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Heartbreaker [PDF / EPUB] Heartbreaker Michelle Cabot has inherited her father's Florida cattle ranch and a mountain of debt To make matters worse a huge chunk of that debt is owed to the neighboring rancher her nemesis John RaffertyNothin Michelle Cabot has inherited her father's Florida cattle ranch and a mountain of debt To make matters worse a huge chunk of that debt is owed to the neighboring rancher her nemesis John RaffertyNothing shocks Rafferty than discovering that the spoiled pampered rich girl he once despised is painstakingly trying to run the Cabot ranch herself working the land with desperation the only thing she has left He likes this new Michelle and decides to make her his woman What he doesn't know is that underneath Michelle's cool polished façade lies heartache secrets and the raw determination to live life as her own woman But Rafferty isn't about to take no for an answer.

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    25 Stars I kind of knew this was going to happen It was too good to be true Three books by Linda Howard this month and all of them ended up on my favorite shelfI would have rated this one 5 stars too if I had read it 30 years ago though I was way too young back then I’m sure my mom would have loved it though In fact the whole book felt kind of funny and outdated to me The descriptions and dialogues were a little bit too old fashioned for my liking The characters' physical appearance wasn’t too appealing eitherAnyhow this this book wasn’t a bad read The story is OK and the characterization is excellent The hero is a brooding redeemable jerk and the heroine is pretty likeable one of those proud stubborn and feisty heroines we often find in the Harleuin romances

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    You gotta love the fashions described Lol I'm becoming a huge fan of Linda Howard Her writing reminds me of Sandra Brown

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    It was just too dated for me The shoulder pads the moustache the panty hoseHe was a bit of an ass but I liked himNot her bestI felt I was in the middle of a scene from Dynasty Dallas or Falcon Crest c'mon some of you must remember those shows the originals

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    Well well well what do you know? When Linda Howard puts her mind into developing her main female character as much if not than her beloved Alpha romantic heroes she can write uite enjoyable storiesMichelle Cabot has been the apple of her father's eye the pampered princess of his Florida cattle ranch the spoiled heiress who goes jet setting all over the world the coddled wife of the scion of a uasi aristocratic American family and the thorn in the ass of rugged self made rancher John StudRafferty for the last ten years When Michelle's life suddenly takes a turn for the worse and she needs of all people the help of her irascible neighbor Rafferty he thinks this is the perfect time to get a little revenge on the snooty beauty who has been turning up her nose at him for the past decades like he smells bad Little does he know that the Michelle he has been imagining at a distance is far far from the Fairy Princess her image portrays And he is going to be in for a rude awakening when he discovers the frail looking ethereal looking blonde is made of sterner stuff than that I really loved Heartbreaker because Howard took her time to develop Michelle and peel the layers off her personality making the reader fall in admiration and then in love with her at the same pace that John Rafferty does I love a heroine who can give as good as she gets and stands toe to toe with her very Alpha man without coming off as an irrational hellion Most of all I loved that she did not want to be pampered or treated like a doll but she wanted to make her own way in life pulling herself by the bootstraps almost to the point of hurting herself I completely and totally got that aspect of her personality that taught her that relying on others was a mistake and that she was on her own I did not agree with it but I could totally understand where she was coming from and why she would try to protect herself this way because god knows we have all had those moments where we simply give up on humanity Michelle is the cool collected logical and reasoned ying to John's highly emotional volatile take charge and take no prisoners yang I think they complemented each other superbly The entire story was enjoyable from beginning to end with none of the doormatty behavior or psychotic Alpha behaviors and personalities that have made me dislike some of Howard's other books John begins the story as a typical Linda Howard cad but he soon changes his tune because this persona of the unfeeling rakish stud is simply not who he is deep down but merely the character he plays up to annoy Michelle In time he becomes utterly smitten with the heroine and one of the best romantic heroes I have read about loyal passionate single minded and protective without losing even an inch of what makes him the hot Alpha male that Howard can write so wellThis romance was sizzling hot as well as tender and sweet Really some of her best work imho along with her other cowboy romance Running Wild

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    This is finally available in audio and thank goodness the narrator is pretty decent 4 Broody Cowboy Loving Stars Loved this the first time I read it several years ago and loved the audio version just as muchMichelle grew up a pampered princess by her doting parents especially her beloved father John is the hard working surly neighbouring rancher who loathes pampered and spoiled Michelleat least he tries to 10 yrs later at 28 years old a beaten down Michelle is divorced from her abusive husband both her parents deceased and she’s starting over so she returns home to make a go of the once thriving ranch she inherited Much to her dismay she learns that her father took a personal loan from John and now she's indebted to him Now she has to deal with John who she's always loved and a looming threat to her safety This is an oldie but definitely a goodie Originally read 8172011

