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Charlie the Caterpillar Aladdin Picture Books [PDF / EPUB] Charlie the Caterpillar Aladdin Picture Books As Charlie the Caterpillar meets one group of animals after another playing together and having fun he asks if he can join in But each time he's told not welcome because he's ugly As winter approaches Caterpillar Aladdin Kindle Ó As Charlie the Caterpillar meets one group of animals after another playing together and having fun he asks if he can join in But each time he's told not welcome because he's ugly As winter approaches Charlie spins himself a cocoon When spring arrives the cocoon Charlie the PDF/EPUB or opens and out comes Charlie now a beautiful butterfly Everyone wants him to be part of their group But Charlie puts these fair weather friends properly in their place in this heartwarming story about the meaning of true friendship.

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    Charlie the Caterpillar goes out meeting many other animals playing cards or tennis and asks to join in Each time he is snubbed and told that he is ugly Charlie spins himself a cocoon as winter approaches When spring arrives Charlie now has two beautiful butterfly wings As Charlie flies around he sees the same animals that he had approached before but this time they ask him to join their games telling him how beautiful he is Charlie instead snubs them Charlie then hears crying and upon investigating finds a girl caterpillar who is crying because she is to ugly to play with Charlie tells her that soon she will have beautiful wings as well and plays with her This story does teach about the true meaning of friendship for Charlie see's the inner beauty of the girl caterpillar I wish it would have addressed the teasing of the other animals in some way

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    Charlie the caterpillar is walking along and sees three groups he'd like to play with but each one tells him he is too ugly Of course after Charlie turns into a beautiful butterfly each group begs him to join their games but Charlie doesn't want to play with critters who are so shallow He'd rather play with Katie another ugly caterpillarWhile the message to not hang out with people who only like those who are beautiful is good the way Charlie handles it later is borderline vindictive and seems to tell kids to give it back the way you got it instead of being kind regardless of others' actions Not always the best advice I know there are better picture books out there to deal with these issues I think the problem is primarily an adult comedian writing outside of his primary target audience

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    Charlie the Caterpillar was one of my favorites when I was young Reading it again now as an adult I love it just as much Charlie is a cute little caterpillar that is very sweet and kind and just wants to find some friends As he crawls around and tries to find friends he runs into some rabbits mice and monkeys all of which will not let him play because they say that he is ugly Poor Charlie then finds himself so sad that he curls up in a cacoon When he awakens he bypasses the people that we mean to him before and hangs out with another little ugly caterpillar This book has great illustrations and an awesome story line that teaches a great lesson of self acceptance and bullying The artwork has bright yet soft colors and the writing contains repetition This book is geared towards early readers and is a great pick for any child

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    Charlie the Caterpillar is a great story to read aloud to children You could use this story to show students that being a true friend means that you care about your friend no matter what they look like or what they have This would also be a great book to read aloud when studying the stages of a caterpillarbutterfly

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    This book pretty much sums up the type of lessons I don't want my children to learn With the exception of the butterfly befriending the caterpillar in the end the book taught that you should get even with others serves them right I feel like that coupled with the poor choice of slang words made for an awful children's book No thanks

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    Looks are not everything

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    Definitely started out with promise but I didn't like how Charlie reacts to the animals who treated him badlyby rejecting them as they had rejected him It would have been a much stronger story had he learned that kindness is a character trait you possess not a reaction to others' behavior That is certainly the lesson I want my kids to learn rather than that of treating people in the manner they have treated you

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    Who knew that Dom Deluise could write such a delightful children's story This is a story of accepting others for who they are and not judging others by what some perceive as unattractive Though the words used after Charlie's transformation seem a bit harsh I believe this is a story that should be read and discussed for optimal lesson

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    This is a good book to go with a text study on caterpillars It is also a good book for friendship and change or for repetition and predicting students from K 3 will enjoy this book as a read aloud or reading it themselves The illustrations are also very engaging

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    I love this book It is great for teachers when there is bullying going on within or outside of the classroom This book shows that not everyone is the same and how someone feels if we say negative things towards them

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