Today My Name Is Billie PDF/EPUB å Today My PDF/EPUB

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Today My Name Is Billie
  • Neile Parisi
  • 10 February 2014
  • 9781732743496

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    A well written story I enjoyed the first part of the story about Billie a science teacher who is passionate about teaching and is one of those teachers who is loved by all her students She is a teacher who seeks to impact every child and show them learning can be fun She dresses up like Einstein organizes science fairs for her school all of which make students flock around her She is so involved in her career as a teacher that her husband and children feel abandoned and replaced by her career All of this changes when she is accused of physically abusing a student in her class The allegations against her are untrue but it deeply affects her and she is suspended pending the determination of the charges against her The lawyer side of me was enraged at the injustice of it all and how one false allegation can cause a teacher's life to tumble down the road to devastation and loss The second part of the story when Billie tries to start her new life did not really resonate with me The plot of the story was promising but it failed to live up to my expectations The transition from the present to the future was so sudden that it completely altered my passion for the story One moment we are in the present time and without warning we are twenty years ahead This is a story of loss strength courage hope and forgiveness but it could have been better

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    Promote it love it and found it completely gripping

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    With the passion and conviction of a true storyteller Neile Parisi weaves a mesmerizing narrative about how the crippling effects of lies deceit and loss can be healed and broken lives made whole again After fleeing a destructive marriage Billie Murray’s life is shattered when a student in her elementary school class falsely accuses her of physical abuse A cover up ensues and although she’s innocent she is shamed and fired from teaching The whispers and rumors finally take a toll on her second marriage and she leaves the community she loves in search of a new life in the Deep South The fresh start brings a new sense of balance and purpose until a horrific tragedy strikes Today My Name is Billie a semi fictional account based on true events begins and ends with a bang It is a powerful reminder of how forgiveness and love can triumph in the human heart

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    Very well written and will make you want to cry scream smile etc A story of loss strength courage hope and forgiveness Showing that God does have circumstances come around full circle

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    My Father said life will knock us down However it is how we get up The human spirit is amazing Billie is a good illustration of the human spirit and the power of resilience It was a powerful read Thank you Neile for writing this book

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    This book was very good I enjoyed it a lot Neile put in humor and also dealt with serious subject matter Her true self of spirituality came through with her each and every personal problem Hope was restored and life goes on

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    I could not put this book down It had me from the beginning The hardships the broken relationships the loss the forgiveness the continual hope and the ability to push forward I loved this story

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    What an incredible story of a very determined woman

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Today My Name Is Billie[PDF / EPUB] Today My Name Is Billie Every Year thousands of educators are accused of physical abuse Some are guilty and are prosecuted but hundreds who are innocent are forced to surrender their licenses This is what happened to Billie Name Is Kindle ´ Every Year thousands of educators are accused of physical abuse Some are guilty and are prosecuted but hundreds who are innocent are forced to surrender their licenses This is what happened to Billie Deceit and betrayal threatened her survival extinguished  her life’s dream and  erased her sense of self worth She wondered if she could ever trust again Rejected by family and friends she was forced Today My PDF/EPUB ² to reinvent every aspect of her entire life When a catastrophic fire crippled her community and individuals grappled with personal tragedy she gained a deeper understanding of the gift of forgiveness and the power of hope Her brave struggles saved not only her life but also the lives of others At times brutally painful at other times hugely positive Today My Name Is Billie  reveals  how a My Name Is Epub Ý single lie  can spread like fire and destroy all that it touches.

About the Author: Neile Parisi

Name Is Kindle ´ NEILE PARISI is the author of Today My Name Is Billie based upon an incident in her life as an eighth grade teacher Neile taught school for eighteen glorious years in public schools She experienced both joy and tragedy in her classroom but continually loved her students Following her teaching career she became a Registered Sanitarian Having a masters degree in Health Education she was able.