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  • Nina Croft
  • 13 January 2015
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    A small town romance with the promise of a sweet happily ever after? Count me in The blurb really got me and I was definitely in the mood for a sweet romance And Nina Croft than delivered on her promiseTanner O'Connor was one of the towns bad boys Time spent in prison for a crime he didn't commit only hardened his shell But beneath it all beat a heart that loved the town of people who judged him cruelly without knowing him He was a man who portrayed someone who could care less while he was a man who perhaps cared too much He wasn't good enough for the town's goody two shoes but he couldn't help but crave her all the sameEmily Towson lived a sensible life as a sensible teacher in a town of people who tried to be sensible And she was tired of it For years she yearned for the town bad boy but she knew that he couldn't possibly want her because she was too sensible But what happens when the sensible girl chooses to break out of the shackles of society's expectations?This was a generally enjoyable story I loved so many elements of it The characters for the most part were likeable aside from Tanner's never ending self deprecating thoughts and Emily's limited attempts to not come off as judgemental and failing horribly I especially enjoyed the side story of Emily's grandmother and her burgeoning relationship with Josh Honestly I think that was the best part of the story And I cannot forget to mention Tanner's brothers Their relationship was so genuine and loving and funny Handle With Care was a small town romance full of depth warmth and feels☆。 ARC provided for an honest review。☆Release July 30 2018 | Genre Contemporary Romance | Multiple POV 3rd person | Heat 25 | Standalone Saddlers Cove #1Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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    3 STARS He was bad news and she was the epitome of a nice girl The blurb to this book hooked me immediately I'm a sucker for a small town romance and then you add a surprise pregnancy into it and stick a fork in me I'm DONE Tanner has been the town's pariah long before he went to prison He's been out for six years but the stigma of his drunk of a father on top of his being an ex con has still follows him Not that he does much to dissuade the town people of their preconceived notions of him When good girl Emily comes barging into his shop to give him hell for selling her grandmother a harley and to rip up the contract immediately the last thing he expects is for her to strip down and throw herself at him when he calls her 'sensible'Emily has had a crush on Tanner for years But she never expects the sexy bad boy to notice her Then their one hot encounter on top of his work table gives them both a lot than they bargained for I enjoyed this book for the first 40% but then the characters' constant back and forth began to get tiresome Tanner spends the majority of the book thinking he's not good enough for Emily and doing everything to prove himself right by saying and doing stupid things Emily spends the majority of the book thinking she's too plain and 'sensible' for a sexy bad boy like Tanner They spend the majority of the book circling each other and jumping to their own worst conclusions and never once having a conversation about it And admittedly after so many pages of this it just became old It seemed to be dragging the plot along unnecessarily and I began to disengage and skim This also kept me from ever being truly engaged in their relationship What kept me reading is the secondary romance between Emily's grandmother Mimi and Josh This was a sweet story line and I was curious about their buried secrets and seeing them resolved There's also Tanner's brothers that piued my interest enough to read their books should they get themHandle With Care was a cute book though I found it longer than the plot really needed I felt it dragged at times and I simply wanted Josh and Emily to just get their sht together and TALK They behaved like teenagers and it began to wear on meI still enjoyed this book I just didn't love it as much as I hoped after drooling over the blurb But I'm still hooked enough on the series to continue reading the next books ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    This book is a little hard for me to review because for the most part I enjoyed it a lot I found it sweet It was pretty low angst The hero had been celibate for three years The heroine wasn't a virgin There was no OW drama A little OM drama but nothing bothersome It was mildly spicy It had excellent secondary characters I especially loved Mimi and Josh and their secondary romance I want to read about Tanner's brothers I found the heroine uite likable And the ending was sweet and had me shedding a few tears So why the 3 Star rating? Tannergood lord the WOE IS ME attitude was strong in this one And it lasts until 90% into the book The chip on his shoulder was the size of the Titanic Yes he had a than his fair share of shitty things happen to him Yes the town was made up of judgmental twats But instead of working to prove them WRONG by being a decent human being he spent YEARS acting like a douche He was surly He was arrogant He was nasty He was an ahole He was a self fulling prophecy Andultimately for me he was a giant whiny pussy right up until the END Because of that I just couldn't bring myself to give this a higher rating

