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Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker [PDF / EPUB] Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker In six essays united by a common theme Kathleen Hale traces some of the most treacherous fault lines in modern America—from sexual assault to Internet trolling from environmental illness to our own In six essays united by a Is a eBook ☆ common theme Kathleen Hale traces some of the most treacherous fault lines in modern America—from sexual assault to Kathleen Hale Epub / Internet trolling from environmental illness to our own animal nature In these wide ranging pieces Hale proves herself to be an exhilarating new voice whose Hale Is a Kindle Õ writing is both fearless and profoundIn “First I Got Pregnant Then I Decided to Kill the Mountain Lion” Hale recounts the month she spent tracking a wild cat lost in the Hollywood Hills while pregnant; in “Prey” she tells the troubling story of her sexual assault as a freshman in college; other essays recount the mesmerizing stories of a trip to hunt wild hogs in Florida and a standoff with an anonymous blogger On the surface Hale’s writing is deeply personal but these essays also tell thought provoking stories of predators and prey Taking no prisoners and fearing no subject matter Kathleen Hale wields razor sharp wit uncommon levels of empathy and daring honesty even in detailing some of the most difficult moments of her lifeHilarious candid and sometimes unsettling Kathleen Hale Is a Crazy Stalker introduces an arresting and unusual new voice for this strange American century.

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    Who the fuck in publishing decided the woman who stalked a reviewer paid for a background check on them took their address from a publishing database turned up at their house over a one star review should write a book about it??And meanwhile good people with great books can’t even get agentsget published?? This is a messhttpswwwbuzzfeedcomjennaguillauhttpswwwkillyourdarlingscomau2

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    nope nope nope nope nope nope aaaand nopeProfiting off of the trama you put a goodreads reviewer through because she rated your terrible book low? nope nope how is this getting published? FUCK NO

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    Remember #HALENOShe stalked a blogger here on GRs for a 1 star review of her book and showed up at the bloggerreviewer's house to confront her and bragged about the stalking NEVER FORGET Kathleen Hale hasn't learned anything This interview with enrage readers and authors alike She ignores that fact she stalked a reviewer and still blames that reviewer

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    Well I finally found the book that earns the second spot on my “Not if you fucking paid me” shelf Seriously this woman stalks a reviewer all the way to her house and now she’s trying to make money out of it?Fuck this book and fuck the publisher who is putting it out in the world

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    Hell No I rarely blog any but Kathleen Hale's decision to stalk a reviewer is forever burned into my brain It happened just as I started blogging and I don't think I'll ever forget how her actions silenced a funny beloved snarky bloggerCriminal behavior shouldn't be rewarded with a book deal

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    Well If I were the author I would be so happy for the following reasonsThis book made history as GR's lowest rated bookToo many profiles who gave this 1 star and that means many people to stalk and thus many future book to writePeople are making shelves exclusively for this book Take mine for example I called it Thank U Next and it is an exclusive shelfI guess we can all say congratulations?? 🎉🎉

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    From the synopsis In these six extraordinary essays Hale proves herself to be an exhilarating new voice whose commentaries on womanhood obsession and the Internet are both hilarious and profound There is absolutely NOTHING hilarious nor profound about this author trying to monetize the very real and VERY SCARY fact that she stalked a reviewer online and then SHOWED UP AT THE REVIEWER'S HOME simply because they gave her book a one star review Shame on the author And SHAME ON THE PUBLISHER This is setting a disgusting precedent As a reviewer and simply as a human being to say I'm appalled is a severe understatement For a fuller picture below are links to some articles regarding the incident

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    Words cannot describe my utter fury Blythe deserves betterAlso I thought it was illegal in America to profit off a crime? Hale was never taken to court but stalking is still a crime

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    UPDATE 6719Someone was kind enough to make a Twitter thread of photos capturing many pages of this book which I read from there I ain’t spending money on this I’m not sure if I read the entire thing but I did read a complete story of the situation involved Kathleen literally stalking a reviewer who gave her book one star And it’s a fuckin trip I do however want to mention that Kathleen cites that she experienced a mental breakdown from this whole ordeal which I am genuinely sorry happened to herBUT her side of the story very much paints her to be a victim People she mentioned have come forward saying she fabricated the story in her favor and used certain language to make them look much worse than they really were I believe that mostly because those other people came with RECEIPTS or genuine rational clarifications Her account of everything that happened even if its real to her and she does not see an issue with it is very entitled and in all honesty delusional Her behavior even when she wrote it in a way that tried to make her look mostly innocent was unacceptable and wrong She genuinely did stalk that reviewer Over a ONE STAR REVIEW OF HER BOOK She obsessively tried to figure out their identity She contacted fucking Nev from Catfish several times to get his opinion She paid for a background check on them She went to their house She contacted the reviewer at their job MORE THAN ONCE DEMANDING answers she honestly had no business receiving She stalked their social media She obsessively scrutinized everything they did And when people in the industry gave her advice on the situation she ignored them What Kathleen did was terrifying and wrong There is no excuse for that behavior I’m glad I read it so I now know truly that this situation was real I stand by my previous review I hope Kathleen gets the help she desperately needs and the people she affected are healed or are on the path to doing so ———————I usually don't do petty stuff like this but this author stalked and tormented a reviewer who gave her novel 1 star and now she's attempting to profit off of it?As a reader this is scary bizarre and really fcking gross Authors should NEVER harass readers or even CONTACT readers in regards to their review of the book they wrote It's unethical and also just really inappropriate? Like hello?As an aspiring writer this is so disheartening and again gross There are so many incredible books and authors out there just waiting for their chance but the publishing industry is really planning on wasting their resources for some petty bullshit like this? It's a really bad look for this publisher No one wants to read a book about something as spiteful and disgusting as thisIt's creepy and it's wrong CLEARLY the author did not learn her lesson and this makes her an even shittier person than I originally thought Please do not support this book or this author Let's support books that are genuinely good and not riddled with immaturity such as this and writers who behave professionally and are passionate about their stories rather than the opinion of others

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    Are you fucking kidding me others have linked and documented all the shit this author did and the fact that this is being published is a joke

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