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A Shifters Curse Rouen Chronicles #1 [PDF / EPUB] A Shifters Curse Rouen Chronicles #1 Karma takes too long I'd rather beat the shit out of you right now With a dagger in her boot and blades in her bra Briar a powerful shifter arrives in Rouen with one goal find and kill Dominic the man Karma takes too Curse Rouen Epub Ü long I'd rather beat the shit out of you right now With A Shifters PDF/EPUB or a dagger in her boot and blades in her bra Briar a powerful shifter arrives in Shifters Curse Rouen ePUB ☆ Rouen with one goal find and kill Dominic the man responsible for the destruction of her entire family and wolf pack When she discovers he is an Alpha surrounded by muscle ripped shifters and eually as strong witches she knows the only way she will get close enough to kill him is if she joins his dangerous and shady pack But infiltrating them proves challenging than she expects especially when her new roommates turn out to be supernaturals with their own powers and secrets She can't tell if the centuries old nosey vampire and fashion sensitive witch are working with her or against her Whether they are friends or enemies doesn't change things Briar has a job to do And she is willing to do whatever it takes to uench her thirst for revenge even if it means destroying her own soul In this new urban fantasy series Steele and Mason introduce readers to a dark and exciting world full of shifters vampires and witches If you like Charlaine Harris Patricia Briggs Shayne Silvers or KF Breene you will LOVE this new series Scroll up and grab this gritty urban fantasy TODAY Intended for adult readers due to violence and language but it is funny as hell Oh and this is not an RH.

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Join my private Curse Rouen Epub Ü Facebook group where you can talk about everything Rouen Raven Steele and A Shifters PDF/EPUB or the Rouen World Readers GroupBorn at the stroke of midnight Raven Steele grew up in a Shifters Curse Rouen ePUB ☆ home bordering a graveyard as old as time Ghosts became her only friends and whispered tales of a world that existed between night and day In this place monsters roamed the lands magic curled in the wind and good and.

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    Buy the book or borrow with KU In the middle of an intense fight and I'm all in with the best line in the entire book If I'd wanted to hump you you'd be in the handicap stall of the lady’s restroom right now hanging on for dear life Ooo sweet talker I like it REVENGE This was an okay read I enjoy revenge stories and this one could have been epic Even though I burned through this book I think I did to out of just trying to get it over with It only really got good in the last 3% I just wish it would have gotten to the point sooner I'll continue on with the series for now but hopefully it gets a little better

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    Revenge can be lonely but with determination it can be sweetWhat I liked about this storyThis story had an uniueness about with all it's twist and turns that kept me on a wild rolling coaster ride The characters were well played within the story plot that hit all my emotional buttons and who doesn't love a story based in Louisiana with its rich eerieand supernatural vibe I can't leave out the hint of Greek mythology with supernatural creatures; wolf shifters vampires and witchesWhat the story is aboutThe main character Briar I just loved that name comes to town after two bad guys who killed her family in front of her when she was a child She has been searching for them for revenge As she tries to get close enough to kill them she will find unlikely allies that have the same goal as her but with different reasons She has brass balls along with a uniue super power that she keeps hidden from others She has been alone for some time but she will find herself with others that's makes her want to protect them I would recommend this book to readers who love a strong sassy and hilarious heroine that appeals to that wild imagination inside each of usI've already purchased the next one so I can enjoy the wild ride that these authors have written So hold on to your seat and get to reading this story Happy Reading

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    This was a good Urban Fantasy read I like a good revenge plotMy only issue really was with Briar She seemed incredibly reckless and this didn't uite make sense with her mission I was frustrated she wasn't intelligent about the way she goes about things and it is a miracle that she didn't die at the start She also toes the line if one of those heroines who is a bit too sjarky bordering on obnoxious at times However it makes total sense with what has happened to her so 90% of the time I could deal with it it just made her seem a bit like a characture sometimesHeading straight for the next book now

