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    375 StarsLucy met Max three years ago and from the first moment he was a jerk He told her he just tolerated her Max hates her and she doesn’t know why but she doesn’t want to be a victim any That's why she decided to fight back and be as nasty as him Until the accident Max was in a come for three days and when he woke up he couldn’t remember anything that happened in the last three years It means he became so nice to Lucy And then the terror She started having panic attacks weird dreams getting threatening messagesI knew Jaimie Roberts by her very dark books This one wasn’t as dark but still should be proceeded with caution and it’s somehow a bit different with what I’d read before by her This one was heavier on the suspense Even though I could guess the twist VERY soon but still it was an enjoyable read and could surprise me yet again It’s well written fast paced and contains flashbacks Told in dual POV mostly Lucy’s 1st person and it’s a standalone novel Overall really liked it and hope you enjoy it as well

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    25 stars rounded up to 3This book is a NA or YA? I can never be sure about that sorry and it is also a romantic suspense Normally I rarely read YANA books and romantic suspense but I wanted to try this book because amnesia is always an interesting topic for me Also a dear friend recommended it to me And I am sorry my dear friend but this book rubbed me the wrong way mostly because I HATED THE HERO The book is normally told by the heroine Lucy but there are a few chapters told by the hero Max himself It is a book of 237 pages with a reasonable pace but sadly on page 33 when she had her first panic attack upon seeing a middle aged man in the hospital I guessed all the mystery and in the end it was what I’d thought it was There was only one moment when I was really shocked the revelation of what Max did and the rest was all what I'd expected If I were the writer I wouldn’t put such clear hints I read SCARS from this writer and it was incredibly good so I expected nothing less but I was really disappointed with this one unfortunately Its easy predictability the poor execution of a potentially interesting plot and unlikable characters made me unhappy and what is worse for the first time a Jaimie Roberts book didn't make me feel I never felt their love at all I wasn’t happy about where the book starts and how it starts We are told that the hero and the heroine had a hate relationship for the last 3 years however we never see the hero and the heroine when they were frenemies We get to meet them after Max has amnesia and doesn't remember herI wasn’t able to connect with the characters at all because what they told they did to one another during those 3 years sounded so very childish to me Their practical jokes sounded so very juvenileAnd later in the second half of the book we learn that “a little bit of communication” would have prevented all those years of hate and whoops I am face to face with my pet peeve I HATE IT when couples hate each other because of assuming things Assumptions stem from lack of communication which is stupid and I hate stupidity I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE THIS HORRIBLE HERO FOR WHAT HE DID TO THE HEROINE JUST BECAUSE HE ASSUMED Even at the end of the book when she forgives him I was saying “Stupid stupid girl why don’t you leave his worthless as and go find someone else?” So with a hero I fiercely hated this book loses me in the romance part It had already lost me in the suspense part with its easy predictability and now with this hero that I can never forgive the romance in the book also doesn't mean much to me The Plot Max wakes up after an accident he had with a retrograde amnesia and he cannot remember his last 3 years In those 3 years Max was mean to Lucy and there was a hate relationship between them However we don’t get to witness that period What we know is what happens when he doesn’t remember that he hates her Now with his amnesia he practically falls head over hills in love with her and she is so forgiving that I thought she was an idiot How can you forgive a person who bullied you and was so mean to you for 3 years? I wouldn’t Well she did and I was extremely pissed And when she forgave him he did even worse and finally she forgave him again Stupid stupid girlWhen Max and Lucy become lovers strange things start to happen She gets threatening messages and starts to have strange dreams She also starts to have panic attacks so she begins to have therapy From then on things spiral out of control and slowly the mystery about both Max and Lucy is solved one by one I was able to feel the love between the boy in her dreams and Lucy but I never felt the love between Max and Lucy Their chapters didn’t have the chemistry and emotions to make me feel it Also I never loved Max so I couldn’t connect to Lucy when she forgave him so easily and practically jumped on his lap I would never forgive a man like Max no matter how much I loved him I would do everything to kill my love for him and move on Just a few uestions to Lucy would have saved 3 years of a life time full of unpleasant and cruel moments “You hurt me Max I never knew I was hurting you I was oblivious to your pain You could have told me but you chose to take the coward’s way out You chose to instead seek revenge in the most despicable way ” RecommendationAll in all this book lost me on various points but still I am not unhappy for reading it as it was still a bit interesting despite all the issues I have mentioned If you are a less critical and forgiving person I am sure you can enjoy the book SafetyI wouldn't say readers that need safety would like this book It includes many ugly things Out of respect for this writer whose many books I loved I will say no because I don't want to give anything even under a spoiler tag Just be forewarned that it is not safe You can always pm me though

