cell

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    Well This didn’t go very wellI love a fun fluffy romance y read I love royalty tropes I love Ragtag Groups Of uirky Teenage Friends I even lovesome drama And when I picked this up I thought I would either get that or a big heaping cereal bowl of disappointmentMaybe my expectations have been irrevocably made too high by Red White Royal Blue butboy oh boy did I get the latterIt also could have been my fault for not realizing this was the first in a series I was likeWHERE is the PACING WHY is this so SLOW WHEN is ANYTHING going to HAPPENThe plot didn’t even really start until the halfway point and plot is a strong word So is start for that matterWhich I mean Kinda makes sense because the story is being stretched out over multiple books But not reallyI can’t pretend to know what will happen in the next books but I want to say AT LEAST the events of the second one should have been included in thisFor my own sanity and well beingBecause legitimately nothing happened until the book was almost overAnd now my brain is brokenThis was not helped by the fact that there is not one not two not even three but FOUR PERSPECTIVESFOUR OF THEMWhich is bad even if you’re invested in a character or two or all of them if you can even imagine but is a neverending hellish cycle of suffering if you dislike them allAnd boy oh boy did I dislike them allFolksthese are some horrible peopleThey are SO AWFUL To each other They don’t care about anyone else only their own ambitions They act without thinking of others and they hurt each other accidentally or on purpose and the whole entire book is just mean careless people making other mean careless people feel like shtAnd that’s not even the worst partEven terribleThis was not like other girls y and girl hate y as hellAnd I don’t care about any of the 3 4 ships and I hope all of them perishI know that sounds mean but remember they’re fictional and therefore it’s fineBottom line ACKThis is such an unpopular opinion it was the second optionreview to come 15 stars this book seems RIDICULOUSwhich is why i'm either going to enjoy every second of it or hate it with my life

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    this story reminded me exactly of KMs other series ‘the thousandth floor’ which is to say i had fun reading this this isnt as drama filled but the heavy cast of characters and how their lives intertwine and mix with each other is very on brand for KM i know some people may complain about the length especially because there essentially isnt a plot but i didnt mind it i had fun and enjoyed reading about each of the characters and their relationships with each other like i said there really isnt much going on other than character interactions and some slight world building but i think a pretty decent foundation is laid for what i hope to be an entertaining series ↠ 35 stars

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    You know when you read a book and feel like it is directly meant to be on Netflix as a romcom? this 😂So it was fun I hoped it would be a bit like a YA version of Red White Royal Blue but it wasn't that's on me for expectations not on the book It's very much about the pressures of a life under the scrutiny of the public eye Tbh I thought it'd be MORE stressful with scandals and paparazzi and clean up and all that But I really liked how each character responded to their lot in live And it has some serious thoughts on expectations what it means to be strong for women sexism against girls in media and power strugglesThere are 4 POVs Beatrice future ueen Samantha younger sister princess the spare Daphne social climber ruthless Nina unassuming bff of Sam but also in love with the prince but too low in status Look they were all interesting but I only liked Sam oops I wish it had had less POVs and gone deeper into fleshing out the romances 400 pages for 4 romances is only 100 pages each which didn't feel enough to go deepOverall fun and fluffy but with meaningful moments And I definitely enjoyed the fact it's America but with a monarchy 😂

