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    The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis is a 2019 William Morrow Paperbacks publication “I’m great I mean I did just spent a full minute looking for my phone while using it as a flashlight but everyone does that right?Brooke and Mindy The Lemon Sisters of Wildstone couldn’t be different Brooke is a free spirit who once had a challenging and exciting career until a helicopter crash left her with PTSD She’s made a mess of things with her family and with Garrett the guy she left behind locking everyone out of her life as she copes with her sadness all alone Mindy on the other hand has it all together She’s a baker married to the perfect guy with three adorable children She’s organized in the extreme and her life never got close to messy not like Brooke But it’s Mindy who shows up on Brooke’s doorstep is the process of an epic meltdown Being a perfectionist evidently comes at a cost and Mindy is paying her dues Although Brooke really doesn’t want to go back to Wildstone and she really really really doesn’t want to face Garrett the guy whose heart she once broke she knows it is time to suck it up for her sister's sake So she agrees to switch places with Mindy giving her sister a break from her kids while her she tries to get her life back together I LOVED this story Mindy’s situation will resonate with most parents especially moms struggling with body image after having children However her situation is compounded by her husband’s long work hours which means she’s been running the show solo Her need to be in complete control has driven her a little bonkers and she’s mad at that perfect husband of hers and now resentment has begun to settle in for the long haul Brooke’s story is very emotional but her part of the story is also sprinkled with hilarity and of course some super steamy sexy time But don’t let your guard down you will definitely need a box tissues before all is said and done But while the sisters keep readers on their toes with their individual dramas the story also examines the relationship they have with one another They have a complex relationship each one harboring regrets wishing they knew how to repair the damage The dynamics between sisters always fascinate me so I especially enjoyed this thread of the story Shalvis as always injects a healthy dose of her trademark humor into the story to offset the heaviness I literally guffawed on a few occasions This book has just the right balance between women’s fiction contemporary romance and family drama with a jaw dropping conclusion that had me laughing and crying at the same time I don’t know how JS does it but she is one of the most consistent authors out there in my opinion I’m always super excited to read her books and wait with eager anticipation for every new one that comes out This one is exceptional however and while I don’t usually add the ‘recommended’ tag line in this case I think the book will appeal to a broader audience It's not just a romance it’s a touching story about life marriage and family as well So yes I highly recommend it 5 stars

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    RATING 45 STARSThe Lemon Sisters is book three in the Wildstone series by Jill Shalvis I have loved this series from the start but had no idea what to expect with this book and wow was I surprised This book can definitely be read as a stand alone Brooke Lemon left Wildstone CA seven years ago for Los Angeles She is a producer for a Travel Network show When Brooke left Wildstone she also left her life behind including one very important man whom she hasn’t seen or spoken with since She also let her relationship with her sister dry up That’s why after all this time she’s shocked to find her older sister Mindy pounding at her door with her three kids in tow Mindy was always the perfect sister married a doctor lives in a perfect home never a hair out of place But that isn’t at all who Brooke found at her door This woman was a mess Mindy is frazzled overwrought and seems to be completely falling apart So Brooke takes the three kids back to Wildstone on her own and leaves her sister at her house to have a bit of a vacation Brooke knows though that going back to Wildstone is going to be difficult She has her own demons she needs to faceThere are reasons that Brooke never returned home Things no one knows The only person that knows some of it is the man she left behind Garrett Montgomery Now going back to Wildstone Brooke has the chance to finally take care of some unresolved things Once she does once she apologizes for what she did she should be able to go back to LA and start fresh Or so she thoughtGarrett never thought he’d see Brooke again And here she was One touch and he knows that all the feelings are still there But she nearly broke him seven years ago He can’t let her do it again “His dead heart beat in his chest for her making him feel things he’d thought were long gone Which meant he was so much messed up than he’d thought” It turns out that Mindy’s kids are pretty darn amazing Brooke is loving getting to know them again And then there is Garrett She never imagined that all of these feelings would come rushing back She said what she wanted to say As soon as Mindy comes home she