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    Trigger alert domestic violenceHeroine is a poor little rich girl who has lost everything Hero is the neighboring ranch owner who thought she was a “parasite” on her father’s legacy They were attracted to each other at 18 and 22 and ten years later when the heroine returns home after her divorce and father’s death they still areHero offers to help in exchange for sex and then modifies his offer to taking over some land in exchange for help The Hh uickly end up in bed and uickly set aside their hostilitySince the author resolved that conflict so easily they spend the rest of the relationship thread exchanging backstories and falling in love she brings back the heroine’s abusive ex to stalk the heroine and add some suspense It was suspenseful and creepy – the creepiest part being that no one in the 1980’s believes a rich guy could act this way I’m not a fan of suspense in my romances so I’m not the right reviewer of this novel The suspense thread felt very TV movie However I did like the romance and how the hero slowly figured out the heroine I'm also a sucker for women trying to ranch alone I blame Susan Fox

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    The I read Linda Howard's novels the better I expect them to be Maybe that's why this book didn't do anything for me It wasn't bad far from it But there was no exciting elements Or at least nothing that got me excitedI should probably consider taking a break from my LH binge for some time and chill out with some lighter fluffier stuff

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    John Rafferty is a cynic and he has reason to be his mother couldn't take ranch life and ran out when he was very small when John took over and made the ranch successful she kept contacting him for money he was also briefly married He's a heart breaker with a reputation of a womanizer but for ten years one woman has tormented him Michelle his neighbours daughter rich spoiled haughty and high maintenance John doesn't have a very flattering opinion of her since her father borrowed heavily to give her life luxuries and she even married a very rich guy but that's all wrongMichelle was a late blessing in life to her parents so she allowed them to pamper her When she met John a decade ago she felt too much for him but knew about his reputation so she has always acted haughty in front of him Now her father is dead and she discovers he took a loan from John Michelle just wants to make a living from the ranch she calls John to strike some agreementJohn comes to the ranch thinking he finally has Michelle where he wants he will make her his mistress since he can afford to support her and she would not like working He is proved wrong he sees her working and Michelle refuses his demeaning offer She wants to do things for herself now and wants freedom years ago she married another man who turned out to be possessive and later abusive his wealth and parents protected him and her father didn't want to believe that she was right but she got out and now doesn't want someone else like her father who wants to cosset herNow till then I didn't like John he was somewhat of a jerk and chauvinistHe just wants her in bed and to take care of her they fall in bed of course but Michelle refuses to move in with him later on she does of course but I liked how she didn't just sit idle and told John he was a chauvinist and slowly started working She loves him of course and so does John but he feels alarmed voicing his feelingsThen there is the ex of course I enjoyed the book and John did grow on me but never completely

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    375 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟Every time that I read a new book by Linda Howard I find myself becoming an even bigger fan of this well established and wonderful romance authorHow can you not???This is such an old style romance with a pushy and dominant alpha hero John Rafferty a male chauvinist a cowboy and a cattle rancher I do have to say that I seriously loved and enjoyed reading this bookit is very much a second chance love story and the heroine Michelle is a victim of physical and psychological abuse by her exit is very probable that this romantic suspense might not appeal as much to younger readers as it did to me because it has a somewhat dated feel to it but for me it was a totally blissful experience 😊😊😊Gotta ask though Linda What is going on with all the moustache referencesnot uite as appealing

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    This started out like the typical longterm enemies to lovers romance with a typical LH uber alpha hero and a surprisingly strong heroine who makes choices about the hero knowing the potential conseuences of getting involved with a big time player Their “enemy” status and his shallow slut shaming lasts for all about five minutes Lots of chemistry and when I sat chemistry lots of life changing sexIf you like the dynamic chemistry LH creates with her characters this is for you However I wanted to pull my hair out over the heroine’s responses to the evil doer in her life view spoiler Sitting weaponless and waiting on the steps of your abandoned house for your homicidal and abusive husband to show up with his gun and willingness to kill you is a sign of idiocy She hopes the H gets her message in time Ugh Could you at least throw the hot coffee in his face Something hide spoiler

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