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    ‘Ladies might weep with impunity but a gentleman must always contain his emotions’Jemima Brigges is an exiled Salopian a native of Shropshire who left the county to begin a career in nursing and midwifery She also is an author focusing on the Georgian era and the social s of that period Her debut novel BROTHERS AT ARMS surveyed of a fascinating family history that encompasses the class system on both sides of the social divide She distilled her concepts in her brief author’s note at the opening of that book ‘Whilst the historical figures are set in the context of fiction the reputation of Thomas William Coke as one of the significant personalities of the Agricultural Revolution is fact Everyone knows of the Napoleonic Wars but few remember the farmers who kept the people of England fed in those difficult times I have no idea whether such an innovative thinker as ‘Mr Coke of Norfolk’ had students of agriculture on his Norfolk estate but the notion fitted the section of my story to which it relates so well that I hope historians will forgive my literary fantasy’ Having read her second novel first – COUNTING THE COST – it is fascinating to see how well she established her reputation with her debut And her third period novel HELD TO RANSOM and this seuel ESTRANGEMENT A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE firmly establishes her as one of our significant historical fiction authors of the dayJemima opens windows on a period all but forgotten especially now in this time of feminist importance In her usual style she offer an introductory author’s note – ‘The Georgian era was a time when marriage for the landed gentry was for the procreation of heirs and childbirth a process in which medical practitioners did not have all the answers With few methods of contraception pregnancies were freuent and many resulted in a high maternal mortality and morbidity Obstetric intervention was primitive by today’s standards and deliveries for the upper classes were conducted by physicians or male midwives The aftercare in the protracted lying in or postnatal period was almost entirely given by womenThe provided synopsis of this complex novel distills the main points of the story well ‘Set in Shropshire during the Post Napoleonic Regency era 1816 1817 A Seuel to Held to Ransom It is a story about loyalty betrayal sacrifice and survival A marriage is in crisis with a problem that cannot be solved alone and the future of the Lin Estate hangs in the balance Only time will tell whether events yet to unfold will restore its friendships and fortunes – or tear them asunder If marriage had changed Joshua Norbery the loss of his father makes him doubly aware of his own mortality He needs a son and heir but with Arthur Bradstone’s conditions for the return of the Lin mortgage duty and antipathy make poor bedfellows which render a desirable outcome impossible in the light of his wife’s absence Bored with her marriage Annabel Norbery uses her children’s sensibilities to escape the restrictions of Lin in mourning Once free she solicits an invitation to visit the sister of her former beau but finds that the circle in which her friend moves and the people they meet are very different to those with which she is familiar Caught in a situation beyond her control Annabel rushes home to the husband she disdained Can she persuade Joshua to believe her version of events? Will there be conseuences for her if he does? Dare she risk her father’s anger if he does not? Miss Maria Dinchope the paragon in black bombazine appears invincible but she is vulnerable to the whims of a vengeful woman Whilst her mistress’s absence brings relief Annabel Norbery’s precipitous return alerts Maria to a situation that will test her loyalties Having witnessed an action of spite she cannot avoid taking sides Will she do likewise when the offender is in need of help?Caught in a web of marital deceit Maria knows the precarious state of her employer’s marriage and the demands made on Joshua by his wife’s father Can she now in recognising her mistress’s plight forgive the slights of the past to help Annabel in her distress and still retain the master’s trust? Major Charlie Cobarne a childhood friend of Joshua Norbery grew up on the Lin Estate but left in anger Scarred by the wars Charlie wants to heal the rift but this must wait while he rescues a lady in distress In serving her needs his loyalty to the past is compromised Can he still achieve his wish and honour a promise made to his father or will his sense of chivalry prove to be his undoing? How will he then make amends to the friend he maligned?Not only does Jemima Brigges further confirm herself as a sophisticated writer with this fine novel but she also resurrects our attention to a time of sexual ineuality – a lesson we must never forget

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    Estrangement A Marriage of Convenience Part 2 by Jemima Brigges is such a great continuation of the book Held to Ransom This book continues to highlight the disparities between men and women during the Georgian Age not only in societal ranking but in intimate relationships Women were often nothing than a way to produce an heir The author covers this ground generously conveying the social divide that existed during that time Well described characters give this story an edge while the historical perspective is complete and educational A hefty synopsis provides all the information you will need to understand the nuances of the history and the people within the story Marriage crises friendships and even fortunes are challenged in this riveting story Highly recommend for an immersive wonderful book

