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Kniv [PDF / EPUB] Kniv The gripping 12th book in Jo Nesbo's bestselling crime series featuring the troubled and fascinating Oslo detective Harry Hole Harry Hole has a lot of experience with waking up hungover But there's on The gripping th book in Jo Nesbo's bestselling crime series featuring the troubled and fascinating Oslo detective Harry Hole Harry Hole has a lot of experience with waking up hungover But there's one troubling thing that's different this time his hands and clothes are covered with blood It's a sign that not only is Harry about to come to face with an old deadly foe but also with his darkest personal challenge yet A man like Harry better watch his back.

  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • Kniv
  • Jo Nesbø
  • English
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9780735275348

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    Wow Knife adds another layer to the Harry Hole seriesI wasn't expecting that I can’t say much without giving spoilers so I am going to keep this review briefA life altering murder puts Harry Hole in the spotlight With his career and credibility at stake Harry falls into a deep dark abyss of self destructive behavior To clear his name he will risk his life But if he survives it will be bittersweetI was shocked by the murder and even shocked when the murderer was revealed While I was surprised by the identity of the murderer I realized there were clues galore but I was too caught up in Harry to see what was going on right before my eyes Knife is dark and weighty and Harry is at his lowest point which made this hard to read at times There isn't much action but Harry develops and grows as a character which I appreciated Parts are overly detailed and could have been edited down While I didn’t love the events of Knife the plot allows for Harry’s character to take a new path We will have to wait and see if we get drunk messy Harry or a new Harry Hole in the next book

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    45 Stars —With the death of Stieg Larsson there is only one foreign language author that I read on a regular basis Jo Nesbo I don’t see a lot of people reviewing Nesbo’s books which is a shame because they are really missing a treat “Knife” is no exception “Knife” stars Harry Hole Nesbo’s go to detective whose intelligence and ability to solve crimes is second to none But unlike some recurring characters each Hole book is a standalone masterpiece which you can enjoy whether you have read any of the previous books in the series “Knife” involves Hole doing battle with the eually brilliant Svein Finne who is a serial rapist whose weapon of choice is a knife is eual parts mysterious and chilling As usual all of Hole’s personal failings are intermixed into the story which keeps the book from ever becoming boring The investigation and gathering enough evidence to arrest Finne is entertaining but the book then takes an interesting turn when someone very close to Hole is murdered and he becomes a suspect How the author keeps all of this from collapsing into confusion and ridiculousness is absolutely amazing The ending is genius and once again I feel the need to tell people just how good an author Nesbo is Now if I could just get the author to use American names for most of his characters his books would be absolutely perfect

