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The Spies of Shilling Lane [PDF / EPUB] The Spies of Shilling Lane From the bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir comes a thrilling new WWII story about a village busybody the mighty Mrs Braithwaite who resolves to find and then rescue her missing daughter From the bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies' of Shilling ePUB ✓ Choir comes a thrilling new WWII story about a village busybody the mighty Mrs Braithwaite who resolves to find and then rescue her missing daughterMrs Braithwaite self appointed ueen of her English village finds herself dethroned despised and dismissed following her husband's selfish divorce petition Never deterred The Spies PDF \ the threat of a family secret being revealed sets her hot foot to London to find the only person she has left her clever daughter Betty who took work there at the first rumbles of warBut when she arrives Betty's landlord the timid Mr Norris informs her that Betty hasn't been home in days with the Spies of Shilling MOBI ï chaos of the bombs there's no telling what might have befallen her Aghast Mrs Braithwaite sets her bullish determination to the task of finding her only daughterStorming into the London Blitz Mrs Braithwaite drags the reluctant Mr Norris along as an unwitting sidekick as they piece together Betty's unexpectedly chaotic life As she is thrown into the midst of danger and death Mrs Braithwaite is forced to rethink her old fashioned notions of status class and reputation and to reconsider the uestion that's been puzzling her since her world overturned How do you measure the success of your lifeReaders will be charmed by the unforgettable Mrs Braithwaite and her plucky ruthless optimism and find in The Spies of Shilling Lane a novel with surprising twists and turns uiet humor and a poignant examination of mothers and daughters and the secrets we keep.

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Spies of Shilling Lane
  • Jennifer Ryan
  • English
  • 22 May 2015
  • 9780525576495

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    4 stars for a light enjoyable mystery romancecharacter study The blurb sets the premise of the story Mrs Braithwaite self appointed ueen of her English village finds herself dethroned despised and dismissed following her husband’s selfish divorce petition Never deterred the threat of a family secret being revealed sets her hot foot to London to find the only person she has left—her clever daughter Betty who took work there at the first rumbles of war It is March 1941 and Mrs Braithwaite arrives in London only to find her daughter missing She sets out to find her and recruits some unlikely helpMr Norris Betty's landlord a rather timid accountant who is appalled at this blustering harridan ordering him aboutSome criminals who have it in for 5th column fascistsHow Mrs Braithwaite and Norris rescue Betty from the fascists and rekindle a mother daughter relationship made for a pleasant read Fans of the author's previous book The Chilbury Ladies' Choir will like this one also There is very little violence and no murders so cozy mystery fans will enjoy itOne uote But the conversation seemed to have tipped Mr Norris into a thoughtful mode and he said rather philosophically 'When people you care for die something inside changes and you become a different person Some say that you take on a part of them yourself that everything you loved about them is enveloped within you that you have a responsibility to keep them alive in your heart whatever it takesThanks to Jennifer RyanCrown PublishingNet Galley for sending me this book #TheSpiesOfShillingLane #NetGalley

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    25 starsNot uite what I expected Given the story is about a woman searching for her missing daughter during World War 2 I assumed going in this would be a heavy read but instead it had of a cozy mystery vibe to it So that threw me for a loop and probably had some effect on my enjoyment of the novel Mrs Braithwaite has been pretty much ostracized since her divorce Given it's the 1940s attitudes are it's always the wife's fault when her husband leaves her Too make matters worse we have a war going on and her daughter Betty is missing So Mrs Braithwaite goes to London to look for her and meets Mr Norris Betty's landlord She soon learns Betty hasn't been completely honest with her mom about her life in London But I guess they are even because Mrs Braithwaite has been hiding a secret or two from her daughterI actually liked the characters of Mrs Braithwaite and Mr Norris and thought they would be great working together in a cozy mystery series I just don't think placing them in the middle of a war was the best use of them By no means was this some slapstick comedy but it's amazing to me how light in tone it felt given there were a few serious storylines I guess I am just left feeling kinda empty because I believe this had the potential to be a really compelling story and instead for the most part it fell flat So yes this was a disappointing read for me but maybe other readers will connect better with the storyThank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Crown Publishing for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review Happy Pub Day After reading The Chilbury Ladies Choir back in March I knew I wanted to read the author's second WWII era novel that is being released in June 2019 Jennifer Ryan's Mrs Braithwaite is another nominee for favorite character of 2019 Ousted from her local WVS Women's Voluntary Services branch and treated like a pariah since her husband divorced her and left her for another woman Phyllis Braithwaite decides to take herself to London to visit her daughter Betty Although the two don't have the best relationship Mrs Braithwaite feels she just needs to see her daughter Imagine her surprise when she arrives at Betty's boarding house and learns Betty hasn't returned Investing the reluctant aide of Betty'S landlord Mr Norris Mrs Braithwaite launches a desperate search An adventure ensues as the two soon realize that Betty may have run into some shady characters I really loved this one because it was completely different than its predecessor and leaned a little towards a fictional action adventure Also I am really enjoying the fact that authors like Jennifer Ryan are actually giving us characters that aren't solely in the 18 29 age bracket If I have learned anything from growing up and watching Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote reruns it's that women over 50 are not to be toyed with and they WILL get the answers I just loved the way Mrs Braithwaite handled everything including poor Mr Norris I think even Winston Churchill would have stepped aside for Mrs Braithwaite As for my rating of 4 instead of a 5 I did feel that the book was about ten chapters too long and I was a little less enad by Betty's sub story Publication Date 040619 Goodreads Review 010619

