Horses Like Lightning A Story of Passage Through the

Horses Like Lightning A Story of Passage Through the Himalayas [PDF / EPUB] Horses Like Lightning A Story of Passage Through the Himalayas A tender account by turns cultural exploration and memoir of a young woman's firsthand experience of change and continuity in one of the worlds most remote regions through the lens of the horse and ho A tender account by turns cultural exploration Lightning A Epub á and memoir of a young woman's firsthand experience of change and continuity in one of the worlds most remote regions through the lens of the horse and horse cultureAt nineteen Sienna Craig made her first venture deep into Mustang an ethnically Tibetan area of Nepal in the Horses Like ePUB Ñ rainshadow of the Himalayas As an euestrian and a buddhing anthropologist she sought not only to understand what it was like to rely on horses to navigate through the windswept valleys and plains of High Asia but also to grasp how horses lent meaning to the lives of the Mustangi people Through living and working Like Lightning A Kindle Õ with local Tibetan doctors veterinarians and other horse experts as well as the deep friendships she formed Sienna began to understand the region's history and the way life in Mustang was being transformed in the face of temendous social political and economic shifts She learned much about herself and her life's course through her year Like Lightning A Story of PDF/EPUB ² in Mustang a place that came to feel for all its foreignness like home.

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    This was thoughtfully well written It took me on a journey with the author to Mustang Nepal By the end of the book many of the characters felt like personal friends I learned a lot about the cultural political religious and socio economic background of this region It was fascinating and i enjoyed reading this one slowly to savor all i was experiencing thru the author's insightful writing

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    Lent to me by one of my husband's co workers simply because the author and I share a first name This was a wonderful read I was unsure what to think at the start Craig's writing seemed to reflect her own uncertainty was this to be a semi fictionalized account of her experiences in Mustang or an anthropological memoir? Though it begins in rather self consciously poetic style and could have used a bit editing what makes this well worth reading is the humanity I love these people I met through Craig's thoughtful words and wish I'd been brave enough at nineteen to venture far from home in order to find precisely that And it was the perfect book to get me through a nasty cold sinus headache be damned

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    beautifully written memoir how a young person through her love of horses becomes a medical anthropologist

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    What a beautiful book I loved the gentle open and vulnerable tone of the book which so well captures the tender space of not knowing a place people and a new world

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    Too dry to finish after multiple attempts

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    The author a Fulbright scholar who has since earned a PhD has somehow made her story of years spent in Nepal and Mustang which should have been fascinating instead boring It's tempting to pick on her inability to distinguish the homophones reignsreins gaitgate peekpeak which she persistently gets wrong and her sometimes shaky command of punctuation but these things do not ruin a story It seems to lack a passionate core which is not to say that the author lacks it but somehow she was unable to convey it to the reader She is an experienced euestrian who learned much about the Loba way of handling and treating horses; she rode from town to town; she was trained as an anthropologist and was able to highlight differences in the cultures of Nepalis and Loba Somehow the whole thing fell flat It became a book to be skimmed uickly looking in vain for something to capture the reader

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    I love reading about this area of the Himalaya Mustang and Dolpo Sienna writes a beautiful book as a budding anthropologist early in her career What I like best is that she doesn't leave out her own feelings or try to remain completely objective and aloof as some anthropologists tend to write Instead she makes close friendships with her new friends in the Himalaya and it is those relationships that she writes about

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    I stayed up late reading this book Craig is both sensitive and adventurous and she's talking about important things and places I mean this in a complimentary way this is what 'chick lit' should really be like Too many typos in it though flag polls sartorial rhythms where pastoral is meant? whither copy editing going these days?

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    Beautiful story of the author's travels and research of horses in the Himalayan region of Mustang in Nepal I read parts out loud to my class this past semester A beautifully written and educational read if you're interested in Himalayan culture especially the remote places Especially relevant and inspiring to anyone hoping to conduct field research in Asia

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