can leave But she isn’t ready yet She also needs to fix her relationship with her sister And make sure that Mindy and her husband Linc are back on track Then she’ll leaveUsually when you read a romance the book concentrates on the two main characters the main couple What I loved about this book is that wasn’t the case at all Yes we have the relationship between Garrett and Brooke which was beautiful heart breaking sweet sexy and just fantastic But we also have the relationship between Mindy and Linc between Mindy and Brooke and the growing bond between Brooke and the kids The chapters are told from each of their points of views so we get everyone’s perspective This book had a little bit of everything plenty of sweet sexy romantic times And also some great humor Most of all the characters were just all wonderful They were all good people just a little bit broken But their love for each other the bond they almost let wither away brought them back together The epilogue was so unexpected and wonderful What a way to end the book PerfectionFor about this book and so many come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish Worldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroups44036

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    IT'S ALIVE I think this is Jill Shalvis’ best booksince her last one 😉I just wrote a review and deleted the whole bloody thing I’m struggling to get my feeling down as to how much I LOVED The Lemon Sisters To be honest my family are not helping me in this endeavour My son is chatting with his mate VERY LOUDLY My hubby is in the kitchen baking his famous Banana Butterscotch Pudding which I appreciate and listening to music VERY LOUDLY Now it’s raining and it’s VERY LOUD STUFF ITI’M GOING TO HAVE A SHOWERThat did the trick For some reason I have my best ideas in the shower and again I found the answer The reason why I love Jill Shalvis’s romance stories is that her characters are looking for their happy place That’s it The heroine isn’t looking for a billionaire to drape her in diamonds She’s not looking for a superstar to guide her into the spotlight A bikermafia manhitman isn’t called for to show her a bit of the dark side Jill Shalvis creates heroine’s that are just looking for someone to share their happy place Someone to share the good times with the bad The person who will put them first and expects the same These women just want to love and be loved put first and not forgotten about I get it because it’s realistic and in some ways that is what we should all be hoping to attainI LOVED meeting and getting to know Brooke and her sister Mindy Linc Mindy’s husband and Garrett Brooke’s first love These four people were awesome in their own way but completely flawed They all have outstanding attributes that made them shine alongside characteristics that while negative also made them themselves No one is perfect they realise this and they know expecting perfection is unrealistic What made them even better characters was their ability to acknowledge their flaws and accept that they needed to work on them The Lemon Sisters took me on an emotional journey and left me extremely satisfied I laughed cried suirmed and sighed While the main four characters were riveting we were also treated to some very special additional characters Mindy and Linc’s kids were so cute and I loved seeing their uirkiness accepted and encouraged Brooke’s friends from her job were amazing and I really would love a story for both Tommy and Cole I think that was their namesSeriously I can not recommend this book highly enough I guess the reason why I loved it so much was because it put me in my happy place Last night I was lucky enough to hit the trifectaa fantastic book to read a glass of wine in my hand and hubby making me dinner and singing off key to make me smile Who could ask for ???Thank you Jill Shalvis your words made my day Stacey is Sassy received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes

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    Favorite uotesYou’re not fat you’re just easier to seeMillie came back into the room wearing black tights with strawberries on them and a strawberry red dress She pointed to the pockets “I’ve just got to fill my snack holes and I’ll be ready to go” Brooke thought this was brilliant “Every outfit should have snack holes” Millie nodded sagelyHer hair looked like she’d come out the wrong end of an explosion“What if reincarnation is real and in your next life you come back as a dog? Or a cat? Or worse a man? You’ll have wasted it” She shrugged “I’d be a good cat I’m bitchy and I don’t like anyone”Want to know the things a guy doesn’t know he’s bad at until he’s married? Making the bed laundry being correct and breathingYou couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructionsMindy eyed the crowd “Everyone’s skinny and beautiful” “Yeah so feel sorry for them because of all the Taco Tuesdays they’ve clearly missed”oh my God you’re also wearing my sandals At my funeral make sure to sit me up so I can see which of my clothes you’ve stolen to wear“Junior year of high school you came over to my family’s house to watch a movie You and my grandpa promptly fell asleep And around halfway through still dead asleep you popcorn farted loud enough to