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    From now on you are two people at once Beatrice the girl and Beatrice heir to the Crown When they want different things the Crown must win AlwaysKatharine McGee's American Royals is an entertaining soapy romp built on a terrific concept when the Revolutionary War ended the American people offered George Washington a crown and he accepted The House of Washington has remained on the throne for than two and a half centuries and America is as obsessed with stories about the royal family as other countries with monarchies arePrincess Beatrice is next in line for the throne Thanks to an edict from her grandfather the crown will now pass to the oldest child regardless of gender Beatrice will become the country's first ueen regnant a role she has been preparing for her entire life But while she's always been the dutiful daughter doing whatever has been expected of her whatever her parents have asked her to do the closer she comes to the moment she'll rule the she wonders whether the sacrifices she has had to make were truly worth itWhen her parents tell her it's time she choose a suitable husband read a member of the nobility she prepares to be the dutiful daughter as always But then she realizes her heart wants to go in a different direction and then she can think of nothing else Is her choice either to ignore her heart and find someone she someday might fall in love with or follow her heart and disobey her parents—and risk losing the throne? The choice she must make impacts than just her and she knows she's bound to hurt someone in the processHer younger twin siblings Jefferson and Samantha have it a little easier since they're considered the spares with Beatrice as heir to the throne Both struggle with their identities—what are they expected to do if they won't rule the country? Why does it really matter what they do? Even than that however both siblings have their own romantic struggles Samantha who has always been the carefree impulsive one is in love with the one man she cannot have and Jeff despite the intense attention from a beautiful and suitable young woman who is determined to land him is in love with a young woman who wants nothing to do with the scrutiny that would be aimed at someone dating a prince no matter how much she loves him backI was hooked on American Royals from the first few pages McGee has created a compelling fascinating story that reminds me of all the reasons people are so fascinated by stories about William and Kate Harry and Megan and Charles and Camilla Nothing particularly surprising happens in the book but it's just so well told with healthy doses of melodrama that I couldn't put it downThere is one character in the book I absolutely loathed and of course you were supposed to feel that way but I honestly began skimming the sections where she appeared after a while But other than that I really enjoyed this book despite the fact that the ending didn't uite feel complete since it was merely setting up McGee's next book which is due out in the fall of 2020If you find yourself unable to turn away when the news media covers the latest news about what Princess Kate is wearing or a trip that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are taking if you woke up super early to watch one of the royal weddings American Royals is definitely for you Can't wait for the next book See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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    American Royals is a fun and frothy novel as one would expect from the blurb It reimagines history so that George Washington became the first king of Americathe background detail of expanding upon this alternative history is a little lacking though I would have liked a few nuggets of info about the how and the why America came to be ruled by a monarchy The story is told from a number of different viewpoints which was enjoyable but it also meant that it was uite hard to ever truly engage with one particular character and their storyline as the book kept flip flopping from PoV to PoV too freuently for my personal tasteI probably enjoyed Beatrice's story the most as it was interesting to see how her life was dictated by her misfortune of birth as she is heir to the throne and is due to be the first ever ruling ueenSamantha's story frustrated me the most I felt she was uite a cliched character with the stereotypical chip on her shoulder at being the forgotten Royal sibling Nina's story was uite engaging as it was interesting to have the commoner's take on the royalsAnd I did enjoy Daphne's story as the villain of the piece as she was just fabulously over the top with her schemes and vendettas What was disappointing however is how every story is dictated by paint by numbers romantic plot lines It's easy to see where ultimately this story will finish up with every character happily paired off no matter how illogical their romantic plot line iswill be I'm also not a fan of the ending Because this book felt like uite a long read and ultimately the story went no where except to a cliffhanger style ending and therefore is reliant on its seuel to finish out the tale Overall this was a fun read but I do wish this was a standalone rather than a first in a series35 starsAn e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher Penguin Random House UK Children's via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review For reviews and book related chat check out my blog

