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To Be to Is to Was [PDF / EPUB] To Be to Is to Was Welcome to a collection of worlds that collide, collude, conflict, cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation When a father abandons his son, the son has no other choice but to inhabit a world of fan Welcome to a collection to Is PDF/EPUB æ of worlds that collide, collude, conflict, cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation When a father abandons his son, the son has no other choice but to inhabit a world of fantasy to deal with the resulting trauma A young gay male in the late s named Sunnie Deelite, with one foot To Be ePUB Ñ still in the closet, looks forward to living and loving among the brothers of his gay tribe, in spite of his doubts and inexperience Isabella Gloucester dreams of finding love and success in Lost Angelist, Amourrica Profunda, Blue Green Planet She finds out the hard way that a price must be paid for the fulfillment of Be to Is PDF º her dreams Isabella falls on hard times, forcing her to seek out her badboy collaborator Bobby Chooshingoorah At the nefariousUlysses Disco in Questioning Ridge, Nueva Jork, they host a show and end up starting a war between the club's red and blue state clientele Baba Yaga emerges from the banks of a ravine to terrorize the bourgeois neighborhood of Drowsydayle in the city of NearWanna, in the province of Orckario in the country of Narniada South of the Narniadan border, the Evilangelists of the nation of MourrzickaIsolamicka throw their full support behind their trillionaire leader Turmerico Inflammatorio, whose unstable temperament and Machiavellian governing skills create havoc on the continent of Pangolina Outside of the city of Branighan, Missoolah, Isolamicka, Big Mama and her son Bobby grow zombies in specially designed greenhouses; the zombies are then trained to work for The Center for the Appropriation of Valuables in Branighan On Planet Gorp, the descendants of refugees from the Blue Green Planet transcend hypercapitalism through their supreme dedication to practices involving synesthesia and chromesthesia Bryanna Dolls, a young girl obsessed with the year , gives birth by Immaculate Conception to her doppelgänger, Clawdeeya Upon reaching adulthood, Clawdeeya finds success in a career inspired by Schadenfreude, terrorizing the city of NearWanna and eventually the entire Blue Green Planet Her ultimate goal is to ruin the lives of entitled, privileged males; her ambitions are supported by her connections to the warlock Antithesis Reticence and Bastet the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bryanna Dolls tunes out reality by embarking on an unexpected dream journey in which she encounters psychedelic bands, Eurasian witches and decadent Southern Gothic culture But her dream turns into a nightmare when she finds herself in the dungeon of Luchadora Madrugadora, Queen of Stepford Ken and Barbie Westworld Tommy Massageny leaves behind his hardscrabble roots in Bitoxia, Archaicka, Isolamicka to become an intergalactic emcee His career reaches new heights when he hosts a highly anticipated contest in the Galatea galaxy, in which four renowned women battle for interstellar supremacy Meanwhile back in Amourrica Profunda, opportunists band together to alternately celebrate and disrespect the fading corporate behemoth that is Fascibook Despite the fact that Fascibook has stolen their souls and left them addicted to social media, they remain undaunted; they make the best of a bad situation and party on into oblivion.

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    A Unique And Entertaining Book. Read this book with interest. It is a series of interconnected satires that offer socio-political commentary through the lens of characters and worlds closely resembling our own. The use of imaginary names resembling those in our world is certainty Swiftian (‘Fascibook,’ ‘Nueva Jorker,’ ‘Amourrica Profunda’ etc.) while the propensity for characters to be eccentric misfits reminded me a bit of Chuck Palahniuk. Overall, it was an enjoyable read, well-written, with a decent sense of structure/pacing. Perhaps the best thing I can say about this book is that it is highly original. That, however, could also be a bit of a critique. At times I wanted Steven to rein it in; to add more structure; to show these characters grow in a more traditional sense; and to build upon these episodes and unique characters so that the satire really more fully challenges our current social order. All this being said, there is enough in here to entertain a wide-range of readers and the book was better than much of what I’ve read of late. So I do strongly recommend it and think readers from a wide-variety of backgrounds will enjoy the zaniness and chaotic energy that Stephen creates.

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.

    I couldn't make heads nor tails of it. Somebody else might like it.

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    This book is a little weird. But it makes you think

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    Welcome to the satire of 2018. I’m on the fence with this book. While parts made me laugh, and I enjoyed the satire of our current political climate, global warming, and even Facebook, the chapters felt disjointed and slightly disorienting. The pacing was good, but the characters lacked development and the plot needed cohesion. There was no flow. Rather, the book offered a series of commentary loosely woven together by characters randomly inserted like the tiles a player draws in a matching game. I felt like I was reading a draft of this book but not the finished product.

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    If the literary genre of surrealist sci fi inspirational self help didn’t exist, Stephen C. Bird would have had to invent it! Don’t be afraid to walk away and come back to it, as I did when I felt I needed room to concentrate. It’s a strange and hallucinatory trip through several alternate worlds that satirize our own, that will confuse and confound you, and yet leave you feeling strangely uplifted.

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    I received a copy through Goodreads.

    I really did enjoy the book short stories.

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    Actually, I'm giving up and moving on.

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    Confusing while interesting.
    Quirky tongue & cheek.
    A play on current reality just far enough off to make anything believable. “a flamboyant trillionaire by the name of Turmetico Inflammatorio rose up within the ranks of Mourrzicka’s decaying political system, to become the voice of the untruth. His ruling technique involved distracting the populace by engineering chaos and drama, which he achieved by creating an ongoing political theater that was covered by every available media outlet. Tumerico also maintained a relationship with a mistress, who went by the name of Pornie Damnsell.”
    The Fascibook Eulogy literally had me doubled over cackling.
    I’m not sure I love the book, but I definitely love Stephen C. Bird and his creative mind.

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    Received To be to is to was as a Giveaway through Goodreads. It was a quick read; albeit I needed to slow down at times so as to not miss the embedded humor within the satirical short stories. At times I saw definite parallels to today's state of affairs, such as the statement, Red people plus blue people equals purple people. It is recommended that you sit back, relax and read these stories and don't miss the names of characters and settings spun throughout the book. Not recommended for young adult readers because of some language and subject matter.

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    I read it so fast that I want to read it again. Like most of Stephen C Bird’s work, the dialogue grabs your attention very quickly. I found myself feeling eager to read the next bit of oddity that only this guy can imagine. The book drew me and kept my attention. Next thing I knew, I forgot to eat and the cat is meowing at me! Enjoy!

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