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    I'm going to hazard a guess that Only Ever You will actually mean I was in love with you while I was banging my way through the phone book I would love to be wrong

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    It's LIVE US➡️ UK➡️ AUS➡️ CA➡️ link➡️ OUT THE TRAILER HERE

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    Feels like “THE MIGHTY STORM” from Samantha Towle girl going to interview past love interest who was also a guitarist lead man in a rock band 🙄Recycling is good for the environment but geez can we draw the line in books please? 😉

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    As a huge Siobhan Davis fan and a huge fan of rock star romances I was eager to dive into Only Ever You Siobhan Davis has already wowed me with one rock star romance Incognito and I was ready to be wowed for a second timeAs with all Siobhan Davis contemporary romances Only Ever You deals with a lot of heavy topics It will not be a book for everyone with there being a rather extensive list of triggers at the start of the story but those who are able to deal with such things are in for an addictive read Siobhan Davis hooks you with this one and you’re unable to put the book downIt is a story with numerous layers one that has you turning the pages to see how everything comes together Even when you know what is to come even when you’ve worked things out you’re desperate to see the specifics It does not matter that you know things you need to watch them play out You’re sucked in deep and it ensures you’ll devour the book in no time at allI will be honest and say the events entertained me than the romance between the characters did If I’m completely truthful I never felt the intense connection between them that they seemed to I think however what comes into play here is that I was born in the wrong generation There’s a running joke with my friends that the only ‘D’ I’m going to get is my PhD and I feel as though the relationship between these two focused a bit too heavily on the physical connection or at least their desire for one than on the feelings between them As I said though I’m old fashioned and completely out of touch with people my age As much as I love a good erotic scene you just need to look at the amount of erotica I read to understand I feel as though things came back to sex too often between these two for me to care about what they were really feeling for each otherOutside of that however there was plenty of entertaining things to enjoy When we were focused on these things I really enjoyed the story As I’ve already mentioned there is a lot going on in this one with so many layers to unravel Even though the ending felt a bit too easy things came together so well with all the different strands playing out in wonderful ways In fact this one reminded me of one of my favourite rock star romances – Rock King by Tara Leigh – and had the same kind of drama I adored in that one It’s no surprise I was hookedAlthough I will not be labelling Only Ever You my favourite Siobhan Davis read it was an enjoyable read

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    No thank youOnly Ever You my butt How about Anyone Else Except You

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    This is a hard review to write Not because it was bad its the complete opposite actually It's so full of angst emotion and just over all suspenseful turmoil I found myself not able to stop reading it even with this book being a longer one I found myself finishing it in 2 days This book follows Zeta and Ryder It goes through several stages of their lives so you get the full picture and extent of everything going on Your heart will continue to break as you read while also healing it So much happens in this book that makes your jaw drop and wanting to close your eyes scared to know what happens next as well as having to know what happensMy heart was definitely given a test as I kept reading The emotions the author puts into this book will leave you gasping for breath It all feels so read that you will have trouble coming back to reality once you set it down It is so beautifully written with descriptions that will make you have a movie play in your head and you will forget you were reading in the first placeBe ready for a beautiful ride and have some tissues handy you will definitely thank me later for having them This is a book you will hold onto for a long time and help you look at your own life in a different way

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    WHOA Overload of too much of everything Unbelievable and yet I kept reading it's fiction after all It's down and dirty from the get go There's plenty of rocky road from start to finish There are major shocks to absorb The characters are certainly uniue and sometimes uestionable There's a triple dose of livin' the high life But there's also the sad and lonely side of an abusive childhood even a stint in juvie for both main characters There's no way you can read this story without feeling compassion and sorrow for pretty much the whole dang cast of characters A helluva ride Not sure I'm ready for another like this in the near future

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    Rock Star Romance you know I am definitely reading Siobhan Davis writing said rock star romance no uestions asked no blurb needed I am all inOnly Ever You is so much than rock star romance you are expecting Yes we have the arrogant asshole rock star singer who left behind his one true love But their story is so much than thatSiobhan is an author who holds nothing back in her writing She gives you an amazing story line with characters that you empathize with But it's the heavy topics that she adds into her stories that make them stand out And she doesn't just touch in the topic she dives in deepZeta and Ryder meet when they are teens and go their separate ways when they become adults While there is an 8 year gap between part 1 and part 2 Siobhan does a great job of keeping the story moving and everything flows perfectly While there are parts that I was not thrilled with nothing truly pulled me away from staying immersed in this story and these charactersOverall I enjoyed this book so much As you can see I purposely made no mention of anything that happens in this book Zeta and Ryder's story is one you have to go into with an open mind While the blurb may seem like just another rock star romance I can assure you it is notSiobhan's writing is very uniue and her story telling is one of a kind Only Ever You showcases why she has uickly become one of my favorite authors to read and why her writing stands out from the rest

