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    “All it does is create a permanent emotional hunger We look at people’s social media accounts and see them leading happy lives We tell ourselves that if only we had a body that looked like that person or if we had a gorgeous partner then we’d finally be happy It has become a commodity and the irony is that this type of ‘organised happiness’ ie achieving through planning and goal setting versus spontaneity doesn’t even feel like happiness by the time it arrives in your life”

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    Last year I read Paul Kalanithi's 'When breath becomes air' and loved jt It was heartbreaking yet uplifting and thought provoking It is the kind of book I feel I will re read parts of every few years This isn't a review of that book but I picked up Bell's 'In search of silence' expecting it to be similar It wasn't The prose is beautiful and there are thoughtssentences that stay with you Particularly a uestion Bell asks on the meaning of loneliness and the loneliness of people in love and happy marriages Other than that I couldn't really connect with this book The first thing that put me off was in the prologue where Bell describes a conversation with her niece She describes her own eyes as startling green or piercing green or one of those adjectives romance novelists use to describe their heroines withh flecks of yellowgolden I mean it's one thing to describe another person's eyes with such indulgence but to do it to your own felt odd and off putting The narrative is all over the place sometimes family history sometimes impressions of a place Bell is visiting sometimes her views on coping with grief sometimes her opinion on choosing to be singleit was jerky proceeding in fits and spurts Perhaps because of that I didn't get a full sense of her journey from the immediate shock and guilt to a state of acceptance and healingThe book was also rather puffy around the middle and it felt like we were going over and over again about the same points The closure when it came felt rather sudden and somewhat disappointingWhen I read what I've said so far it seems I disliked the book That isn't true The writing is uite lyrical with some beautiful imagery I don't regret reading this; just don't particularly recommend it

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    Beautiful A stunning book I read and re read passage after passage and even highlighted the ones that resonated with me the most Poorna is so right on in so many ways and speaks so openly you feel a real connection to her words Loved it grateful for it too

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    I bought this book after seeing Poorna Bell on a panel about loss and addiction at a Literary Festival this summer She was poignant and cool I was compelled to buy the book because of her authenticity strength and emotion Her writing did not disappoint The colorful descriptors draw you into her experience inviting you to observe and participate in her emotions and journey to forgiveness through unimaginable grief and loneliness It’s honest It’s inspiring And it’s thought provoking It’s also not overburdened she is a journalist and keeps things brief with the right amount of flavor If you are the type of person who is drawn to help others or give unsolicited advice you need to read this book It might help you understand a different perspective on why your well meaning words and actions and advice are alienating and potentially damaging And if you’re not read it anyway It might give you some empathy If not it’s a well written good read anyway And authentic AF

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    It is unfair to 'review' someone's account of grief and recovery a range of huge emotions an intensely personal and brave journey so let that be the disclaimer for what follows which is simply an evaluation of how she recounted this journey for the readerBell is clearly a very empathetic honest person and there were parts of the book eg why she uit her job how she processed her emotions in New Zealand that resonated deeply with me This could have been a much deeper dive into the nature of grief and healing though it remains uite superficial perhaps in an attempt to introduce some lightness to what could otherwise be a very heavy tale Overtly descriptive accounts of hikes and lakes and hills all too brief insights into dealing with the messy truth of panic attacks loss social pressure loneliness It's wrapped up too neatly She's an excellent writer though and is clearly capable of far depth so I will probably be curious about whatever she writes next

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    I enjoy reading the lyrical prose Bell has used throughout her book This is the reason why I gave 4 stars She also delved on thought provoking personal subjects and is frank about her thoughts on them On the contrary I expected insight about other people's thoughts on dealing with loss and emptiness Bell on the other had focused a large chunk of the book by poetically describing the places she traveled to which mean a lot to her to reflect on her life and deal with the pain of loss thus seeking spiritual solace I feel that she could have explored the topic at a much deeper level

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    If you have lost a loved one read this book If you feel lost in your life trying to understand what to do with your life read this book It made me realize that some of my dreams aren't mine I've tried so hard to achieve what society expects me to achieve but is it really what I want in my life? Perfect reading for the times of pandemia so very true inspiring and lighting that little star in the end of the tunnel called hope

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    Poorna’s voice is such a necessary one a beautiful journey that resonates so strongly with me I didn’t know it was possible to bookmark so many passages and I’m getting ready to read it all over again

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    Poorna tells us her journey through grief and the world She puts words on the worst feeling ever loosing someone you love It is easy and really pleasant to read but you will need a lot of tissues

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    The best book I have read this year I couldn't put it down despite having a busy week The language is just beautiful and the story is poignant and honest but still manages to be light and funny I would recommend this to anyone and everyone If you haven't read Poorna's writing you should

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In Search of Silence [PDF / EPUB] In Search of Silence Poorna Bell was sold the fairytale of life That love wins the day That marriage is the rescue to an otherwise unhappy existence That children are the natural progression of any relationship But really Poorna Bell was sold the fairytale of life That love wins the day That marriage is the rescue to an otherwise unhappy existence That children are the natural progression of any relationship But really is it Are we actually being honest with ourselves about the expectations we have set for ourselves Are we In Search PDF \ able to distinguish between what we really need from life from everything that we have been conditioned to want Because the current rhetoric doesn’t prepare you for the reality   In Poorna Bell became a widow after her husband Rob took his own life on a winter’s night having battled depression and addiction Her situation was unusual when compared to a lot of people but she was left figuring out exactly the same things Will she ever be happy Will she find love again Who will rescue her from her sadness   Two years on and Poorna is rebuilding her life And it is from this place – as she works towards choosing what she does and doesn’t want from society that she will explore a different conversation around fulfillment and self worthCutting across the landscapes in India New Zealand and Britain Poorna Bell explores the things endemic in our society such as sadness and loneliness to unpick why we seek other people to fix what’s inside of us In Search of Silence is the recognition of the echo chamber we find ourselves in in terms of what constitutes a successful fulfilling life This is a heartfelt deeply personal journey which asks us all to define what 'happiness' truly means    PRAISE FOR CHASE THE RAINBOW  ‘A candid warm sad surprisingly funny raw brave bittersweet book’ – MATT HAIG   ‘ Chase the Rainbow is a game changing book Poorna Bell’s moving account of the pressures on modern men could be a life saver This is a brave and bold work that will inspire us all to talk openly and honestly about depression once and for all Everyone should read this book’ – ARIANNA HUFFINGTON ‘I recently devoured this book in a couple of days It’s so beautifully written honest and beyond though provoking I urge you to delve into its courageously written pages to learn about Poorna Bell’s story’ – FEARNE COTTON ‘A story of love and loss and a vital contribution to the mental health debate A great read’ – ALASTAIR CAMPBELL.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 272 pages
  • In Search of Silence
  • Poorna Bell
  • 15 November 2016