wake the dead Pop pop pop” He grinned “My grandpa fell out of his chair” And the old man’s dentures had gone skittering across the roomHe was her person but even amazing he wanted her to be his personMy ReviewI have delighted in each of the five cleverly written Jill Shalvis books I’ve been lucky enough to obtain I don’t think it would be possible for her to churn out a less than stellar product as her narratives comfortably flow with a smooth fluidity and are all too easy to fall completely into This story featured a family tree rife with uirky OCD traits through several generations which added extra layers of humor as well as complications for the feisty characters who were not always likable yet were endearing and sympathetic The storylines and writing style were highly amusing and pleasantly entertaining while hitting all the feels with thoughtful insights and emotive observations I have uickly become an avid devotee or her smart wit and crafty word wrangling Jill Shalvis has mad skills

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    45 This is just a one time thing StarsWe return to the town of Wildstone and its residents for the third book in Jill Shalvis’s hugely enjoyable series of the same name The Lemon Sisters gives us Brooke and Mindys’ stories although Brooke is in the forefront Mindy’s story is very much intertwined with hers especially as at the start she turns up unannounced on Brooke’s LA doorstep with her three hilarious and adorable kids in tow while obviously being on her last nerve in the middle of a meltdownWe are the Lemon sisters we survive everything and keep on tickingAgreeing to take care of your almost estranged sisters kids and returning to a hometown she’s has barely set foot in for around seven years raises a lot of red flags for Brooke a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then but one thing hasn’t changed her chemistry with the boy man she left behind; Garrett Montgomery She had no idea what was wrong with her but all of her feelings for him from that time in her life seemed to stick in her throat This is a pair that have history a lot of which she has tried to box up in her brain and ignore and towards the end of their relationship the memories are definitely not happy ones something Brooke is hoping she can rectify while she is in town and try to come to terms with in her heart at the same time She’d destroyed him one and he had no intention of letting her get another shot Having Garrett as her next door neighbour has its advantages as she tries to wrestle through the day to day running of three children all with their own very different wants and needs but dealing with the elephant in the room between them on a personal level is a whole other degree of difficult especially when the man in uestion tries very hard to stay as far away from her physically and emotionally as he possibly can This is a man you come to understand that has been hurt and abandoned on than one occasion in his past and he definitely isn’t looking for a repeat performance with Brooke or even giving her the opportunity to rebuild those bridges that were burnt between them all those years agoI’ve never lied to you Never willOne big problem though is he also can’t deny the burning chemistry that they still have and the fact that he still wants her with every part of himself Brooke is not far behind him on those feelings but the fact her life is in LA and his is firmly set in Wildstone brings us a whole other set of issues Add into the fact her sister Mindy and husband Linc are also trying to work through their own marital and relationship issues as well as meddle in Brooke and Garrett’s you are looking at a book when the story never stopped moving and the plot kept me invested in everyone and everything that was playing outEvery second with you was an adventure a heart thumping adrenaline rush adventureMillie Mason Maddox offered a huge chunk of light relief in this one with Brooke discovering how awesome he niece and nephews are in the early stages to Linc realizing how much he has missed time spent with his young family in the second half they were all their own little characters and just as important to the book as a whole for me I will admit I struggled with Mindy a little at points but overall not enough for it to detract from my general enjoyment of the story another winner from Jill and I hope we get to return to Wildstone again very soonLove makes you do some pretty stupid shitARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review