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    I enjoyed this one I don’t think I have read any of the others but it was fine as a stand alone When I saw the beautiful copy I decided to start here 😉 Signed stained edges Loved the map on the inside cover as well Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    Jo Nesbø returns with yet another of the Harry Hole novels as intriguing as it is dark When Harry wakes from a drunken stupor covered in blood he is unsure what’s happened Could it have been a bar fight gone wrong or perhaps something a little dastardly? While he shakes out the cobwebs there is news on the crime front when a body is discovered with its neck slit and a massive stab wound in the stomach Harry learns of this and seeks answers particularly when he discovers the victim is someone close to him While Harry is now stuck working cold cases he continues probing into this active investigation which turns up an old nemeses Svein Finne was an early criminal that Harry caught when he was new to the scene learning the ins and outs of this most notorious criminal mind Finne nicknamed ‘The Fiancé’ would choose his female victims and violently rape them in hopes of making them pregnant Thereafter he would threaten to harm the women should they in any way report him or terminate their pregnancies Finne served his time and is now out on parole just in time to strike again As Harry pieces together the elements of a murder a woman comes to report a rape that has Finne’s trademarks all over it but recants and leaves the authorities baffled as to how they might proceed With fire in his eyes Harry strikes and tries to secure an arrest though things fall flat With little to show for his actions Harry falls into a deep depression coming to terms with the loss of a loved one Evidence points that the blood on him was that of the victim which only furthers his grief Left despondent Harry wonders if he would be better off dead taking matters into his own hands while he is on the lam In a race for the truth Harry is a pawn in a larger game one that could see the bodies pile up as the murderer watches with glee Nesbø is masterful at spinning this dark web of deception and mystery perfect for fans of his work Recommended to all those who love Scandinavian thrillers that pack a punch from the opening sentenceI have long been a fan of Jo Nesbø and his writing even though it is much heavier than many of the novels I read The reader is forced to focus intently in order to ascertain all the nuances found within the narrative With nothing apparently lost in translation this Norwegian thriller keeps the reader guessing throughout while showing the depths to which Harry Hole can find himself when things do no go his way Harry remains a stunning member of the police though his skills are always in uestion when drink enters the euation That being said Harry seems able to push the haze aside and make something of himself though this might be the end of his luck as personal angst acts as a anchor to drag him into the depths of his melancholy Others around him seek to lighten the mood—or make it darker depending—and shape the narrative effectively Nesbø chooses a wonderful cast of characters to portray the themes he has in mind as well as introducing the reader to one man who has haunted Harry Hole for many years The plot of the story worked well keeping me intrigued while also wondering if things would remain gloomy throughout Nesbø does so well with the darkness and angst filled stories that I could never tell when I ought to pause worried I would miss some enlightening aspect For those not familiar with Harry Hole or many of these Scandinavian noir thrillers I would recommend walking back to the start of the series as things definitely need context before popping up here twelve novels inKudos Mr Nesbø for keeping my attention throughout and helping me see another side of Harry Hole I never tire of your work and hope you’ll keep the novels comingLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

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    With great sadness I must announce that Harry and I are done I will not be reading this series in the future and I hope that Jo Nesbø will respect my decision and not write anything else When you read 12 books of a series it is inevitable that some of them will not be to your liking Also as a reader you feel that you know the characters even better than the author While Police still has the lowest rating from me this one takes the cake for the worst written Harry Hole book because of the complete destruction of our main character I won't get into details about the story There is a big shocker in the beginning where we lose one of our beloved characters but other than that we have the same premise as usual Harry is on the sidelines of the official investigation because of yet another problematic thing that he did He goes on a bender he does illegal stuff but he means well Only this time it doesn't work Characters like Harry need to have some strong redeeming ualities that can justify them being complete assholes and unreliable people Reading this you wouldn't recognize him Jo Nesbø destroyed him made him childlike illogical selfish without any self awareness We knew that women liked him before but this was unbelievable We have a line of great looking successful women knocking on the door for the chance of only one night with this drunken lost and evil man They even fight over him when in this book at least they should thank the other for taking him off their hands Even his professional skills don't seem real here the case gets solved in Shakespearean method with convenient confessions sudden clues and with great help from the sky above If I read one close to death experience where Harry survives like a cat I'll go crazyI also had a big problem with the storytelling There are SO MANY irrelevant back stories of even irrelevant minor characters I felt that Jo Nesbø couldn't decide beforehand if he will focus on PTSD child molestation rape jealousy telenovela twists of missingfound children or racism What made his thrillers stood out from the sea of mysteries are those well built cases with strong characters Yes Harry could always surprise you but still stay in his lane I am sorry but I am so disappointed with this book I got this edition through Edelweiss thanks to Random House

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    Another really excellent visit with Harry Hole It was full of surprises and many many red herrings as Harry followed first one suspect and then another I guessed the true culprit but only because I always pin it on the most unlikely personTotally enjoyable and now we are left to wonder what Harry will do next

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    A new book from my favorite author is ALWAYS a cause for celebration but I have to say Nesbo's Knife truly blew me away even than I was expecting This book feels like vintage Nesbo it's dark and gritty but it's not as gory as 2017's The Thirst and I think that's a great thing it really lets Nesbo's razor sharp prose and rich character development shine Don't get me wrong this book is still super creepy and dark it's just not as wildly bloody as Nesbo's previous Harry Hole novel This is a big book but I loved every single page; it's the kind of story you want to sink into and savor Leave it to Nesbo to write a thriller that's as addictive and intricate as it is emotional and heartbreaking I adored Knife and cannot wait to see what Nesbo does next Read my full review on the CBTB blog