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    This is my first book by Miss Croft and it wont be my last Handle with Care took me by surprise Form the blurp I am expecting a typical cheesy romance between a good girl and bad boy And boy I was in for a ride A wonderful ride it is This book has so many wonderful characters and moral story For me the moral story is be fearless Be yourself Emily is a typical good shoe woman who arrange her life to be in safe zone But inside of her is a spirited sassy clever and fearless woman who longs to be freed And she is pinning for the most bad boy in town Tanner Now the small town itself Saddles Cove never been dull There are also many wonderful supporting characters that play a major roles in the story Especially Mimi Oh I wish for a grandmother who still wants to ride Harley in her 70's I love the whole package The story the plot the twist the characters and the small town of Saddle Cove 5 sensible stars

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    4 Show me how wild you can be Stars Handle With Care takes us to the town of Saddler Cove and its residents In particular the Tanner family teacher Emily Towson and her grandmother Mimi Delaney We are basically talking about your A typical small American town particularly when it comes to it's small minded judgemental bigoted residents who have long memories and little to offer in the way of forgiveness She’d had secret fantasies about Tanner since she was old enough to know what boys were for On one hand this is your typical bad boy sleeps with good girl and oops Knocks her up type of tale but the author split the story into four separate POV’s by including Mimi and recently released from a forty year prison stint Josh Simpson’s story into its tellingYou’re not the only one who has fantasiesI’ll be honest I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on with two OAPs opinions being put into the mix but as the story between Tanner and Emily develops the same thing happens for Mimi and Josh All four of them are dealing with their own issues and parts of Emily's story overlaps with Mimi’s as does Josh with Tanners which connects everything up eventually Give it a go I think the best thing was the fact that Nina managed to give them all their own personalities as well so it was easy to move between each ones thoughts The plot was pretty predictable in the course it took and the actions that were taken as a result of what happened didn’t really offer up anything new either but I liked the characters and as I have come to expect with Nina’s writing everything flowed along beautifully it kinda reminded me of Footloose the Kevin Bacon version obviously One little walk on the wild side and she'd be paying for the rest of her life The fact that Tanner has two eually delicious brothers makes me think we will be returning to the town and its people again in the future too and I look forward to it immenselyARC generously provided in exchange for the above honest review

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    15 Not what I was expecting Stars I normally like small town romances because although the gossip is a sure thing and privacy is an illusion the sense of togetherness and friendship overrides the negative I didn't really get that feeling in HWC In fact I really couldn't connect the dots as to how all the negativity and judgement in this town could possibly be appealing to anyone In Tanner's shoes I probably would have reacted the same way tbh or you know left this town in the dust and never looked back The first half of the book had me really liking Emily she sounded uirky and sweet Mimi seemed endearing and Tanner was looking to be a slow to warm up to kind of hero But the second half had every one of my first impressions doing a complete reversal The I learned about Tanner the I felt for him Mimi ended up warping into a melancholy stickler who always sided with Emily and who's secondary story bogged down the pacing of the book and Emily became my least favorite character of the bunch uick Summary Tanner was convicted of a crime he never committed view spoiler Tanner takes the blame for an accident that killed one of his best friends His other best friend who was actually the one driving begs Tanner to take the blame he is a rich kid from a respected and powerful family promising he would help Tanner and make sure nothing happens to him When the accident results in their friend's death it goes to trial his friend betrays him and Tanner's guilt over his other friend's death keeps him uiet about the truth hide spoiler

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    DNF at 15%I'm only 15% in and already I've encountered all the things I dislike in a romance novel ▻ Clumsy goody two shoes heroine that turns into a hormonal hornball at the sight of the bad boy▻ A hero that is a total pig acts like one talks like one▻ Cringe worthy dialogue▻ Painful lack of chemistry between the two main characters however▻ Cheesy overdone first sexual encounterLet me paint the scene here Your grandma buys a Harley and of course you disapprove So you go down to the bike shop to give the vendor who happens to be the town's bad boy and the guy you've been lusting over from afar a piece of your mind It's your first real interaction with said bad boy so naturally within two minutes the topic of the conversation steers to fantazising about each other while masturbating When the bad boy dares to call you 'sensible' gasp what??? OMG11 what do you do? Take it as a compliment? Nope Contradict him? Nah Ignore it? Noooooo Obviously you rip off your clothes and throw yourself at the guy you know nothing about except that he's been in prison for killing a man and that he's slept with half the female population of your home town ObviouslyUgh At least there was no insta loveNo rating for obvious reasons