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    5 “Forever and Ever” StarsMy first read by Jill Shalvis and boy it didn’t disappoint It was a wonderful romance It felt real and everyday I could easily relate to all the characters From the first page to the last I smiled laughed empathized rooted and loved The Lemon Sisters Brooke and Mindy were tuck as thieves when they were young but as adults they drifted apart but by Brooke’s doing But when Mindy needed Brooke Brooke stepped in and decided besides helping her sister it was also time to address her past and make amends with everyone including the love of her life Garrett Montgomery whom she left seven years ago and broke both their heartsBrooke steps into Mindy’s life for a few days while Brooke gets her head back on Brooke’s niece and nephewsMillie Mason and Maddox are adorable but also a handful But Brooke falls in love with them and she is definitely going to help Mindy and her husband Linc with their marriage But to Brooke’s surprise Garrett happens to be their next door neighbor who is also Linc’s best friend and also remodeling their house I guess Brooke will have to deal with her past sooner rather than laterThe banter between Brooke and Garrett is full of sexual tension and emotional feelings They are each broken but their bond is a forever type of bond if they can only get past their feelings of love lost and thrown away Reconnecting is both painful and glorious for Brooke and Garrett but because of their past sorting feelings and giving forgiveness is hard and complicated But this author does a slow burn with these two characters that felt very true and satisfying Besides Brooke and Garrett Mindy and Linc’s relationship is also front and center and the troubles that affect them are what a lot of couple go through in marriage busy careers and kids And their kids don’t get me started about how much pizazz they added to this story The Lemon Sisters are in crisis but they are also still in their own crisis with each other The dynamics of this story never gets tangled While there are a few different plots going on in the story they are all nicely intertwined and it never gets messy or sloppy There is humor infused in the story as well as moments that are heartfelt and emotional While everyone does get a HEA it doesn’t just happen automatically Hard work compromise communication forgiveness hope and love must all work together This story was sooooo easy to read the drama was everyday life and the emotions were very heartfelt This story was also sexy without intimate detail I loved how the author brought this family together and showed “that family is family no matter what happens” I thoroughly enjoyed the writing the storytelling and definitely want to read from this author I highly recommend for all romance loversadvanced copy provided by Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review

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    I am surrounded my mountainsEvery turn I take I see mountains lush green trees and flowers of every colourThere's no beach on sight but that doesn't mean that The Lemon Sisters by Jill shalvis isn't the perfect summer readIt's easy fun and has the right amount of romance to keep your romantic heart contentARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Title The Lemon SistersSeries Wildstone #3Author Jill ShalvisRelease date June 18 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre women's fictionJill Shalvis is one of my auto buy authors Whether she's writing women's fiction or contemporary romance her stories always resonate in some way with me They're effortless sexy and a guaranteed comfort read Of course I liked some better than others but I haven't come across one that I didn't enjoy The Wildstone women's fiction series has a strong influence of romance which isn't always the case in the genre I like the fact that I can rely on the same things we get in her romances while exploring the family dynamic and conflict with a little depth The Lemon Sisters is about two sisters Brooke and Mindy who are estranged and facing a personal crisis These two women couldn't be different from one another if they tried Brooke was always the free spirited adventure loving sister The one who wasn't satisfied with small town life and left to experience the world through the lens of her camera She was high on life adrenaline and freedom to do what she pleased Mindy settled down in their hometown married and started a family and ran her parents' business in town She's a people pleaser organizing everyone and everything around her in the attempt to be perfect Now she's having a mental health crisis stressed beyond belief and has nowhere to turn So she seeks out the sister she hasn't been in contact with for seven years in a desperate plea for help She’d spent most of her life trying to be perfect which had finally sucked the soul out of her and left her feeling like she was free falling into an abyssFrom the outside Brooke seems to have it all a successful career at a travel reality show a nice home and fantastic friends On the inside she struggles with OCD anxiety and crippling guilt over a tragic event in her past She's completely isolated herself from her family and won't let the few people in her life know what she struggles with Everything is internalized and always has been Which doesn't do much to solve anything but she realizes that something finally has to give She misses her old life before Before the accident that led her down the lonely path she's on and stole her passion for life Both sisters are burned out and at their wits end They know they have to start making some serious changes So Brooke takes a brave step to mending their broken relationship and heads back to Wildstone It wasn’t adventure that kept her away from Wildstone Shame maybe Okay definitely And regrets Lots of regrets She’d been haunted by them for seven years throughout which she’d stayed away from her childhood town only four hours north of hereBrooke has two goals in