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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterThe BuzzTotally from that cover Isn't it gorgeous? I could tell this was a gangster type of book just from the way this character was drawn and they aren't my favorite TBH And I guess Sonia Patel novels always have a cover from this artist It's a neat way to brand yourself as an author I haven't read her before though I know she's an indie favorite So it was totally a matter of gorgeous cover and perfect title catching my eye Because it's set in Seoul And I just couldn't pass up a chance to read about my favorite culture The PremiseRocky is a real bully Like a REAL bully Not a girl hater who likes to push around the unfashionable nerd A person who makes another person eat a cigarette butt Yes THAT kind of bully It was hard to read but such a realistic portrayal that it's very relatable to those who have been bullied It's pretty horrible and actually if you've been bullied at all Bloody Seoul may scar you even so read with care But I really loved the way Rocky came to understand that bullying may be a way to live but it's NOT the way HE wanted to liveit's hard His dad is a gang leader His two uncles who started the Three Star Pa gang are gone or dead His mother abandoned him Rocky has three friends who totally follow his lead The school and neighborhood are frightened of who his father is That neglect example and power are uite heady There is an in the moment way to Sonia Patel's writing that gives a lot of substance to the story And I really felt like the brutality in Bloody Seoul rang true to gang life in KoreaThen we have Hana The girl Rocky bullies I'm not sure that I could have reacted the way she did It was about than just the way Rocky treated her though It's the dirty part of Korean teen culture and many other school age kids no matter their culture I did appreciate though for the story's sake that Rocky was able to move forward with hope for redemption Bloody Seoul is one of those books that should rightly be in high schools today so current teens can start working on disabling the bullying around themMy ExperienceSince I was bullied when I was in school at various times Bloody Seoul was really hard to read I didn't find Rocky to be a sympathetic character at all I started to regret giving this clearly gang centered book a chance Then he started to remember his mother That really intrigued me Sonia Patel expertly showed how Rocky had been taught two different ways of being One way was honest if not the moral high ground The other way was brutal and disregarded other people's lives When he realizes what could be a conseuence of his treatment of Hana he uickly moves to change his immediate actions And his motivation by this point is clear While as a victim of bullying I doubt a bully's ability to change uickly I do think its possible Actually I met one of my bullies later and he'd found god and totally change The current actions of his father really come to play with this too Rocky loves the family that he used to be a part of but he doesn't condone many of his father's ways nowI loved that Sonia Patel explored a teen's need to separate himself from a parent whose beliefs and code he doesn't agree with All teens have to make this transition as they move into adulthood Bloody Seoul is well worth the read for this journey aloneWhy should you consider reading Bloody Seoul? An accurate portrayal of bullyingRocky will make you hate him right off but stick with him and you'll be satisfied you did Friendship and acceptanceRocky's friends are good friends to him even if they are mini gang members in the making Parental relationships an uncleGAHHHH rich complex and heart breaking His uncle was my favorite Korean gangs and life of a gang memberThese parts made me so ueasy but gave the story punch Physical and mental abuse Mental illnessClearly his father is not mentally sound And we get to see how that effects his familyBloody Seoul is a difficult situation but also a wake up call to bullying in school and its effect on others Both in creating victims and egging on bystanders to become bullies themselves I can totally see this becoming a must read in high schools today⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Authenticity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Writing Style⋆ ⋆ ⭐⭐⭐ Plot Pacing⋆ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ World BuildingA Cover Title grade Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review It has not influenced my opinionsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer Read my special perspective under the typewriter on my reviews Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    I can't read this All of the sentences are short and choppy It's as jarring as being in the car with someone who doesn't know how to ease onto their breaks at all the stop signs I'm getting motion sickness A sad DNF because I've never read anything set in Korea before

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    DNF at 25%I did really try but Rocky is such an awful bully i know that he has issues at home and with himseld that he needs to work with and he hides himself by doing what he dose But i could`nt get past the incident at 16% those who have read the book know He was just awful and i hated how he pretended to be all high and mightly be the king and all the my boys talk I just could`nt get past it The bullying and his acting it just made me physically illIt`s really sad because i had high hopes for this one But i just can`t get myself to continue Nope No way

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    Bloody Seoul by Sonia PatelSonia Patel is an author whose books I will always read and not just because of the fantastic covers by Zeke Peña Her work as an adolescent psychiatrist always imbues her work with a sense of reality that's sharp enough to cut and this book inspired by her love for Korean gangster films is no different Rocky is loyal to the bone and outwardly tough to a fault Combating what I interpret as undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder and struggling to keep memories of his absent mother buried Rocky is determined to be just like his mob boss father Through the lens of long walks through the streets of Seoul boarding school mini gangs and Pavarotti we follow his struggle to find and extract himself from the cycle of violence And there's plenty of violence generally taking the form of extreme bullying in his story but also moments of desperate sensitivity to his triggers to opera to the looks he gets for his tattoos and reputation While I found some of his final moments of redemption to be a little forced I was also rooting the whole time for him to get those moments so I can't really complain All in all I'm once again in awe of the particular voice Sonia Patel is mastering It's one that gathers so many of those pieces missing in YA BIPOC rep mental illness rep and generational trauma and fits them together into cohesive stories that are than the sum of their parts