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    “There’s retrograde amnesia where you lose existing previously made memories Then there’s Anterograde where you can’t form new memories Then there’s Transient global amnesia where you experience memory loss for some hours Then lastly there’s Infantile amnesia which I think a lot of people have It’s where they can’t remember the first three to five years of their life” What a ride Its guaranteed to alter your perception and have you dropping your jaw at every  turn It was like going down a mountain in pitch dark at night you're hugging the curves and just waiting for the accident to happen “If you move faster than the speed of light you end up living your life in the dark” Jamie has unleashed her mindfuckery in full force and written a book with so contorted a plot that you won't believe what is just unfolding around youThere's a girl called Lucy Lou She's always had confidence issue cause she's been led to believe she's annoying with Just one of those faces Naturally shy timid reticent her friends esp the boy she likes thinks “You are a miserable stuck up frigid little cow” What a blow to fragile ego of a girl already trying to hide in her skinThe boy in uestion Max Cooper has an agenda against her it seemsHe meets with an accident and his last 3 years of memories are completely wiped away So now his charisma is turned on full he sweeps her off her feet with right amount of flirtations compliments and charm There’s something uite beautiful about a woman who doesn’t think she is Like a full blooming rose that can never see itself It’s admired by many but has no idea why” Starting their relationship on a clean slate the hate is replaced by friendship that inevitably turns to loveBut wait IT'S NOT REAL Everything written in this book is a mirage whatever you see or feel will change halfway down the book So I was astoundedDid I just read that Right?Did I just hear that Right?Did I just feel that Right?Cause I'm sure there's something wrong somewhere Right? YES I had been a lost soul travelling in limbo hoping that one day someone will catch me The rug will be pulled from  right under you and the world you see will flip on it's axis Wrong becomes right and right becomes sooooooooooo wrong I dunno if it's worthy of forgivenessAnd then there's the hidden source of paranoia and hallucinations lurking in the background throughout the plot An unseen unheard ominous presence that will definitely send a shiver down your spine whenever that evil entity nearby Danger at every step threats at every curve mystery on the brink of unraveling but still so much unsolved First panic attacks then— as my therapist calls it— intimacy issue and now paranoia Pick up this book and you will be drenched in a dark ish love story? You will fall in love with characters you will cry when they are cut open and bleed for themBe prepared to be so engrossed you will forget to eat drink and shower like me Read the entire book in one stretch without stopping for a break and cried in the end Heartbreaking and poignant frustrating and baffling cathartic and absolving you'll be moved by it for sure 5 stars twinkling in the night sky #BookBistroBlogApproved Follow us on FB