going back home To reconcile her relationship with her sister and to make peace with the man she ran from without getting closure Garrett grew up with her and the three of them were close friends and eventually he became something Even back then she kept her distance emotionally but deep inside she knows they could have had something permanent if she had reached for it She has a lot of mistakes to make up for and she doesn't feel as if she deserves forgiveness necessarily but she knows she can't continue the way things have been Brooke uickly realizes that stepping into Mindy's life isn't going to be uite as easy as she had planned The kids the schedule and a broody Garrett right next door have her nerves frayed in no time I enjoyed Brooke's perspective the most I was interested to find out what exactly happened after the helicopter crash and why she felt the need to cut and run from everyone It was really heartbreaking when she finally opened up to Garrett and shared with him how she had been struggling for so many years At the same time I felt worse for him because she had left him in the dark for so long and the woman he once loved was stirring up all kinds of emotions that he was scared to feel again He didn't trust that she would have the courage to stay and leave herself vulnerable Beyond their relationship issues she's also working through her own fears an inability to do the things she once loved Later on a conflict crops up with Garrett and his own family and he must do his own soul searching to decide if he's willing to forgive and fight for what he wants Mindy I couldn't really connect with as much I thought she was really judgemental and controlling which kind of got on my nerves a bit Yes she was overwhelmed in her family life and trying to keep her head above water But she was uick to overreact and slow to listen to others She also seemed pretty ungrateful about what Brooke was doing for her I get that she was holding onto some resentment but her jealousy and animosity made her a little difficult to sympathize with Overall I thought this was solidly entertaining holding my interest from beginning to end Shalvis included lots of humor through her usual menagerie of pets as well as some very high energy children While I didn't feel as emotionally invested in Brooke and Garrett's second chance romance as I should have been I was still rooting for them to finally break through the pride and hurt that had been keeping them apart for so long If you're thinking of starting the series don't hesitate I may not have loved this one as much as her others but there is always something substantial to take away from her stories It's important to note you do not have to read this series in order They are very loosely tied together with no overlap in plotlines FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    I was preparing myself to read the latest book in the Wildstone series when I realized I missed out on reading The Lemon Sisters Although the books need not be read in order I felt compelled to read this before reading The Summer DealThe Lemon Sisters turned out to be an enlightening tale about secrets family PTSD and OCD In this installment we meet Brooke and Mindy Brooke appeared to have her life well put together which made her the perfect choice for her sister Mindy to dump her family and emotional problems on her when she faced a meltdown However as the story progressed I discovered Brooke was a great at pretending and running away from her problemsI admired Brooke’s willingness to look after her niece and nephews while her sister tried to gain some much needed rest and perspective Her bravery shined throughout the story I loved how she faced her fears head on and enjoyed watching her grow as the story developedGarett turned out to be another of my heroes created by Shalvis Not perfect by far but definitely the right person for Brooke He had his own share of issues to work through Like most men he kept his feelings deeply buried One thing I admired about him was his willingness to help youths who have experienced the same things he did as a childMy feelings regarding Mindy were mixed I understood why she felt overwhelmed by everything that came with being a wife and mother I appreciated her need to get some much needed break and I was happy to know she had someone she could rely on However her need to micromanage despite wanting a break grated on my nerves I didn’t like how she treated Brooke most of the time Granted she didn’t know the truth but at least she could have tempered her words knowing the sacrifices her sister made for herMindy’s children provided some light and heart warming moments in a story filled with secrets and heartbreak I looked forward to every scene involving these adorable kidsThis story provided a perfect example of the purpose of effective communication Most of the issues highlighted could have been resolved if the characters had only communicated They could have avoided all the pain and heartache It also showed the dangers of misconceptions Mindy was of the belief that Brooke had the perfect life but she would eventually learn this was far from the truthConclusionRecommendationOverall I found The Lemon Sisters to be a heart warming story about family friendship love and second chances Another great addition to the Wildstone series Now I am off to read The Summer DealThis review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading