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestSomebody was comparing AMERICAN ROYALS to CRAZY RICH ASIANS and I think to do so is really unfair because CRAZY RICH ASIANS tapped into a lot of dialogues about race class and culture that AMERICAN ROYALS doesn't really do Oh it tries but if anything it's just a thought experiment designed to write yet another frothy story about princesses And if that's your cup of Earl grey tea power to you but I think it's dangerous and disappointing to build AMERICAN ROYALS to be anything other than what it is mindless fluffAMERICAN ROYALS takes place in an alternate universe where Washington did agree to be America's new King leading to a lineage of nouveaux royales called the Washingtons There isn't really a plot it's entirely character driven and most of that character development revolves around drama drama drama Dating marriage secret relationships catty mean girls and revenge oh my This has angst and big misunderstandings than your favorite K drama And just like a K drama the interactions between the characters make up all the story lineI'm including a brief summary of character bios that contain very light spoilers👑 royal⚪️ common🎩 rich and upper class but not part of the royal family👑 Beatrice is the heir to the crown Everything is riding on her to be the perfect American princess In the eyes of her family it seems like she can do no wrong All that's left for her to do is marry well and make her parents proud but the true love of her life isn't someone her parents would approve of👑 Samantha is the spare and the prodigal wild child She's spent her whole life in her big sister's shadow and always feels like she can do nothing right She's in love with a handsome young noble named Teddy but to her horror and heartbreak Teddy is one of the suitors in her sister's lineup👑 Jefferson is Samantha's twin brother and Beatrice's younger brother He also has a wild streak but because he's a boy he gets away with a lot of the things Samantha does not and everyone just says he's sowing his wild oats Many girls hope to snag him and have him make them a princess but he's not too socially keen and has two girls fighting over him a gold digger and a childhood friend👑 Teddy is one of the noble lords Beatrice might marry It seems like he's Beatrice's top choice but he's actually in love with Samantha It's not clear how far he'd go for power even at the cost of love🎩 Daphne is Jefferson's ex girlfriend and a self made noble She's spent her whole life molding herself into princess material and is determined to snag her ex back at any cost But she has some very dark and sinister secrets under her designer belt that could wreck everything she's strived for🎩 Ethan is Daphne's friend and accomplice and would like to be so much He knows all of her secrets and has the power to ruin her but he'd rather she date him instead  ⚪️ Connor is Beatrice's bodyguard The two of them are attracted to each other but they can never be or can they? I Will Always Love You intensifies in the background⚪️ Nina is the daughter of the royal cabinet minister and childhood friend to Samantha and Jeff She is also in love with Jeff but he's a stupid mcstupidson and doesn't realize that his ex girlfriend is playing a long con to get him back Nina isn't prepared for fame or infamy in the slightest and when her romantic ventures with Jeff break the news she isn't prepared for it in the slightestNow you know the backstory and if you think those are spoilers NOPE not really That's just everything you need in your toolkit to understand this 400 page drama fest and why these characters continually make stupid decision after stupid decision I won't lie and say it wasn't entertaining because it was but 400 pages made this book seem really long without much in the way of plot and it ends on the biggest cliffhanger ever so by the time you get to the end THERE'S NO CLOSUREI think if you're a fan of Meg Cabot K dramas and drama for the sake of drama you'll probably like this book But don't go into this book expecting a heavy plot or serious topics It's pure froth and while that might not be my cup of tea you may find that it could uite possibly be yoursPS All the heavy winking at wow isn't monarchy so much better than the utter chaos that would be an American democracy? got really irritating Monarchies have their own problems hierarchically based caste systems being one of them So don't get high and mighty with me book Just don't Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3 stars

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    AMERICAN ROYALS was a concept I was excited about because for all the royalty romances out there we've never had one that reimagined and rewrote American history to fashion them with royalty or at least I’ve never seenread one Beyond that however I didn't really know what to expect My guess was drama politics and many things in betweenIt's definitely drama Politics not so much This is all drama It's like Gossip Girl on steroids in some ways I think Maybe I only watched like two seasons of that and it was a long time ago and okay maybe I should move away from this comparisonPrincess Beatrice is the eldest the heir set to become the country's first ueen The laws have changed and the monarchy is looking to be progressive in regards to inheritance with women not being passed over for just having the bad luck to be born first but female Yay But only in that one way Welp Commoners are still not eligible for marriage and lo and behold isn't that who Beatrice finds herself falling in love with? All despite trying to still adhere to the law to tradition and find herself an actual suitable match her parents and the country will approve ofThen there's her siblings twins Samantha and Jefferson They have a commoner friend Nina with whom they grew up with Who is trying to keep the royal and regular sides of her life separate To distance herself from the twins after an event that happened the night they graduated high school Sam who is everything Beatrice isn't who is directionless troublesome and Jeff who is beloved by all And who dumped his longterm girlfriend Daphne even though she has no intention of staying dumpedThis book is a lot I thought I was actually enjoying it at first despite some of the nastier drama but honestly I think I kept expecting something of this book that it wasn't And that's on me I was feeling leftover heartwarming RED WHITE ROYAL BLUE feelings and I thought this was going to be rom com maybe or just fuzzier But it’s notAMERICAN ROYALS is definitely in line with a soap opera or reality shows no shade but I hate them while still being clever enough to be riddled with the strangeness of the reimagined history historical figures and different way of life As weird as it was I sorta liked it but it might be weirder for actual Americans who actually care or are patriotic about it all I think this book will be a love or a hate; you'll love the drama or you won't you'll love the alternate universe feel or you won't And while I definitely didn't hate it I just didn't love it I couldn't find myself feeling much for any of the characters or their various plights or plots; I never lost myself in this story or world I was always keenly aware I was just reading about them The only one who got much of a reaction out of me was Daphne At first I just hated her felt icky about her but and I had to kind of admire her Not for good reasons But hey at least she inspired a reactionI might read on as it's definitely not a standalone but I'm not sure I'll be clamouring for the seuel with the kind of curiosity I had about its predecessor Mostly I'm just hoping it's not a trilogy and everything wraps up in two books Guess we'll find out I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities

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