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    Mrs Braithwaite was not initially my cup of tea Brash overbearing and opinionated I could understand why the ladies of the WVS had pushed her out of her position as chairwoman She comes to London to see her daughter only to find her missing Like a steamroller she plows over everything and everyone in her path Her main concern is how to measure success in one’s life She’s actually comedic with her views on life “You saw the European history books on Baxter’s shelf And the philosophyAnyone that reads philosophy is bound to be suspicious”The book is a very lightweight historical romp It’s silly to be honest As the title implies there are spies Also lots of bad guys thugs to be exact Not that all the criminals are bad some are on the side of Jolly Old England We’re meant to warm to Mrs Braithwaite as she has epiphany after epiphany about the type of mother she was I thought the strength of The Chilbury’s Ladies Choir was the depth of its characters Here they seemed caricature Ryan does a decent job of of painting a picture of London during the Blitz I was able to clearly picture the scenes Transcription covers some of the same territory spying on the English Fascist element and does a much better serious job of it Sorry to say I wasn’t that impressed by Ryan’s sopho effort This might appeal to those that want something along the lines of a “cozy” story My thanks to netgalley and Crown Publishing for an advance copy of this book

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    I was charmed and delighted by The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir Unfortunately Ryan’s second effort was neither charming nor delightful The characters are caricatures and the dialogue is cliché Would you believe the leader of a gang of thugs would signal an attack by shouting out “charge?” Seriously “my darling” this is but one example Let’s not forget a prisoner accidentally falls out of a van as a means of escape Spare me If this was intended to be a melodramatic farce it succeeds but I’m not convincedSimple as that

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    3 stars Thank you to Penguin First to Read and Crown for allowing me to read and review this ARC Published June 4 2019 London WWII spies and a motherdaughter situation Controlling busybody Mother went in search of her daughter in London Once there she finds out that she had been lied to and daughter Betty is missing Betty is involved with M15 and is a spy However Mom has been keeping a few secrets from Betty also Personally I did not connect very well with any of the characters other than Mr Norris He came across as a Don Knotts type character which I did find refreshing Characters and story in this book are suitable for a cozy mystery series There is some humor and some violence however shaded It is not a story that puts you on edge or forces you to turn pages but of a beach or cozy read Don't expect a great spy novel or a great WWII story this book is neither It is not a heavy hitter Even the serious and uasi violent parts are in the flavor of the Keystone Cops or Three Stooges When considering this novel think meddling busybody than WWII spies

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    Jennifer Ryan is the author of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir one of my favorite reads of the past couple of years and she strikes gold yet again with her newest novel The Spies of Shilling Lane Here we meet the intimidating Mrs Braithwaite pushed out of her leadership position with her village women's volunteer corps after one too many criticisms and commands aimed at the other women Feeling utterly rejected Mrs Braithwaite decides to go visit her 21 year old daughter Betty who left the village to take up a clerical position in London seeking excitement and a sense of purpose during wartimeHowever when Mrs Braithwaite arrives at Betty's lodging house she finds out that no one has seen her daughter in at least four days and while no one else seems particularly panicked Mrs Braithwaite is sure that Betty must need rescuing And nobody stands between Mrs Braithwaite and her daughter She sets out to find her daughter coercing poor Mr Norris to help her out and uses her cyclone energy to push demand and bully people into giving her informationIt turns out that her motherly instincts were indeed correct and Betty is in trouble of a sort that Mrs Braithwaite could not have anticipated And despite the tumultuous strained relationship between mother and daughter Mrs Braithwaite charges into action to save Betty only to end up needing saving in returnWhat follows is a rollicking adventure full of can do spirit as well as intrigue and double crossing Mrs Braithwaite is an absolute delight as a main character How many books do we get to read that feature a 50 something year old proper Englishwoman as an action hero? She is just a force of nature and will not let anyone stand in the way of her taking care of her daughter Of course Betty is far from helpless as Mrs Braithwaite learns and between the two of them we see a pair of strong women whose courage makes a difference in the British war effortThe Spies of Shilling Lane has a light hearted feel at times as the action seuences aren't simply smooth Jame Bond maneuvers but rather are full of errors and accidents and fumbling about Mrs Braithwaite and Mr Norris are such an unlikely pair of secret agents tracking down clues picking locks and befriending the local criminal element all in pursuit of a rather nasty bunch of evil doers At the same time the reflections on the mother daughter relationship the pressures of societal expectations and the damage that can be done by overbearing family members are all well described and add resonance to the characters' feelings and reactionsIt's also incredibly harrowing and moving to see the air raids and the devastation that results and I first found myself really loving Mrs Braithwaite because of her interactions with an injured young woman whom she discovers as she's searching for BettyAll in all I'd say that The Spies of Shilling Lane is an excellent look at remarkable women during wartime There are plenty of moments that made me smile as well as scenes of tension and suspense Mrs Braithwaite is so delightful I'd love to read about of her adventuresIf you enjoy women centered historical fiction definitely check this one out Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley Full review at Bookshelf Fantasies

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    4 stars Review tomorrow

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    Actual rating 35 stars

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    Mrs Braithewaite is amusing straightforward somewhat status obsessed thanks to the influence of a now dead aunt and a bit of a bulldozer in her personal relationships When she's ousted from her position in her village she rushes to London to see her daughter Betty to share a scandalous secret with her Turns out Betty's missing and Mrs Braithewaite enlists the aid of Betty's landlord Mr Norris in finding Betty They turn up a variety of unexpected things including some scary men a traitorous group and Mrs Braithewaite's compassion and kindness both of which are stirred by her interactions with initially mousy Mr Norris and others they meetIt was nice seeing an older woman as the protagonist; and watching her gradually change her behaviour and make stronger connections with people than she ever has was fun There were parts of the story that felt a wee bit unbelievable but I just so enjoyed Mrs Braithewaite's and Mr Norris' conversations and detecting styles and the growth both characters go through on their adventures

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