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    Coming out soon Review available at Under the Pages

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    Ok cards on the table and I admit I only picked this as I’ve previously enjoyed the authors paranormal offerings In fact I’m not really a contemporary romance fan but my curiosity got the better of me so these are my thoughtsGoody two shoes heroine Emily who has always had a thing for bad boy Tanner finally gets a chance to get her hands on him and goes for it Yes the apparently sensible teacher has a wee wild side of her own and frankly why not ? Oh well that will possibly be down to the fact that she’s the kind sweet dependable sort oh and did I mention there’s a morality clause in her contract ?Tanner has a huge chip on his shoulder being the son of the town drunk and has been to prison but having served his time is back home building a business with his brothers See this bad boy isn’t exactly as black as he’s painted but one night with Emily and a less than reliable condom starts a chain of events that means he steps up faces reality and actually gets what to him was always a fantasy I think perhaps the central couple might be a little too predictable for some initially but the surrounding characters added so much to this story Meddling grandmothers secrets from the past ex cons and even adorable kids all feature here Yet the romance trundled along with warmth and the couple getting to know what made them tick If honest I think it was mainly Tanner who had to grow but somehow even with a basic lack of communication at times this couple did pull through to give readers a heartwarming romance I wasn’t sure at first if I’m brutal because it seemed a little far fetched but I’m so glad I stuck with it and as there’s two brothers not to mention an intriguing character appearing at the end I really hope the author revisits these charactersThis voluntary take is of a copy I reuested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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    Emily Towson is the epitome of a good girl First grade teacher conservative dress polite well mannered thoughtful But when her boyfriend Ryan proposes she recoils in horror particularly when he compliments her on being so sensible Emily grandmother Mimi might be close to 70 years old but she's young at heart and she sees the way that her buttoned up grand daughter looks at Tanner O'Connor the town's bad boy and decides to engineer a fling But when a school teacher and the bad boy have a one night stand things don't go according to planI really liked the start of this book the ex con bad boy tattooed hog riding Tanner and the tiny good girl teacher Emily have both admired from afar but each felt themselves unworthy of the other until a temper tantrum and a bad attitude combust spectacularly However about a third of the way through I felt the plot ran out of steam and it became a bit 'rinse and repeat' Tanner gets angry because the town treats him like a pariah Emily worries that Tanner is slumming with her Tanner worries that Emily wants him to change blah blah blah The plot hinged on neither Tanner nor Emily ever telling the other how they felt despite the initial over sharing about they had each been fantasising about each other Overall I thought the book was overlong for the plotI received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest reviewBumped for release

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Handle with Care[PDF / EPUB] Handle with Care What if all you want is the one thing you can’t haveFirst grade teacher Emily Towson always does the right thing The sensible thing But in her dreams she does bad bad things with the town’s baddes What if all you want is the one thing you can’t haveFirst grade teacher Emily Towson always does the right thing The sensible thing But in her dreams she does bad bad things with the town’s baddest boy Tanner O’Connor But when he sells her grandmother a Harley fantasy is about to meet a dose of reality And then he goes and calls her “sensible”Tanner can’t believe sweet Emily is standing in his shop Yelling and Handle with PDF \ waving her hands and looking so god damn sexy he’s having trouble focusing He’d spent two hard years in prison with only the thought of this “good girl” to keep him sane He really should send her awayBefore either one thinks though they’re naked and making memories on his tool bench with apparently the oldest condom in history Now Tanner’s managed to knock up the town’s “good girl” and she’s going to lose her job over some stupid “morality clause” if he doesn’t step up But can this bad boy teach his good girl they’re perfect for each other in time.

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Growing up in the cold wet north of England Nina Croft spent a lot of time dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies When she discovered both along with a whole load of other things could be found between the covers of a book her life changed forever Later she headed south picked up the perfect husband along the way and together they volunteered to work in Africa There they discove.