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    Fans of historical fiction will find the setting and plot of Estrangement by Jemina Brigges captivating Set during post Napoleonic Regency era the Georgian Age in the wealthy Lin Hall readers will find vivid descriptions of the setting and the time period The author does a fantastic job of transporting readers to this time and place While reading the novel you will become aware of the difficulties women in these times faced In this specific novel which is book five of the Lin Series readers will get to know Annabel Norbery’s struggles Her husband is desperate for a male heir but her wishes are not respected The drama within the relationship becomes dramatic as you meet others in the household such as Maria who is employed by the Norbery’s She walks a fine line between helping Annabel and her household position Love scandal loyalty are just a few of the recurring themes readers will find in the novel Ultimately it is easy to see why this is a continuing book series – the author does a wonderful job of bringing the past to life

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    Estrangement A Marriage of Convenience is another enchanting historical romance written by Jemima Briggs The story of Joshua Norbery continues now he is the head of his family with the recent death of his father Not wanting to mourn Annabel Norbery selfishly visits with family and friends leaving her husband alone for months Going about like a single woman she flirts shamelessly with a family friend not caring about her husband family or reputation As she rushes home can she convince Joshua to accept her as she left; does he even want to? Jemima Briggs is a master at stringing a story along Estrangement A Marriage of Convenience is an entanglement of gentry and servants honor and deceit history and future As the author focuses on different characters you see their integrity or lack thereof Some characters you are given just a hint of their conniving ways and you wonder when they will show their hand as in Sophie Cobarne The richness of this novel is clear as it is the fourth book within this time period and we see the lives of these families unfold  

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    If Pride and Prejudice or Downtown Abbey is up your alley then you will be in heaven with this historical romance drama The research behind the time period was done and it shows in the writing style the conversations between the characters as well as the descriptions used to paint the surroundings The Georgian Era with the clear differences in lifestyles between rich and poor men and women is the background for the inhabitants of Lin Hall We are immersed in the intrigues that surround the lives of Joshua and Annabel Norbury Miss Maria Dinchope as well as Major Charlie Cobarne The strife and fraught drama that surrounds Joshua and Annabel’s marriage is not lost upon the others and when Annabel returns to patch things up with her husband and family other secrets may be uncovered I liked the story full of drama and intrigue and societal expectations that chafe upon our characters in this novel

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    Estrangement a Marriage of Convenience – part 2 is a delightful read that will immerse right in the Georgian Age Jemima Brigges fully displays not only her talent as a writer but also her knowledge of the period and her extensive research which helps to bring light into a forgotten timeThe novel itself is very interesting showing the life in a traditional estate and all the personal and financial struggles and how it was particularly difficult for women to be taken seriously and to be in control of their own life Everything is explained in a way that is easy to understand not affecting the pace nor the interest we take in the characters They – the characters – are rich and with multiple layers with complicated and intricated relations between themselves An incredible historical novel that deserves your time and attention

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    Estrangement is a historical fiction that relies heavily on personal drama relationships characters and less so on historical part of the euation That serves mainly as a setting and the author did a good job with recreating post Napoleonic era it is seamless and immersive and at no point did it feel like something is off Really good job on that part The plot itself is full drama intrigue marital problems at times it seemed like it is leaning in soap opera territory That is not necessarily bad but be aware of it if you don't like that kind of thing It reminded me in some places of Dowton Abbey which I mostly enjoyed with the similar setting rich family and all that personal drama It is an interesting book kept me reading and I didn't have the urge to just get over with it but it didn't blew me away either For me a nice piece of historical fiction to enjoy

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    When a book is the second in a series I always worry it won’t be as good as the first one I have to say though this may be one of the cases where they just get better and better Set in old England it’s incredible how much the author is able to depict that time in a way that made me feel as if I were there The writing is descriptive engaging and it’s much easier to read than I thought it would be I sometimes struggle when authors use old English terms but that wasn’t the case at all with this bookWith lives and reputations on the line it’s always uite tense and I could never tell uite what will happen next If you like tales of mystery and enjoy a bit of romance too then I’d highly recommend giving this a read

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    Estrangement continues the story which began in Held to Ransom of a Marriage of Convenience between Joshua Norbery and his wife Annabel Once again Jemima Brigges' ongoing saga both charms and shocks in eual measures whilst effortlessly building upon the existing stories Though the Marriage of Convenience and The Foundlings Path follow similar narratives from different perspectives they complement each other so perfectly and effortlessly that they mutually enrich each other without feeling repetitive The tragic ending to this second part of the story sets up the inevitable confrontation looming in the concluding part Roll on part three

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    Estrangement is the second part of a series that adeuately takes us to the past and intimately shows the society in all its moles and warts The book reminds me of many classics like Jane Eyre and the novels by Emily Bronte and gives a refreshing feel The prominent theme of this book is the miserable marriage of Joshua and his discovery of certain secrets of the past The book closes at an interesting place and I am very eager to know what secrets are stored in the future of Joshua and Maria

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