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    As with a lot too many of Jill Shalvis's books there was a glaring lack of plot and story holding this one together leaving us to slog through the same circular conversations and absurdly repetitive inner monologues again and again and well you get the point Her plotting and pacing seem to be getting even worse particularly when she attempts 'women's fiction' instead of romance There are no surprising reveals no interesting uestions to be resolved in creative ways you can predict literally the entire book about 10ish pages in just a sluggishly paced painfully predictable journey to nowhere with these two vaguely unlikable sisters their dull male significant others and a few cutesy kids thrown in for good measure As a few others have asked why are romances and women's fiction now all around 400ish pages which is nearly always at least 150 pages longer than they should be? I've read a ton of books by this author and can tolerate the lack of plotstory and her penchant for repeating herself ad nauseam from one book to the next and even within each individual novel I can even deal with some of her sloppy grammar and punctuation errors as long as these books distract me from real life and leave me smiling In her best books these shortcomings are eclipsed by her ability to write with joy charm warmth and humor Only this book didn't have much of that primarily because I found the characters ranged from he's so one dimensional and boring to ugh this person is profoundly annoying and not in a way I find interesting relatable or amusing Garrett Brook's love interest represents Shalvis's male characters at their worst and most tediously predictable the flat one dimensional guy who we're told a million times is alpha and sexy despite seeing almost nothing of what makes him appealing I'm starting to think this author's definition of 'alpha' is no personality because almost none of her male characters have any especially in her recent work There's literally almost no attempt to define many of her male characters beyond 'desirable to a lot of women 'tough' in unspecified ways not so good at talking or commitments but surprise surprise a big fan of sex' At least her female characters usually have a few uirks and interests but in this case Brook and Mindy are neither interesting nor likable I think I agree with the reviewer who said that Shalvis is better suited for romance than 'women's fiction' as writing the latter seems to leave her with even less structure pacing and plot than usual and that's saying something If she's going for an in depth character study and 'substance' the writing just isn't intelligent insightful and engaging enough to pull it off Two stars instead of one for a few good lines of dialogue and an enjoyable beginning that got me excited for a better novel than the one we actually got I keep getting sucked in after reading samples of books that start off strong and then uickly slide downhill Please tell me that happens to other book addicts as well I just reread and loved some of the Animal Magnetism series I'd recommend a few of those and some of the Lucky Harbor installments as far better examples of books that play to this particular author's strengths she can write cozy charming tales anchored by very likable female characters and sweetly sexy love stories Sadly this book seemed to highlight and magnify all of this author's weaknesses instead I'm glad so many of my friends liked this one but if you didn't you're not alone

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The Lemon Sisters Wildstone #3 [PDF / EPUB] The Lemon Sisters Wildstone #3 The New York Times bestselling author of Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found Sisters returns to Wildstone CaliforniaBrooke Lemon has always led the life she wanted wild adventures—and mistakes—in The New York Times bestselling Sisters Wildstone PDF/EPUB Ä author of Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found Sisters returns to Wildstone CaliforniaBrooke Lemon has always led the life she wanted wild adventures—and mistakes—included something her perfect sister Mindy never The Lemon Epub / understood So when Mindy shows up on Brooke’s doorstep in the throes of a break down with her three little kids in tow Brooke’s shockedWanting to make amends Brooke agrees to trade places taking the kids back Lemon Sisters Wildstone MOBI ô to Wildstone for a few days so Mindy can pick up the pieces and put herself back together What Brooke doesn’t admit is she’s just as broken Also how does one go home after seven years away It doesn’t take long for Brooke to come face to face with her past in the form of one tall dark sexy mistake But Garrett’s no longer interested Only his words don’t match his actions leaving Brooke feeling things she’d shoved deepSoon the sisters begin to wonder Are they lemons in life In love All they know is that neither seems to be able to run far enough to outpace her demons And when secrets surface they’ll have to learn that sometimes the one person who can help you the most is the one you never thought to ask.