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Greeks Baby of Redemption [PDF / EPUB] Greeks Baby of Redemption He needs an heir She'll give him so much Scarred tycoon Alex Santos's Greek island estate is a fortress protecting those outside from the darkness within him When he needs a wife to secure his busines He needs an heir She'll give him so much Scarred tycoon Alex Santos's Greek island estate is a fortress protecting those outside from the darkness within him When he needs a wife to secure his business his discreet compassionate housekeeper Milly agrees to his proposal But their wedding night sparks an unexpected fire and the conseuences force Alex to face his painful past Could Milly and his unborn child be the key to Alex's redemptionEscape to the Greek islands with this marriage of Greeks Baby PDF \ convenience.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Greeks Baby of Redemption
  • Kate Hewitt
  • English
  • 17 January 2015
  • 9781335538376

About the Author: Kate Hewitt

Kate is the USA Today bsetselling author of many books of both historical and contemporary fiction Under the name Katharine Swartz she is the author of the Tales from Goswell books a series of time slip novels set in the village of Goswell She likes to read women's fiction mystery and thrillers as well as historical novels She particularly enjoys reading about well drawn characters and avoi.

10 thoughts on “Greeks Baby of Redemption

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    This turned out to be a big DNF The writing was good because KH is a skilled author but these MC's just didn't appeal to me personally

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    A heartwarming Harleuin version of Beauty and the Beast Alex sees himself as a monster because of the hideous scarring on his face He lives his life in seclusion He is a bitter but kind man He broke my heart so many times He wants a marriage of convenience and he thinks Milly his housekeeper is ideal for the job Milly wants the money so she accepts but she falls hard and fast for her scarred husband She is not intimidated or repulsed by his facial scars The problem is Alex is deeply scarred inside and out He is tortured but Milly proves to him that he’s not uite the beast he thinks he isI loved Alex and Milly He was a sensitive kind and understanding hero She is innocent but strong The ending and the epilogue were super sweet Totally safe Heroine is a virgin and hero has been celibate for years

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    I toughed it out and it was worth itHonestly I was kind of bored forthe first 45% of the book and I was ready to bail but I kept on reading and it got better I actually loved the last half It is definitely a Beauty and the Beast type story except she wasn't that beautiful and while he acted uite cruelly several times he wasn't a beast just a hurt one with a warped view of his self worth It was a slow dance until she went to confront him and I loved her gumption I laughed when she called him a ninny It really was a fairy tale ending and I loved the epilogue It gave me that happily ever after feeling after reading it too Very sweet

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    Greek’s Baby of Redemption is the story of Milly and AlexBriefly inspired by both BATB as well as Cinderella this book has a scarred and recluse billionaire hero a kind caring and loving heroine who works as his housemaid a marriage proposition for reproduction purposes an acceptance for the sake of responsibilities hot lovemaking angst development of feelings denial confessions and a sweet HEAThe hero here was SUPER beta and filled with self pity however not unlikable at all kinda sweet and I couldn't help but feel sorry for his physically and emotionally scarred soul The heroine was very relentless and giving There was no OP drama but their inner conflicts made up for it Enjoyed itSafe355

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    I loved the plot but something was amissed for me Probably because H was not cruel just a beta dumb Lol Thus 25 stars

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    Best of the month 🤗 Can I give it than 5 stars Because I absolutely loved it ♡ a marriage of Convenience turns into love the H Alex is scarred from the inside and the outside he was so insecure my heart broke for him Milly is Innocent and sweet but strong she loved him she brings him back to life I loved everything about this book and enjoyed it Oh I forgot the epilogue was so sweet 😊

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    Milly was the housekeeper for Alex at his Greek Island home on Naxos She loved the job because it was easy she was well paid and he was never there She’d never actually met him until the day he showed up with a proposition for her marriage and a baby in exchange for 5 million dollars It’s to be a MOC and she should not expect emotions to play any part The catch Milly had never met Alex until that day She’s looked him up online before taking the job but had never met him Now here he is with this proposition in a dark room with his back to her When she gets him to turn around she see’s why She initially turns him down because it would be like selling herself Then she gets a call from her 14 year old stepsister who is living with an uncaring cruel wastrel of a father After their conversation Milly realizes that she needs the 5 million so she can take care of her sister So she goes to Alex and agrees to his proposition These two characters has sooo much baggage that they carried around Milly’s lack of confidence her parents and the awful childhood they provided for her and Alex and his own childhood issues and the horrible circumstances that left him with emotional and physical scars I liked the story Once I started it it drew me in I was sympathetic to both the H and the h for their hardships but annoyed because they both had their heads too far up their own behinds to be able to see life from anyone else’s point of view I adored Milly’s stepsister Anna She was the light in this dark void She was sweet and endearing I was happy that she was so happy when Alex did good by her Wished that the author included her in the very very short epilogue Overall it was an ok read It kept me engaged

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    Well written but I founf very little chemistry between main leads so it didn't really click with me

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    Beautiful story about two lonely people with troubled pasts Loved it

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    35 stars

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