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ABBA Thank You For The Music [PDF / EPUB] ABBA Thank You For The Music Everybody loves ABBA—as proven by the blockbuster success of Mamma Mia The Movie Thank You for the Music traces the story of the Swedish supergroup—which has sold an estimated 350000000 records ta Everybody loves ABBA—as proven by the blockbuster success You For PDF/EPUB ç of Mamma ABBA Thank MOBI :ß Mia The Movie Thank You for the Music traces the story Thank You For ePUB ↠ of the Swedish supergroup—which has sold an estimated records tapes and CDs—through their songs Starting with their world conuering s disco hits it travels through to the reflective s with The Winner Takes It All marking a watershed in their output Every tune from the musical and movie is covered and glorious photographs form a sublime gallery of ABBA s most dazzling costumes This is a uniue in depth study of the places events and characters that inspired an enduring catalogue of classic songs.

  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • ABBA Thank You For The Music
  • Robert Scott
  • English
  • 03 June 2015
  • 9781842227930

About the Author: Robert Scott

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4 thoughts on “ABBA Thank You For The Music

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    This is another of those books that are written looking at a lot of the songs that ABBA has done and then criticizing themAny such book should first establish what is the purpose of the music? Not just to make money but to entertain In my opinion most of ABBA's music is entertaining Some are a lot of fun to listen to Some are very sad but still good songs As with any group there are of course some songs that are not done so wellTo me this book is too critical Numerous groups are mentioned which are supposed to have influenced parts of certain songs and frankly most of the groups named I've never heard ofAnother thing For someone to criticize in detail these ABBA songs my first uestion is what makes then ualified to put out a book such as this? No biographical information is given for the author He is a music critic but what ualifies him to be that? Without that type of information his writing is nothing than his opinion no better and no worse than any one else's Also has he ever actually written music? Performed in front of an audience? Sang as part of a group?He comes across as not really caring much for ABBA and is the second book about the group that I have read which seems to have been written by writers who don't actually care for the subject of their workThere are other much better and balanced books out their on ABBA that you can read

  2. says:

    The author is nowhere near to Carl Magnus Palm in describing the ABBA songs Those are compared to songs by Sweet Suzi uatro Mike Oldfield Chuck Berry and whatever artists I don't know at all It's weird ABBA's music is SWEDISH and that important point is unfortunately almost forgotten in this book Besides there wasn't an ABBA member called Bjorn His name is Björn Sigh

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    fand es ok

  4. says:

    Good book apart from the fact that the author doesn't have much nice to say about ABBA Which is a pain Real ABBA fans will probably hate the author

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