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    45 StarsAfter suffering a past loss in her family Lucy Rhodes seems to be getting on with her life at university as she has a solid group of friends and looks forward to her future While she tries to be nice to others it just doesn’t work with one particular person and this causes a seuence of events that Lucy cannot reverse “What if I did offer myself up like that and he shuts me down? My whole life I’ve had to deal with that shit” Max Cooper is known for his good looks and easy personality except when it comes to Lucy For three years they have been feuding but suddenly they have a chance at a new beginning as Max extends an olive branch “Maybe the universe meant for this to happen Maybe we were always meant to get along but our stupid pride got in the way” As the friendship for Lucy and Max grows their feelings toward each other intensify on an emotional and physical level With such an attraction Lucy seems to find that other person she can connect with is Max But as all these new feelings come to the surface all she’s known starts to become unclear “I gave everything to you” I snap wiping away a lone tear that falls” What transpires in this plot is suspenseful intense and completely addicting From the beginning I was intrigued and was forming possible theories for each plot point Immediately I felt for Lucy because of her need not to stand out and be accepted for who she is Plus as her connection to Max changed from enemies to lovers Lucy’s happiness came through the pages However the ever present tension of the truth looms until it all unravels Amnesia is a romantic suspense with twists that will keep you turning the pages until the very end Jaimie Roberts is an author that delivers with a bang An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review This was a FBR with Twinsie Hawkey For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    Genre Romantic SuspenseType StandalonePOV First Person – Female Partly DualRating Lucy Rhodes and Max Cooper had known each other for three years but they had never seen eye to eye He made her life miserable until an accident changed everything Now they had an opportunity to turn over a new leaf but it might turn out to be than they bargained for “If you move faster than the speed of light you end up living your life in the dark” This book got me intrigued from the get go I kept forming theories with what’s going on because there were so many possibilities Once things started to unravel it was easy to figure out the story direction but that didn’t take away my enjoyment of the book “You have nothing to fear with me Luce You know that don’t you? I liked both characters and they had good chemistry together I understood their actions and motivations One thing I wish is for them to have sexy times lol Amnesia is a story of starting over It would appeal to readers who like a story that takes you on a wild ride🔸 👁 🔸 FBR With Twinsie CC 🔸 👁 🔸 For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    35 “When did this happen? The point where Max turned from a frenemy to a crush?” StarsThis was a pretty good new adult romantic suspense It did feel sort of obvious at times WHAT exactly was going on but the author did a good job throwing red herrings in there so I stayed guessing We don’t get much of the enemies part in this story but we know that Max and Lucy haven’t hit it off since meeting three years ago So when Max loses his memory of the past three years they finally hit it off But they hitting it off makes Lucy off balance and confused Or so it seemsAll in all this was a good read I enjoyed it It didn’t blow me away but it was still a great read

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    Downloaded it by mistakeBully once bully forever Bullies don't deserve any forgiveness or kindnessNot my kind of a story by all means I don't think the attempt to see smth good in all ppl makes any person better or to fall for the one who treated you bad for years Guys who treat any girl bad are not worth it

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    The cover whore in me couldn't help but be captivated by this piece of gorgeousness and intrigued by the possibilities And after reading the blurb I knew I needed this book in my life ASAPAmnesia is a NA romantic suspense with a bit of thriller thrown in for good measure The suspense and the main character Lucy carried me from page one to The End It was a uniue take on the old amnesia romance trope one that I didn't see coming not at first anyway anyway Now I'm a big thriller reader and have become very good at sussing out twists and though I caught on well before the reveal or in this case reveals I still very much enjoyed being proven right ; What I wasn't expecting was for this to be a New Adult novel I don't know why but I just assumed it would be adult And there in lies my problem I don't read NA books any I find most of them to be too emotionally immature and infused with over the top drama for me to enjoy So those readers who love NA will love this book Those who don't won't find an exception here The dialogue and the drama between the characters had limited depth and lacked the maturity I need to connectNow Lucy was a bit of an exception I connected to her to some extent and was able to separate what she was going through from what was going on around her Her story her history and how she dealt with it is what sustained me through this story While I wish I could love this story it just wasn't for me but that doesn't mean it won't be for you This will very much appeal to lovers of NA romantic suspense and comes with some great twists