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    The ueen of angst returns with a rockstar romance that will shred you apart You will swoon cry cheer and pray for these characters Ryder and Zeta come together as teens both with dark pasts secrets and the most difficult of upbringings They fight everyday to feel safe and protected Their easy friendship is something they cling to Each one each other's anchor in the stormiest of seas They pledge and promise a life together where there is no pain and peace is the only thing they will know However promises are easily broken and all that is left is the scarred hearts and shattered dreamsWhen Ryder and Zeta's paths cross again they have both moved on Ryder a brilliant Rockstar and Zeta a music journalist Fate has a funny way of bringing them together again Ryder is the uintessential bad boy rocker drinking drugs women But nothing prepares him for having Zeta back in his life His demons are fierce and she is the only one who can calm the storm that is Ryder's tortured mind Zeta has only been existing and not really living all these years Ryder is her heart and soul and there is no denying the explosive chemistry that is Ryder and ZetaOvercoming so many obstacles is what holds them together yet tears them apart at the same time Siobhan Davis does not hold hold back in her graphic depiction of the rawness of mental health issues and sex abuse Her words will dig deep into your mind and heart and leave you burning through the pages to see what happens next An beautiful suspenseful gut wrenching read

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    I haven’t had this much of a book hangover since Inseparable I must admit I didn’t think any book would come as close to it being the one that can break you down make you think with all the feels this one does It’s my other favorite book I have two now and both are by Siobhan Davis That’s no easy feat for any author and in my book reading world it’s next to impossible It’s true and this book is worthy of every single minute hours and seconds that everyone takes to read this story It’s not a simple boy meets girl type of book This story has pain agony guilt love and most importantly realism The unimaginable pain and agony these characters undergo are an essential part of their story Ryder and Zeta they meet under the most unfortunate circumstances but at a time that they both needed one another so completely Their story begins in a juvenile jail and to be honest I wasn’t sure at first how this was going to work It was a pivotal moment in this book and it had to be told Ryder and Zeta both had rough lives and then they meet They both recognized that they are meant to be together but the odds were against them A few years later Zeta and Ryder are reunited when the magazine that Zeta works for is hired to do a bio documentary of a rock band called Torment The name couldn’t have suited this band any better All the guys have their issues and Ryder is struggling to keep himself afloat Zeta at first is furious that she is put in a position to do this rockumentary for the band Ryder and Zeta’s connection reignites and they immediately realize that neither one wants to be apart from the other again There are some mistakes an even a few heart stopping moments for these two but they try and make it work At one point I wasn’t sure if I even liked Ryder but then I thought about what he’s doing and understood that this was a coping mechanism for him A protective measure he was willing to do in order to keep the one person he loved safe at all possible He won my heart and Zeta is absolutely perfect for him They are beautifully broken and together they are perfectly imperfect I loved this book so much and some readers may find some of it a little disturbing but please give this one a chance You will not ever regret it I would write so much but in the interest of spoilers I’ll leave it here YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK It’s everything and I read a complimentary copy of this book

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Only Ever You[PDF / EPUB] Only Ever You He’s the hot as sin rocker hiding a secret that would devastate his fans She’s the only girl he’s ever loved but keeping her safe means he had to walk away RYDERMy entire life is a lie propelled He’s the hot as sin rocker hiding a secret that would devastate his fans She’s the only girl he’s ever loved but keeping her safe means he had to walk away Only Ever PDF/EPUB or RYDERMy entire life is a lie propelled by one wrong decision that altered my fateIf fans knew the truth they’d run away screaming But all they see is Ryder Stone moody guitarist and lead singer of Torment and a potential notch on their bedpostOnly two people know who I really am My manager has a vested interest in keeping my secret and the girl I was forced to leave behind doesn’t even know the true extent of my shameLosing Zeta is both my biggest regret and my proudest moment But she was the glue keeping me together and I’m struggling to survive without her Especially when demons from my past continue to haunt me and the threat of disclosure is ever presentWhen she reappears in my life this time I’m too weak to push her awayHer love has the power to save me Mine has the power to destroy herZETAI’ve worked hard to forget my past To rise above my messed up childhood and make something of myself; however there’s no forgetting himRyder’s gorgeous face and drool worthy body are plastered over tabloids and TV screens reminding me I’m still in love with the boy who captured my heart in juvieWhen he failed me I thought I’d never again experience such heart crushing pain But watching him fall out of clubs with a succession of different girls renews the agony resurrecting countless unanswered uestionsNow my boss has sent me to interview him It’s a massive scoop for the magazine and turning it down would kill my career So I delude myself into thinking I can handle thisPerhaps this is the closure I need to finally move onExcept I’m terrified nothing has changed and one look into those soulful eyes will suck me in againRyder almost destroyed me last time This time he could ruin me forever.

About the Author: Siobhan Davis

Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis writes emotionally intense young adult and new adult fiction with swoon worthy romance complex characters and tons of unexpected plot twists and turns that will have Only Ever PDF/EPUB or you flipping the pages beyond bedtime Siobhan’s family will tell you she’s a little bit obsessive when it comes to reading and writing and they aren’t wrong She can rarely be found without her trusty Kindle a paperback book or her laptop somewhere close at handPrior to becoming a full time writer Siobhan forged a successful corporate career in human resource management She resides in the Garden County of Ireland with her husband and two sonsJoin the author's SFF mailing list to receive free e books PLUS additional bonus content not available anywhere else.