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    This book is funny absurd clever different totally improbable self depracating completely at odds with conventional novels anda brilliant readAfter a rather slowish start later explained by the book itself which is its own narrator and makes comments about itself along the way the story unfolds involving a set of wacky characters a totally sploppy romantic heroine who earns her living as a sanitary napkins demonstrator a supposedly heartless ruthless dark handsome and mysterious secret agent a useless stalker who looks like Trotsky a flirtatious type who gets dismembered along the way a next door neighbour aptly named Tony Fromnextdoor who is full of surprises and a gondolier named Guidoamong othersMarius Brill loves to play with words and language and the result is brilliantly funny the crazy MI5 meeting in the jungle office is hilariousThis is one wacky book I loved it

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    Utterly absurd and uite surreal – a novel about and narrated by a book about love so dangerous that the powers that be are out to destroy every copy that exists Classifiable only as a cracker of book and yet amid the potential for utter confusion Brill manages to keep our it all under control even in the moments of most outrageous James Bondesue excess yip absurdity conspiracy adventure and romance all in one

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    Don't judge a book by its cover or its title peopleThis a mad book at the end I loved the premise the book tells the story and the one dress worn by Miranda A delightful set up well told and as I say bonkers at the end but great great fun I read it years ago and suddenly thought of it the other day I know not why and have now got my mits on a copy all of my own thank you marketplace

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    I love this book once you get to grips with how it's written it's fantastic a very gripping and funny readOne of those books when you're browsing through your bookshelf you look at and smile it's one of those books when you're reading it which will make you go ooo ahhh no eeek i can't believe you didsaid that

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    I loved it changed my life Aside from that who is Marius Brill? I think he is really Jasper Fforde in disguise

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    A surreal comic fantasy Fast funny clever and entirely unpredictable I loved it

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Making Love A Conspiracy of the Heart [PDF / EPUB] Making Love A Conspiracy of the Heart He was out of her league She was out of her depthWhen Miranda the Miss Lonely Hearts of Shepherd's Bush suddenly finds herself romanced by a tall dark and deadly spy she finds her life turned upside d He was out of A Conspiracy ePUB ´ her league She was out of her depthWhen Miranda the Miss Lonely Hearts of Shepherd's Bush suddenly finds herself romanced by a tall dark and deadly spy she finds Making Love PDF \ her life turned upside down Could it have anything to do with the book she innocently took from the library a book with a conspiracy theory about 'love' so devastating that every other copy Love A Conspiracy eBook ↠ has been destroyed by MI and the writer 'disappeared'Spliced through Miranda's romantic adventure are pages from the 'lost' book itself But the loudest voice in this piece of postmodern madness belongs to the lovelorn Love A Conspiracy of the PDF or book itself a sentient mass of paper and ink that cannot help falling in love with its readerMarius Brill's send up of po faced conspiracy stories spy thrillers and pulp romance is as sharp as Tom Sharpe imagine Umberto Ecco with a sense of humour Ludicrously logical and finely spun this is hare brained literary fantasy an erudite romp and above all a novel to fall in love with.

  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • Making Love A Conspiracy of the Heart
  • Marius Brill
  • English
  • 07 November 2014
  • 9780385605236

About the Author: Marius Brill

Marius Brill attended St A Conspiracy ePUB ´ John's College Oxford after a career as a doorman journalist and prize winning playwright at the Soho Theatre The script of his film Diary of a Surreal Killer was Making Love PDF \ nominated for a BAFTA Carl Foreman award His comic radio series sLaughter in the Dark played to critical acclaim on Radio Four Making Love A Conspiracy of the Heart is his first book.