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    Source Kindle UnlimitedGenre Urban FantasyRating 40ThoughtsA Shifter's Curse is the first installment in authors Raven Steele and Ava Mason's Rouen Chronicles Rouen Louisiana is a town that is the home to vampires witches and shifters For one shifter in particular Briar Isabella Moretti is on a mission to hunt specific individuals who were responsible for the mass murder of her entire family Even though she somehow managed to escape their fate she was fundamentally changed forever One could say she was made even stronger by the horror she experiencedFull Review Gizmos Reviews

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    I liked this one a lot Easy to read and page turning suspense Great characters Ive been craving a paranormal romance and this book worked My only complaints are that I’m not a fan of character’s having than one book in a series normally And there’s no sex in this book Four stars instead of five because of no sex Just being honest

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    This book was really entertaining and has so much potential to just get better I was leaning towards the 35 rounded up but I just don't think the story is uite whole enough yet I think it was really striving for a complex multifaceted story line but there were a lot of holes when it came to world building and backstory I felt that the author does it on purpose in the beginning and I expected for the holes to fill themselves in as the FMC Briar discovers and about the town but I felt that her singular focus being revenge really closes off the reveals to the reader because in all honesty she doesn't care less about all the other things going on in the town even if it may explain her own story better She only cares about her revenge not that I blame her but it would have been nice for the reader to get the information somehow if if the FMC wasn't interestedBriar lone wolf shifter and new to the town of Rouen has tracked her arch nemesis here after years ago being the lone survivor of her families massacre Determined to get revenge on the two men who not only murdered her family sadistically but also through her down an abandoned mine as little than a toddler she is in no mood for everyone else's drama and doesn't care whose plans shes messing up to get her due As a character I really like Briar she is uite sarcastic funny and pretty much a Bad A though at times I felt she was a little hostile than necessary and she came across a little forced here and there She also seems to have a both wonderful and horrifying habit of wingin it half cocked Had my nerves on edge multiple times As Briar tries different angles to get closer to the men who took away her family she learns and about the town and its supernatural residents and finds herself neck deep in doodoo at least one of those times on purpose and she begins to wonder if shes really here for revenge or if she is part of some bigger plan bringing all the players on the board in together for the showdownI think I should throw in a trigger warning for some really heavy violence I'm a seasoned reader with no triggers but I cringed a couple times here This is an all out war with lots of gory details so reader beware As for the romance part of the story I really wasn't feeling it I don't know Briar and Luke just really didn't have all that much chemistry and to be really honest I wasn't really a Luke fan maybe he can redeem himself in the seuels to come?I'm definitely interested in keeping an eye on this series to see where it goes

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    2 Stars This storyline was a cross between paranormal and mafia genres consisting of a sadistic dominant pack of wolf shifters involved in varying degrees of criminal activity lending them power and control over the city of Rouen Enter a female shifter hell bent on revenge for the deaths of her family members and willing to go to any lengths to infiltrate the ranks of said pack in order to destroy the Alpha and his brother An intriguing plot for sure with many secondary characters Witches Vampires and Shifters that I found to be incredibly interesting however the dialogue was written in such a way that I found myself becoming frustrated with the main character and her level of immaturity and impulsivity; as well as her adolescent language that did not reflect the powerhouse she was meant to represent This inconsistency played on me throughout the read and in the end my investment in the read dwindled resulting in me not wanting to continue with the series

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    When recommended this on KU I wasn’t expecting much Once I saw that this author hasn’t published anything else I expected even less And then I picked it up and read it and realized that I was completely wrong This book was great Briar is everything I love in a main character The supporting characters are awesome It was raw and gritty and real I’m completely hooked Once I saw that Raven Steele was a pen name I did some snooping ok a uick google search and found out that it is Rachel McClellan’s pen name I have never read anything by her but I plan on fixing that very soon

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    I have to admit it wasnt the cover that drew me to this book It was the tag ling Karma takes too long I'd rather beat the shit out of you right now that said hello you have to read melol Then once I got to reading I found out that it was set in my favorite state of Louisiana and that it was going to be a home for vampires witches and shiftersoh yeah I read this book and I cant wait to get my hands on the next one

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