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    ARC Another highly diverse book by Patel Set is Seoul with Korean and Korean Indian characters Mental health issues are skillfully shown bullying suicide thoughts cutting OCD Hardcore issues in every culture I think The story is written from Rocky's perspective and the writing reflects his eccentric abrupt thinking I felt like I was totally walking in his shoesso much walking SPOILER ALERT His family issues are sad but I like how Patel shows us NOT tells us how those issues get converted into the way he treats others That is untilHa na's pain is literally shown He changes I like the ending It gives me hope that people who treat others badly can change given the right circumstances

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    I was a little on the fence about this book but overall I liked it At the beginning it was a little hard to read because Yi Kyung Seok is a wannabe gangster and bully The book is worthwhile in the end because of the journey he takes to start healing from how his family and past have traumatized him However it should be noted that if you have any triggers with self harm or abusive parents this book does contain those subjects Along with some violence underage drinking and smoking as far as I know and some drug use mentioned or seen in flashbacks The story is beautiful in its path to healing that Kyung Seok embarks on as he begins to realize the truth to his childhood and what truly happened to his mother who disappeared There are some rather horribly things on the way there but they're offset by the descriptions of the world around Kyung Seok or his support system as he begins to realize he is not as alone as he thought and does not have to live as he thought he did It was a uick read with a relatively fast pace and some lovely writing and scenery along the way I understand why books that focus on issues like these exist and that they can be very powerful and helpful but I think I struggled because the author is not Korean to my knowledge so it seemed a little strange for her to be writing this specific story—although I know she has worked with a lot of Korean teenagers via her bio—and added with how horrible Kyung Seok is just made me a little hesitant to finish it despite the gorgeous cover view spoiler And especially since his main target is bullying a Korean Indian girl and calling her a slur Perhaps this was cathartic or healing for the author or she thought it would be for others as he ultimately realizes how wrong he was and feels horrible upon learning how much he has hurt her But it was a bit confusing processing all this at the beginning I expected authors noted afterwards since there was no preface but there was not Perhaps I would have felt a bit better or assured things would turn out well with an afterwards or some notes? hide spoiler

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    Following up on her previous two novels Rani Patel in Full Effect and Jaya and Rasa A Love Story this author takes readers to Seoul Korea and introduces them to Rocky the would be future leader of the Three Star Pa gang led by his father Although Rocky makes good grades he has little interest in school instead aiming toward the example set by his patriarch even though the man has become increasingly distant Along with his three best friends Blade Patch and Strike Rocky already rules his high school extorting and intimidating classmates and bullying one girl Ha na cruelly As Rocky moves further into the violent path that he seems destined for he has moments when he remembers the gentleness of his mother long absent from his life and finds sustenance through opera Still as pleasant as his memories of her are there are also memories at seem to hint at her possible addiction to meth Rocky hears stories of his father's extreme violence when meting out justice to anyone he considers to have wronged him and he begins to uestion this lifestyle Not only has he himself endured physical abuse from his father but he sees him delivering retribution during a drug sale Everything starts to change for him and he knows that this is not the life he wants to live or the code he wants to follow There are many twists and turns to the plot and readers will hope against hope that things will turn out okay for Rocky While I'm not sure how likely the ending is or how possible the forgiveness that is extended the conclusion gave me hope that even the most damaged individuals can change and that there is softness within all of us This book will reach a lot of readers because of Rocky's imperfections and the damages that he is only starting to see as his need to count and check the door to make sure it is locked escalates evidence of his OCDHaving never been to Seoul or any other part of Korea I cannot attest to the book's accuracy but I felt as though I was walking those streets alongside Rocky and his crew

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    At first I was drawn to the book because of the lovely artwork on the cover I had never heard of Sonia Patel and have never been particularly interested in the Korean culture but I have to say that this book really captured and held my attention I'm pretty sure that the author's background as a psychiatrist helped when developing the protagonist When looking at other reviews I noticed that some people were saying that the sentences were too choppy and not well organized but I think that those things were intentional Since the story is from the first person point of view the readers are able to get inside of the mind of Rocky the main character who is a troubled teen that doesn't have it all together So sometimes his thoughts might be a little messy Overall this was a relatively uick read for me but enjoyable nonetheless I hope you guys decide to read it

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    First I should say this book was excellent At first I was kinda bummed because I couldn't really get into the whole gangster teen vibes but once I kept reading I fell deep into the story This book encourages young adults to take the best route in life It shows even though you may fail a million times give life one chance because even the worst can be the best The side love story is everything I wanted from this book and I couldn't help but hope it would play out the way it did I can't help but hope for a part 2

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    I don't know how to feel about this book On one hand the writing was really good and the story of the main character and his relationship with his parents is very interesting But on the other hand the whole Ha na thing felt very weird This book featured some pretty gross stuff which I didn't mind too much but I don't believe it's realist how things ended up after what she had to go through

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Bloody Seoul [PDF / EPUB] Bloody Seoul Rocky’s the most loyal 16 year old you’ll ever meet loyal to the Three Star Pa gang which his father runs in Seoul Korea; loyal to his best friends who accompany him everywhere he goes; loyal to h Rocky’s the most loyal year old you’ll ever meet loyal to the Three Star Pa gang which his father runs in Seoul Korea; loyal to his best friends who accompany him everywhere he goes; loyal to his ever escalating public bullying of Ha na a girl at school; and finally loyal to the memory of his mother even though there are some things about her that he tries to forget He loves his friends his city and the power he wields But when he catches his father in a lie the truth is exposed and his life begins to unravel―and Rocky has no idea where it’s going to lead.