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    'Amnesia' is a fantastic and a very satisfying mystery romance by Ms Roberts I'd say that while it is just as dark as her other works this is of a departure from her usual style of dark romance stuff and I'm very impressed While I've read and loved uite a few of her works I can't say that I ever loved her characters especially the heroes This is the first one where I loved both the hero and heroine It's really not hard to fall for them They're both very likable and their actions are understandable and justifiable Lucy is a shy loner who finally got a friend when she met Pixie It wasn't long before the two became the best of friends and she became part of Pixie's gang Lucy got along great with everyone except for Max who was instantly cold to her from the moment they were introduced And so for the three years since Lucy became part of their group her and Max infamously never got along They constantly bicker exchange passive aggressive comments and played pranks on each other All of that instantly changed when Max got in an accident and couldn't remember the past three years of his life This new Max is a pleasant surprise to Lucy He wants a new start with her and he's kind sweet charming and totally into her And while she's skeptical at the beginning she can't help but fall for him How could she not? Can she trust him though? Her blossoming relationship with Max is not the only odd thing happening in her life For starters seemingly random things are suddenly triggering her into having panic attacks She's also having constant dreams about a boy from her youth that she is sure do not exist Not only that she is getting threats from someone who seems to be watching her every move Why are all these things suddenly happening to her and are they somewhat connected to Max? I wouldn't go as far as saying that the synopsis is misleading because it is accurate but there is SO MUCH into this story than Max' amnesia and sudden change of personality This is about Lucy than anything And while we are taken into this sweet journey of Lucy falling for this new Max we are also taken into this dark mystery thriller as we figure out along with her what on earth is going on Lucy is a great heroine I love her vulnerability and I feel her pain She is a kind person who tries to see the good out of everyone The new Max is a total sweetheart and the you get to know him the you get to understand and feel for him One of my favorite parts is seeing Max and Lucy's relationship develop I was totally rooting for them and I was hoping that all of it is genuine There are uite a bit of twists in this story but I think it's fairly easy to guess most of them given the clues that were sprinkled all throughout I would still advise going in blind though as figuring out the twists and turns is always exciting The only thing I didn't really care for was the last 10% or so of the story It felt a bit formulaic and didn't really add much to the story except for the obligatory actionsuspense seuence Nevertheless this was still such a surprisingly great turn for Ms Roberts and I'm so happy I gave it a go I hope the others enjoy it as well

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    What A Rush Mind blowing thrilling hot and completely addictive Amnesia by Jaimie Roberts was one crazy wild ride I grabbed it after reading the blurb and read it in one sitting And let me tell you it did not disappointI really don’t want to go into the plot here other than what the synopsis tells you We meet Lucy—who I loved—and her group of friends who she’s known for several years Unfortunately her best friend Ivy is friends with Max He’s a total douchecanoe but because he’s Ivy’s other BFF Lucy is stuck with him When he’s is in an accident amnesia causes him to forget how much he hates Lucy and that’s when she gets a peek at the real Max“Maybe you and I can change that from today onwards A fresh start Maybe the universe meant for this to happen”That’s the Max I fell in love with He’s swoony and hot and oh so perfect Lucy Max share some sexy times and though I loved them together I kept waiting for the bomb to drop Page after page I read my heart pounding consumed with this story dying to know where why how?“I had been a lost soul travelling in limbo hoping that one day someone will catch me”There are some tough scenes which may be difficult for some readers so if you are looking for hearts and flowers this isn’t the book for you For me it was romantic suspense with a dash of NA—such a great comboMs Roberts had my mind spinning with theory after theory and I loved the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next I read Amnesia in one day and I’m adding Ms Roberts to my authors to watch list

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Amnesia [PDF / EPUB] Amnesia I don’t use the term “bully” lightly However I have no ualms about using it when it comes to Max Cooper Arrogant Aggravating Annoying Those are just a few of the names I have for him that start I don’t use the term “bully” lightly However I have no ualms about using it when it comes to Max Cooper Arrogant Aggravating Annoying Those are just a few of the names I have for him that start with the letter A I haven’t gotten through the rest of the alphabet yet From the moment I met Max three years ago he was nothing but an arsehole The only reason we put up with each other is because we share the same best friend Then everything suddenly changes when Max is involved in a horrific accident that sets him back three years He remembers his friends but here’s the real kicker He doesn’t remember me At first I think it must be a cruel joke but then I see how serious he is Over time I get to know the real Max Cooper The one who can be sweet funny and kind The one who shows me he’s not such an arsehole after all Then the inevitable happens I fall for him Just as things between us begin to balance out I lose my own euilibrium and I don’t know why But despite all of this no one is prepared for the real terror that’s about to unfold.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 212 pages
  • Amnesia
  • Jaimie Roberts
  • English
  • 03 February 2014

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Jaimie Roberts was born in London but moved to Gibraltar in She is married with two sons and in her spare time she writesIn June Jaimie published her first book Take a Breath with the second released in November With the reviews Jaimie took time out to read and learn how to become a better writer She gets tremendous enjoyment out of writing and even so from the feed.