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    4 Norwegian detective stars to this one My head is still spinning over the latest installment in the Harry Hole series This one is meaty at 451 pages and had a few too many music references for meYou know the old tv show Dallas and the time when Bobby was dead but then walked out of the shower months later as a cliffhanger? That's a bit how I felt with this one I kept waiting for certain things to be a bad dream I should know better as Jo Nesbo is not shy about killing some of the main characters in his books I remember he did that a few books ago with one of my favorite detectives in this series He's a bit ruthless as a writerFor fans of this series there's plenty of murder gore shocking twists and good detective work going on while Harry has his battle with the bottle and staying sober This #12 is a worthy addition to the series I do hope that Nesbo continues to write these but please let Harry find some happinessI read this one as my translated book for the Goodreads Summer Challenge

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    4 5 stars I really like mavericks I’m a bit of a maverick myself especially when it comes to following recipes and when I do it’s usually 😝 and I like my detective ‘heroes’ to have maverick tendencies Rebus Barbara Havers Inspector Lynley series Elizabeth George Jackson Brodie TV’s Gilou Escoffier Spiral Outstanding and Saga Noren and of course HARRY HOLE This is another terrific addition to this series as it has a dizzying number of twists and turns that makes you think you’ve got it all sorted in your head then another revelation shoots that theory sky high This is one of the darkest of the HH books Harry is a mess Again He has split from his wife Rakel who is the love of his life He’s drinking heavy and barely functioning Yes same old Harry Harry’s nemesis Sveine Finne is out of prison and Harry believes he has started killing again but how can he prove it? Sveine is dangerous manipulative and very clever The story that unfolds takes us in many different directions from Oslo to Afghanistan from one murder and horrific action to another Jo Nesbø has written a complex story with clarity there are some incredibly tense moments and a few jaw droppers as the cases go backwards and forwards Harry is literally fighting for his life and once for his reputation and yet again he manages to prove he has lives than a cat Jo Nesbø is a very good writer I like the inclusion of music in the text and this is important in this story It’s very detailed as you’d expect from a Scandinavian author but the storyline connects together very cleverly and shockingly I really like the ending as it leaves really intriguing uncertainty as to which path and direction Harry will take next In due course we will find out and I hope we don’t have to wait too long

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    25 starsRounded upsighI have so many issues with this bookI'll try to summarize my thoughts without giving anything away though it won't be easy1 The audio book in English is awful This voicebrrrrreminded me of an old creaky door Absolutely did not fit to HarryIMO At some point I had enough of it I couldn't bear it any longer andswitched to the book editionin Russian My mother had just finished it and I borrowed it Why should I buy it in German if I have it in Russian? The book is originally published in Norwegian anyway so it is in both case a translation from the original language To read Harry in Russian wasstrange I don't normally read my books in Russian and it is a big while since I read my last book in Russian so I honestly don't know whether the reason for my feelings are the languagetranslation issues but it didn't feel like Harry🤔2 This book is at least 100 pages too long Nesbo pays too much attention to irrelevant subjects confusing the readers with unnecessary information I know in meantime that this tactic belongs to his strategy to set us on the wrong track and it worked fine for me before but not here Here it became INCREASINGLY annoying 3 Harry and alcohol not something new right? I should have got used to it it is a book 12 FGS deal with it right? Why should he be different? Let him be this way but I reject this time to accept his overloaded popularity by the women Every single woman in this book was obsessed with this dripping with liuor smell  sweaty disheveled man and were all so desparate for his attention that they were ready to kill each other without hesitation well I mean figuratively do I really? And I mean not just average women those here who fight over Harry are successful powerful smart and extremely attractive ones So sorry don't believe it4 The CASE Nononononononono I can't say but I can't buy it Nesbo It was not dramatic it was unrealistic sick nonsense at the expense of healthy human logic spirit and mind This character didn't deserve to end THIS WAY There are other small things that bothered me but who cares🙁

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